Zhaoqing World Challenge Cup – day 1 finals

🥇 Yu Linmin CHN 14.626
🥈 Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.325
🥉 Tan Ing Yuehn MAS 12.625

🥇 Li Shijia CHN 13.750
🥈 Liu Jingxing CHN 13.550
🥉 Eon Do-hyun KOR 13.050

🥇 Deng Shudi CHN 14.300
🥈 Takuya Sakakibara JPN 14.000
🥉 Lee Seung-min KOR 13.650

🥇 Zou Jingyuan CHN 15.200
🥈 Rhys McClenaghan IRL 14.600
🥉 Weng Hao CHN 14.350

🥇 Liu Yang CHN 15.400
🥈 Jeon Yo-seop KOR 13.450
🥉 Takuya Sakakibara JPN 13.400

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Zou Jingyuan’s coach Wang Hongwei

Zou Jingyuan modestly puts this almost Zen-like state down to his coach, Wang Hongwei.

“He is excellent. He coached both Chen Yibing (China’s 2008 Olympic champion on Rings) and Feng Zhe (the London 2012 Parallel Bars champion),” Zou explained.

“In his coaching ideology, the quality of a routine is much more important than its difficulty. Only when the quality of each routine is good enough will he increase the level of difficulty. That is the principle he always insists on.”

Love of Gymnastics fuelling joyful Zou as World Challenge Cup hits China

25 October – 03 November, 2018

4 Japanese women named to Worlds

Asuka Teramoto
Hitomi Hatakeda
Aiko Sugihara
Nagi Kajita

The fifth will be named after All-Japan Event Championships.

We would expect that to be 2018 Worlds AA silver medalist Mai Murakami who missed some of the trial due to back pain. Some are saying Mai is no longer eligible to be chosen. I’d be very surprised if that’s the case. If she’s pain free in time, I expect her to compete Stuttgart.

Asuka Teramoto won her third title at the NHK Cup women’s competition on Saturday …

Fourteen-year-old Chiaki Hatakeda was third but is too young to qualify for the worlds …

Japan Times

Asuka Teramoto

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3 Japanese men named to Worlds

Based on combined scores from Nationals and the NHK Cup.

Kakeru Tanigawa
Wataru Tanigawa
Kazuma Kaya

The remaining spots will be named later. Chosen to complement these three.

As Japan has already qualified as a team to Tokyo, they could use Worlds 2019 to test some new faces. But Blythe points out that Kohei Uchimura and / or Kenzo Shirai could still be added.