Canadian Men invited to Worlds Camp

Via Gymnastics Canada.

Thierry Pellerin is the current Canadian Pommel Champ — 14.700 in the Final. He’s got a very good shot at competing Worlds Montreal.

The National Coach remarked that Pommels is Canada’s best apparatus right now. That’s a first all time. 🙂

Berki – Europeans Pommel Final

Update. Sarah sends a link to a VIDEO from another angle that shows the GO sign lit green. Krisztián does not see it. Waits on the announcer. That’s why it took him more than 30 seconds to mount.

As a judge I would not have taken the 0.3 deduction.


This routine would have been Gold. Except that Krisztián was penalized 0.3 for not starting his routine within 30 seconds of being signalled.

He certainly starts well within 30 seconds of giving salute.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Hungary protested twice. Appeal denied.

Seems bogus to me. There was no intention to delay the competition so far as I can see.