Constructing Landing Pits

The American Gym offers some tips on safe pit construction:

… Training pits should be longer and wider than competition matting requirements. Since gymnasts have not yet mastered the skills they will be performing, like they would in competitions, they need a larger margin of safety …

Anatomy of a Landing Pit or Trampoline Pit

Syrian gymnast Yazan Alsouliman in Japan

…  the gymnasium used by the Syrian team was bombed. Alsouliman was not there at the time, but when he visited the next day, he found that the equipment had been smashed to pieces. …

He was elated to be chosen to go to Japan with the support of the Tokyo 2020 Solidarity Special Program, jointly organized by the International Olympic Committee and Japanese Olympic Committee. …

Konishi Yasuhito—coach of the gymnastics squad at Tōkai University, where the young Syrian is enrolled in the Japanese language course for international students, and a trainer for the Syrian team—applauds Alsouliman’s language progress …

Two years have passed since he came to Japan. …

Alsouliman is naturally also concerned about his family back in Syria, and says that the war-torn country is always in his prayers. He video-chats with his mother almost every day. …

2020 Flippin 5K Virtual Race – Sat April 18th

The second annual Flippin 5K celebrating Women’s NCAA Gymnastics is NOT cancelled.

It’s virtual.

We invite you to run/walk/skip/jump/flip with all of us on Saturday, April 18th at 10am in every time zone!

Sign up to CELEBRATE with us in spirit committing to social distancing rules using your personal SOCIAL MEDIA! …


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Chellsie Memmel – “Go Mama”

Most Elites dream of being this at ease on high Beam.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

64 Artistic gymnasts already Olympics qualified

Lauren Hopkins is going to post a feature on each, starting with Singapore’s Sze En Tan.