Positive Coaching eLearning course

British Gymnastics:

The course is free for all our members who hold a Level 2 or above coaching qualification and is compulsory. …

The course aims to raise awareness on how different belief systems impact coaching behaviours and the coach-participant relationship. …

Men’s Artistic Head National Coach, Paul Hall MBE recently completed the course:

“… I know the value of good feedback and, having just completed the Positive Coaching eLearning course, I would recommend it to everyone involved in the sport. Its message is well presented, and I found the course to be an essential tool in creating a safe and effective coaching environment.”


Olympic Champ banned for ‘pantsing’

The world’s top short-track speed skater and reigning Olympic champion has been banned from the sport for a year after allegedly pulling down a male teammate’s pants in front of several women in South Korea.

The Korean Skating Union (KSU) has suspended Olympic gold medallist Lim Hyo-Jun from all skating-related activities in response to the sexual harassment allegation …

The KSU has also banned all 14 skaters on the men’s and women’s national teams for one month.

Li Li Leung supportive of athletes speaking their minds

Li Li Leung wants Simone Biles to speak up whenever, however and wherever the Olympic gymnastics champion sees fit. …

“Historically, our organization has silenced our gymnasts and I am 100% supportive of giving our athletes a voice,” Leung said Thursday in her first extended public remarks since taking over in March. …\

WILL GRAVES – New USA Gymnastics president points to ’positive trajectory”

Anna Li resigns as USAG Athletes’ Council rep

Former U.S. national team member Anna Li has resigned from USA Gymnastics high profile Athletes’ Council amid allegations that she and her mother, Jiani Wu, have been verbally, emotionally and physically abusive to young gymnasts. …

The U.S. Center for SafeSport launched an investigation into Li and Wu on Monday and at least 11 complaints have been filed against Li and Wu ….

“Earlier today, Anna Li stepped down as an athletes’ representative on the Athletes’ Council, which the Council accepted,” Paul Ruggeri, chairman of the Athletes’ Council, said in a statement to SCNG.  “The Athletes’ Council will decide next steps regarding the vacancy.” …


While the investigation is in progress, Anna is still a member and eligible to participate as a judge and/or a coach. She’s judging this weekend.

Simone: USAG failed us. USOC failed us.

Simone is responding to this article:

Senate panel: Negligence by Olympic, USA Gymnastics officials enabled abuse by ex-team doctor Nassar

train landings train landings train landings

___ repost from 2015

Landings are incredibly important in NCAA competition. Yet College girls are not very good at them. 😕

Almost any male gymnast is more skilled at bringing impact forces to zero than almost any female gymnast. Male gymnasts work seriously on landings.

Click PLAY or watch Scott Morgan on instagram.

Click PLAY or watch U.S. guys working landings on instagram.

Yes. Part of the problem in WAG is judging expectations. We need to educate judges to the biomechanically, physiologically BEST and SAFEST techniques of landing.