joint Korean team for Nobel Peace Prize?

Great idea.

The IOC has many, many problems. But if the Winter Olympics stabilizes things on the Korean peninsula, the world benefits.

A senior American member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) called on Sunday for North and South Korea’s joint women’s ice hockey team to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. …


Youth Olympic Games 2022

IOC would like YOG to be hosted in Africa.

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Sounds ambitious.

I’m in Buenos Aires right now on holiday. All over town is signage promoting Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna starting March 15th.  But I only saw one display promoting YOG.

Nobody I talked to in B.A. seems to know anything about Youth Olympic Games starting October 1st. This event is not yet widely known nor understood internationally.

They are accepting applications to volunteer.

related – Argentine gymnast Ayelén Tarabini was befriended and groomed by Nassar on Facebook. She considered seeing him for treatment, but (happily) did not.

No Worlds for Diego Hypólito

As a specialist, he’ll try to qualify to the Tokyo Olympics via the World Cup circuit.

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YOG medals inspired by fireworks

Congratulations to 18-year-old Muhamad Farid Husen.

Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.


FIG and Parkour will try to cooperate

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and the International Parkour Federation (IPF) have laid the groundwork for a promising cooperation in the best interests of Parkour to advance the sport worldwide as a recreational and competitive activity. …

The meeting was held in the presence of Morinari Watanabe, President of the FIG, Charles Perrière, one of Parkour’s founders and Vice President of the FIG Parkour Commission, and Victor Bevine, President of the International Parkour Federation (IPF). …

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