Doha World Cup Men’s Final – day 2

1 Yang Hak Seon Korea 15.266
2 Igor Radivilov Ukraine 14.916
3 Artur Davtyan Armenia 14.695

P Bars
1 Zou Jingyuan China 6.6 9.100 15.700
2 Vladislav Polyashov Russia 6.5 8.566 15.066
3 Mitchell Morgans Australia 6.0 8.566 14.566

H Bar
1 Tin Srbic Croatia 6.1 8.300 14.400
2 Hidetaka Miyachi Japan 6.2 8.100 14.300
3 Randy Leru Cuba 6.1 7.900 14.000

full results

Check the current leaders for apparatus Olympic qualification.

Igor Radivilov is #1 on Vault.

IG magazine Hall of Fame 2019

Shawn Johnson
Maria Filatova
Ivan Ivankov
Li Xiaopeng

In addition to the Class of 2019 Inductees, the 2019 IGHOF International Order of Merit will be presented to Hardy Fink (Canada), the Director of Education & Academy Programs for the International Gymnastics Federation, for his 4 decades of leadership and service.


Baku World Cup results

Olympic qualification points on the line.

🥇 Jade Carey USA 14.766
🥈 Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.450
🥉 Alexa Moreno MEX 14.249

🥇 Lyu Jiaqi CHN 14.266
🥈 Anastasia Iliankova RUS 14.133
🥉 Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 13.566

Diana Varinska had 13.566 as well, but lost out in the tie-break.

Click PLAY or watch Lyu Jiaqi on Facebook. LOVE the double twist. Surprised at the loose form. And always disappointed in routines where gymnasts switch one hand at a time.

🥇 Emma Nedov AUS 14.100
🥈 Marine Boyer FRA 14.100
🥉 Mana Oguchi JPN 13.200

Click PLAY or watch Emma’s Beam on Facebook.

🥇 Jade Carey USA 14.600
🥈 Lara Mori ITA 13.866
🥉 Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.733

Jade Carey – Floor

Baku Final

1. Jade Carey USA 14.600
2. Lara Mori ITA 13.866
3. Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.733

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter. No sound, but that’s a good way to evaluate her choreography rather than musicality.

She won Vault, as well. Olympic qualifying points!

Brazil wins DTB Cup challenge

As many predicted, Brazil’s top team finished ahead of a very good Russian team.

Right now you have to add Brazil to the list of Olympic team medal contenders.

Though there was no AA competition, Rebeca went 56.932 today.

1 – Brazil, 164.396
2 – Russia, 159.496
3 – Netherlands, 153.763
4 – France, 150.462

Valeri should be smiling.

UCLA student athletes talk mental health

An excellent initiative promoted by Anna Glenn. Especially considering the recent suicide of triple world champion cyclist Kelly Catlin at Stanford. She was only 23.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.