Stephen Nedoroscik 15.100

Legit score.

Steve wasn’t thrilled with his routine day 1. But he’ll be happy with this one.

He’d quite likely qualify for the Olympic Pommel Final. Some of the best guys in the world didn’t qualify.

Alex Diab would be another good pick. A certain Rings finalist.

Eddie Penev would be the 3rd possible specialist for Floor.

USA doesn’t have a great chance for a team medal in 2021. They COULD select the team to maximize possible Finals. Two AA and 3 specialists with the PLUS 1. But that’s highly unlikely.

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Listen to an interview from between the two competition days.

Paul Juda peaking at the right time for Olympic Trials GymnasticsVille Podcast

GymnasticsVille’s Gio Prossoni interviews University of Michigan gymnast Paul Juda. On Friday June 4 Juda finished second in the all-around at the 2021 Senior Pan American Championships. His all-around placement claimed the final +1 spot for the Tokyo Olympic Games available for the U.S. men’s program. Team USA will now be able to send 5 gymnasts to compete in Tokyo. Juda discusses the closing of his home gym, how the pandemic has affected many gyms trying to stay afloat. Also talks about his recruiting experience and his time at the University of Michigan.
  1. Paul Juda peaking at the right time for Olympic Trials
  2. Kanji Oyama Retires and Reflects on his Gymnastics journey
  3. Stephen Nedoroscik Posts Day 1 Top Score at US Gymnastics Championships
  4. Yul Moldauer Previews U.S. Championships
  5. Allan Bower Ready for US Championships

Varna World Cup MAG results

  1. Aurel BENOVIC (CRO) 14.950
  2. Artem DOLGOPYAT (ISR) 14.950
  3. Hayden ANDREW SKINNER (GBR) 14.600

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1- Illia KOVTUN (UKR) 14.550
2- Edoardo DE ROSA (ITA) 14.450
3- Abdulla AZIMOV (UZB) 14.150

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1- Vinzenz HOECK (AUT) 14.800
2- Salvatore MARESCA (ITA) 14.700
3- Marco SARRUGERIO (ITA) 14.450

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1- Nazar CHEPURNY (UKR) 14.700
2- Marine DRAGULESCU (ROU) 14.525
3- Ivan TIKHONOV (AZE) 14.300

P Bars
1- Illia Kovtun (UKR) 15.100
2- Sergei ELTCOV (RUS) 14.950
3- Robert TVOROGAL (LIT) 14.350

H Bar
1- Tin SRBIC (CRO) 14.850
2- Carlo MACCHINI (ITA) 14.650
3- Krisztian BALAZS (HUN) 14.350
4- Robert TVOROGAL (LIT) 14.350

GBR Men’s team to Tokyo?

Best chance of an Olympic medal for GBR in Tokyo is Max Whitlock on Pommels.

At the most recent Olympic trial he scored 15.350 with a 6.8 start.

BUT if you select a one apparatus specialist for the Olympics on a 4 man team, is your goal still to score as high as possible in Team?

Or should you send those who have a chance at finals including James Hall in the AA. James scored 86.200 in that trial.

Tough decisions for coach Paul Hall and the selectors.

China – FX, PH & Rings Final


  1. Zhang Boheng 6.0 14.800
  2. Chen Feng 6.1 14.700
  3. Mu Jile 5.9 14.300

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  1. Weng Hao 15.100
  2. Wang Junwen 14.500
  3. Yao Jianshan 14.433

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  1. Liu Yang 6.5 15.400
  2. Lan Xingyu 6.5 15.133
  3. You Hao 6.6 15.066

Wow. Watch through to the end to see a close-up of the neck adjustment. And some cool graphics.

I’d say this is the best routine in the world right now.

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Congratulatory posters for the EF winners (so far) at the 2021 Chinese national championships

Zhang Boheng (MAG FX), Deng Yalan (WAG VT), Weng Hao (PH)

cr: CGA weibo

Fan Yilin (UB), Liu Yang (SR)

cr: CGA weibo

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