FIG’s new offices

After stints in Geneva, Lyss and Moutier, it moved its offices to Lausanne, the Olympic capital in 2008, taking up residence in a 19th century villa at Avenue de la Gare 12, which it purchased from the city.

Over the years, the space has become too small and less adapted to modern professional needs, leading the FIG Executive Committee to invest 16.5 million Swiss francs in the construction of a new building on the neighboring lot, situated at Avenue de la Gare, number 12A.

After 26 months of construction, the 30 employees of the Federation were able to move into their new offices at the end of November. …

The FIG inaugurates its new headquarters in Lausanne


Artistic Cycling

Artistic cycling … athletes perform tricks (called exercises) for points on specialized, fixed-gear bikes in a format similar to ballet or gymnastics. The exercises are performed in front of judges in five-minute rounds by singles, pairs, four or six-man teams. …

Indoor Cycling World Championships, Stuttgart, Germany with German, Austrian, Slovakian and Swiss riders dominating the medals table.

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Katelyn Ohashi training layout full

I’ll be watching UCLA closely this season.🙂

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Look who's flipping her way into Thursday's episode of #CarpoolChoreography! @katelyn_ohashi 👀

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I can’t recall any College gymnast who has competed this skill.

Sanne’s signature GK leotard

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new Italian Gymnastics documentary series

Every Wednesday starting January 17, 2017 the Italian Federation will be posting coverage of gymnasts born 2001 – 2004.

Planned are 10 episodes about 12 minutes each.

Unlike the last Italian reality TV series, National Coach Enrico Casella will be centre stage in this one.

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