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Casimir Schmidt – P Bar dismount

This is much easier than double front pike, half-out.

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individual Bars mats at GAGE

Al Fong’s club has expanded on how they train Bars safely on return from COVID-19.

Gymnasts have their own bath mat to hold everything they need for Bars:

  •  freezer bag for chalk
  • tape
  • water bottle
  • etc.

Do not share. Disinfect after the rotation.

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liquid chalk for Gymnastics?


I got some feedback on this radical idea.  Male gymnasts tried it at one club but quickly abandoned the idea.  It didn’t work as well for H Bar.

Dr. Bill Sands sent a Safety Data Sheet on Isopropyl Alcohol (50-100%).

Risks include the fact that Isopropyl Alcohol is flammable. And some are allergic to topical alcohol. 

All in all, I don’t think I’d try liquid chalk. 

___ original post:

Steve Arkell linked to this video, a rock climber making her own liquid chalk.

Alcohol is a component, a disinfectant.

I checked with a rock climbing coach who agreed it couldn’t hurt to use chalk with alcohol on reopening after COVID-19.  On climbing walls. And in sports like Gymnastics.

He suggested we could use 100% alcohol in the formula.

When kids are in the Gym we should remind them not to touch their face, as well.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

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Bhasvar to near support


A lot of guys can barely clear the rails.

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Planche press series

@kamotoyuya186 Yuya Kamoto

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Here’s how that kind of physical ability translates to skills.

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(via Coach Sommer)