meet fitness nut Tayler Mei

@littleTfitness on Instagram. Over 1 million followers.

Taylor started as a competitive gymnast and dancer in Ontario.

Graduated 2017 from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours BA, Kinesiology and Physical education degree. She seems to do a bit of everything now, including physical training.

Andrew Vetter on Early Specialization Sport

A former gymnast, circus performer, former Gymnastics coach, today Andrew runs a business consulting strength and conditioning for athletes (mostly gymnasts).

He has some radical ideas:

  • Zero competitions until 10+ years of age.
  •  FUNdations. Training with the goals of physical & motor development, but where Gymnastics routines are not the main goal.
  • Prioritize the “extras” (e.g. nutrition, hydration, rest, academics, and mental performance, …)
  • Have fun and enjoy the process over the progress

Read part 1 of his post on Medium:

Gymnastics: My Thoughts on an Athletic Hybrid Model to an Early Specialization Sport

406 consecutive presses

I follow Stefanie on Instagram. She posts something amazing every day.

She started as an equestrian vaulter.

One of her best acrobatic feats was setting the Guinness record for press handstands.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Austrian gymnast Stefanie Millinger smashes nine epic records