NCAA Bars scoring

Up to level

Unless. There are several possible routine-composition deductions in NCAA routines, but the one you’ll hear about the most during the season is the “up to level” deduction (UTL).

This deduction is a flat .10, taken from any routine that does not fulfill the standard of being “up to the competitive level.”

What does that even mean? Good question. …

Balance Beam Situation – WTF Is College Gymnastics Scoring

UCLA in the L.A. Times

The Bruins are accustomed to getting as much publicity as any team in the NCAA. Over the years, that’s mostly been good press.

Personally, I rank UCLA as one of the top teams for defending and promoting social justice.

Head Coach Chris Waller is one of the most experienced and accomplished coaches in College Gymnastics.

But this situation is a disaster. We still don’t know whether to blame the school administration, the coaches or the lawyers. Probably all three.

Professor of marketing Scott Galloway advises organizations do three things in case of crisis:

  1. Top person steps up quickly and addresses the issue personally.
  2. Acknowledge the problem. Take responsibility.
  3. Over-correct.

None of that happened.

If you are not up to speed, read what the general public is seeing:

UCLA gymnastics stood united against racial injustice, then was ripped apart by it

I should add that LSU seems to have handled things about as well as they could. Communication was clear.

Skyla Schulte – Floor


One of my favourite College routines so far this season. Choreographer Alina Cartwright

Skyla trained at Phenom in Illinois. She’ll be a star at MSU.

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Men’s NCAA Power Rankings

College Gymnastics Association:

Every week we’ll be releasing a “Power Rankings” that aims to provide a fluid picture of how each team across the NCAA is doing at the moment and where we see them heading. …

198.025 Michigan – Minnesota 197.650

I’d say BOTH TEAMS WON this day.

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