biomechanics – tangent of release

G.S. George:

Every release from any external-swing movement always results in
the center of mass being projected at a right angle to its radius.

If you release when the Centre of Gravity is as high as the Bar you go straight up, straight down. (e.g. Gienger)

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hollow cast handstand

There’s an interesting thread on Facebook on this topic.

Most would consider cast handstand in a hollow / stretched position throughout as ideal. Nick Blanton mentioned this illustration from Championship Gymnastics.

It’s possible to do that technique. In fact it’s fairly easy on Parallel Bars as a swing handstand.

But I’m personally a very happy coach if the gymnast can lead with the heels (arch) to horizontal, then change the body position to hollow / stretched.

The ultimate would be perfectly straight through hips / trunk once leaving the rail. That’s difficult. The gymnast would likely be strong enough to do planche press without swing.

Takahiro Goshima – crooked tumbling

Of all the crazy deliberately off-axis round-offs or saltos I’ve seen, this is the wildest.

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augmented reality for Gymnastics Coaching

I can’t foresee computers taking over for coaches any time soon, but I’m certain we’ll be using augmented reality lenses.

I’d like to watch gymnasts training over-layed with A.R. ideal models.

We might also be able to keep stats on our athletes, too. Click PLAY or watch a simple example on YouTube. (4 years ago)

no deduction on Radilov’s landing

How a vault should be landed. Bringing forces to zero in the safest ways possible.

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These landings are super dangerous.Some of his competitors injured on Vault landing at Worlds 2018: Uchimura, Audrys Nin Reyes, Yang Hak-seon. 

Steve Bonham – Science of the Handstand

Steve did a handstand clinic at EVO Athletics (Sarasota, FL), Aimee Boorman’s new Gym.

A handstand clinic like you’ve NEVER seen before.

He posted a PDF summary online. Every coach needs take a look at this. 🙂

via Gymnastics Coaches Skills & Drills

sport science for coaches

Wayne Goldsmith:

In the sports science world things are based on facts, research, validity and reliability measures, measurement, accuracy and evidence.

In the coaching world the key focus areas are results, performance, communication, instinct and “feel” – the art of coaching. …

Keep jargon down to a minimum

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Keep background, historical information to a minimum

Don’t dumb down – coaches are not dumb

Ten Golden Rules for presenting sports science information to coaches.