3D Gym from FB-Curves WAG

Former French gymnast Fabien BOUGAS developed 3D Gym Men – FB Curves. The app is available free for iOS devices. It includes a sample number of skills . You pay only if you want to access all the men’s skills.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on YouTube.

He’s currently working on a version for Women’s Gymnastics.

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Men’s Gymnastics gets no respect

Mark Williams.

Better than never:

Van Wicklen posts top all-around score at 2018 Men’s Qualifier

Khoi Young
Young earns highest junior two-day total at 2018 Men’s Qualifier

Khoi Young – 76.70
Jordan Williams – 76.25
Adam Wooten – 75.55
Stewart Brown – 74.90
Oliver Zavela – 74.30
Garrett Braunton – 74.25

Junior Combined All-Around Results

love / hate line drills

The best reason to use line drills in your training plan is to get a lot done in a short period of time. All gymnasts are working.

For compulsories, they are an excellent way to ensure you are getting many reps of simple skills.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on Instagram.

On the other hand … I’ve seen Gyms where kids get sick of line drills. Sometimes quality suffers with less able gymnasts.

A good compromise is to use line drills occasionally.

the Athlete Task Force is a thing

Kerry Perry … announced five members of the organization’s newly created Athlete Task Force: Shenea Booth, acrobatic gymnastics; Ivana Hong, women’s gymnastics; Jazzy Kerber, rhythmic gymnastics; Steven Legendre, men’s gymnastics; and Leigh Hennessy Robson, trampoline and tumbling.


Spencer is not convinced.