Szombathely World Cup Final – day 1

Blythe has Quick Hits.

GOLD: Boglarka Devai HUN 13.95
SILVER: Anastasia Motak UKR 13.775
BRONZE: Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.625

GOLD: Diana Varinska UKR 13.4
SILVER: Lara Marie Hinsberger GER 12.8
BRONZE: Lisa Zimmerman GER 12.7

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GOLD: Rok Klavora SLO 14.0
SILVER: Ilyas Azizov KAZ 14.0
BRONZE: Petro Pakhnyuk UKR 13.9

Milad Karimi missed.

GOLD: Nariman Kurbanov KAZ 14.6
SILVER: Robert Seligman CRO 14.35
BRONZE: Matvei Petrov ALB 14.05

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GOLD: Vincenz Hoeck AUT 14.15
SILVER: Igor Radivilov UKR 13.8
BRONZE: Yevgen Yudenkov UKR 13.75

Defying Gravity – part 2

Bars is the main theme of the second episode.

Beam will be featured in episode 3, but you need a YouTube Premium account to watch episodes 3-6.

In part 2 there’s a serious discussion of the psychological pressure on girls during puberty, as well.  Kyla Ross talks about the growth spurt she had after her first Olympics.

The great Vanessa Atler talks about the distress she felt when her coaches started weighing her daily.

Steve Rybacki certainly comes off a jerk.

I went back to listen again to Vanessa’s 2017 interview on GymCastic.  Vanessa has many good memories of her main coach, however.  She’s forgiven a lot of people from her past.

Cathy Rigby talks about eating disorders, as well.

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Caitlin Rooskrantz – Olympic 2020 Bar routine

The original Tokyo 2020 Games programme had her lined up to perform on August 2 at the Ariake Gymnastics Centre.

On that day a sponsor suggested Rooskrantz live-stream what could have been her Olympic routine.

Great idea!

On the other hand, Caitlin was 4 months out of the Gym due to COVID-19.

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Read Caitlin’s story on the Olympic Channel.


Grace McCallum training

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Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.