no Mai

Japanese Women’s Team to Worlds:

・Asuka Teramoto
・Nagi Kajita
・Aiko Sugihara
・Hitomi Hatakeda
・Akari Matsumura

Japan has not yet qualified a full team to the Tokyo Olympics. Now they must do so without Mai Murakami, the Worlds #2 from 2018.

Worrisome. 😕

Meanwhile, it’s Olympic Day.

no Kohei, no Kenzo

Japanese Men’s Team to Worlds:

・Kakeru Tanigawa
・Wataru Tanigawa
・Kazuma Kaya

・Daiki Hashimoto (age-17)
・Yuya Kamoto

The team has already qualified to the Tokyo Olympics. So they can test some new faces this year.

TEAMS qualifying to the Tokyo Olympics

The USA, China and Russia have already qualified a full team to the 2020 Olympics. The other 9 spots will be based on Worlds 2019.


I ranked the contending nations based on how each country’s best-scoring group of five senior gymnasts would do in a three-scores-count format using each gymnast’s top score on each event recorded at a major international meet this year. …


  1. FRANCE – 166.531
  2. ITALY – 165.514
  3. CANADA – 165.496
  4. GREAT BRITAIN – 164.664
  5. NETHERLANDS – 163.847
  6. BELGIUM – 162.963
  7. GERMANY – 162.514
  8. AUSTRALIA – 160.633
  9. JAPAN – 160.464

Yeesh. Australia ahead of Japan. And Japan leaving Mai at home. 😮

UKRAINE – 160.463, BRAZIL – 159.445, HUNGARY – 159.281, ROMANIA – 158.730, SPAIN – 158.446.

Despite the injury to Andrade, I’m optimistic that Brazil can still qualify.


Japanese hospitality

The American men are training in Japan in preparation for the Olympics.

Here’s one banner greeting them.

3 Japanese men named to Worlds

Based on combined scores from Nationals and the NHK Cup.

Kakeru Tanigawa
Wataru Tanigawa
Kazuma Kaya

The remaining spots will be named later. Chosen to complement these three.

As Japan has already qualified as a team to Tokyo, they could use Worlds 2019 to test some new faces. But Blythe points out that Kohei Uchimura and / or Kenzo Shirai could still be added.

IG magazine Hall of Fame 2019

Shawn Johnson
Maria Filatova
Ivan Ivankov
Li Xiaopeng

In addition to the Class of 2019 Inductees, the 2019 IGHOF International Order of Merit will be presented to Hardy Fink (Canada), the Director of Education & Academy Programs for the International Gymnastics Federation, for his 4 decades of leadership and service.


Fujitsu “judging support system” at Worlds 2019

The system uses 3D laser scanner sensors to capture the gymnasts’ movements in real time, providing two million shots per second on areas such as arm or leg bend angles, angles of elevation and height of particular moves.

This is then compared to a database of existing recognised moves and routines to hopefully provide a more accurate picture of an athlete’s routine for the judges. …

The technology is now planned to be deployed at the forthcoming Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, held from October 4th-13th  in Stuttgart, Germany, with further tests planned as Fujtisu aims to get it included at Tokyo 2020.

Tech Radar 

GymCastic reported that FIG plans to test the technology on 2 WAG apparatus, 3 MAG apparatus in Stuttgart.

Thanks @usgymie

Qualification system for Worlds 2022

Some details are yet to be announced.

The biggest change so far is a return to team size of 5 gymnasts.

… The new format will come into force at the 2022 and 2023 Worlds, which will limit the number of participants to 208 in the Men’s competition and 201 in the Women’s.

This will allow a reduction in the overall duration of the World Championships to 11 days, compared to 15 at the 2018 event, with two training days and two competition days less.

The qualifying system is composed as follows:

No doubt this new system will have problems, as well. GymCastic has already identified some.

Read more on USAG – New formats for World Championships and new system for Olympic qualification

NOTE – This post originally talked about qualification for Olympics 2024. We don’t yet know what changes are planned for Paris.

new Elena Produnova interview


Elena Produnova is currently coaching in Nalchik, at the South of Russia and hopes to one day raise gymnasts that will make the national team.  …

Q: You said that you had fantastic coaches…

A: Yes, I was very lucky. After Elena Pechenzhiyeva who coached me from the age of five, Ruslan Lavrov and Veronika Yakubova became my coaches. They raised me and passed me on to the national team and they did absolutely everything for me …

Q: Can you answer how you did it? (Handspring Double Front)

A: This vault was invented by Ruslan Spiridonovich. I started learning it with him, and it continued for a long time, in the form of a game. No one thought, or at least I couldn’t even suppose that I would go back to this vault and would do it in competition. Such a thought didn’t even occur to me. But then Leonid Arkayev remembered about it in the right time and implemented what was once trained. …


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Minsk, Belarus will host European Games

Artistic Gymnastics – June 26-29, 2019.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus which declared independence from the USSR in 1991.

The leader since 1994, Alexander Lukashenko, is considered something of a dictator. Hopefully hosting all of Europe will help the nation improve human rights.

Click PLAY or see Minsk on YouTube.

Related – Rio 2016 trampoline gold medallist Uladzislau Hancharou is from Belarus.

(via Lisa Deen)