Koper Challenge Cup finals – day 2

1. KOVACS Zsofia HUN 13,200
2. KAESLIN Ilaria SUI 13,150
3. HUSSEIN Farah EGY 12,600

1. KAESLIN Ilaria SUI 12,950
2. PUIU Ana-Maria ROU 12,850
3. SAJN Adela SLO 12,500
4. PANA Maria ROU 12,500

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Full WAG results.

1. SHEK Wai Hung HKG 14,675
2. SHARAMKOU Yahor BLR 14,600
3. MEDVEDEV Andrey ISR 14,475

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P Bars
1. BAINES Frank GBR 14,450
2. KARIMI Milad KAZ 14,350
3. GEORGIOU Ilias CYP 14,150

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H Bar
1. SAMILOGLU Umit TUR 14,350
2. BAINES Frank GBR 14,050
3. MYAKININ Alexander ISR 13,850

Full MAG results.

Zou Jingyuan’s coach Wang Hongwei

Zou Jingyuan modestly puts this almost Zen-like state down to his coach, Wang Hongwei.

“He is excellent. He coached both Chen Yibing (China’s 2008 Olympic champion on Rings) and Feng Zhe (the London 2012 Parallel Bars champion),” Zou explained.

“In his coaching ideology, the quality of a routine is much more important than its difficulty. Only when the quality of each routine is good enough will he increase the level of difficulty. That is the principle he always insists on.”

Love of Gymnastics fuelling joyful Zou as World Challenge Cup hits China

25 October – 03 November, 2018

Zou Jingyuan – P Bars

All hail the greatest routine all time.

If I’m judging the E-score is 9.9.

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Here’s his easier routine from earlier in the competition.

6.6 + 9.350 +0.2 bonus = 16.150

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Wyatt Tyndall – P Bars

For the first time the three Tyndall brothers competed against one another at Big Ten Championships.

I’ll give the win to the eldest – Wyatt.

His team took the win. And he rocked this Parallel Bar set.

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