Myia Hambrick – Floor

Myia is the top AA in the nation week 1 with 39.575.

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It’s fair to say that UCLA seems to have a higher injury rate than the other top College teams. It’s equally fair to say that LSU seems to have comparatively fewer injuries than most — especially considering they are consistently competing a LOT of tumbling difficulty.

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Leonid Arkayev fired

A single source — Saransk and Mordovan Times — reports that famed Soviet Head Coach Leonid Arkayev has been fired from the gymnastics center in Saransk that was named after him.


Rewriting Russian Gymnastics posted a translation by Liubov Baladzhaeva:

Leonid Arkayev press allegations – a translation

Amongst many other things Arkayev is accused of sexual harassment.

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Ohio captains: Jake Martin, Sean Melton, Andrew Rickly

In previous years, the 5-foot-10, 170-pound Martin did not want to be captain. He didn’t need an additional differentiation. As a tall, black man, Martin is already unique on the Ohio State team [the team’s average height is 5-7; 5-10 is tall for a gymnast], and since his sophomore year, he’s been out as gay on the team.

Martin is believed to be the only publicly out college gymnast currently competing …

Martin was part of Ohio State head coach Rustam Sharipov’s first recruiting class, and Martin credits Sharipov with embracing diversity.

“The atmosphere of the gym has changed dramatically …

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Jake Martin and Sean Melton
Jake Martin and Sean Melton

Don Peters’ financial ties to SCATS

Former U.S. Olympic gymnastics coach Don Peters was banned from the sport for life amid allegations of sexual abuse in November 2011.

Under the terms of the ban by USA Gymnastics that rocked the gymnastics world and the Olympic movement, SCATS and all other USA Gymnastics member clubs are prohibited from being involved with Peters.

Yet despite the ban, Peters has continued to oversee SCATS investments, has been listed as SCATS president and a “key employee” on financial documents, has made appearances at the SCATS facility and has charged meals on SCATS credit cards, an Orange County Register investigation has found.

Peters, 67, also is listed as the “sole shareholder” of a second Orange County gym, the for-profit Olympica Gymnastics Academy (OGA) in Laguna Hills …

USA Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body, began looking into Peters’ involvement with the two Orange County gyms after being contacted by the Register for comment last week.

“USA Gymnastics has banned Don Peters permanently from membership,” USA Gymnastics spokesperson Leslie King said in an email to the Register. “Its Member Club requirements mandate that a club cannot hire or be associated in any way with any person who is permanently ineligible for membership in the organization. USA Gymnastics is reviewing the matter.”

Banned coach Don Peters kept ties to 2 Orange County gymnastics schools, financial records show