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2020 Div 1 NCAA gymnasts will NOT be granted an extra year

The NCAA Division I Council Coordination Committee voted Monday to grant spring athletes an extra year of eligibility after the coronavirus pandemic shut down spring college sports in 2020.

Winter sports (including Gymnastics) were not included in the extended eligibility …, per the NCAA. …

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2020 Olympics start July 23, 2021

Tokyo Olympics rescheduled for July 23-Aug. 8, 2021

Paralympics also rescheduled to Aug. 24-Sept. 5

FIG via email:

We will focus our efforts on respecting the spirit of the Olympic qualification system as defined in the rules. We will ensure that events that had to be postponed can take place once this global health crisis is behind us and we will be absolutely certain that all conditions are met and guarantee the safety of all participants.”
The IOC has already confirmed that all quota places that have been allocated to date shall remain allocated to the National Olympic Committees and athletes that obtained them.

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Round Lake is closing


While many gymnasts around the world had their training disrupted or stopped completely due to COVID-19, for some time, it looked like Russian gymnasts would be able to keep training as usual.

However, yesterday, it was announced that Round Lake, the center where the national team trains and lives, will be closing alongside many other training centers around the country.

According to Valentina Rodionenko, the national team is still not giving up their training plans and the monthly camp will go as planned. Since the athletes will not be able to live at Round Lake, they will stay at Novogorsk, at the training center that houses the rhythmic gymnastics national team.

…since Novogorsk does not have an artistic gymnastics gym, the gymnasts will still have to commute to Round Lake every day to train there. Round Lake is about 30 minutes away from Novorgorsk by car. …