former coach Jeff Thompson sues Penn State

Former Penn State women’s gymnastics coach Jeff Thompson filed a lawsuit accusing the university of disregarding its duty to protect his reputation after the university mandated he not speak with the media. …

According to the lawsuit, increasing pressure from alumni and the media prompted Rachelle Thompson to resign June 30, 2016. Jeff Thompson continued as coach and began filming all practices with an iPad to protect against potential allegations. …

“Coach Thompson was terminated for comments made between him and assistant coaches Josh Nilson and Kera Molinaro, which occurred in his private office or public areas with no one else around” the lawsuit said. …

Why this former Penn State coach is suing and what he hopes to get

Recall all the problems back then. The accusations were of mental and verbal abuse. Read why one of the Penn gymnasts — Alyssa DiFrancesco — quit.

Sam Pezsek interviews Jordyn Wieber

Former roommates at UCLA.

Both felt they were the type of kid who wanted to work HARD every practice. Self-motivated. They feel that’s what you need to try Elite.

Jordyn’s been dating Chris Brooks for a year and a half. She’s coaching UCLA. He’s coaching men at Oklahoma next season. Long distance relationship for much of the year.

Neither Sam nor Jordyn speak in this episode about their personal coaches Marvin Sharp nor John Geddert. Sam does recall her first coach Peter Zhao fondly.

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preorder Miss Val’s new book

Co-written with Mr. GymCastic. 😀

Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance

Available in hard cover October 2, 2018.

the Katelyn Ohashi story

… What’s different between now and then?

“I’ve discovered things from being severely injured, to having gymnastics being taken away from me, and I realized this isn’t forever,” she says.

“When I was in elite, [I was] living in black and white, whereas now I feel like I live more in full color.” …

How Katelyn Ohashi Rediscovered Gymnastics on Her Own Terms

The athlete on the satisfying differences between collegiate and elite gymnastics.

NCAA Gymnastics at University of Houston?

“Lindenwood was just a dream, and then it became a reality,” (Randy) Lane said of the Missouri university adding gymnastics at the Division II level for the 2013 season. …

It does seem crazy that Texas has no Division 1 NCAA Gymnastics team.

KJ Kindler, DD Breaux, Mary Lou Retton, Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, Nastia Liukin, Madison Kocian and Simone Biles have voiced support for a new NCAA team.

Lisa Bowerman, head coach at Texas Woman’s University, has perhaps a better perspective on the status of NCAA gymnastics in the state than anyone.

“Texas is a state with a lot of pride, and people want to stay here. Given that opportunity, a lot of them would stay here rather than accept an opportunity out of state,” she said. …

Emily Minehart fills us in on what’s happened so far:

Efforts Ongoing to Add Division I Gymnastics at the University of Houston

University of Houston NAIGC team. Image courtesy of Haley Poinsette.

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Chris Brooks back to Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma men’s gymnastics head coach Mark Williams announced Thursday the addition of former Sooner gymnast Chris Brooks to the staff for the upcoming season. …

He returns to Norman after spending last season as an assistant for the Nebraska women’s gymnastics team. Brooks also served as a volunteer assistant with the Sooners from 2009-2011. …

Brooks will replace Steven Legendre on OU’s staff, who will pursue a career with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

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interview with Bailey Ferrer’s Mom

Gym Blog Central:

We sat down with Lyn Ferrer, the mom of former Jr. Elite and now soon to be LSU Tiger Bailey Ferrer, to find out what it was like to raise an Elite gymnast. …

  • How the decision was made to go elite
  • Advice for picking an Elite gym/coach
  • Boundaries between coach, parent, athlete
  • Sacrifices an Elite family makes
  • Time devoted to the sport
  • Injuries

Behind the Scenes of an Elite Family – Part 1

LF: We built a home and within 6 months we refinanced our home not once, but 3 times to support Bailey’s Elite travels to and from the “Ranch”, the USA Gymnastics National Training Center. The amount of monies for qualifying meets, hotels, American Classics, P&G’s, Classics, etc.; none of which includes your normal gym fees, doctor visits, and surgeries. …

GBC: Looking back, was there ever a time you should have called USA Gymnastics or Safe Sport on one of Bailey’s coaches? If yes, why didn’t you?

LF: As we look back on Bailey’s Elite training, my answer would be yes, we should have filed a complaint throughout those specific years.

Behind the Scenes of an Elite Family – Part 2

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