Doha Finals day 1 results

1. Jade Carey USA 14.883
2. Maria Paseka RUS 14.766
3. Coline Devillard FRA 14.549

1. Nina Derwael BEL 15.033
2. Fan Yilin CHN 14.933
3. Anastasiia Iliankova RUS 14.700

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1. Alexander Shatilov ISR 14.633
2. Ray Zapata ESP 14.433
3. Carlo Yulo PHI 14.266

1. Lee Chih-Kai TPE 15.400
2. Kohei Kameyama JPN 15.400
3. Kaito Imabayashi JPN 15.333

1. Lan Xingyu CHN 15.100
2. Artur Tovmasyan ARM 14.833
3. Vahagn Davtyan ARM 14.825

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Full results.

Baku World Cup results

Olympic qualification points on the line.

🥇 Jade Carey USA 14.766
🥈 Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.450
🥉 Alexa Moreno MEX 14.249

🥇 Lyu Jiaqi CHN 14.266
🥈 Anastasia Iliankova RUS 14.133
🥉 Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 13.566

Diana Varinska had 13.566 as well, but lost out in the tie-break.

Click PLAY or watch Lyu Jiaqi on Facebook. LOVE the double twist. Surprised at the loose form. And always disappointed in routines where gymnasts switch one hand at a time.

🥇 Emma Nedov AUS 14.100
🥈 Marine Boyer FRA 14.100
🥉 Mana Oguchi JPN 13.200

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🥇 Jade Carey USA 14.600
🥈 Lara Mori ITA 13.866
🥉 Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.733

preventing Grip Lock on Horizontal Bar

Vinnie Silber posted some good advice on how to prevent grip lock.

___ Repost of my advice from 2018:

Most male gymnasts are well aware of the terrible injury that can occur if leather touches leather around the Bar. If there’s any chance at all that the grips have stretched that much, they must be replaced.

Are your grips ready for the pearly gates?

I like the title of that article by Ten-O Gymnastics.

Mark Van Wyk had his gymnasts toss their old grips until they got hung up on the rafters of the Gym. Grip Heaven, they called it.

related – Human Kinetics – Grip Lock: A Unique Mechanism of Injury in Gymnastics


It happens on women’s Bars too, but very rarely.

Russian apparatus finals – day 1

Paseka is back. And won vault.

Ilyankova won Bars.