Gabriele Frehse & Gerrit Beltman – dismissal recommended

This relates to the final report of a Frankfurt law firm, which, on behalf of the DTB, investigated the serious allegations that the former world champion Pauline Schäfer, 24, first raised against Frehse in SPIEGEL

She and a dozen other athletes reported that they had been mentally abused by the trainer at the federal base in Chemnitz, some of them for years. 

In addition, Frehse gave them strong painkillers or drove them into the eating disorder . … 

Frehse vehemently denies the allegations.


In addition, the DTB “emphatically” demands that the employment relationship with the Dutch trainer Gerrit Beltman in Chemnitz be terminated. He has been working in Chemnitz since last year – although there are also serious allegations of mistreatment against him .

In both cases, however, the DTB can only make recommendations. Frehse’s employer is the Olympic base in Saxony. Beltman is employed by TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf.

lights go out at Beach Blast

I was super excited about this meet. Super disappointed to hear that COVID safety was poorly enforced.

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