“single point of failure” FIG equipment

Why does the International Gymnastics Federation approve apparatus with a single point of failure?

If one part fails, the entire apparatus falls.

For SAFETY and reliability redundancy should be required. For example, two chains instead of one.

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Commonwealth Men’s Finals day 1

1. Marios Georgiou CYP 13.966
2. Scott Morgan CAN 13.833
3. Dan Purviss SCO 13.733

Max finished 6th as he accidentally repeated a skill.

Congratulations, again, Cyprus.


1. Rhys McClenaghan NIR 15.100
2. Max Whitlock ENG 15.100
3. Zach Clay CAN 14.300

This is the smile of a guy who stands on the podium above the Olympic Champ. He won the tie breaker with a higher execution score.

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I’ve still not seen either of Rhys’ routines online.

1. Courtney Tulloch ENG 14.833
2. Nile Wilson ENG 14.400
3. Scott Morgan CAN 14.000

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YouTube videos are being taken down. But those on Twitter and Facebook seem be staying up.

FIG Individual World Cup Series winners

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB, Vault), LUO Huan (CHN, Uneven Bars and Beam), Emily Little (AUS, Floor), Rok Klavora (SLO, Floor), Krisztian Berki (HUN, Pommel Horse), Igor Radivilov (Rings and Vault), Zou Jingyuan (CHN, Parallel Bars), Tin Srbic (CRO, Horizontal Bar).

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real or photoshop?

Knowing Dave Durante, it could be real.

But it’s not.

Ring pulls out of A-frame

Somehow the gymnast hung on with 1 arm.

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Rick Pegararo broke two rings in half over his career. But that’s the first time I’ve seen the entire cable detach.

Tim Daggett saw it once at USOTC. Coach Kelly Crumley was spotting when one of  his guys had the cable rip out entirely.

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