Islamic Solidarity Games – MAG results

  1. Turkey
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Iran

Floor champion – Murad Agharzayev AZE 14.400

Pommel champion – Bence Tálas AZE 14.250

Rings champion – İbrahim Çolak TUR 15.250

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Ibrahim only started Gymnastics at about age-17.

Vault champion – Ahmet Önder TUR 14.100

P Bars champion – Ferhat Arıcan TUR 14.900


H Bar champion – Bence Tálas AZE 14.000


FIG still allows “single point of failure” equipment

In an era with redundancy in all things related to safety, why does FIG certify equipment where failure of one link in a chain can result in the apparatus falling? 😦

Jalon Stephens walked away. This time.

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Europeans Rings Final

1. Eleftherios Petrounias GRE 15.433
2. Courtney Tulloch GBR 15.066
3. Igor Radivilov UKR 15.033

Rings results

This was the best of the day 1 Finals. Very competitive. All the guys were awesome. Rings has never been better in the history of the sport.

Tulloch had the highest D-score 6.4.

Personally I love Butterfly skills as included by Davtyan and Tulloch.