Elite Gym Massilia Results

Lauren updated her results page.

Masters All-Around
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 55.500
2 Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 54.150
3 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 53.900

Click PLAY or watch Simakova’s Bars on YouTube.

Masters Team
1 France 161.700
2 Russia 159.000
3 Canada Open 1 154.750

Senior Vault
1 Laurie Dénommée Canada 13.417
2 Sophie Marois Canada 13.333
3 Amy Bladon Canada Open 2 12.933

Senior Bars
1 Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 13.500
2 Lorette Charpy France 13.400
3 Giada Grisetti Italy 13.367

Senior Beam
1 Rose-Kaying Woo Canada 12.800
2 Juliette Bossu France 12.633
3 Sophie Marois Canada 11.967

Senior Floor
1 Juliette Bossu France 12.967
2 Elisa Meneghini Italy 12.633
3 Emma Höfele Germany 12.600

Junior Vault
1 Aleksandra Shchekoldina Russia 13.867
2 Carolann Heduit France 13.733
3 Zoé Allaire-Bourgie Canada Open 1 13.333

Junior Bars
1 Ksenia Klimenko Russia 14.400
2 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.933
3 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 13.733

Click PLAY or watch Klimenko’s Bars on YouTube.

Junior Beam
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.000
2 Sheyen Petit Pole Marseille (France) 12.000
3 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 11.133

Click PLAY or watch Simakova’s Beam on YouTube.

Ring? Sheep?

Junior Floor
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.200
2 Ana Padurariu Canada Open 1 13.100
3 Margaux Daveloose Belgium 12.533

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Bars dismount – Tanac

REPOST from 2010:

A great old school dismount. Back in the day it was competed by many girls, especially the ones who did not like flyaways.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s Nellie Kim competing it with a full twist. But it’s today a banned skill in the F.I.G. Code of Points. Happily, it’s still allowed in some levels of competition, including NCAA.

It went by many names depending on where you lived: “Spank Back”, “Whip Salto”, … Also, butt beat, Munich Salto, …

Update: Chris, of Coaching Gymnastics in the new Millennium , sends us this link: Biography – Joyce Tanac-Schroeder. The skill was, at one time, named after her.

biomechanics – tangent of release

G.S. George:

Every release from any external-swing movement always results in
the center of mass being projected at a right angle to its radius.

If you release when the Centre of Gravity is as high as the Bar you go straight up, straight down. (e.g. Gienger)

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