College teams that improved MOST last season

College Gym News – Largest Ranking Changes in the NCAA From 2018 to 2019

Depending on the criteria, improved teams include:

Oregon State
UIC (R.I.P.)
Rhode Island College
Gustavus Adolpus
Iowa State

This year’s winner for most improved team with a first year head coach is Rutgers, whose rookie leader Umme Salim-Beasley helped the team improve nine spots in the rankings.

Umme Salim-Beasley

Neil Resnik retires from Boise State

This is a loss for NCAA Gymnastics.

I assume Neil will still be coaching Worlds with Courtney McGregor for New Zealand.

Boise State co-head gymnastics coach Neil Resnick, who helped guide the Broncos to conference championships in nine of 12 seasons, announced his retirement Friday in a press release.

Tina Bird, who has served as co-head coach with Resnick since 2008, will coach the team this coming season. …

A coach who helped lead Boise State to ‘unprecedented success’ announces his retirement

Stanford gymnast – ‘Pechanec’ on Bars

Nicole Pechancova competed for the Czech team at the World Championships in Rotterdam. In ‘merica we know her as Nicole Pechanec from Stanford.

Recall she competed Free Hip Geinger, a ‘new‘ skill Stanford was calling the ‘Pechanec’.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (2012)

Old timers like myself will have seen that skill done as early as the early ’80s. … I can’t remember any names, however. Leave a comment if you recall.

Alaska Gymnastics team in jeopardy

Last March, the University of Alaska Anchorage gymnastics team concluded its historic 2019 season with a program record total of 194.200 at the MPSF championship. …

On June 28, Alaska governor Mike Dunleavy announced a massive reduction of state support for the University of Alaska system …  means the university’s state funding will fall by 40 percent for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019. …

Alaska gymnastics head coach Tanya Ho and her team are waiting anxiously for news about the future of their team. …

Alaska already lags significantly behind the rest of the country in terms of access to higher education. As of 2014, it was one of only four U.S. states in which less than half of high school graduates immediately enrolled in college.

2020 Season in Doubt for Alaska Gymnastics Amid Unprecedented State Budget Cuts

Sulekha Modi Zaug to SUNY Cortland

Sulekha Modi Zaug has been named the Red Dragons’ women’s gymnastics head coach …

“It is such an honor and unique responsibility to be able to coach a sport that I love, that framed my childhood and brought me so much success at my alma mater,” said Zaug. “Cortland is in my blood. …

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Lindsey Bruck Ayotte to New Hampshire

Lindsey is the new Head Coach.

She’ll take over for Gail Goodspeed after a 40-year career at the University.

FISU apparatus finals

1. Marina Nekrasova AZE 14.000
2. Liliia Akhaimova RUS 13.975
3. Tatiana Nabieva RUS 13.925

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1. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN 14.000
2. Tatiana Nabieva RUS 13.900
3. Asuka Teramoto JPN 13.800

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1. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN 13.000
2. Lara Mori ITA 12.850
3. Uliana Perebinosova RUS 12.800

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1. Carlotta Ferlito ITA 13.200
2. Aiko Sugihara JPN 13.000
3. Uliana Perebinosova RUS 12.700

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