Szombathely World Cup Final – day 1

Blythe has Quick Hits.

GOLD: Boglarka Devai HUN 13.95
SILVER: Anastasia Motak UKR 13.775
BRONZE: Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.625

GOLD: Diana Varinska UKR 13.4
SILVER: Lara Marie Hinsberger GER 12.8
BRONZE: Lisa Zimmerman GER 12.7

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GOLD: Rok Klavora SLO 14.0
SILVER: Ilyas Azizov KAZ 14.0
BRONZE: Petro Pakhnyuk UKR 13.9

Milad Karimi missed.

GOLD: Nariman Kurbanov KAZ 14.6
SILVER: Robert Seligman CRO 14.35
BRONZE: Matvei Petrov ALB 14.05

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GOLD: Vincenz Hoeck AUT 14.15
SILVER: Igor Radivilov UKR 13.8
BRONZE: Yevgen Yudenkov UKR 13.75

Chinese Men’s Nationals Finals – day 1

Floor Finals VIDEO
Deng Shudi 14.666
Wang Haoran 14.466
Zhou Caisong 14.366

The two-time world P Bar champion Zou Jingyuan won Pommels with 9.000 for execution.

Pommel Finals VIDEO
Zou Jingyuan 15.100
Xiao Ruoteng 15.100
Wang Junwen 14.700

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2014 rings world champion Liu won by over four-tenths despite going up first.

Rings Finals VIDEO
Liu Yang 15.400
Lan Xingyu 14.933
You Hao 14.800

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The Chinese nationals conclude on Monday with the last set of apparatus finals.

Liu Yang and Fan Yilin dazzle in Chinese national apparatus finals

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