Kiley Schaefer – Stalder half turn regrasp

Recall Nicole Pechanec’s Free Hip Geinger?

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Kiley Schaefer is doing something similar from Stalder. (2nd video)

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Gymnova’s new pink Bars rail


Fibreglass hand rails covered with natural fibre. This material is more malleable than wood so the covering is more consistent, which increases its lifespan.

Its texture also allows gymnasts to get excellent grip with less bar preparation time. In use, less chalk is needed on these rails.

Two types available competition and training. The Training rail Ref 3268 is pink,  this colour makes it easier to see when first learning releases. The competition bar is a natural fibre colour.

The pinkish training rail is also slightly smaller diameter.

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£358.80 inc. VAT / £299.00 ex. VAT

Thanks Jeremy.

Sara Ulias – Bars

Sara plans to compete for UCLA.

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