Central American Games

Hosted in Barranquilla, Colombia.

1. Colombia: 249.400
2. Cuba: 245.150
3. Mexico: 236.450

1. Cuba 150.100
2. Colombia 149.950
3. México 149.900

Gymnastics Nutrition – Nicole Jontony

In this episode Sam talks to Nicole Jontony, former collegiate gymnast, who is currently a sports dietitian at Ohio State University.

Joy of Maggie Nichols

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Danell Leyva at OTC

YIN !!!

Takashi Kobayashi is dead

As feared, the great coach and coach educator Kobayashi sensei passed away on the evening of July 20 Japan time.

Stomach cancer.

His funeral will be held in Yokohama, his home town, on the 24th (the vigil on 23rd).

Takashi was one of the most widely admired and respected coaches worldwide. His philosophy and techniques shared through FIG coach education events greatly appreciated.