real or photoshop?

Knowing Dave Durante, it could be real.

But it’s not.

Ring pulls out of A-frame

Somehow the gymnast hung on with 1 arm.

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Rick Pegararo broke two rings in half over his career. But that’s the first time I’ve seen the entire cable detach.

Tim Daggett saw it once at USOTC. Coach Kelly Crumley was spotting when one of  his guys had the cable rip out entirely.

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wide arm muscle-ups on Rings

Alan Bower

Alan will be competing for the USA at the Cottbus World Cup, Nov. 23-27 in Germany.

Paris Challenge Cup Men’s results

Jorge Vega Guatemala 14.350
Petro Pakhniuk Ukraine 14.150
Marian Dragulescu Romania 14.100

Takaaki Sugino Japan 15.200
Cyril Tommasone France 15.100
Saso Bertoncelj Slovenia 14.900

Eleftherios Petrounias Greece 15.500
Samir Aït Saïd France 15.250
Oleg Verniaiev Ukraine 14.800
Chen Chih Yu Chinese Taipei 14.800

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Audrys Nin Reyes Dominican Republic 14.875
Igor Radivilov Ukraine 14.775
Oleg Verniaiev Ukraine 14.775

Click PLAY or watch Audrys on YouTube. A Worlds contender.

P Bars
Oleg Verniaiev Ukraine 15.250
Petro Pakhniuk Ukraine 15.000
Axel Augis France 14.450
Marcel Nguyen Germany 14.450

H Bar
Epke Zonderland Netherlands 14.800
Bart Deurloo Netherlands 14.750
Yusuke Tanaka Japan 14.450

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