Bermuda Gymnastics training

May / June 2018.

I was back helping out the coaches at Bermuda Gymnastics Association.

“Grampa came for Christmas … and spoiled the kids.”

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Head Coach Adrianna Forde has really improved the facility. They are launching Trampoline and Tumbling next season.

The Bermuda competition is scheduled March 15-19th, 2019. Some teams last year stayed after the meet for a holiday. Just sayin’. 😎

Bermuda is hiring if — for some reason — you’d want to coach Gymnastics in paradise.

Baz Collie interview

Baz Collie is one of the top men’s Gymnastics coaches in the U.K.

Nick interviews Baz about the rise of GBR Gymnastics and his personal coaching approach.

Baz mentions he lets boys have FUN the last few minutes of training so they leave the Gym happy. #smart

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training Manna

Doing some physical preparation for Manna will be beneficial for gymnasts. Triceps strength.

Not every body type will be able to hold the position, nor even high V-sit. But all gymnasts should be able to swing to momentary Manna on P Bars. It’s included in the American J.O. boys program as well as in FIG Age Group.

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