training Manna

Doing some physical preparation for Manna will be beneficial for gymnasts. Triceps strength.

Not every body type will be able to hold the position, nor even high V-sit. But all gymnasts should be able to swing to momentary Manna on P Bars. It’s included in the American J.O. boys program as well as in FIG Age Group.

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montage of Pommel falls

I had parents watching Pommel training this week. They were surprised to see pretty much every approach to the apparatus end in a fall.

I further explained that no two Pommel falls are identical. They are as unique as snowflakes.

Click over to Balance Beam Situation to see many examples. That guy must hate Horse. 😀

the “Ngai” on Pommels

This is cool. I’m going to call it the Ngai.

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superstar Rhys McClenaghan

Here’s the routine that beat Olympic Champion Max Whitlock at Commonwealth Games. Rhys McClenaghan from Northern Ireland.

He’s confirmed himself one of the very few best in the world right now.

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GBR should consider Rhys and Courtney McCulloch as apparatus specialist for the Tokyo Olympics. No doubt Courtney will try for the team, as well.

Commonwealth Men’s Finals day 1

1. Marios Georgiou CYP 13.966
2. Scott Morgan CAN 13.833
3. Dan Purviss SCO 13.733

Max finished 6th as he accidentally repeated a skill.

Congratulations, again, Cyprus.


1. Rhys McClenaghan NIR 15.100
2. Max Whitlock ENG 15.100
3. Zach Clay CAN 14.300

This is the smile of a guy who stands on the podium above the Olympic Champ. He won the tie breaker with a higher execution score.

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I’ve still not seen either of Rhys’ routines online.

1. Courtney Tulloch ENG 14.833
2. Nile Wilson ENG 14.400
3. Scott Morgan CAN 14.000

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YouTube videos are being taken down. But those on Twitter and Facebook seem be staying up.