love / hate line drills

The best reason to use line drills in your training plan is to get a lot done in a short period of time. All gymnasts are working.

For compulsories, they are an excellent way to ensure you are getting many reps of simple skills.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on Instagram.

On the other hand … I’ve seen Gyms where kids get sick of line drills. Sometimes quality suffers with less able gymnasts.

A good compromise is to use line drills occasionally.

the Athlete Task Force is a thing

Kerry Perry … announced five members of the organization’s newly created Athlete Task Force: Shenea Booth, acrobatic gymnastics; Ivana Hong, women’s gymnastics; Jazzy Kerber, rhythmic gymnastics; Steven Legendre, men’s gymnastics; and Leigh Hennessy Robson, trampoline and tumbling.


Spencer is not convinced.

Cuban Gymnast Erick Lopez interview

Erick Lopez is the athlete with the largest number of medals from the Pan American Games (18) …

It would be easy for someone with his track record to blow his own trumpet, but Erick Lopez has always been a humble and simple man …

 I suffered the prejudices of being Black, Latin and Cuban, like previous generations at the World Championships. …

Havana Times

(via GymCastic)

1988 Olympian Svetlana Baitova interviewed

An Olympic gold medalist speaks. It’s a fascinating read.

Q: Do you often dream about gymnastics?

A: I used to, but I rarely do now. I’ve never dreamed about my favorite bars, only about my hated vault. …

Q: how much money were you paid for your Olympic gold in 1988?

A: I received 8,000 rubles and an apartment. It was a decent amount for that time, you could buy the most coveted car of the time – Lada Sputnik. … 

… On that national team, any single one of us could win the all-around. And the same was the case with the men’s team. I think that those were the strongest USSR teams in the history. This was true not just in Seoul but also in Barcelona in 1992. … 


Click PLAY or watch her Vault on YouTube. The second is Yurchenko Double Twist.