Mark Williams climbs Rings tower

In Canada, the first coach up the Ring tower to fix any problem was Dave Arnold. I’ve seen him do it 5-6 times.

BUT Mark Williams I’d score higher for style. Virtuosity. 😀

Baku World Cup MAG Finals 1

’23 Doha World Cup MAG Final 1

As usual, the Men’s field at this World Cup is much stronger than WAG.

Cottbus MAG Apparatus Finals 1

The men’s field at this World Cup would have been competitive at WORLDS.

Cottbus MAG Floor Final

🥇 Artem Dolgopyat ISR 14.466
🥈 Kaya Kazuma JPN 13.866
🥈 Milan Hosseini GER 13.866

Cottbus Pommel Horse Final

🥇 Abdulla Azimov UZB 14.866
🥈 Gagik Khachikyan ARM 14.833
🥉 Nariman Kurbanov KAZ 14.800

Cottbus Rings Final

🥇 Eleftherios Petrounias GRE 14.966
🥈 Mahdi Ahmad Kohani IRI 14.766
🥉 Artur Avetisyan ARM 14.533

Originally tweeted by The Gymternet (@thegymterdotnet) on February 25, 2023.

Adem Asil – Egypt to Turkey

Adem Asil (Abdelrahman Elgamal (Arabic: عبد الرحمن الجمل) is an AA superstar and the Worlds 2022 Rings Champion.

He was 15th AA at the Tokyo Olympics.

After finishing 37th AA representing Egypt at the 2017 Worlds, Adem left his parents in Egypt to move to Turkey (Türkiye) because his coach had relocated there.

Be clear that Adem did not move because of problems in Egypt. In fact, Gymnastics in Egypt is booming. They have a terrific National Training Centre.

He began competing under the name Adem Asil in 2021. A reinvention. But his teammates still call him Abdel in the Gym.

It’s a great story. Click over to FIG to read more:

Athlete Inspiration: From Egypt to Turkey, World champion Asil forging a path toward more golden rings

Click PLAY or watch his Qualification routine on YouTube.