Carlos Yulo for Nestlé MILO

Inspiring ad.

That’s Yulo’s brother Karl playing him as a boy.

MILO was a sponsor of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

However, World Floor Champion 2019 Carlos Edriel Yulo was not brought up in an expensive house like this. His father worked as a messenger.

Yulo started  as a street tumbler in a public park near Manila Zoo.

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Katelyn Ohashi for HP Spectre

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introducing Tsukahara

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Coach Gordon Lam.

Before you have them flip from the table, do some mental preparation with this progression.

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In Calgary, Canada, Gordon consults with dancers and other acrobatic athletes on flexibility improvement.

Gordon is a Gymnastics Canada clinician out of Calgary.

His website is

Stick Crown for Kiya Johnson

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(via BBS Only the Best … week 3)

Hailey Klein – Free Hip to Nabieva

For me this is even more impressive than Sunisa’s Nabieva to mixed grip.

It’s MUCH harder to generate the counter rotation from Free Hip.

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Hailey is a Level 10 from Flips Gymnastics North Shore in Illinois.

Lauren Hopkins’ NEW podcast – Gymterpod

The Gymterpod – Episode 1 is FREE. 

The first episode of The Gymternet’s tie-in podcast, The Gymterpod!

Future episodes will be available for a $5 monthly subscription via Patreon.

00:00 – Intro

04:50 – Sunisa Lee’s Bars Upgrades

07:10 –Jennifer Gadirova’s Upgrades

13:30 – Amy Tinkler Retired

15:38 – Aly Raisman Officially Retired

19:43 – Laney Madsen is Training to 2024

24:33 – Isabela Onyshko to Stanford

26:20 – Melbourne World Cup Roster Announced

29:00 – RD761 Junior International Cup Recap

32:05 – Mini Explanation of My Pronunciations

33:31 – Finishing up the RD761 Recap

33:56 – Preview of Next Weekend’s Meets

36:51 – You Asked, The Gymternet Answered*

Listen HERE – Gymterpod – Episode 1