Chinese Men’s Nationals Finals – day 1

Floor Finals VIDEO
Deng Shudi 14.666
Wang Haoran 14.466
Zhou Caisong 14.366

The two-time world P Bar champion Zou Jingyuan won Pommels with 9.000 for execution.

Pommel Finals VIDEO
Zou Jingyuan 15.100
Xiao Ruoteng 15.100
Wang Junwen 14.700

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2014 rings world champion Liu won by over four-tenths despite going up first.

Rings Finals VIDEO
Liu Yang 15.400
Lan Xingyu 14.933
You Hao 14.800

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The Chinese nationals conclude on Monday with the last set of apparatus finals.

Liu Yang and Fan Yilin dazzle in Chinese national apparatus finals

Chellsie can muscle-up

WITH good form.

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Rings spotting bungee belt by Tower Spot

Just once I tried to build my own version of a Rings bungee belt. It lasted about 3 weeks before falling apart.

A professional version is available. Safer on the shoulders. Easy to do more repetitions of swings. It works for dismounts. And, of course, less spotting is needed.

Tower Spot System includes TS anchors, TS adult and child harnesses, TS resistance bands (5 for each side, 10 total).

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