Pauline’s facial expressions

I love her presentation every season.

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Emi Watterson 10.10 Bars

I’m awarding a BONUS tenth for hitting this set with a mask.

She helped Cal score 49.825 on Bars. … That must be a typo. 49.825 / 50 on Bars. 😀

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University of Alaska Gymnastics

The Board of Regents decided the team would survive if they deliver $444,000 by June 30, 2021.

This program has done a fantastic job of fundraising and are hopeful they can make it.

Click through if you can help.

Iowa Hawkeyes defeat Minnesota

An upset.

Happily, they were filming the social justice campaign documentary at the time.

I like the session in a room rehearsing competition QUES as a team.

Clair Kaji is one of their leaders.


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NCAA Rankings wk 8

  1. Florida 197.944
  2. Oklahoma 197.738
  3. LSU 197.550
  4. Utah 197.300
  5. Minnesota 197.250
  6. Alabama 197.244
  7. Arizona State University 197.075
  8. Arkansas 197.038
  9. Cal 196.931
  10. UCLA 196.869

Arizona State is good now, you guys, and used a two-meet week to zoom up the rankings and establish a competitive NQS that even has a drop-able road score still hanging around.

ASU will still need to be wary of Cal and UCLA moving up, so a spot in the all-important top 8 is not a given, but it’s suddenly looking possible. …

Balance Beam Situation