Czech gymnast David Jessen

Czech born, the classy Olympian is currently training at Stanford.

John Crumlish:

Jessen, who placed 47th all-around in Rio, shared his thoughts on Rio and his plans for the future in this IG Online interview. …

IG: After Rio you posted a Facebook message implying that you weren’t satisfied with your results. Looking back, what went right and not-so-right?

DJ: Looking back at the Games, my performance was not as bad as it might have seemed at first. Disappointment is the first thing that hits when something doesn’t go as well as you hoped, especially when an opportunity such as the Olympic Games comes only once every four years. I think I may have set my ambitions a little too high instead of letting the competition take its course and enjoying it. …

IG: What big meets are on your agenda for Czech Republic this year?

DJ: Sadly, this year’s NCAA Championships fall on the same weekend as the European Championships, so I will not be able to go (to Europeans) this time. However, I do plan on competing at Czech Nationals in June if school permits. I also look forward to hopefully competing in this year’s University Games in Taipei and World Championships in Montreal.

Interview: David Jessen (Czech Republic)

Click PLAY or watch his H Bar from the Olympic Test Meet on YouTube. One of the nicer routines to watch as he does no Rybalkos.

Eythora Thorsdottir interview

Inside: Could you tell our readers about your decision to forego the American Cup in favor of Stuttgart?

Eythora: I’m going to the World Cup in Stuttgart instead of the American Cup because that competition has a better timing for me on the road to the European Championships. I really want to be at my best at the EC, so the schedule my coach and I made is based on being at my best at that competition. .


Inside: What are your long-term gymnastics goals?

Eythora: For sure Tokyo 2020 and to just to keep improving myself in every way!