3D Gym from FB-Curves WAG

Former French gymnast Fabien BOUGAS developed 3D Gym Men – FB Curves. The app is available free for iOS devices. It includes a sample number of skills . You pay only if you want to access all the men’s skills.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on YouTube.

He’s currently working on a version for Women’s Gymnastics.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.


Mary Lou Retton competed Tsuk 1/1, not Kas


Tsuk 1/1 is much more difficult than the Kasamatsu used by Ellie Black, Oksana and … almost everyone.

Mary Lou did half-on, full-off. (1.5 twists total)

Kasamatsu is quarter-on, three quarter-off (1.0 twists total)

Watch it on YouTube. (Right hand on the horse first, left twist on the salto.)

In addition, she trained Tsuk double full. Seriously.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Almost nobody does the more difficult version of Tsuk twisting. René Cournoyer from Canada is one.

If still confused on Kasamatsu, click over to Uncle Tim’s post – What the H is a Kasamatsu?

Gymnastics Canada WAG Aspire program

I really like the Gymnastics Canada WAG Aspire program for talented young gymnasts.

The Aspire Camps are great too.

You can check out the 2017-2018 ASPIRE PROGRAM MANUAL online for free, if you like.

There is one error on page 15.

Of course the path of the Centre of Gravity starts tangent to the point of release. If you let go of the Bar when the C of G reaches horizontal you’d best be doing a Geinger.

If you release with hips above horizontal as required by that Aspire graphic there’s a very good chance you’ll land on the Bar.

The video linked from page 15 is correct, however.

The Centre of Mass must be below the Bar on release. Ideally with the hips below, the feet above as in this drawing.

The gymnast could apply a force to the Bar on release to either pitch-out or pull-in the Centre of Mass. Pulling-in can result in hitting the Bar.

related – G.S. George – Tangent-Release Principle