Celebrating Kohei Uchimura

Blythe Lawrence:

… back-to-back Olympic all-around golds in 2012 and 2016 (the first man to do so since Sawao Kato in 1972), six consecutive world all-around titles collected between 2009 to 2015 (in a sport where no other man has more than two), and 21 world medals (including individual titles on floor exercise, parallel bars, and horizontal bar.) …

“He’s my hero,” echoed Carlos Yulo, the reigning world champion on vault, who on his best days shares Uchimura’s crystal-clear sense of execution and extreme difficulty.

The Philippines-born 21-year-old, who trains in Japan, credits watching Uchimura compete at the London Olympics as a key moment in his childhood. …

In pursuit of perfection, ‘King’ Kohei created pure art
Japan’s Kohei Uchimura competes on the pommel horse during the men’s all-around final at the World Gymnastics Championships at the Hydro arena in Glasgow, Scotland, October 30, 2015. REUTERS/Phil Noble

Music professor Lasse Nettum created an original piece to accompany Uchimura’s horizontal bar routine from the 2011 World Championships.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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fantastic MAG skills & combos 2021

MrBulletPig is BACK.

Gabriel Hannah from the U.K.

He doesn’t post often, but when he does … it’s EPIC.

Guaranteed to include MAG skills you’ve never seen before.

watch it on YouTube as this one cannot be embedded.

research on wrist guards

Not much scientific research has been done.

BUT every coach has opinions and a lot of anecdotal experience.

Most agree on a few points:

  • don’t use wrist guards if you don’t need them
  • don’t use wrist guards as a fashion accessory
  • limit the amount of wrist guard use, especially with growing children
  • don’t use wrist guards for conditioning

There are Olympic champions that never once used wrist guards, even on Pommels. That should be the starting goal for every gymnast.

Here’s the conclusion from one study out of the University of Missouri:

Evidence supports the use of wrist guards as protective equipment in the prevention of gymnasts’ wrist pain and injury.

However, potentially negative effects of wrist guards on proprioception and performance were also reported, and critical gaps in knowledge regarding guard design, most effective indications, and application to female gymnasts remain.

Further biomechanical and clinical studies are needed to fill these gaps in knowledge toward making evidence-based recommendations regarding use of wrist guards in gymnastics. …

Use of Wrist Guards for Gymnasts – A Systematic Review

Worlds Finals MAG – day 1


  1. Nicola Bartolini ITA 14.800
  2. Minami Kazuki JPN 14.766
  3. Emil Soravuo FIN 14.700


  1. Stephen Nedoroscik USA 15.266
  2. Weng Hao CHN 14.900
  3. Kaya Kazuma JPN 14.900


  1. Lan Xingyu CHN 15.200
  2. Marco Lodadio ITA 14.866
  3. Salvatore Maresca ITA & Grigoriy Klimentev RUS 14.833