Wyatt Tyndall – P Bars

For the first time the three Tyndall brothers competed against one another at Big Ten Championships.

I’ll give the win to the eldest – Wyatt.

His team took the win. And he rocked this Parallel Bar set.

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UCIC Men’s Sr Finals results

1. Sean Melton USA 5.5 8.700 14.200
1. Riley Loos USA 5.5 8.700 14.200
3. Genki Suzuki USA 5.2 8.367 13.566

1. Thierry Pellerin GYMNAMIC 6.2 8.300 14.500
2. Jackson Payne CAN 5.9 8.033 13.933
3. Justin Karstadt CAN 5.2 8.567 13.766

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1. Ryan Oehrlein FUTURES 6.1 8.200 14.300
2. Chris Kaji MANJAKS 5.8 8.467 14.266
3. Sean Melton USA 5.5 8.667 14.166

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1. Wolfe Gazer U CALGARY 13.750
2. Damien Cachia U CALGARY 12.566

P Bars
1. Jackson Payne CAN 5.6 9.067 14.666
2. Sean Melton USA 5.7 8.633 14.333
3. Robert Neff USA 5.5 8.800 14.300

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H Bar
1. Sean Melton USA 5.2 8.833 14.033
2. Genki Suzuki USA 5.3 8.633 13.933
3. Jackson Payne CAN 6.0 7.567 13.566

Full results.

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Athletes from Canada’s senior men’s artistic gymnastics national team dominated the apparatus finals at the University of Calgary International Competition (UCIC) on Saturday, taking gold on four out of the six apparatus. …

Gymnastics Canada

Jackson Payne

Sam Mikulak – P Bars

Sam had a good American Cup and counting the ACTUAL scores he tied Yul Moldauer for 1st in the AA. Weird and wrong FIG truncating of scores to 3 decimal places put him in 2nd place.

I don’t feel that badly for Sam, however. Many in the MAG community pointed out he should never have been awarded 7.966 E-score on P Bars. Sam had a full fall on to the equipment. … Who were the judges?

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Score: 14.066 (6.1, 7.966)

female gymnasts using P Bars

Training Rings is ideal for the female gymnast. Good for swing. GREAT for general upper body strength.

Parallel Bars are good too. But keep them low so if a girl falls — and she will — there’s no chance of injury.

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