back drop Trampoline sequence

Jason Burnett.

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Simone wins 5th Nationals

She not only became the first woman to win five titles (2013-16, 2018) in USA Gymnastics’ history, but she won that fifth title with a 6.55-point margin of victory just eight months after returning to training.

Biles accumulated a 119.850 total in the all-around. She also won all four event title …

Biles wins fifth senior women’s all-around title at 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships

Sam Mikulak wins 5th Nationals

“It’s a wonderful stepping stone,” Mikulak said.

“It definitely feels good. I think this is the favorite one that I’ve won so far …”

Sam Mikulak wins U.S. gymnastics title 18 months after Achilles injury

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all hail Simone


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