Can NCAA train safely?

Natalie Wojcik believes it can be done.

Her University has already postponed Football this Fall, hoping to play in the Spring of 2020 instead.

D-D Breaux retired

Too bad.

I would loved to have seen D-D get the Championship title.


It is with joy, love, peace, appreciation and some sadness, but no regret, that I announce to my LSU family and community that I am retiring from coaching, but not retiring from LSU. …

Before our 2019 season, I asked that Jay Clark be named co-head coach in anticipation of this moment. Jay is a great recruiter and his coaching philosophy is demanding and produces excellence. I have confidence in my decision because the torch is being passed on to Jay.  …

LSU has asked that I remain a part of the athletics department to do what I love doing – being an ambassador for the LSU Athletics. I do bleed purple and gold …

A Letter from D-D Breaux


Deanna Hong – behind the scenes

Our favourite Gymnastics videographer.

Deanna Hong @DeannaHong

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Stanford cuts 11 sports – but not Gymnastics

Stanford was already facing some difficult financial choices as it tried to support one of the nation’s largest athletics departments.  …

11 of its 36 varsity sports will be shuttered next year. …

At least 171 sports programs from four-year schools have been cut since the pandemic began in the United States, according to research by The Associated Press. …

“If it can happen at Stanford, it can happen any place,” Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. “They’re the broadest, most successful program in the history of college athletics …

‘Heartbreaking day’ — Stanford drops 11 sports to cut costs


SAVE Seattle Pacific University Gymnastics

Though it looks hopeless, the team at SPU have not given up.

College Gym News brings us up to date:

Seattle Pacific Gymnasts Fight for Discontinued Program

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#MaskUp for Gymnastics

Despite a President who refuses to wear a mask, an increasing percentage of Americans have come to the realization that there is unlikely to be a return to normal without flattening the curve.

As of July 2, 2020 confirmed COVID-19 cases are increasing in about 40 / 50 States.

If we want College Gymnastics in 2021 we should do everything we can to reduce the spread of the virus.  #MaskUp and physically distance from strangers. 

Happy Pride from UCLA’s Kaly Steele

If parents ask me what NCAA team would do the best job of welcoming their athlete regardless of race, sexual orientation or even weird hair style, I’d recommend UCLA #1.

For example, Kaly Steele from Colorado Aerials felt totally accepted by everyone in the Bruins program.

She tells her story here.

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