2019 Regional Championships draw

April 6th weekend. Hosts LSU (Baton Rouge, LA), Iowa State (Ames, Iowa), Oklahoma (Norman, OK), Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), Georgia (Athens, GA), Oregon State (Corvallis, OR)

Each Regional will have 3 days of competition:

  1. “play-in” – bottom two teams compete to decide who moves to day 2
  2. two sessions of 4 teams. Top 2 move on to day 3.
  3. FINAL. Top 2 move on to the Nationals Fort Worth, April 19-20.

Balance Beam Situation:

… the top 2 teams advance out of each semifinal to the regional final the next day. From that regional final, the top 2 teams advance to nationals.

Thursday Play-in
[31] NC State vs. [34] New Hampshire

Semifinal #1
[8] Georgia
[9] Kentucky
[19] Missouri
[22] Iowa State

Semifinal #2
[1] Oklahoma
[15] Cal
[28] Maryland
Winner of NC State and New Hampshire

Thursday Play-in
[32] Iowa vs. [33] Arizona

Semifinal #1
[5] Denver
[12] Boise State
[18] Washington
[24] Southern Utah

Semifinal #2
[4] Florida
[16] Oregon State
[25] Stanford
Winner of Iowa v. Arizona

Thursday Play-in
[35] George Washington vs. [36] Lindenwood

Semifinal #1
[6] Utah
[11] Minnesota
[17] BYU
[20] Arkansas

Semifinal #2
[3] LSU
[13] Auburn
[21] Arizona State
Winner of George Washington v. Lindenwood

Thursday Play-in
[29] Illinois vs. [30] Central Michigan

Semifinal #1
[7] Michigan
[10] Alabama
[23] Penn State
[26] Ohio State

Semifinal #2
[2] UCLA
[14] Nebraska
[27] West Virginia
Winner of Illinois v. Central Michigan

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Go Lindenwood!

One of the only Division II teams to ever qualify to Regionals. Only their 7th year of existence. Living proof that NEW NCAA Gymnastics teams can be launched successfully.

if you hate Wolf turns …

… how do you feel about a REVERSE Wolf turn? 😀

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Yes it’s a comedy routine (with some big difficulty) at the Superstars of Gymnastics demonstration.

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Aliya wins Birmingham World Cup

GOLD – Aliya Mustafina, RUS, 53.564
SILVER – Riley McCusker, USA, 53.065
BRONZE – Thais Fidelis, BRA, 51.832

Read Blythe’s LIVE blog.

UCLA killed it

Utah had a season high. #respect … But UCLA pulled out their 4th highest team score all-time 198.400.

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