Jay Thompson – Flair tricks

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Men’s Voronin Cup

1 Artur Davtyan Armenia 84.500
2 Teppei Miwa Japan 84.000
3 Dmitry Lankin Russia 83.750

full results

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Sam working upgrades

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World Champs Dalaloyan, Xiao Rutoeng, Petrounias

1. Artur Dalaloyan (RUS) 14.9
2. Kenzo Shirai (JPN) 14.866
3. Carlos Yulo (PHI) 14.6

You could argue that Yul Moldauer (USA) 14.566 should have been Bronze.

Yulo is the biggest happy surprise of Worlds 2018. Congratulations Philippines. 🙂

1. Xiao Rutoeng (CHN) 15.166 ***
2. Max Whitlock (GBR) 15.166 ***
3. lee Chih Kai (TPE) 14.966

Second ever Worlds medal for TPE.

Max hit 3/3 in Doha. He lost the tie break due to having lower E-score.

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1. Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) 15.36
2. Arthur Zanetti (BRA) 15.100
3. Marco Lodadio (ITA) 14.900 

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Petrounias was doubtful to compete Worlds. He has shoulder surgery scheduled in 3 days.

Zanetti was fantastic. You might argue he was even better than Petrounias. There’s not much to separate the very best Ring men.

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Men’s qualification highlights

FIG put together a highlights package of what happened day 2 qualifications.

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… or you could catch-up on by listening to GymCastic MAG day 2 – THE POMMEL-POCALYPSE

Median scores for all apparatus went up from Worlds 2017 to Worlds 2018. That’s expected over the quadrennial. … BUT median score on Pommels dropped 1.167. That’s no statistical fluke. There’s something wrong with that horse.

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Men’s qualifications – results day 1

Half the competitors have finished in 5 sessions. Though judges were very quick, it was a long day.

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Team – top 12 advance to the team final. Top 24 can bring a full team to Worlds 2019.
RUS – Russian Federation 258.402
NED – Netherlands 245.663
SUI – Switzerland 245.186
UKR – Ukraine 243.651
ESP – Spain 241.261
FRA – France 241.203

AA – top 24 advance to the final.
NAGORNYY Nikita 87.098
DALALOYAN Artur 84.572
BELYAVSKIY David 83.332
ABAD Nestor 81.507
YULO Carlos Edriel 81.230
BRAEGGER Pablo 80.764
VERNIAIEV Oleg 80.522
HEGI Oliver 80.248

Floor – top 8 qualify to the Apparatus finals
DALALOYAN Artur RUS 14.833
NAGORNYY Nikita RUS 14.800
YULO Carlos Edriel PHI 14.766
DOLGOPYAT Artem ISR 14.400

KURBANOV Nariman KAZ 14.466
TOMMASONE Cyril FRA 14.241
NAGORNYY Nikita RUS 14.000

SIMONOV Nikita AZE 14.633
NAGORNYY Nikita RUS 14.633
GOOSSENS Dennis BEL 14.533

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RI Se Gwang PRK 14.966
DALALOYAN Artur RUS 14.766
NAGORNYY Nikita RUS 14.683
YULO Carlos Edriel PHI 14.499

P Bars
DALALOYAN Artur RUS 15.041
NAGORNYY Nikita RUS 14.966
PAKHNIUK Petro UKR 14.800

H Bar
SRBIC Tin CRO 14.300
DALALOYAN Artur RUS 14.166
DEURLOO Bart NED 14.033

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long Pommel Flair sequence

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