Zou Jingyuan wins P Bars

  1. Zou Jingyuan CHN 16.233
  2. Lukas Dauser GER 15.700
  3. Ferhat Arican TUR 15.633

Full results.

E-score judging was questionable. There were missed connections, but no falls in the final.

Greatest P Bar routine of all time.

Dauser was excellent. But shouldn’t be allowed to stand atop the Parallel Bars in celebration.

3 new MAG skills in Tokyo

Brody Malone (USA) and Ludovico Edalli (ITA) – P Bars
Free Hip to handstand on 1-bar, Heally down.

Ilia Kovtun (UKR) – P Bars
Forward upwise with Stutz or salto backward to 1-bar handstand (like Peters)

Samir Ait Said (FRA) – Rings
Description: Roll backward slowly with straight arms and body to handstand through swallow.

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coach Lee Woolls

One of the coaches I admire most is Lee Woolls from the UK.

P Bar world champion Joe Fraser surprised him with a special gift.

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China – Vault, P Bar, H Bar Final


  1. Huang Mingqi
  2. XIANG Xudong
  3. LIU Yang

P Bars

  1. ZOU Jingyuan
  2. YOU Hao
  3. LIN Chaopan

H Bar

  1. JI Lianshen
  2. LIN Chaopan
  3. SUN Wei

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XIAO Ruoteng wins CHN Nationals

1位.肖若騰 XIAO Ruoteng 174.131
2位.張博恒 ZHANG Boheng 173.328
3位.林超攀 LIN Chaopan 171.263
4位.孫煒 SUN Wei 170.493
5位.鄒敬園 ZOU Jingyuan 170.429
6位.鄧書弟 DENG Shudi 168.595

Zhang Boheng the happy surprise for team China.

Sun Wei had problems day 1.

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Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.