Charlie Tamayo interview

I really enjoyed GymCastic #267: Growing Up In Cuba with Charlie Tamayo

The first male gymnast to win a World medal for Cuba tell us what it was like to grow up in the Cuban gymnastics system.  …

Especially the story of how and why a Cuban superstar defected to the USA.

Click PLAY or watch Charlie training Tamayo on YouTube.

Charlie is one of the new coaches at Georgia this season.

GymCastic is now 5 years old. Time flies when you are having fun.


Fred Turoff retiring at Temple

Jesse Kitzen-Abelson is the new Temple coach taking over for the retiring Fred Turoff.

Celebrating Cancer Survivors & Thrivers

Sunday, October 8th, 7 PM Pauley Pavilion

… amazing musical artists, dancers, gymnasts, and more are coming together for a one night show to honor those that have battled & survived cancer and who are now thriving in life!

featuring a tribute to Valorie Kondos Field, cancer survivor, head coach of the UCLA Bruins Women’s Gymnastics Team, and show creative director and executive producer. …

The show will include live music and gymnastics featuring but not exclusive to:

Melissa Etheridge (cancer survivor & musician)
Shannon Miller (cancer survivor & US Olympic gymnast)
Laurie Hernandez (US Olympic gymnast)
Betty Okino (US Olympic gymnast)
Sam Peszek (US Olympic gymnast)
Jordyn Wieber (US Olympic gymnast)
Brandy Johnson (US Olympic gymnast)
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (former USA Gymnastics National Team member)
and more…

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Mark Williams interview

… “If you back the last few quadrenniums, half the team has always had guys from the NCAA programs, almost always at least half,” Williams pointed out to me before the start of the competition. “Sometimes half of them have been from Oklahoma,” he said with a laugh.

Collegiate gymnastics has managed to pull off this feat despite few scholarships and just fifteen remaining Division I programs. “There’s maybe in the neighborhood of 25-30 guys that are getting scholarships across the country and that’s it,” Williams pointed out. That means there are more athletes getting scholarships on a single Division I football team than there are for all of the collegiate male gymnasts in the United States. …

Oklahoma Proved Once Again How Important NCAA Gymnastics Is To The U.S. Gymnastics Team

FISU Men’s AA & team results

As usual there was not nearly as much press for the MAG competition as WAG. That’s sad since the Men’s competition is so much stronger at the University level.

1. Japan 260.225
2. Ukraine 257.900
3. Russia 253.150
4. Korea 249.900
5. Chinese Taipei 245.125
6. France 244.950

full team results


Olympic silver medallist Verniaiev defends individual all-round title at Taipei 2017

FISU Women’s apparatus finals

1. ROGERS Brittany CAN 14.250 (VIDEO)
2. AKHAIMOVA Liliia RUS 13.983
3. PASEKA Maria RUS 13.916

2. BUI Kim Ngan GER 14.066
3. Ellie BLACK CAN 13.966

1. Ellie BLACK CAN 14.133
2. SASADA Natsumi JPN 13.833
3. IORDACHE Larisa ROM 13.666

1. IORDACHE Larisa ROM 13.800 (VIDEO)
2. TERAMOTO Asuka JPN 13.766
3. AKHAIMOVA Liliia RUS 13.533

full results

Lauren Hopkins – Canada Grabs Two Golds in Event Finals


• Canada’s Ellie Black, Brittany Rogers grab gymnastic gold at Universiade

• Canada Shines In Event Finals At 2017 Summer Universiade