Europeans P Bars Final

1- Verniaiev UKR 15.466
2- Dauser GER 15.366
3- Nagornyy RUS 15.266

full results

A great final.

Oleg was awarded 6.4 difficulty. Yet left out his Healy from 1-Bar. Is that D score correct?

Men’s European Championships AA Finalists

A company called Smart Scoring was responsible to post LIVE results. They couldn’t get it working.

Hours after the meet concluded a PDF copy of official AA results was posted.

Here are the leaders.

  1. VERNIAIEV Oleg UKR 85.966 Q
  2. DALALOYAN Artur RUS 85.198 Q
  3. HALL James GBR 84.473 Q
  4. HEGI Oliver SUI 84.297 Q
  5. ARICAN Ferhat TUR 82.631 Q
  6. IGNATYEV Nikita RUS 82.498 Q
  7. YUSOF Eddy SUI 82.482 Q
  8. DAVTYAN Artur ARM 82.132 Q

full AA results

We’re still waiting on official apparatus finals lists.

Though Oleg leads he was somewhat off on many of his routines. He’s not the #1 qualifier on P Bars for example.

Click PLAY or watch his P Bars on YouTube.