This site is opinionated. It’s a blog, the posts reflect the personal opinions of editor Coach Rick McCharles.

Important posts:

gymternet – best of 2016

The Benefits of Gymnastics by Dr. Bill Sands

• gymnasts are vulnerable to growth plate damage

• Amy Van Deusen – Is the scoring system hurting the athletes?

FIG rules cause injury


Gymnastics Coaching is an acrobatic sport aggregation site, linking pages of interest to coaches.

Gymnastics is fundamental to all sport and essential for acrobatic sports. Trampoline and gymnastics are prerequisite for athletes who want to flip and twist.

GymnasticsCoaching.com is curated by editor Rick McCharles from Canada. He is a career gymnastics coach and an occasional consultant to talent scouts with Cirque du Soleil.

A legend in his own mind.


Calling himself “semi-retired“, Rick travels most of the year for gymnastics and hiking. He has been decades a Master Course Conductor for Gymnastics Canada. And is currently an FIG clinician for Olympic Solidarity.

As a consultant, he is available to lead training camps and coach education workshops. In recent years he’s led events in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Bangladesh, Philippines and Cambodia. Email him for specifics.

Questions? Suggestions? Do you have a link to suggest?

Or do you have something you would like to post on this site?

RickMcCharles @gmail.com

Remember that this is a blog, opinion, not journalism. We have no fact checkers nor lawyers. If you see a mistake we are happy to fix it. If you have a different opinion on something, we would very much like to post it.

Anything NEW or DIFFERENT we want to share.


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