training Manna

Doing some physical preparation for Manna will be beneficial for gymnasts. Triceps strength.

Not every body type will be able to hold the position, nor even high V-sit. But all gymnasts should be able to swing to momentary Manna on P Bars. It’s included in the American J.O. boys program as well as in FIG Age Group.

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conditioning shoulders for Men’s Gymnastics

… shoulders must be stable, mobile and strong to be able to handle the load …

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eccentric strength training

An eccentric contraction is the motion of an active muscle while it is lengthening under load.  …

An eccentric contraction is one of the three distinct phases in the movement of muscles and tendons, the other two are an isometric contraction (no movement), and a concentric contraction (contracting). …

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That first drill is ideal for those cannot yet do chin-ups on their own.

Dave Tilley posted more on why he likes eccentric strength training.

physique of Artistic female gymnasts

An analysis of 407 papers.

Most studies identified similar physiques based on: physical traits (small size and low body mass), a body type (predominance of ecto-mesomorphy), body composition (low fat mass), and maturity status (late skeletal maturity as well as late age-at-menarche).

However, there was no consensus as to whether these features predicted competitive performance, or even differentiated between gymnasts within distinctive competitive levels. …

The Physique of Elite Female Artistic Gymnasts: A Systematic Review (2017)

by Sarita Bacciotti, Adam Baxter-Jones, Adroaldo Gaya, and José Maia

hero Mamoudou Gassama

Who’s got the guts to climb 4 stories straight up the side of a building to try to help rescue a child?

This guy. Spider man.

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