GBR trial Cardiff videos

British Gymnastics posted some videos from the recent test meet in Wales.

Click PLAY or watch Ondine Achampong’s Vault on YouTube. She’s going to be amazing in the NCAA competing for Cal.

As with the GBR MAG team, selectors have some tough choices to make.

Lexy and Ona returning 2022

Great news for fans of quality Gymnastics.

1969 NCAA Champions Iowa

Iowa men’s gymnastics ended its final season this month, meaning the 1969 Hawkeyes stand as the program’s only national championship team. …

Men’s gymnastics has been an NCAA-sanctioned sport at the UI since 1922. …

… β€œThat’s when, for the first time that season, all of us hit our routine,” McCanless said. β€œThere were no breaks, minor or major.” …

β€˜Sadly, I feel that we’re all now just ghosts’: 1969 men’s gymnastics Hawkeyes stand alone as national champions
Keith McCanless competes on the pommel horse. McCanless was inducted into the Iowa Athletic Hall of Fame in 2011. (Photos by Dick Taffe)

Gabby & Nia – a chat

Nia and Gabby were teammates at Buckeye.

GABBY DOUGLAS: I’m so happy for you, Nia! Shout-outs from Michelle Obama, Missy Elliott, and Alicia Keys?

NIA DENNIS: It’s crazy. This feels like a movie. It’s surreal. …

Nia Dennis Talks to Gabby Douglas About the Pressure of Being Perfect

Click through to Interview magazine to read the conversation.

Oregon State’s NEW Facility

I love Oregon State. But I love them even more in this fantastic new Gym.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.