Olivia Vivian 1st woman to Aussie Ninja Warrior Final

She crushed the semi-final … right up until the end.

No worries. Olivia’s into the final where she’ll compete against boyfriend Ben Polson.

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Faith Torres – standing 1/1

High landing.

U.S. Classic Jr. preview

This year, none of the juniors are being promoted to compete with the seniors (last year Malabuyo, O’Keefe, Dunne, Lee, and Kenlin competed in the later session with the big girls). I prefer this way. We have age group delineations in place, so let’s follow those rules and not confuse things. If you’re a senior, you’re a senior. If you’re a junior, you’re a junior—even if you can score better than most of the seniors.

Let’s discuss those gymnasts first, the ones in contention …

Balance Beam Situation

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Central American Games

Hosted in Barranquilla, Colombia.

1. Colombia: 249.400
2. Cuba: 245.150
3. Mexico: 236.450

1. Cuba 150.100
2. Colombia 149.950
3. México 149.900

Gymnastics Nutrition – Nicole Jontony

In this episode Sam talks to Nicole Jontony, former collegiate gymnast, who is currently a sports dietitian at Ohio State University.

Joy of Maggie Nichols

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