Daria Bijak finally got her Olympic tattoo

Daria was a fantastic elite. And on of my favourite College gymnasts when she competed at Utah.

The story of why she delayed getting inked is interesting.

Ellie Black does NOT have retirement scheduled

Despite this misleading headline, Ellie is not planning to quit after Tokyo.


Already a two-time Olympian and one of Canada’s best female gymnasts ever, it’s easy to wonder when she might be done.

And Black at just 23-years-old is used to facing questions about when she’ll hang up her grips.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow, basically,” Black said with a laugh Saturday. …

“I always say age is just a number,” said Black.

That’s something the Nova Scotia-native proved as she’s continued to get better, year-after-year. …

“As long as I’m enjoying gymnastics and I’m loving what I’m doing, why not keep doing it?”

related – Ellie Black becomes Canada’s most decorated Pan Am gymnast (ahead of Willie Weiler of The Weiler fame)

Jordyn Wieber on resilience

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great Olympic Beam mounts

Scott Bregman put together this montage from Olympic footage.

Click PLAY or watch it on the Olympic channel.

British gymnasts to Japan for camp

Russia will be doing the same this summer.