Sandeep Kumar Pal is paralyzed

“C4-5 fracture-dislocation with quadriplegia,” is how the doctors first described his injury.  …

… A month after he had won his medal at the Khelo India games, he had joined the national camp in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Stadium. …

“I must have done it over a thousand times in my life. Even on the day I got injured, I performed it (Double Back on FX)  three times cleanly,” he recalls. The fourth time though, he lost control. “My mind went blank at the top of the jump. …

How one fall turned gymnast Sandeep Kumar Pal’s life upside down

After months of rehab, he’s still regaining movement.

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Blythe Lawrence on Aussie #AthleteAlliance

Rianna Mizzen talks about how being overworked in training contributed to her ACL tear.

“I have had some terrible experiences at major international competitions and national training camps between 2006-2012 that I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” two-time Olympian Georgia Bonora wrote on Instagram.

“There’s training hard and helping your athlete get the most out of themselves, but then there’s also a very fine line that can be crossed into abusive territory,” said Mary-Anne Monckton, a five-time Australian champion who won two silver medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

“A lot of girls, some 20 years later, still didn’t realise that that was abuse. None of us recognised it because it wasn’t just happening to us. It was happening to everybody.”

On July 30 the Australian Human Rights Commission announced it would conduct an independent review, led by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, on gymnastics in Australia to better understand why alleged abuse went unreported.

Click through to read the well researched and detailed article in the Brisbane Times:

‘You can’t step out of line’: Medals come at a price for gymnasts

Nick Ruddock on on Athlete Alliance

Nick is eloquent in his summing up of the #AthleteAlliance revelations — gymnasts emboldened to come forward with some of their worst experiences in the sport.

How revealing past abuse can make things better for future generations.

Of course he looks at it from the coach perspective.


National Gymnastics Day USA

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Save Olympic Sports #SaveOlympicSports

Three-time Olympian John Roethlisberger is one of those behind a new Facebook page called Save Olympic Sports.

John asks that we write decision makers in those American Universities currently cutting NCAA teams.   I’ve done so.

Olympic Sports provide incredible opportunities for millions of individuals worldwide. Be a part of the movement to save these sports that provide life-long benefits for all those involved.


Dear Regents, Athletics Directors & Presidents.

I am writing to you to express my concern regarding your recent decision to drop sports from the athletic curriculum.

I fully understand that this is a very unique and difficult year not just for athletics, but for individuals and businesses across the country.

Everyone has had to make hard decisions, whether it’s been at their workplaces or in their homes.

In sending this email I am not ignoring that fact.

However, once these opportunities are lost, they don’t come back.

All we are asking is for you to pause, and let leaders from the broader community, those that care deeply about these athletic opportunities, be part of a solution.

This includes parents, alumni, coaches both within universities and in youth sports, the leaders of the NGB’s, and the USOPC.

I ask you, have you involved these groups up to this point? If not, why not? What is the risk in doing so?

The only thing that could change from where you are now is that you save the opportunities for future student-athletes.

This is not a case of us against you. We are, and should be, on the same team with the same goal.

What is the goal of a university and an athletic department? To offer as broad a range of sports, arts, and academics to the broadest possible demographic of young people? We all want the same thing.

Wait on cutting and let us help. One university cutting opportunities has a cascading effect of justifying the next university to start cutting. What would happen if one university stood up and said there is a better way, and became the leader in this movement? What if they found a new path, one that couldn’t be ignored? If you are privy to the functioning of college athletics, you know it is broken. Let’s collectively fix it, before it ceases to exist as we know it.

Contact Info:

Below is the contact info for 4 of the universities. I have included their names next to their contact info, but also have put all their email addresses together in one line, so you can simply cut and paste them into an email.

William & Mary – Cut Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Men’s Track and Field, Volleyball, and Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics

The University of Minnesota – Cut Men’s Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Men’s Gymnastics and Men’s Tennis

The University of Iowa – Cut Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving, Men’s Tennis and Men’s Gymnastics

Stanford University – Cut Men’s and Women’s Fencing, Field Hockey, Lightweight Rowing, Men’s Rowing, Co-ed and Women’s Sailing, Squash, Synchronized Swimming, Men’s Volleyball and Wrestling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,