Trampoline RULES

Bermuda Gymnastics just got a new Eurotramp Ultimate. I went looking for a set of rules for coaches / gymnasts.

• Trampolining should always be supervised by a qualified coach/teacher.

• Check that pupils wear suitable sports clothing; suitable non-slip footwear (trampoline shoes or non-slip socks) if possibility of toes going through the webbing.

• Check that jewellery (including that associated with body piercings), watches etc have been removed.

• Check that hair is tied back and nails are trimmed.

• Prevent fooling around and jumping from the trampoline

Those are a few mentioned in this PDF document from the official Eurotramp website.

Leave a comment if you know of a better set online.

montage of Pommel falls

I had parents watching Pommel training this week. They were surprised to see pretty much every approach to the apparatus end in a fall.

I further explained that no two Pommel falls are identical. They are as unique as snowflakes.

Click over to Balance Beam Situation to see many examples. That guy must hate Horse. 😀

Gymnastics “saves”

I skipped the Gymnastics FAILS meme not wanting to encourage people considering falls as entertainment.

But I do love gymnasts who can SAVE a skill or routine. That takes psychological toughness.

There is some great coaching SPOTTING in this blog, as well.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch the original SAVES montage on YouTube.

if USAG declares bankruptcy …

Dvora Meyers did some research:

… Since September 2016, when the Indianapolis Star reported that former team doctor Larry Nassar had sexually abused gymnasts under the guise of care, USA Gymnastics has been defending itself against hundreds of civil claims. The organization recently sued its seven insurers for failing to pay their defense costs in the ongoing litigation.

In short, members of USA Gymnastics have every reason to be worried about the future. ….

The grassroots of gymnastics are worried, too—not just about the future of the nation’s most powerful gymnastics organization but about how that organization’s rocky future might complicate and imperil the smaller organizations that will produce the next generation of gymnasts. …

If USA Gymnastics Goes Down, Who Goes Down With It?

USAG told Dvora:

“USA Gymnastics has taken no steps toward filing for bankruptcy and has no intention to do so. Any rumors to the contrary are false.”

“single point of failure” FIG equipment

Why does the International Gymnastics Federation approve apparatus with a single point of failure?

If one part fails, the entire apparatus falls.

For SAFETY and reliability redundancy should be required. For example, two chains instead of one.

Click PLAY or watch Paul Rugeri on Instagram.

Marta’s letter to the Senate subcommittee

… My second recommendation is the implementation of USA Gymnastics-assigned chaperones.

Each gymnast should have a chaperone present with them at the national training camps and competitions.

While each gymnast was required to travel with their personal coach to the national training camps, a neutral chaperone, responsible solely for the safety and wellbeing of each gymnast, would help create a safe space for gymnasts to voice concerns outside of their athletic training.

This chaperone should also be required to accompany each gymnast on any medical treatments or sessions, whether formal or informal. A gymnast should never be alone with another adult who is not her parent without her chaperone …

read more – Karolyi letter to Senate

1. This letter was obviously written by lawyers

2. Marta was the last person at Camp who would have wanted chaperones attending

Secrecy and lack of transparency were a big part of the old Romanian system. It’s something Marta continued at her remote Camp.

(via BBS)

Kristle Lowell’s accusations of drug & sexual abuse

Kristle Lowell has been one of the top Trampoline & Tumbling competitors for team USA. She was the 2016 U.S. double mini champion. A 2013 World Champion.

Her accusations against Dr. George Drew, the former coach of the United States Double Mini Trampoline team, are horrifying. Kristle was an adult at the time, not a minor.

Drew retired June 2017. But the investigation into his conduct with Kristle and other athletes is ongoing.

Lauren Rosenberg worked with Kristle in writing up her story.

Former Team USA Trampoline Doctor Accused of Allegedly Drugging and Sexually Abusing Athletes


When asked about Lowell’s status, USA Gymnastics released the following statement:

Personnel and member matters are confidential, as well as any actions taken unless they involve a public result, such as suspension or being placed on the list of individuals who are permanently ineligible for membership. We decline to answer your specific questions due to ongoing investigatory matters and related allegations.

Happily Kristle is still training and competing.

SHAME – Congressional Hearings Edition

If you are trying to keep up with the evolving USAG scandal, be sure to listen to GymCastic episode 307. The first 80 minutes deals with Nassar fallout.

Steve Penny, Rhonda Faehn, and former MSU president Lou Anna Simon appeared in front of the Senate.

1. Penny took the Fifth.

2. U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen called for changes in the U.S. Olympic Committee.

3. Gymnasts’ medical records were removed from the Karolyi Ranch.

4. Former USA Gymnastics official’s composure cracked during Senate testimony. (Rhonda Faehn)

5. At least 15 people knew but didn’t immediately report the 2015 allegations of inappropriate conduct against Nassar.

Indy Star – 5 takeaways from the U.S. Senate hearing about Larry Nassar

Despite denials from Kerry Perry, I’m still assuming USA Gymnastics will be forced to declare bankruptcy. They will be sued. Their liability insurers do not want to pay those many millions in damages.