on Gymnastics pain

A detailed discussion on a topic often brushed over by coaches.

Kids know what pain is, but they can’t always discern sore muscle pain from sharp injury pain or torn muscle pain. …

When you hear kids complain of pain, draw their attention to it. Ask them to describe it and maybe even call it a certain color or give it a pain rating. Differentiate kinds of pains early. The better you genuinely know your kids relationship to body pain, the better you’ll be at knowing when something’s not right. …

tricks & twists

3 levels pain

Dave Brubaker acquited

Brubaker, who lost his standing as a national coach since his arrest in December 2017, was found not guilty in a Sarnia, Ontario, courtroom on Wednesday by a judge who questioned the conduct of the investigating police officer, who is reportedly a cousin of the complainant and was in her wedding party. …


Via email:

OTTAWA, ON (February 13, 2019) — Gymnastics Canada acknowledges the decision by Justice Deborah Austin today regarding Mr. Dave Brubaker. In light of this verdict, an internal investigation on this matter will now proceed. This investigation will be conducted by Gymnastics Canada in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and Discipline policies.

lost move syndrome, balking and more …

CSci., BASES Sport & Exercise Scientist, Coach Education Development Manager British Gymnastics; Women’s Gymnastics Coach, Heathrow, Katie has a super strong background.

This is a difficult topic.

Each situation, each athlete is different.

The research is not much advanced yet.

Still, every coach will learn something from her advice. Nick and Katie discuss an example – a gymnast who is unable to do her backward handspring on High Beam.

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coaches defending themselves from #METOO accusations

Most accusers are being truthful. Well over 90%, I’m thinking.

But there are a FEW cases of wrongful accusation.

Dina Bell-Laroche of the Canadian Sport Law & Strategy Group:

In any dispute, including sport disputes, once an individual is charged with an allegation, they are entitled to both natural justice and procedural fairness, regardless of the allegation.

We are unfortunately seeing sport organizations jump to conclusions and sometimes rush to sanction individuals before taking the necessary steps to ensure that the individuals are afforded natural justice and procedural fairness.

With this being said, there may be specific scenarios where it is socially and morally responsible to suspend an individual during the disciplinary process. …


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LANDING on the FEET with control

Teach beginners FIRST and BEST how to land and fall safely.

Motorcycle Landing.

Beginners should exaggerate the STICK. Land with feet shoulder width turned out to about a 90 degree angle.

Absorb impact over a longer time period than necessary. Land soft, like a cat.

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Thanks Bermuda Gymnastics Association.

lets talk about mental health

#BellLetsTalk #BellCause

Bell Let’s Talk (French: Bell Cause pour la cause) is an initiative created by the Canadian telecommunications company Bell Canada to raise awareness and combat stigma surrounding mental health in Canada. …

emotional abuse in Gymnastics

In this post a former British national squad gymnast reflects on her former coach.

The under-reported risk for competitive gymnasts is psychological abuse.


Looking back over my time with Coach is something I find difficult. I know not all my memories are bad but those are the ones that most easily come to mind. …

But, at this point the good days for me far outweighed the not so good days and I enjoyed being there, I enjoyed working with Coach, in fact I would go as far as to say I loved her. …

… after a while no matter what I did it just wasn’t good enough, my name was now added to the blacklist. It became a matter of survival, be the one who least upset Coach during a session, praying Coach would take her wrath out on anyone but me. …

It was only Coach’s talent that would get me to the Olympics, not my own and if I moved to another coach my Olympic dream would be over. In retrospect, I can see how naïve I was to believe this, yet this haunted me throughout my career and I gave up on myself once I left coach, believing my dreams and goals were shattered.

Warriors in Leotards

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coach Elizabeth Brubaker suspended

I’m surprised to hear that coach Elizabeth Brubaker has been suspended by Gymnastics Canada after receiving “a number of written formal complaints… that outlined alleged violations of Gymnastics Canada’s ethics and code of conduct policies over an extended period of time a number of years ago.

reducing Gymnastics injuries

Brette Warshaw posted an excellent overview on how to reduce injury:

1. Focus On Avoiding Overuse
2. Balance Out Your Gymnasts’ Strength (reduce muscular imbalance)
3. Track Your Gymnasts’ Growth
4. Never Stop Educating Yourself & Your Fellow Coaches
5. Take Fear Out of the Equation Early On
6. Empower Your Gymnasts

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6 Ways For Gymnastics Coaches To Better Prevent Injuries

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