Dan Kendig retires after 25 years

The university’s Athletics Department issued a statement Tuesday morning announcing his retirement was “effective immediately.”

Kendig decided to retire Tuesday after he and athletic director Bill Moos met to discuss possible NCAA compliance issues in the program.

Moos said the decision was not tied to any issue involving student-athlete welfare. …

“We had a discussion of some concerns in the compliance area and upon the end of the discussion he said he would choose to retire at this point rather than get into the season a little bit, because it’s just getting started,” Moos said. “Certainly, we honored his decision. It’s an ongoing matter.” …

Moos declined to comment on specifics of possible rules violations or the degree of seriousness.

“The NCAA will establish that,” he said. …


“I have had the great fortune of coaching at Nebraska for more than two decades and have cherished every moment of that time,” Kendig said in the statement. “My greatest memories will be the opportunity to work with so many talented and high-achieving young women who have excelled in the gym, in the classroom and in the community.

“I have worked with many great people at Nebraska and developed countless life-long friendships,” he said in the statement. “I am proud of what we accomplished and have been blessed with great assistant coaches and student-athletes through the years. I want to thank the great people of Nebraska for the wonderful memories.” …

Heather Brink will serve as the Interim Head Coach for Nebraska for the 2018-19 season. An NCAA All-Around champion with the Huskers, Brink has been an assistant at Nebraska for eight seasons, including the past four as Associate Head Coach.

U.S. Men underdogs at Worlds

Anyone with money to wager would pick CHN, JAP, RUS (not necessarily in that order) as the likely teams to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics from Worlds.

After listening to an interview with new Oklahoma assistant coach Chris Brooks (and others), I’m even more convinced USA could upset. If they hit. … If they hit H Bar.

The Americans will have lower difficulty potential but could finish top 3 by hitting more routines. The guys all have NCAA team experience and might benefit from past meets where they had to hit no matter what. They are very familiar with that pressure.

Note – the top 3 qualification is from prelims, not the Team final.

Update – Joel Gagnon corrected this.

Top 3 from the 2018 Worlds team final will qualify to Tokyo. 

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Anna Li’s 1,950 Beam series in a row

The great Anna Li is a new mom. Busy, busy.

Miss Val in her new book notes that Anna hit 1,950 Beam series without a fall near the end of her career. That’s consistency. Mental toughness. It was something she learned in College.

Ted St Martin hit 5,221 basketball free throws in a row. I reckon Anna’s feat is more impressive.

When UCLA won the 2010 NCAA National Championships, I gave greatest credit to Anna starting Beam every meet. Her teammates so confident she’d get the line-up rolling.

Miss Val is another UCLA coaching legend

I’m listening to the audio book now.

It’s always best when the author reads. It makes the content come alive.

Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance

Advice and Inspiration from the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame Coach of 7 NCAA Championship Teams

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Gymnastic Parents Summit starts Oct 7th

Week One Sunday October 7th at 4PT/7ET: Doc Ali teaches how to help your athlete be mentally tough for competition.

Week Two Sunday October 14th at 4PT/7ET: Jill Hicks discusses the ins and outs of college recruiting

Week Three Sunday October 21st at 4PT/7ET: Betsy McNally-Lauour teaches the essentials of gymnastics nutrition

Week Four Sunday October 28th at 4PT/7ET: Nicole Langevin discusses what the judges are looking for and coach communication.

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details – $197 per family

Canadian Elites that don’t go NCAA

I encourage just about every female Canadian gymnast with the skill level to consider College Gymnastics in the States.

It’s a wonderful opportunity.

I generally discourage Canadian male gymnasts as there are too few scholarships for MAG. They can get a better deal going to school and training in Canada.

Of course some Canadians don’t want to go to another country for University. (Some gymnasts from Quebec prefer doing University in French.)

Ellie Black, for example:

… “I chose to stay in Canada and go to school here and compete for Canada because I love where I live and the support that we have. …

Ellie was happy with her club environment, coaches and teammates. She wanted to train FIG 100% of the time.

She trains at Alta Gymnastics in Halifax, Nova Scotia.