standing 1/1 on Beam

One of those IMPOSSIBLE skills.

Torque twisting from the Beam means lateral travel. Therefore gymnasts who torque need to jump enough sideways to offset that lateral travel.

Judges are often too severe in evaluating this skill. Landing with the trunk angle at 45 degrees would be optimal in my opinion. While piloting in the landing, the gymnast could adjust from 45 as needed to STICK a solid landing.

YET judges are quick to jump to “chest low” deduction.

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Confessions of a Division 1 Athlete

By Jim Karas and Olivia Karas

A Dad and Daughter’s Guide to Survival.

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Olivia was a star with Michigan.

Listen to a charming and entertaining interview on the All Things Gymnastics podcast.

Laurie, Morgan, Suni, Konnor, MyKayla

Since not all qualified for Olympic trials, you have to think some of the episodes will be dated.

The Peacock original series will take fans behind the scenes as Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez, Morgan Hurd, Sunisa Lee, Konnor McClain, and MyKayla Skinner compete for the four coveted Team USA roster spots.

The first three episodes of the series premiere on June 27, with new episodes dropping weekly on July 7, July 14, and July 21.

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Clair Kaji returning to Iowa

One of our favourite College gymnasts is coming back for a 5th 6th season.

Clair does everything with style.

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Jr PanAm Championships results

As expected, USA was the dominant nation.

1 USA 233.14
2 COL 223.840
3 BRA 222.040

RICHARD, Frederic USA 79.402
BARAJAS, Angel COL 76.402

LETELIER, Luciano CHI 75.969
SPERANZA, Diogo BRA 74.370
VARGAS, Sergio COL 74.036
Full results.

1 USA 161.700
2 BRA 147.250
3 ARG 145.750

JONG, Katelyn USA 54.100
JOHNSON, Madray USA 53.550
WALKER, Alana JAM 49.850

IRIBARNE, Nicole ARG 49.550
LIMA, Andreza BRA 49.000
MOTA, Gabriela BRA 48.950
Full results.