Kenzo documentary

If you thought you couldn’t love the guy any more, watch this charming documentary. His College roommates. His friends. His University.

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related – some video of Kenzo tumbling and vault. It also features Yonekura Hidenobu.

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Sr Men’s European apparatus winners

1. Dominick Cunningham GBR 14.666
2. Artem Dolgopyat ISR 14.466
3. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 14.466

1. Rhys McClenaghan IRL 15.300
2. Robert Seligman CRO 14.866
3. Saso Bertoncelj SLO 14.866

You know. The Gymnastics SUPERPOWERS: Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia.

1. Eleftherios Petrounias GRE 15.466
2. Ibrahim Colak TUR 15.100
3. Courtney Tulloch GBR 15.000

This is the 4th Europeans gold for our Olympic Champ.

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This is the first medal for a gymnast from Turkey.

After quite a good set on Rings, Goossens went sprawling towards the TV camera. ☹️

1. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 14.900
2. Igor Radivilov UKR 14.866
3. Dmitri Lankin RUS 14.666

Impressive and NOT scary Vault final. These three will contend for Worlds medals.

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P Bars
1. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 15.433
2. David Belyavskiy RUS 15.166
3. Oliver Hegi SUI 14.633

H Bar
1. Oliver Hegi SUI 14.700
2. Epke Zonderland NED 14.400
3. David Vecsernyes HUN 14.033

Judges were brutally accurate with the E-score this time. #respect

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Jr Men’s European apparatus winners

1. LEWIS Jamie GBR 13.833
2. MOZZATO Nicolo ITA 13.666
3. NAIDIN Sergei RUS 13.500

FEDERICI Ares ITA and FREY Andrin SUI also scored 13.500, but lost Bronze in the tie break based on highest execution score.

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1. DE ROSA Edoardo ITA 14.066
2. LEWIS Jamie GBR 13.733
3. KHACHIKYAN Gagik ARM 13.600

Though Jamie has 0.6 higher D score, I agree with the judges this time.

GREAT Pommel final. No falls.

Jamie will soon be contending for spots on senior GBR teams. He’s awesome.

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1. KLIMENTEV Grigorii RUS 14.300
2. KALIUZHIN Viktor RUS 13.866
3. LEWIS Jamie GBR 13.700

Frey had to withdraw. No time to bring in the alternate even though it was Mozzato who had just competed Floor.

SmartRings software was used at this meet to evaluate TIME OF HOLD. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it works.

1. DRANITSKI Sviataslau BLR 14.333
2. JARMAN Jake GBR 14.300
3. FEDERICI Ares ITA 14.300

P Bars
1. KOVTUN Illia UKR 14.000
2. RIDA Karim GER 13.533
3. TAMSEL Dominic SUI 13.533

H Bar
1. MOZZATO Nicolo ITA 13.633
2. BALAZS Krisztian HUN 13.300
3. WOERZ Daniel GER 13.066

Mozzato says he’ll be competing Senior at Worlds Doha.

David Belyavskiy blames the brand of chalk provided at Europeans for a slippery H Bar. (Many did bring their own chalk.)

He also felt the H Bar was too rigid.

Apparatus finals are often a letdown for me as many times it’s difficult to repeat the performance that got you there. But this one was terrific. Congratulations to all the gymnasts and their coaches for putting on such a great show.

Five nations divide junior European titles

Jr European Apparatus Final qualifiers

1. Jamie LEWIS (GBR) 13.733
2. Andrin FREY (SUI) 13.666
3. Nicolo MOZZATO (ITA) 13.633
4. Bastien ELOY (FRA) 13.566
5. Sergei NAIDIN (RUS) 13.533
6. Pavel KARNEJENKO (GBR) 13.500
7. Karim RIDA (GER) 13.500
7. Ares FEDERICI (ITA) 13.500

Pommel horse
1. Jamie LEWIS (GBR) 13.833
2. Edoardo DE ROSA (ITA) 13.566
3. Mikhail KHUDCHENKO (RUS) 13.466
4. Krisztofer MESZAROS (HUN) 13.433
5. Iurii BUSSE (RUS) 13.366
6. Gagik KHACHIKYAN (ARM) 13.333
7. Mauro NEMCANIN (CRO) 13.333
8. Marko SAMBOLEC (CRO) 13.266

Two Croatian gymnasts in the Jr Pommel final. Two in the Sr Pommel final. That’s their thing.

