handstand lower through Manna

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Merci Bernard.

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At Home workouts with Coach Dee

Gymnasts like Emma are stuck at home. No school. No Gym.

Coach Dee posted a maintenance conditioning program.

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  • 6 days of programming per week, for 1 month
  • 4 days of home strength workouts (minimal equipment and mostly body weight) with lower body, core, and upper body exercises
  • 2 days of cardio workouts that require no equipment
  • 2 days of flexibility and core circuits that require minimal equipment
  • Daily warm-up, soft tissue, and stretching programs

weighing gymnasts – British Gymnastics position statement

Created as a guidance document for clubs, coaches, parents and gymnasts the statement gives advice and reasoning on the complexities surrounding weighing gymnasts with the gymnasts optimal long-term development at its core.

The advice highlights the need for clear reasoning, appropriate methods, correct consent and the use of qualified practitioners in order to safeguard the physical and mental health of the gymnasts. …