Vault preflight for beginners

Beginners on Vault should get comfortable springing from the legs to a tight arched position with body at about a 45 degree angle.

Challenge = repeat in series with a sponge between the feet.

This will help avoid the common error later → piking during the preflight.

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Thanks Bermuda Gymnastics Association.

Oklahoma ALL 10.0 start Vaults

It happened. Oklahoma is the first team to compete 6 gymnasts with 10.0 start values.

And they hit for a 49.5 total.

related – Maggie Nichols and Sam Peszek both feel the NCAA should increase Beam requirements next. The current rules are too easy, they feel.

Natalie Wojcik – 10.3 on Vault

That’s my score based on current Carol College judging

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One of the worst scores I can recall was Brittany Rogers at Championships with a superb Yurchenko 1 1/2. … Score 9.85!

Natalie was pretty happy in Cancun in any case. She’s the only First Year near the top of the AA rankings.

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Oklahoma 198.050

Maggie Nichols scored the first perfect 10 of the 2019 season and the No. 2 Oklahoma women’s gymnastics team opened the year with a statement victory, downing No. 12 Arkansas 198.050-195.575. …

The Sooners are the first team since at least 1997 to post a score of 198 or better in an opening meet. It tops the program record of 197.750 …


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NCAA Vault judging is stupid

NCAA judging is stupid. But some of the craziest injustices occur on Vault.

Spencer tells us the REAL rules:

NCAA pretends that it follows the JO code of points, except it obviously doesn’t. Not even a little.

There’s a tremendous amount of subjectivity remaining in NCAA scoring, including an unwritten understanding regarding which deductions from the JO code actually count and which ones magically don’t for the purpose of scoring NCAA routines. …



NCAA 10.0 Vaults
Yurchenko 1.5
Yurchenko 2/1
Yurchenko 1.5 tucked
Yurchenko 1/2 on, front tuck 1/2
Yurchenko 1/2 on, front pike (Omelianchik)
Yurchenko 1/1 on, back tuck or pike
Tsukahara 1/2
Tsukahara 1/1
Handspring pike 1/2
Handspring tuck 1/1
FHS, Handspring front pike

Alicia agrees.