1. Grigorii KLIMENTEV (RUS) 14.233
2. Viktor KALIUZHIN (RUS) 13.766
3. Roman VASHCHENKO (UKR) 13.633
4. Jamie LEWIS (GBR) 13.533
5. Liam DE SMET (BEL) 13.433
6. Rafael SZABO (ROU) 13.333
7. Javidan BABAYEV (AZE) 13.300
8. Andrin FREY (SUI) 13.233

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1. Sviataslau DRANITSKI (BLR) 14.283
2. Jake JARMAN (GBR) 14.233
3. Andrin FREY (SUI) 14.233
4. Ares FEDERICI (ITA) 14.100
5. Ondrej KALNY (CZE) 14.050
6. Donell OSBOURNE (GBR) 13.966
7. Justin PESESSE (BEL) 13.966
8. Daniel PONIZIL (CZE) 13.650

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P Bars
1. Ilia KOVTUN (UKR) 13.766
2. Lay GIANNINI (ITA) 13.666
3. Ian RAUBAL (SUI) 13.500
4. Jake JARMAN (GBR) 13.466
5. Dominic TAMSEL (SUI) 13.433
6. Lucas KOCHAN (GER) 13.400
7. Karim RIDA (GER) 13.400
8. Vladyslav HRYNEVYCH (UKR) 13.400

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Many of the Juniors used that Felge to L-sit as a transition. No deduction for a skill in hang.

H Bar
1. Nicolo MOZZATO (ITA) 13.466
2. Sergei NAIDIN (RUS) 13.200
3. Dominic TAMSEL (SUI) 13.133
4. Krisztian BALAZS (HUN) 13.100
4. Iurii BUSSE (RUS) 13.100
6. Mattis BOUCHET (BEL) 13.000
7. Daniel WOERZ (GER) 12.933
8. Donell OSBOURNE (GBR) 12.80

UEG recap – Russian juniors take team gold while Nicolo Mozzato earns all-around crown

Men’s European Apparatus finalists

1. Artem DOLGOPYAT (ISR) 14.666
2. Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) 14.600
3. Rayderley ZAPATA (ESP) 14.533
4. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) 14.466
5. Marcel NGUYEN (GER) 14.433
6. Dominick CUNNINGHAM (GBR) 14.366
7. Alexander SHATILOV (ISR) 14.266
8. Ahmet ONDER (TUR) 14.133

R. VROLIX Jonathan (BEL) 14.100

Floor results

Olympic Floor Champ Max Whitlock tumbled well. But fell on his fantastic Air Flair combination. Second reserve Oskar Kirmes (FIN) was excellent.  Andrew Smith (IRE) should have been there, but took some -0.3 deduction. (OB says Ireland)

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Pommel Horse
1. Rhys MCCLENAGHAN (IRL) 15.266
2. David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) 15.000
3. Max WHITLOCK (GBR) 14.900
4. Filip UDE (CRO) 14.766
4. Robert SELIGMAN (CRO) 14.766
6. Nikolai KUKSENKOV (RUS) 14.700
7. Saso BERTONCELJ (SLO) 14.633
8. Petro PAKHNIUK (UKR) 14.633

R. DAVTYAN Artur (ARM) 14.500

Pommel results

Pommels will be a great final. Max didn’t hit his best routine. I thought he was way over-scored. The main story line will be whether or not any of these Pommel legends will be able to defeat some confident 19-year-old kid from Ireland. I’m betting on Rhys.

