Stephen Nedoroscik – Pommels

Techno beat helped him stay on the difficult set.

Highest score of Winter Cup. 15.60

He missed on day 1. The FINAL was determined by 2-day combined.

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interview with Paul Juda

A year ago, Paul Juda found himself a surprise member of the U.S. men’s gymnastics senior national team. …

Juda feels as though he has made the most of the time he’s had with Olympic postponement.

“Another year, being so young is honestly super helpful,” said Juda. “I think where I am right now, I’m in much better position than I was last year to make to potentially make the Olympic team.”

Olympic Channel

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Krisztián Berki retired

Age-35, Krisztián is now Sports Director at the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation.

He’s won all the Pommel medals including Olympics 2012. A legend.

Busanari on Pommels

Love this skill when it’s done well.

Also, don’t call yourself genius when you spell his name wrong. 😀

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