walking under low bar after presenting -0.3

I did not know that.

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Jr Pan Ams apparatus finals

1. Tori Tatum (USA)
2. Leanne Wong (USA)
3. Imogen Paterson (CAN)

full results

1. Jordan Bowers (USA)
2. Leanne Wong (USA)
3. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie (CAN)

full results

1. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie (CAN)
2. Leanne Wong (USA)
3. Jordan Bowers (USA)
full results

1. Jordan Bowers (USA)
2. Tori Tatum (USA)
3. Mia St. Pierre (CAN)
full results

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“single point of failure” FIG equipment

Why does the International Gymnastics Federation approve apparatus with a single point of failure?

If one part fails, the entire apparatus falls.

For SAFETY and reliability redundancy should be required. For example, two chains instead of one.

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