Nancy Hogshead-Makar, CEO of Champion Women

Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D., née Nancy Lynn Hogshead, is an American swimmer who represented the United States at the 1984 Summer Olympics, where she won three gold medals and one silver medal.

She is currently the CEO of Champion Women, an organization leading targeted efforts to advocate for equality and accountability in sport. …

She’d be an ideal President of USA Gymnastics.

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Steve Penny permanently ineligible

Confirmed here.

He also joins the short list of people charged with crimes associated with the criminal doctor.


cannabis STILL banned in sport

… Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) would like to remind athletes that cannabis remains banned in sport, and a positive test for cannabis may still result in a sanction after October 17, 2018.

Cannabis will remain banned in sport in Canada because the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) follows the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Prohibited List, an international standard that is not affected by changes in Canadian law. Once legal, cannabis will be just one of many substances that is legal in Canada, yet prohibited in sport. …

CCES Reminds Athletes that Cannabis Will Remain Banned in Sport After October 17

GymCastic on Mary Bono

If you blinked and happened to miss the 5-day tenure of interim USAG President Mary Bono, listen to GymCastic to catch up.

328: The US Worlds Team & CEO Dumpster Fire

Even if she hadn’t bothered to tweet her distaste for Nike, there are another dozen reasons she NEVER should have been put on a short list for that job.

Who thought Bono was a good candidate?

How many more times is USA Gymnastics going to fail?

Shawn Johnson went to regular school

Shawn on Freakonomics:

… My coach was Chinese, born and raised Chinese. When he was three years old, living in China, he was taken away from his family and actually put into their Olympic system. And raised to be an Olympic gymnast in China. And he kind of had this career within the gymnastics world in China that I would say almost traumatized him. He lost his childhood. He kind of lost his family in this trend. This crazy career.

So when he was 21 years old he actually left China, came to the United States, opened a gym in West Des Moines, Iowa, of all places. And had this dream, this American dream, to raise an Olympian or Olympians that were also children and how to balance in life and were fun loving and had a true childhood.

And I was really really blessed to fall under his guidance and his coaching because he let me go to school. I mean not even let me. He kind of demanded that we go to a full day of school. He encouraged us to go to school dances, to go to Dairy Queen after practice. He incentivized us by letting us sleep over at the gym and have popcorn and ice cream. And he just was this fun loving guy.

And I think because he let us have fun as children, but yet pushed us and challenged us at the same time, it challenged us and encouraged us to go farther in the sport. And I feel the intensity of elite athletics, you weed out a lot of people just because you burn them out so quickly. So no, I don’t think the intensity is necessary. I think you need intense training but in small doses, not the 80 hours a week people think. …

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Simone Biles: speaking out empowered me

So … the criminal doctor is in prison for hundreds of years.

What’s changed?

Will more girls and young women be willing to call out sexual assault and harassment? Are women more empowered in 2018?

I hope so.

Simone’s on prime time BBC TV news in the U.K.

But at the same time the President of the United States has been accused by at least nineteen women since the 1980s. He’s paid women hush money too.

Though initially calling testimony under oath by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford “very credible”, Trump later ridiculed her.

Young women who watched that harsh attack might be less willing to come forward. ☹️

Lisa Mitzel to TOPS Camp

Lisa Mitzel won 4 consecutive NCAA Championships with University of Utah.  And went on to coach at Stanford.

Today she’s a psychologist and author of:

“Focused and On Fire: The Athlete’s Guide to Mental Training & Kicking Butt”

“Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs Word”

T.V. exposé on dangerous Trampoline Parks

CBC Marketplace is an award-winning Canadian television series, broadcast on CBC Television since 1972. The series is a consumer advocacy newsmagazine …

Marketplace visited 12 trampoline parks across the country to see what was being done to mitigate risks to minors in this unregulated industry. Many children were witnessed breaking the parks’ “rules” without employee intervention.

Staff at Energyplex Family Recreation Centre, for example, watched as multiple children belly-flopped into the same foam pit where Chelsea broke her back doing the same stunt. No one intervened.

At other parks, Marketplace documented flips, stunts and double-bouncing — all considered risky behaviour by health authorities. Children were observed jumping head first into foam pits, and at times, areas of the parks had no supervising staff to enforce safety rules.

At one park, a baby crawling across a tumble track collapsed after being bounced by an older child. At another, a mother held her crying toddler after he did a somersault and landed on his neck. …

Hidden camera reveals trampoline parks ignoring dangerous behaviour

Trampoline Parks are TOO dangerous