Sam interviews Brandon Wynn

The former Worlds Rings medalist — and cover boy — Brandon Wynn is Sam Pezek’s first male guest.

Brandon is now in the fitness world. He wants to make an impact in that field. With passion.

He recommends we should all have some things in our life that are non-negotiable. Including our personal fitness regime.

Brandon gets very specific on best practice for artistic strength training. Do your specific strength at the beginning of training. General strength and exhaustion training at the end.

The goal is for the competition routine to feel exactly the same as in training. Brandon is a smart guy. He recognizes now some of the mistakes he made in his own career. He would have competed at a lower weight, for example.

evaluating flexibility in MAG

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“What gets measured gets improved.” This is the flexibility testing routine I use with my athletes. It’s taken from the Australian National Profile Test. . . For each of the positions the athlete loses points for aesthetic errors and not achieving the desired position. Splits should be flat and square, chest of floor in a 90 degree straddle, shoulders past hands in bridge, armpits within a couple of centimetres of floor in shoulder extension, and a flat bridge. . . Big thanks to my two demonstrators Adrian and Jay. Adrian scored a 0 on this test, though editing the video I wanted to deduct for hips not being square in splits. Jay received a 2.2 which is a missive improvement on the 3.8 he was scoring just 6 months ago. . . We try and test every two weeks with the athletes nominating the target score for the next test. It’s a great way to monitor and motivate them to work on their flexibility.

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Olivia Vivian 1st woman to Aussie Ninja Warrior Final

She crushed the semi-final … right up until the end.

No worries. Olivia’s into the final where she’ll compete against boyfriend Ben Polson.

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Gymnastics Nutrition – Nicole Jontony

In this episode Sam talks to Nicole Jontony, former collegiate gymnast, who is currently a sports dietitian at Ohio State University.