60 Minutes investigates USA Gymnastics sex abuse

News magazine program “60 Minutes” put the spotlight on IndyStar’s investigative reporting on sex abuse within USA Gymnastics.

Several former gymnasts came forward to tell their stories of alleged sex abuse committed by former team doctor Larry Nassar. If you missed the program, you can watch online here (in the USA). …


Click PLAY or watch USAG Board Chair Paul Parilla’s response on Twitter.

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USAG should have done more sooner, that’s clear.

What will USA Gymnastics do next? That’s not at all clear.

Changes may be imposed on all Olympic sports in the USA — Senator seeks tougher law after USA Gymnastics’ handling of sex abuse cases

Sydney McGlone – Vault

I would have headed for the ice bath. Sydney got back up and competed. #respect

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Many gyms don’t pad the pillar of the vault horse. Here’s a good example of why it’s important.

FBI has interviewed gymnasts

Multiple gymnasts from the U.S. team, including members of the gold medal-winning squads in Rio de Janeiro and London, have been interviewed in recent months by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as either patients of the doctor, Larry Nassar, or potential witnesses …

Dr. Nassar, an osteopathic physician, served as a volunteer trainer and doctor for the U.S. national team for almost 30 years …

FBI Interviews Top U.S. Gymnasts in Intensifying Sexual-Abuse Investigation

Michigan State suspends coach Kathie Klages

A coach accused in court records of discouraging a then-teenage girl from filing a sexual assault complaint against Larry Nassar nearly 20 years ago was suspended Monday by the university, according to an email the State Journal obtained. …

Mike Rowe will serve as interim head coach for the remainder of the season, Bader said in the email.

Lansing State Journal

(via College Gymnastics Board)

Larry Nassar accuser interviewed

… her name is Jane Doe BMSU, but after talking with her Tuesday, 6 News found out she’s a wife and mother.

… she says it wasn’t easy for her two decades ago when she brought concerns to a Michigan State University Gymnastics Coach (Kathie Kluges). …


Coach Kathie Kluges had not yet responded.

Nassar is behind bars at this time.

new Men’s Code of Points

FIG MTC Chair Steve Butcher:

The new MAG Code of Points changes may seem minor to many, but the MTC objectives have grown. I have to mention first the numerous changes made to help improve safety.

Two examples are the elimination of rollout saltos on Floor Exercise and the banning of triple salto vaults. Rollout saltos leave little margin for error, could potentially cause catastrophic injuries and have been known to produce some concussion damage. Even double salto vaults offer very little margin for error, as we saw in one dramatic accident at the Olympic Games.

Our objective is also to better promote the sport, which is the reason the MTC has given higher values to some elements enjoyed by spectators, like flairs on Pommel Horse.

We raised the value of some rarely performed elements in order to produce more differentiation between exercises. Despite some higher element values, the MTC is committed to using execution deductions as the principle method of separating the best gymnasts and discouraging unprepared gymnasts from attempting high level elements.”

WOG #80


Safeguarding and Protecting Children

A new lawsuit.

Former gymnastics coach Don Peters, team doctor Larry Nassar sued for sexual misconduct

But a Register investigation earlier this month found that Peters, 68, since his banishment has continued to oversee SCATS investments, be listed as SCATS president and a “key employee” on financial documents, make appearances at SCATS’ facility and charge meals and liquor on SCATS credit cards.

Here’s what they are doing in England.

British Gymnastics:

The British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting policy provides a framework for all those involved in gymnastics to meet their duty of care towards children, young people and adults at risk, and is mandatory for all British Gymnastics members …

What to do if you have a concern

If an incident or concern is immediate and you think a child is in immediate danger of abuse or at risk of significant harm or are in need of protection, then call the Police on 999 and/or your local Social services.

To report anything other than an immediate concern, please speak to the person on site responsible for welfare or contact a member of the Safeguarding and Compliance Team by calling 0345 1297129 plus the following extensions:

Safeguarding and Compliance Manager – Mike Harrison MBE – Extension 2633
Safeguarding and Compliance Officer – Linda Callaway – Extension 2346
Safeguarding and Compliance Co-ordinator – Catherine Powell – Extension 2609

Alternatively, you can email us at ethics@british-gymnastics.org

North Carolina v Florida #BETRUE

The theme in support of an LGBTQ rights. A brave move.

Recall that the NBA, NCAA and others decided to boycott North Carolina because of the State government’s intolerant HB2 bill.

North Carolina welcomed No. 3 Florida to Carmichael Arena Friday night for its first home dual meet of the 2017 season. The Gators proved worthy of their lofty ranking, posting a 197.325, while the youthful Tar Heels posted an encouraging 194.200. ..

A school-record 4,071 fans were in attendance Friday evening to watch the Gators and Tar Heels at Carmichael Arena. …

The two teams wore rainbow-themed #BETRUE t-shirts, and the Tar Heels tossed commemorative shirts to the crowd, many of whom were wearing rainbow ‘NC’ buttons. …


national anthem University of North Carolina Gymnastics v Florida Carmichael Arena Chapel Hill, NC Friday, January 20, 2017
national anthem
University of North Carolina Gymnastics v Florida
Carmichael Arena
Chapel Hill, NC
Friday, January 20, 2017

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Iceland has Europe’s cleanest living teens

A few factors emerged as strongly protective: participation in organised activities – especially sport – three or four times a week, total time spent with parents during the week, feeling cared about at school, and not being outdoors in the late evenings. …

Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening

In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut in the past 20 years. Emma Young finds out how they did it, and why other countries won’t follow suit.