Max Whitlock – H Bar

A tourist in London, I bumped into Joe Tracini and friends walking alongside the Thames. I thanked him for all the entertainment he provides online, particularly during the pandemic.

He first came to notice of the gymternet standing in for Olly Hogben. 😀

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June 23 is Olympic Day

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what motivates Ellie Black

Working towards her 4th Olympics, Ellie is still working new skills. ]

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Aimee Boorman interview

Very entertaining.

Aimee is SO down to earth. She speaks common sense to power.

Unlike many elite coaches, no egomania.

I was particularly interested in how and why Netherlands called her in for Olympics and Worlds 2021.

Felix Dolci just getting started

With teammate William Emard out at Canadian Nationals, up-and-coming Felix Dolci was the most dominant competitor.