1. Eleftherios PETROUNIAS (GRE) 15.133
2. Courtney TULLOCH (GBR) 15.100
3. Ibrahim COLAK (TUR) 15.033
4. Vahagn DAVTYAN (ARM) 14.833
5. Dennis GOOSSENS (BEL) 14.766
6. Andrei MUNTEANU (ROU) 14.733
7. Marcel NGUYEN (GER) 14.666
7. Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) 14.666

R. LANKIN Dmitrii (RUS) 14.633

Courtney tried his second new skill (Tulloch 2) and seems to have suffered very little deduction on it. I was surprised. If that “Victorian” position is counted then pretty much anyone who’s competed that skill should get credit.

Rings results

1. Andrey MEDVEDEV (ISR) 14.849
2. Igor RADIVILOV (UKR) 14.783
3. Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) 14.716
4. Dmitri LANKIN (RUS) 14.383
5. Valgard REINHARDSSON (ISL) 14.233
6. Dimitar DIMITROV (BUL) 14.199
7. Konstantin KUZOVKOV (GEO) 14.149
8. Loris FRASCA (FRA) 14.100

R. Dominick CUNNINGHAM (GBR) 14.050

Vault results

Dom nearly made the final with a fall on his first vault. He was that good.

Vault is throw and go. You never know. I’d bet on Igor to win. He seems most in control of his landings to me.

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P Bars
1. David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) 15.533
2. Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) 15.466
3. Oliver HEGI (SUI) 14.866
4. Joe FRASER (GBR) 14.800
5. Petro PAKHNIUK (UKR) 14.700
6. Henji MBOYO (SUI) 14.666
7. Ahmet ONDER (TUR) 14.666
8. Nils DUNKEL (GER) 14.466

R. ARICAN Ferhat (TUR) 14.466 … (tie breaker on E-score, I assume)

P Bar results

Nikita NAGORNYY was 3rd with a brilliant routine. But his two teammates scored even higher.

In fact I was thinking P Bars would be the worst final until Russia arrived. Last apparatus, last subdivision. Their lineup could challenge China and Japan.

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H Bar
1. Epke ZONDERLAND (NED) 14.333
2. David VECSERNYES (HUN) 14.200
3. Oliver HEGI (SUI) 14.100
4. Noah KUAVITA (BEL) 14.033
5. Umit SAMILOGLU (TUR) 13.933
6. Joe FRASER (GBR) 13.800
7. James HALL (GBR) 13.733
8. Taha SERHANI (SUI) 13.733

R. NAGORNYY Nikita (RUS) 13.666

H Bar results

Once again Horizontal Bar is a bit of a disappointment.

BRETSCHNEIDER was brilliant until falling on a relatively simple skill. DEURLOO missed.

Sounds like Epke is going to throw his HARD routine in the final. That’s going to be exciting.

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U.S. Classic Jr. preview

This year, none of the juniors are being promoted to compete with the seniors (last year Malabuyo, O’Keefe, Dunne, Lee, and Kenlin competed in the later session with the big girls). I prefer this way. We have age group delineations in place, so let’s follow those rules and not confuse things. If you’re a senior, you’re a senior. If you’re a junior, you’re a junior—even if you can score better than most of the seniors.

Let’s discuss those gymnasts first, the ones in contention …

Balance Beam Situation

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boys vaulting at Leeds Gymnastics

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1988 Olympian Svetlana Baitova interviewed

An Olympic gold medalist speaks. It’s a fascinating read.

Q: Do you often dream about gymnastics?

A: I used to, but I rarely do now. I’ve never dreamed about my favorite bars, only about my hated vault. …

Q: how much money were you paid for your Olympic gold in 1988?

A: I received 8,000 rubles and an apartment. It was a decent amount for that time, you could buy the most coveted car of the time – Lada Sputnik. … 

… On that national team, any single one of us could win the all-around. And the same was the case with the men’s team. I think that those were the strongest USSR teams in the history. This was true not just in Seoul but also in Barcelona in 1992. … 


Click PLAY or watch her Vault on YouTube. The second is Yurchenko Double Twist.