Doug Davis – 35 years of Tumbl Trak

One of the true good guys in acrobatic sports is Doug Davis.

He first saw a Quebec coach tumbling kids on a modified trampoline. From that day, Doug founded and popularized the tumbling trampoline. One of the very best pieces of equipment in your Gym.

Tumbl Trak:

Starting with the Original Tumbl Trak, our company has invented numerous products that combine technological advances with innovations in training. As a customer once said, “Tumbl Trak has changed the way the country teaches gymnastics.”

How many wrists, ankles, and knees have been saved by training on soft surfaces like the Tumbl Trak and Air Floor? How many elite athletes have gone on to international competition healthier and stronger because they’ve used our products?

On our 35th anniversary, we’re proud to celebrate Doug Davis and how he revolutionized the sport, helping countless athletes train smarter and safer.

Protect LGBTQ+ athletes

In my long lifetime, I’ve not yet faced an issue regarding a trans athlete. It’s quite rare.

In 2023 the concerns have been exaggerated by right wing politicians as an unethical and dangerous way to gain deplorable votes.

BUT every sport must make decisions on who is allowed to compete in any competitive division. Age. Ability. Gender. Etc.

For me it’s not automatic to disallow males who have transitioned to females.

Saskatchewan’s Gymnaestrada routine

Bringing Truth and Reconciliation to sport.

Canada is a terrific nation. But our greatest crime has been how the First Nations have been treated.

We can do much, much better.

This team will be sharing their message with the world at Gymnaestrada Amsterdam 2023.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (18min)

Paris Olympics – Pride House

The Pride House is designed to be a welcoming and inclusive space and will be in operation throughout the period of next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

… gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities …

Pride House has been launched alongside the Fair-Play Association, which aims to promote fair play, inclusion, equality and respect for people in sport regardless of gender, sexual orientation, expression or gender identity. …

Olympic ideals. Racists and homophobes should stay away.

Dave Tilley’s LANDING training

I’d concur that the very BEST drill for landing facing forward is jumping down from a height to punch forward salto. It’s also my favourite drill for take-offs facing forward.

For strong gymnasts I’d include 10 drops to punch front — OR 5 sticks, whichever comes first. 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

British Gymnastics calls for a multi-sport SAFEGUARDING organization

GB feels they don’t have the resources to do the kind of job they want to do keeping everyone in the sport safer.

That’s not to mention the backlog of historic complaints that still need be evaluated.

FIG running out the clock on RUS

I don’t want Russian gymnasts competing in the Paris Olympics.

YES it’s rotten for Russian athletes who don’t support Putin’s war, if there are any.

But banning Russia totally is the least bad scenario for 2024.

FIG President Morinari Watanabe echoed the IOC position that Russians should be allowed to compete as independents, as they did in Tokyo. I disagree.

If any Russians compete in Paris all headlines will be about that controversial decision, degrading the actually Olympic ideals for the nations of the world that did not invade their neighbours.

AND it looks like FIG will continue to delay a final decision until it’s too late for them to be included.

International Gymnastics Federation postpones decision on re-admitting Russia until July

Anastasia Bachynska’s father killed

Anastasia Bachynska is the 2019 European Games floor exercise champion, the 2021 European balance beam bronze medalist, and the 2018 Youth Olympic all-around and floor exercise bronze medalist.

She was also a member of the gold medal-winning team at the 2020 European Championships.

HOW does FIG expect Ukraine to compete against independent Russian athletes at the Paris Olympics?

I support a ban on all RUS athletes in FIG and IOC events until Putin withdraws his army. Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine did not invade Russia.