Utah’s Ute leotard

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The Ute people are Native Americans of the Ute tribe and culture. They are now living primarily in Utah and Colorado. …

The state of Utah was named after the tribe. The University of Utah‘s athletic teams are known as the Utes and have received explicit permission from the Ute tribe to continue using the name.

Thanks Mary.

MyKayla Skinner – Floor

Has anyone else competed double double on FX in the NCAA?

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Denelle Pedrick – DTY

CMU‘s off to a great start in 2018. Denelle already competing her big vault.

GymCastic thinks 9.875 is a little low.

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VOTE for the NCAA Routine of the Week

Week 2. Each gymnast may appear only once per week.

Here are the week 1 winners.

 1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Price (Stanford) – UB Lee (UCLA) – UB Finnegan (LSU) – UB

NCAA Men’s rankings after week 1

Women are on week 2. Not all teams have competed.

Road to Nationals.

Sam Mikulak competed AA for the first time in over a year, putting up an impressive 87.80 that included a couple of sparkling scores on PB (15.50) and HB (15.15). …

The relatively low weekend scores seems to be indicative of an effort to align more with FIG scoring.  …