Running Arms | Product Video

YES we know there have been Olympians who run with arms straight. Sprinters are pained to watch them. 😀

They’d have been even better vaulters with superior sprint technique.

I like this product.

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high Aerial Walkover

There are some gymnasts who can do this skill much higher than the rest.

Many keep nose as close to the Beam as possible to increase rotation.

Instead, Lily has more height — therefore more time — and the skill looks far, far more impressive.l

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judging execution of complex skills

As difficulty increases, it gets increasingly difficult for human beings to correctly evaluate performance.

Video analysis by computer would be simpler, fairer and quicker.

Watch some examples of skills that have been poorly judged in the past.

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Handspring ➙ Salto vaults with Flyspring Technique

This is one of the best Handspring forward salto half vaults I’ve ever seen

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Not the most common technique, Haleigh uses what my mentor Boris called “Flyspring” technique. First contact on the table with hips piked. She OPENS her hips while in contact to increase reaction force.

This technique works best for very fast, very powerful gymnasts. They tend to take off closer to the back of the Board and contact the front of the Table. GOAL = get the hands on the table as quickly as possible.

EDGE Replay app for Gymnastics

Chow’s Gymnastics and a few other Clubs are piloting this software already.

  • Slow-motion replay & manual video scrubbing
  • Draw directly on clips & review later
  • customer tagging, sorting, and the ability to favorite clips
  • Synced camera angles (1-view setup also available)

Details on the new app here.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on Vimeo.