Yul wins Beach Blast

UPDATE – Many online have criticized the lack of basic COVID safety protocols at this competition.

Yul Moldauer – 85.900 ($1000)
Allan Bower – 83.200 ($500)
Akash Modi – 81.750 ($500)


Hopefully cash prize meets will evolve into a series of competitions — something like the German Bundesliga. Top gymnasts there can earn as much as $30,000 for the season plus expenses.

Click PLAY or watch his P Bars on Twitter.

virtual Illinois v NUI online


A virtual competition.

The NEW site is …


Though I heard there were some problems with sign up for some, it worked for me.

Competition was slow. No doubt they’ll be working on how to speed them up.

Looks like there’s an option for mats on pit landings. Good idea.

Sign up if interested.

Road to Nationals app

If you use the College Gymnastics site Road to Nationals, support it buy purchasing their inexpensive app:

RoadToNationals Tools

It looks great. Simple. Easy to read. Updated quickly.


If you’ve bought it in the past, there should be an email coming with your free upgrade to 2021.

Leah Clapper’s new podcast

Leah is currently competing for Florida. But found the time during the pandemic to launch her own audiocast. #respect

Introduction was posted Dec 15, 2020.

The most recent episode is an interview with Trinity before the first meet.


Trinity Thomas | Looking Forward + Feeling Blessed Zest and Progress

2020 SEC Gymnast of the Year Trinity Thomas sits down to discuss her excitement for this upcoming collegiate season, her decision to train for the Tokyo Olympics, and even that one time she retrieved an exercise ball from the ceiling. She is an expert at making the most of each opportunity, and she gives compassionate advice for anyone looking to stay determined through tough times. CONNECT on Instagram @gymtrin @leahclapper5
  1. Trinity Thomas | Looking Forward + Feeling Blessed
  2. Megan Skaggs | Energy, Happiness, and Grit
  3. Amelia Hundley | Uplifting Others + Enjoying the Grind
  4. Mini | Skydiving + Taking Big Leaps
  5. Savannah Schoenherr | Being Authentic and Having Fun

COVID or Correct

The GymCastic podcast has a new section where they discuss which College teams are being responsible with masking and physical distancing. And which are not.

Losers from week #1 include the announcers from BYU.