Nastia v Alica for mental health

Who’s the fitter gymnast in 2020?

Alicia has 3 kids — but I wouldn’t bet against her legendary fitness.

The Olympians have scheduled a Fun, Friendly Fitness Competition for Dec. 12, 2020.

A LIVE stream ticket costs $19. It’s a fundraiser for mental health.

Details –

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Ellie Black’s strength coach

I can’t keep up with all Dave Tilley’s output.

But don’t miss one of his best podcasts yet — an interview with Scott Willgress, who’s worked with Ellie since 2011.

Ellie Black has a great plan with goals of longevity and consistency. #smart

Every coach can learn something from Scott who’s actually just one of a team of specialists working with the double Olympian.

GymnaChef by Betsy McNally-Laouar

“GymnaChef” by Betsy McNally Laouar and Chef Mess Laouar is way more than a cookbook for gymnasts. …

… over 50 recipes for:
Great-Start breakfasts, including Dark Chocolate Protein Pancakes
Energizing Mid-Morning Snacks like M’ Energy Bar
Nutrient-Rich Lunches like the GymnaBurger and Green Soup
Delicious Functional Dinners with, yes! Coconut Chicken Cordon Bleu
Vitamin-Dense and Decadent Desserts, like Berry Mouse


Betsy was a gymnast, coach and runs many workshops. She specializes in promoting balance, positive and healthy body image, non-restrictive and performance nutrition, and strength training for gymnasts.

She has another book called Binges & Balance Beams, a memoir of her childhood as a competitive gymnast and, later, a professional bodybuilder and trainer.

It shows how obsessive dieting, training, and body issues led to binge eating, relationship woes, and a life out of balance and out of control.

Defying Gravity – part 4/6

You need YouTube Premium to watch the episodes 3-6.

My favourite episode of the first four.

I love seeing Grace and Jade in the Gym. Best interviews I’ve seen, so far.

Vault is the featured apparatus. They did not hold back on the terrible truth that competition landings on this event are very, very dangerous. Ellie Black and others were interviewed on injuries.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I don’t understand why FIG has never tried to improve vault landing mats.