Kiley Schaefer – Stalder half turn regrasp

Recall Nicole Pechanec’s Free Hip Geinger?

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Kiley Schaefer is doing something similar from Stalder. (2nd video)

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Sara Ulias – Bars

Sara plans to compete for UCLA.

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Kristina Baskett new Arizona State Assistant


Kristina was Arya Stark on GoT.

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do you find this Gymnastics photo controversial?

The top photo. Not the bottom photo.  😀

Head Coach Greg Marsden used the top photo for a billboard promoting University of Utah Gymnastics in 1993.

Dvora Meyers:

More than two decades ago, a billboard went up in Salt Lake City near the 600 South exit of the I-15. It featured a young woman in repose clad in a sleeveless black leotard, her back to the viewer and her head tilted up. …

The woman on the billboard wasn’t a model but a gymnast on that 1992-93 team, 19-year-old sophomore Aimee Trepanier, whose pose from her floor routine was advertised as a way to sell competition tickets for the then-defending NCAA champions.

But to others in Salt Lake City, the ad was selling something else — sex. …

It’s a fascinating story.

In fact, the University’s athletic director Chris Hill had already decided to remove the billboard ahead of schedule. Utah is a very conservative State.

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The Gymnast’s Position

Aimee Trepanier was proud to showcase the pose that started her 1993 gymnastics floor routine in a billboard ad off I-15 in Salt Lake City. But when Utahns looked up, that’s not what they saw.

Acrobatics & Tumbling now an NCAA ’emerging sport’


… recommended that all three divisions of the NCAA governance structure add two sports — acrobatics and tumbling and women’s wrestling — to the NCAA Emerging Sports for Women program. If adopted, the sports would join the program Aug. 1, 2020. …

A sport must have a minimum of 20 varsity teams and/or competitive club teams that have competed in a minimum of five contests to be considered for the emerging sports program. The sport must reach 40 varsity programs to move forward to the NCAA governance structure for championship consideration. …

The National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association currently has 29 NCAA colleges and universities …


The NEW sport has elements of Acrobatic Gymnastics, Tumbling and Cheer.

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Each team has up to 28 competitors on their game-day roster and compete in six events throughout the meet, including: Compulsory, Acro, Pyramid, Toss, Tumbling, and Team Event. …

Meet Format

Men’s NCAA may show scores out of a PERFECT 10

Division 1 Men’s College Gymnastics in the USA continues to decline. One day there may only be College clubs. 😕

To improve the situation the Men’s College Gymnastics Association are considering some changes:

  • do we make our scoring more understandable?
  • How do we make our competitions easier to follow?
  • How can we make our product more attractive for television?
  • How do we increase parity and competitiveness within our competitions?

Proposal: Use a 10.0 conversion system in conjunction with the open ended scoring system

Straw Vote: 21 in favor; 4 against; 11 abstentions.

Some of the top coaches are strongly against.

If a gymnast scored 14.00 FIG they would flash a 9.75.

Personally, I think it’s worth a try.

Spencer and @papaliukin point out that a BETTER change would be for Men’s teams to provide good, consistent scoring, University media coverage and online video.  

Since the Men are already posting competition videos after the fact on Road to Nationals, I’d like to see them increasingly use that site for LIVE coverage. LIVE scoring, etc.

There’s much more under consideration. Click through for Details.