Tumbler Kristof Willerton

Kristof Willerton is — to me — the most impressive Power Tumbler of all time.

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kids deciding between sport and Fortnite

…  Coaching — coaches — need to modify. Adapt.

Wayne Goldsmith:

“The experience we’re giving kids is generally out of touch with what they want. The default setting of the majority of coaches around the world still is to be predominantly physically-based and repetition-based, telling kids to do laps and yell times. That’s not coaching, connecting, inspiring.

“My strong belief is that the solution to turning around the falling numbers playing competitive sport is to change coaching. To make it more relationship-based and experience-based.”

Fortnite is not sport’s enemy — outdated coaching is

Thanks Brett.

Paris Challenge Cup Results

Big crowd. Loud crowd.

1 Oksana Chusovitina Uzbekistan 14.300
2 Sara Peter Hungary 13.900
3 Franchesca Santi Chile 13.750

1 Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 14.650
2 Anastasia Agafonova Russia 14.600
3 Zsofia Kovacs Hungary 14.200

1 Anastasia Agafonova Russia 13.400
2 Anastasiia Bachynska Ukraine 13.300
3 Diana Varinska Ukraine 13.200

1 Diana Varinska Ukraine 13.450
2 Marine Boyer France 13.400
3 Aneta Holasova Czech Republic 13.100

Full results.

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