Red Bull cliff diving

Rhiannan Iffland and Gary Hunt dominate this spectacular sport.

Standings* (after 4 of 6 stops)
1- Rhiannan Iffland AUS – 600pts.
2- Jessica Macaulay CAN – 420
3- Molly Carlson (W) CAN – 346
4- Xantheia Pennisi (W) AUS – 272
5- Eleanor Smart USA – 260

1- Gary Hunt FRA – 560pts.
2- Constantin Popovici ROU – 450
3- Catalin Preda (W) ROU – 339
4- Alessandro De Rose ITA – 314
5- Carlos Gimeno (W) ESP – 232

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Ou Yushan leads Chinese Games

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Dave Tilley – 3 things we need

1. A moral and ethical code

2. A better education system

3. A workload and wellness monitoring system, that is specific to gymnastics.

Zhang Boheng leads Chinese Games


They REALLY should have taken him to the Olympics.

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new Gymnastics film – Olga

… The film by Swiss director Elie Grappe is about a Ukrainian gymnast training in Switzerland while her mother is working as a journalist in Ukraine during the Euromaidan (2013 protests). …

Olga is played by Anastasia Budiashkina, a former Ukrainian national team member (she represented Ukraine at the 2016 junior European Championships). Other gymnasts in the movie are also portrayed by real-life gymnasts – former Swiss national team members Caterina Barloggio and Thea Brogli and another Ukrainian gymnast Sabrina Rubtsova. …


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