Suni Lee to Auburn

The past 4 American Olympic champions did not compete in the NCAA.

They went PRO, disqualifying them from College.

So far Sunisa Lee plans to report to Auburn on August 11th.

“I do want to go to college and have fun and kind of get away from this elite atmosphere just because it’s so, like, crazy,” Lee said. “And I know that college is going to be way better.”

The transition should be easy. Lee’s longtime coach Jess Graba and Auburn coach Jeff Graba are twin brothers.

Jeff Graba doesn’t see why Lee can’t go to school while enjoying the trappings that come with being a multiple-medal winner in one of the Olympics marquee sports. …

Time permitting, she should be able to make just as much money as she would have normally made.” …

Olympic champ Sunisa Lee still focused on college, not fame


As Jessica O’Beirne pointed out, Suni will have non-stop attention from the media while competing College.

Exactly what sponsors are looking for.

Riley McCusker to Worlds?

Seems logical that the USA send Riley to specialist Worlds 2021 in Japan.

Could she do that and still start at Florida this autumn?

I would think so.

There’s a very good argument that Riley should have been chosen for the Olympics spot over McKayla Skinner. Since that didn’t happen — Riley should get first priority on the Worlds assignment, should she want it.

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R.I.P. Barbara Tonry

Yale’s Barbara Tonry, the longest-tenured coach in NCAA gymnastics history, has passed away at 84. …

An outstanding athlete in her own right, Tonry (then Gallagher) made the training squad for the 1964 Olympic team in artistic gymnastics. She also won multiple AAU national championships in tumbling and state championships in trampoline, tennis and diving. …

College Gym News

NCAA gymnasts – recurrent ACL injuries

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is a serious injury that can be career-ending in collegiate athletics.

A rerupture (recurrent rupture) after primary ACL reconstruction occurs in 1% to 11% of all athletes.

The highest rates of recurrent ACL ruptures (per 10,000 AEs) were among male football players (15), female gymnasts (8.2), and female soccer players (5.2). …

Of sports played by athletes of both sexes, women’s soccer had a significantly higher rate of recurrent ACL ruptures than men’s soccer (rate ratio, 3.8 [95% CI, 1.3-15]). …

Epidemiology of Recurrent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in National Collegiate Athletic Association Sports

NCAA gymnasts – foot injuries

Foot injury rates differed between sports, with the highest rates in female gymnastics, male and female cross-country, and male and female soccer athletes.

… The 5 most common injuries were foot/toe contusions, midfoot injuries, plantar fascia injuries, turf toe, and metatarsal fractures. …

Epidemiology of Foot Injuries Using National Collegiate Athletic Association Data From the 2009-2010 Through 2014-2015 Seasons

NCAA gymnasts can monetize

Trinity Thomas is one of the first gymnasts who have received an offer to profit off their name, image and likeness (NIL) after the NCAA changed its rules regarding endorsements and compensation following a loss in the Supreme Court earlier this month.

Olivia Dunne, as another example, has millions of followers.

Confessions of a Division 1 Athlete

By Jim Karas and Olivia Karas

A Dad and Daughter’s Guide to Survival.

Order here.

Olivia was a star with Michigan.

Listen to a charming and entertaining interview on the All Things Gymnastics podcast.