Japanese Olympians chosen this weekend

For the host men, a hugely deep and competitive competition.

NHK Trophy is on 16th May, and the top 2 gymnasts after scores from NHK are combined with Nationals scores earn automatic selection to the Tokyo Olympic team.

The final two spots on the Olympic team are determined following the All Japan Event Championships in June. …

Nationals was won by Hashimoto Daiki who … scored a huge 88.532 in the final, scoring 15+ on four events (including a new and impressive Yonekura (kas 2.5) on vault) to win with a combined score of 173.365.

Within a point of him are Tanigawa Wataru (172.728) and Kaya Kazuma ( 172.696) seperated by only 0.032. …

The Japan Situation 2021: What’s at Stake for NHK Trophy?

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GBR trial Cardiff videos

British Gymnastics posted some videos from the recent test meet in Wales.

Click PLAY or watch Ondine Achampong’s Vault on YouTube. She’s going to be amazing in the NCAA competing for Cal.

As with the GBR MAG team, selectors have some tough choices to make.

China – Vault, P Bar, H Bar Final


  1. Huang Mingqi
  2. XIANG Xudong
  3. LIU Yang

P Bars

  1. ZOU Jingyuan
  2. YOU Hao
  3. LIN Chaopan

H Bar

  1. JI Lianshen
  2. LIN Chaopan
  3. SUN Wei

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China – Vault & Bars Final

Deng Yalan 14.766
Liu Jinru 14.366
Yu Linmin 14.500

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter. Kas 1/1 and Rudi.

Fan Yilin 6.3 15.066
Luo Rui 6.2 14.766
Wei Xiaoyuan 6.2 14.766

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Full results.

XIAO Ruoteng wins CHN Nationals

1位.肖若騰 XIAO Ruoteng 174.131
2位.張博恒 ZHANG Boheng 173.328
3位.林超攀 LIN Chaopan 171.263
4位.孫煒 SUN Wei 170.493
5位.鄒敬園 ZOU Jingyuan 170.429
6位.鄧書弟 DENG Shudi 168.595

Zhang Boheng the happy surprise for team China.

Sun Wei had problems day 1.

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Men’s EU Apparatus Finals 2


Igor Radivilov UKR 14.716
Andrey Medvedev ISR 14.658
Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR 14.583

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P Bars

Ferhat Arican TUR 15.300
David Belyavskiy RUS 15.133
Chrisitan Baumann SUI 15.100
Lukas Dauser GER 15.100

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H Bar

David Belyavskiy RUS 14.066
Andreas Toba GER 13.833
Adem Asil TUR 13.766

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Many of the top guys did not qualify. Then there were a lot of falls in the final.

Actually, who really impressed me was new senior Balazs from Hungary, despite the fall on Kolman.

Women’s EU Apparatus Finals 1

Great to see Giulia win at home.


Giulia Steingruber SUI 14.824
Jessica Gadirova GBR 14.466
Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.416

Click PLAY or study Jessica’s vaults on YouTube. Great sprint, too.


Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.500
Vladislava Urazova RUS 14.333
Amelie Morgan GBR 14.100

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