Berki – Pommels

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D 6,3 E 8,633 = 14,933


Japan wins International Challenge

Hosted at Stanford.

Despite limiting Akash Modi and Robert Neff, the second-ranked Cardinal put up a phenomenal showcase Saturday night as it took second in its annual International Challenge. …

Go Stanford

Japan 425.800
STANFORD 421.550
Minnesota 405.600
Canada 392.700

Michigan State without Kathie Klages

Michigan State scored a big win over No. 21 Arkansas on Saturday afternoon …

The Spartans scored their second highest meet score for the season, behind the 195.625 MSU recorded in its meet vs. Michigan two weeks ago. …

“There were some excellent individual performances up and down the lineup today with several career highs,” said interim head coach Mike Rowe. …



Kathie Klages resigned last week.

Steve Butcher now FIG “Technical Coordinator”

Steve will be moving to Lausanne, Switzerland immediately. His family joining him in May.


The role consists of overseeing the technical committees of all disciplines in order to establish greater uniformity of the rules. …



Upon the proposal of the President, the Executive Committee named Steve Butcher to the position of Technical Coordinator. This new role, provided for in article 25 of the Statutes, has been integrated into the administrative structure of the FIG.

Butcher will take up his new function on March 1, 2017. He has chosen to resign as President of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee, to which he had been re-elected in October for a four-year mandate, to avoid any conflict of interest. With the resignation of Butcher, Arturs Mickevics (LAT) becomes President.