Rhys McClenaghan – Pommels

By the time we got to the Pommel final many (most?) were already calling the kid from Ireland favourite over the Olympic Champion. Max had been having problems. Rhys looking insanely confident.

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Rhys won Europeans easily. Now the talk is of who could beat him at Worlds. Rhys was 14th last year.

This is the young man forced to leave his club just weeks ago. What kind of marketing would Rathgael Gymnastics Club in Bangor have now if they had supported him and his coach?

Pommels – Rhys 8.766 v 8.200 Max

MCCLENAGHAN Rhys 6.500 + 8.766 = 15.266

WHITLOCK Max 6.700 + 8.200 = 14.900

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No handstand at the start.
Muscling into circles out of Flair.
BIG form break, hitting the horse. Twice.

8.200 is too high, I feel.

Max had 8.541 E-score winning Worlds 2017. Watch that routine.

Rhys McCleneghan 15.266 Pommels

6.500 + 8.766 = 15.266

It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.

You could call him the favourite over the Olympic Champion. I won’t argue. 🙂

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training positions for Pommels

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Mersin World Cup Men’s FINALS

1 Ahmet Onder Turkey 6.0 8.450 14.450
2 Frank Baines Great Britain 5.8 8.600 14.400
3 Ferhat Arican Turkey 5.6 8.400 14.000

1 Rhys McClenaghan Ireland 5.9 8.250 14.150
2 Frank Baines Great Britain 5.8 7.850 13.650
3 Justin Karstadt Canada 5.2 8.150 13.350

1 Ibrahim Colak Turkey 6.2 8.900 15.100
2 Andrei Muntean Romania 6.1 8.500 14.600
3 Yuri Van Gelder Netherlands 5.9 8.400 14.300

1 Rene Cournoyer Canada 14.150
2 Dimitar Dimitrov Bulgaria 13.950
3 Robert Ghiuzan Romania 13.900

P Bars
1 Andrei Muntean Romania 5.9 9.000 14.900
2 Ahmet Onder Turkey 6.4 8.350 14.750
3 Ferhat Arican Turkey 6.2 8.450 14.650

H Bar
1 Umit Samiloglu Turkey 5.5 8.450 13.950
2 Samuel Zakutney Canada 5.4 8.100 13.500
3 Frank Baines GBR 5.3 8.000 13.300

full results

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Rhys McClenaghan training in his yard

The Commonwealth Games gold medallist left his club when his coach Luke Carson was given three weeks’ notice. Rhys has a World Cup competition coming up.

Rhys’ club claims the decision was financial.

Read Rhys’ statement.

Watch the BBC news report.

training Manna

Doing some physical preparation for Manna will be beneficial for gymnasts. Triceps strength.

Not every body type will be able to hold the position, nor even high V-sit. But all gymnasts should be able to swing to momentary Manna on P Bars. It’s included in the American J.O. boys program as well as in FIG Age Group.

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