my coaching “Police Check”

Where I live a criminal records check is required every 3 years.

Though it was possible to apply online, I went instead in person to the nearest “Police and Intervention Record Check” office with driver’s licence and passport in hand.

Application was short and simple. I paid my $30 and was told it would take 3 weeks for my report to be mailed.

All coaches and support staff should check what’s required where you live.

All clubs should require Police Checks from their staff that work with children.

Truly the police checking process should be ongoing. At first criminal infraction the employer should be notified. Immediately.

American Twisters Florida has an excellent Child Safety page listing their policies. Compare your club with Twisters.


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NCAA D2 and D3 rankings

Sarah Keegan:

We have to start out this week’s recap with D2 Texas Women’s enormous 196.000 and victory over THREE D1 teams.

That 196 is by far the highest score of any D2 program this season, and ties the highest score in TWU program history, set back in 2003; quite fitting since it was Alumni Day and the team wore “throwback” velvet leos.



Division 2
1 Lindenwood 193.930
2. Bridgeport 193.700
3. Texas Woman’s 193.600

Division 3
1 Brockport 188.680 5
2 La Crosse 188.420 2
3 Centenary 187.920 3

The NCAA D2 and D3 Week Seven Recap

CMU’s Kasey Janowicz

I attended a Central Michigan University Summer Camp two years ago. Kasey was the most impressive of dozens of impressive potential recruits. She’s special.

Kasey won the Mid-American Conference Freshman of the Year award despite injuries towards the end of season. And this season she’s coming back from two major arm surgeries.

The Chippewas had a season best 195.775 last meet. Kasey went 9.875 on Bars.

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