FIG Gymnastics Ethics Foundation

I do like them using the word ETHICS as it includes much more than just protecting athletes from predators.

The creation of this new structure, called the “Gymnastics Ethics Foundation”, will be put to a vote of the FIG’s national member federations at the next Congress, to be held in Baku (AZE) on 2-3 December 2018. …

According to the Constitution of the Foundation, it will have responsibility for:

– monitoring the good governance and ethical principles of the FIG;

– managing disciplinary procedures;

– safeguarding athletes and other participants in Gymnastics from harassment and abuse. …

The Foundation will be made up of three sections:

– A Safeguarding section, including a helpdesk for reporting any case of harassment or abuse. This section will be responsible for carrying out an initial assessment of any complaints, accusations and facts reported. It will also provide legal support if needed.

– A Disciplinary section which will include the two disciplinary bodies already in place, the Disciplinary Commission and Appeal Tribunal.

– A Compliance section to monitor good governance and ethical principles of the FIG.


spotting a stalled Jaeger

Russian junior gymnast Vladislava Urazova hit her feet on Jaeger stalling the forward rotation. I thought her coach did a good job slowing her down on the fall to her back.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

partial list of gymnasts NOT at Europeans

Many of these Seniors, but not all, were taken off teams due to injury. Gymnastics is a dangerous sport.

Rune Hermans BEL
Julie Meyers BEL
Nora Fernandez ESP
Sophie Scheder GER
Becky Downie GBR
Zsófia Kovács HUN
Lilja Olafsdottir ISL
Ofir Kremer ISR
Meitar Lavy ISR
Shailee Weiss ISR
Eythora Thorsdottir NED
Maria Kharenkova RUS
Viktoria Komova RUS
Anamaria Ocolișan ROM
Rafaela Ferreira POR
Klara Kopec POL
Lynn Genhart SUI
Giulia Steingruber SUI

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Zsófia Kovács, for example, has a strange abdominal tear. She’s hoping to recover in time for Worlds.

Becky Downie withdraws from Europeans

How sad. Becky injured her ankle on Beam dismount during podium training.

She’ll be replaced by Taeja James.

Many have commented on the NUMBER of athletes who have withdrawn from this meet due to injury. I’m not sure it’s more than usual. WAG is a very dangerous sport.

Here’s what the home fans will be missing. Becky’s Bars were great in training.

mental blocks in Gymnastics

If it happens to Simone, it can happen to anyone.

One day, I came in and decided I forgot how to do gymnastics. You know, that’s great. And I could not twist on floor or on beam. For my beam dismount, I just like wouldn’t do it, and we couldn’t figure out why. …

read more on Olympic Channel – Simone Biles: ‘I Feel Like I Am In Better Shape Than In Rio’

That was posted a few days before the U.S. Classic.

At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal

Scheduled release sometime 2019.

HBO Documentary Films has acquired worldwide TV and streaming rights to At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, which explores the sexual abuse scandal that shook the sports world in 2017. …


USAG empowering?

Good point here from the last U.S. Olympic men’s head coach.

I did see something, somewhere from USAG on the ESPYS Courage Award. But it was not energetically enthusiastic.

No doubt their lawyers have suggested that kind of post might be used in court.

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wearing shorts over the leotard in competition

One Gym Mom wonders WHY our sport has not evolved to the point where more gymnasts aren’t wearing Lycra shorts in competition.

It reminds me of the 1990s when I petitioned to allow the University of Saskatchewan women’s team to wear shorts and leo. That request was instantly approved. … The young ladies, however, decided to — last minute — compete in leotards after all.

I LOVE Gymnastics, but…

Mike Outram – paralyzed Gymnastics coach

Tony Retrosi:

At the NO LIMITS Camp in Calgary Mike coached Beam. Immediately after that we headed down to Lethbridge Alberta to do a Boys Camp. Watching him break a skill down and explaining drills is a thing of beauty. He is a bit shaky when he walks but his confidence in the gym more than makes up for it. Give this man a cape and call him a superhero.

Mike Outram (second from the left) is a character. If you’ve met him once, you remember him.

I recall first hearing that Mike had been paralyzed from hitting concrete at the bottom of a foam pit coming off tramp. Hearing that he’d never walk again.

This tragedy was big news in Canada. Everyone checked their pits to see if any concrete could be somehow exposed.

Some months later Mike unexpectedly arrived at a Gymnastics event. He walked in through an open side door of the Gym.

… I thought you were paralyzed?

Mike: That’s what they tell me.

It’s an incredible story. The power of the mind over the body. Mike’s still improving. Click over to GymMomentum.

My Journey and What I Learned from Gymnastics. Mr. Michael Outram