Gymnastics Australia child safety co-ordinator

Ms Pownall, the first child safety co-ordinator for Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Victoria, said part of her job would be to educate clubs, coaches, parents and gymnasts …

“One of the new laws in Vic­toria is that if anyone is aware of a child being abused, it is a criminal offence not to report it,’’ she said. …

Gymnastics Australia appoints first child safety co-ordinator


NY Yankees: Bullying is WRONG

Cassidy was bullied at school. Got no support from the Scranton School District. Facebook took her page down because she wasn’t yet age-13. ☹️

The NY Yankees reached out. #respect

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gymnasts can report abuse on the next FIG website

Rebecca Whitehurst, who was on Team USA from 1995-1997, is the first victim to file suit against the International Federation of Gymnastics.

I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me FIG is quite far distant from the crimes of the USA National Team doctor.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is getting ready to launch a new website that includes content about abuse and harassment. Athletes and officials will be able to initiate abuse allegations. …

“Of course there is some damage, but now we know what was happening, thanks to the gymnasts’ testimonies.

By knowing the facts, we can try to make improvements.

We cannot change the past, but we can create the future. The gymnasts’ voices have changed that future,” Watanabe tells Around the Rings.

Inside the Rings

We can expect gymnasts from nations with lax reporting standards to make use of the FIG programs. In future.

Gymnasts and Allies are ‘Great Leaders’

“The Gymnasts and Their Allies” are some of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders over the past year.

When the sentencing trial of Larry Nassar began, few people knew the former USA Gymnastics doctor’s name, much less the details of his crimes.

Then, the young women he sexually assaulted—more than 150 of them—told their stories.

Their seven days of harrowing testimony shook the world of sports and beyond. Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison. The president of Michigan State University, Nassar’s former employer, resigned, as did the board of USA Gymnastics and the CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

As Olympian Aly Raisman said, “We are here, we have our voices, and we are not going anywhere.”

22. The Gymnasts and Their Allies

injuries at LSU

Good article.

LSU junior Lexie Priessman has had eight surgeries and may require another on her shoulder in the offseason. …

McKenna Kelley is sitting out her junior season after suffering an Achilles tendon tear in November. …

Gnat, now LSU’s student assistant coach, considers herself lucky. She said she has never had a stitch, surgery or been under anesthesia. …

Gymnasts passionately ‘push through’ sport despite high rate of injuries, which LSU is trying to curb

Ashleigh Gnat

One study:

Female gymnasts more commonly suffered major injuries compared with men, and more commonly underwent surgery after injury (24.4% of female injuries required surgery vs 9.2% in males).

The anatomic region most often injured in men was the hand and wrist (24%). The anatomic region most often injured in women was the foot and ankle (39%). Overall, injury rates were highest in freshman-eligible athletes.

Evaluation of Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics InjuriesA 10-Year Observational Study (2015)

USAG on non-disclosure agreements

USA Gymnastics:

… USA Gymnastics will not endorse, agree, enforce, propose or otherwise support the use of non-disclosure or other similar forms of agreements that are intended to prevent survivors from speaking about their experiences in conjunction with any claims of abuse.

USA Gymnastics is committed to do everything it can to support its athletes and others, who want to tell their stories without restraint, and these types of agreements can undermine confidence in our commitment.

The policy of USA Gymnastics is to encourage an open and transparent discussion of these issues, recognizing that only through such openness can perpetrators be identified, and potential victims of abuse be protected.  …

Jordyn Wieber files lawsuit

Attorneys for Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Jordyn Wieber have announced the filing of a lawsuit against USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.

The lawsuit alleges that MSU, and USAG, hid former doctor Larry Nassar’s criminal conduct from the public and from the police. …


decline of USA High School Gymnastics

Brian Mozey:

… 1978, the United States had 1,279 high schools and 29,943 boys participating in high school boys gymnastics. There were also 32 states that had at least one school competing in the high school level.

Fast forward to the year 2016-17, the United States has 117 high schools and 1,894 boys competing in boys gymnastics at the high school level. From 32 states in 1978 to eight states in 2016-17, there’s been a drastic decline in men’s gymnastics.

… Iowa High School Athletic Association removed boys gymnastics from its sports because of liability issues and insurance related concerns. …

The national decline of high school boys gymnastics

High School Gymnastics in Canada has nearly disappeared completely. ☹️

Mark Williams points out that Texas still has a thriving competitive High School program, WAG and MAG.