U.S. Men’s Sr National Team

There was much confusion and delay.

It is the list through only until U.S. Championships 2021.

A. 6 funded spots Sr Team based on AA day 1 of Winter Cup 2021:

Cameron Bock
Riley Loos
Yul Moldauer
Shane Wiskus
Allan Bower
Paul Juda

B. 4 funded spots based on 20 point ranking from day 1 & 2 combined:

Adrian De Los Angeles
Vitaliy Guimaraes
lsaiah Drake
Genki Suzuki

C. 2 funded spots from petitions:

Akash Modi
Sam Makulak

D. Unfunded based on AA potential:

Brody Malone
Grant Breckenridge
Colin Van Wicklen
Donnell Whittenburg

E. Unfunded:

Stephen Nedoroscik
Trevor Howard


I am. The process seems too complicated. Too lengthy.

Read the minutes of that meeting.

Personally, I’m happy they asked the guys to mask up for this photo. As influencers in the MAG community, it encourages masking up to help reopen the sport worldwide.

Aussie National Coach John Curtin

Appointed the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) National Coach in 2011, Curtin has seen a generation of gymnasts pass through his doors, some taking home gold at Commonwealth Games, some qualifying for World Championship finals, and some earning the right to take part in the pinnacle of gymnastics – the Olympic Games. …

“Re-establishing the National Training Centre (NTC) at the AIS has been significant, not only in regard to results, but also the incredible support provided to resident NTC squad members and National Squad members during training camps. …


Simone’s mainly doing this for FUN

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Riley McCusker interview

Scott Bregman interview Riley about Winter Cup 26-28 February.

“I’m really excited for this meet,” she continued. “I’m really not putting any pressure on myself to do anything amazing, but I just can’t wait to go and get out on the floor again.”

Though her exact plans for competition remain in flux, McCusker said she will definitely participate on the uneven bars and balance beam. …

… Jade reached out to me. She’s been my friend forever,” recalled McCusker. “She’s like, ‘Why don’t you come to my gym?’ And I was like, ‘Arizona? Ok.’ …

Riley McCusker: “I love gymnastics again.”

The 2018 World team gold medallist on her move to Arizona, finding joy in the sport during Olympic postponement and her plans to return to competition

Ellie Black leads Elite Canada

Ellie Black 55.10
Ava Stewart 53.20
Rose Woo 52.30

Sophie Marois 50.45
Audrey Rousseau 49.600
Emma Spence 49.500

Full results.

Judging was done online, each having ‘competed‘ in their home Gyms.

Some Seniors were unable to train due to regional COVID restrictions. Some are busy in the NCAA. Hopefully more will be ready for the next 2 technical trials this spring.

Biggest surprise is Ava Stewart, a first-year senior who trains at Ana Padurariu’s gym.

2019 photo

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FIG AA World Cup Series cancelled

The series was made up of four events – in Milwaukee (USA), Stuttgart (GER), Birmingham (GBR) and Tokyo (JPN) – originally intended to take place between March and April 2020. …

The World Cup in Tokyo on 4 May, which serves as a test event for the Games in Artistic Gymnastics, remains unaffected for the moment. …

According to the rules, the unused places go to the highest-ranked countries in the team ranking results of the qualifications at the 2019 World Championships.
The following countries, therefore, obtain an additional non-nominative berth for Tokyo 2020:

  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics: Russia, China and Japan.
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics: USA, China and Russia.

To date, 82 places out of 98 in Men’s Artistic and 84 out of 98 in Women’s Artistic have already been allocated.

The remaining places at stake will be allocated through the Apparatus World Cup Series (the final stage of which is scheduled for 10–13 March in Doha, (QAT)) and the continental championships.

Press Release

interview with Paul Juda

A year ago, Paul Juda found himself a surprise member of the U.S. men’s gymnastics senior national team. …

Juda feels as though he has made the most of the time he’s had with Olympic postponement.

“Another year, being so young is honestly super helpful,” said Juda. “I think where I am right now, I’m in much better position than I was last year to make to potentially make the Olympic team.”

Olympic Channel

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