USAG magazine photo policy

As reported on Chalk Bucket:


Examples of photos that should be edited or deleted:

  • Open straddle positions
  • Any image where the genital area is prominent
  • Images with misplaced apparel or where undergarments are showing
  • Suggestive or provocative poses





Gymnastics Canada LGBTQI2S


Gymnastics Canada (GCG) is proud to announce our involvement in the LGBTQI2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and two spirited) Sport Inclusion Task Force pilot project. …

The goal of this work is to build awareness and understanding to support inclusivity at national, provincial, and club levels.

I’m all for inclusiveness. And my NSGB is so inclusive that I had to look up “Two-spirited” to be sure I’m not unintentionally alienating anyone in the sport.

modifying Trampoline for very young children

Putting preschool kids on a competitive Trampoline bed can be dangerous. Especially if Mom or Dad climbs on with them — risking a double bounce injury to spine / neck.

Best practice is to put some kind of mat on top of the Tramp for young children.

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