Jessie Graff crushes Ninja Warrior

After taking circus classes at age 6 and performing in her basement for neighbors, Graff started catching other kids on the flying trapeze when she was only 12.

“The rule was I wasn’t allowed to catch anyone who outweighed me by more than 20 pounds,” she says.

After that, she did competitive gymnastics for 6 years, pole vaulted through high school and college, and earned black belts in Taekwondo and Kung Fu since then.

Now that she’s a stuntwoman who does everything from tumbling on Make It or Break It, to trampolining on Another Period and “anything on rooftops, sides of buildings or bridges, dramatic wipeouts,” she says she’s constantly learning from fellow stunt people who specialize in areas different from her own. …

How ‘Supergirl’ stuntwoman Jessie Graff just made ‘Ninja Warrior’ history

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Dutch Beam in Rio

Anchored by the eventual Champion Sanne Wevers, Netherlands had the 2nd highest team score on this apparatus.

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Dutch coach Patrick Kiens presented at Ontario Congress just after the Olympics. (Netherlands beat Canada in prelims as a team by 0.2)

He feels the much acclaimed Dutch choreography on Beam is reminiscent of the Soviets from the 1988-92 cycle. More continuous movements, more interesting and artistic elements. An era when Beam choreography was more important.

If your gymnasts can do high level elements like Illusion and multiple turns, it’s smart coaching to use those in preference to risky tumbling sequences that require more pounding.

diversity can be unifying

Miss Val:

… (UCLA) is like the United Nations.”

Danusia: Jamaican and Polish, looks Black but has blond hair.
Sadiqua: Black with a mohawk.
Sophina: Puerta Rican and Black with died blue hair.
Peng: Chinese Canadian with her traditional elegant bun.
Angi: Hispanic
Mikaela: One of the few blond Anglo-Saxons.

He said, “I’m not talking about how they look. I’m talking about how you encourage them to develop and celebrate their own personal style.”

“Your team proves that celebrating diversity can actually be unifying versus divisive.” …

The Power of a Mohawk


UCLA was the most entertaining team for me last season. I believe they’ll be even stronger this year.