Max Whitlock’s book in 2020

Available January 2020.

… The Whitlock Workout gathers together all of Max’s user-friendly exercises and quick workout routines that anybody can try, from simple stretches on your sofa, to those using just a cushion or a pillow, through to more advanced total body exercises which can be taken outside to your local park.

Along with nutritional tips and his favourite quick and healthy recipes to help fuel your body, Max shares the secrets of his success and teaches us how to be fit for life. …

Amazon – The Whitlock Workout: Get Fit and Healthy in Minutes

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flexibility in straps

Tim Kriegler in Berlin.

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FUNditioning with Sliders

The late, great NASA Head Coach John Smith put together the best video for using sliders.

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The Slider drills that John presents will help develop the core, abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, gluts, hamstrings, quadriceps, delts, traps and obliques, ankle, foot and Achilles tendons…all in a fun, positive environment.

FUNditioning Video $19.95 (with Sliders $24.95)

Jeremy Mosier actually prefers cafeteria trays.