Maggie Nichols – best Collegiate gymnast 2017

Last July, millions around the country watched USA Gymnastics name its five-member Rio-bound Olympic team and three alternates. While the celebration in front of the adoring crowd at the Olympic trials involved selfies, confetti, media appearances and the realization of a lifelong dream come true for eight women, it marked a devastating conclusion for Maggie Nichols. She’d helped lead the U.S. team to gold at the world championships less than a year before, and even won an individual silver medal on floor. But on that day, her name wasn’t called. She remained in the locker room.

Three days later, Nichols made the difficult decision to retire from elite gymnastics….

Since bursting onto the NCAA scene as a member of the top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners in January …

How Maggie Nichols became the best collegiate gymnast in the country

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USA Hockey Women’s team threatens boycott

The members of the U.S. women’s national hockey team dropped a bombshell on Wednesday when they announced they will boycott the 2017 IIHF Women’s World Championship unless “significant progress has been made on the year-long negotiations with USA Hockey over fair wages and equitable support.” …

The USWNT has won the gold medal in six of the last eight world championships….

Due to discrimination by USA Hockey, women’s team boycotts world championship

Right now, the women only get $6,000 every four years from USA Hockey.

Ana Porgras interview

With Emma Bailey. Translation by Bea Gheorghisor.

Gymnasts more universally loved than Ana Porgras are rare. She defined the 2009-2012 quad, instantly becoming a fan-favorite. She won a bronze medal on bars at the 2009 Worlds, her first major senior competition …

Ana had an almost perfect 2010 Worlds (in Rotterdam) and she won the gold medal in the beam final. …

In mid-January 2012, seven months before the Olympics, Ana announced her retirement from gymnastics. The exact reasons were not explained at the time …

Ana Porgras: “Yes, if I could change anything I would.”

Anastasiya Grishina’s money problems

Anastasiya was a super talented gymnast who had many problems during her career.

You may have heard a rumour that she’s currently homeless. Not quite.

While it seems crazy to many Western people that Grishina at 21 is married and has a 8-month baby, it’s actually also a pretty normal age in Russia to get married and have kids.

Another comment: when the article talks about Grishina being “on the streets” or “thrown off to the street” it doesn’t mean she’s literally homeless. It’s an expression in Russian that means someone lost the place they used to live in or they were thrown away from home, but it doesn’t mean that they now don’t have any place to live. It’s sort of a poetic exaggeration. She actually rents an apartment. It’s not an ideal situation and rents are sky high in Moscow, but she’s not living on the streets, so don’t worry about that. …

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Elena Naimushina has died


Amanda Turner:

Russian Yelena Naimushina, a member of the gold medal-winning Soviet team at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, died Tuesday in Moscow. She was 52. …

Her death was unexpected, Shevchuk told TASS News. He had recently spoken to Naimushina about the possibility of her working at his club, he said. He had expected to see her Wednesday after she returned from Moscow. …

Olympic Champion Naimushina Dies at 52

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