Round Lake is closing


While many gymnasts around the world had their training disrupted or stopped completely due to COVID-19, for some time, it looked like Russian gymnasts would be able to keep training as usual.

However, yesterday, it was announced that Round Lake, the center where the national team trains and lives, will be closing alongside many other training centers around the country.

According to Valentina Rodionenko, the national team is still not giving up their training plans and the monthly camp will go as planned. Since the athletes will not be able to live at Round Lake, they will stay at Novogorsk, at the training center that houses the rhythmic gymnastics national team.

…since Novogorsk does not have an artistic gymnastics gym, the gymnasts will still have to commute to Round Lake every day to train there. Round Lake is about 30 minutes away from Novorgorsk by car. …


meanwhile … at Round Lake

Valentina Rodionenko:

“Round Lake is our home, we’re not going out. What does it matter where we stay – in self-isolation [at home] or at the training center?  …”

Artur Dalaloyan:

“There weren’t any major changes.

The only thing was the increased number of prophylactic measures – to rub hands with alcohol more often. Everywhere – at the entrance to the dorms, at the canteen entrance, at the gym entrance – they put special devices that you can use to disinfect your hands and anything you want, even feet.

At the entrance to Round Lake, they put medics who are checking the body temperature of anyone who enters with contactless thermometers that are now used everywhere …”

Q: Is the training center locked down. Or you can leave it and come back?

A: “You can leave. You just need to put your name down in a journal and when you come back – check your body temperature and tell about how you are feeling. …”


U.S. Elite Coaches Association letter to Congress

Dear Members of Congress

We are children’s fitness facility coaches, vendors, owners in your districts and states, who directly work with the children in each of your jurisdictions.

In the face of the rapid spread of COVID-19, we are very concerned that our youth sport business industry may not survive this pandemic or the resulting economic downturn. Lawmakers are rightly focused on sending immediate aid and support to our most vulnerable businesses and workers. We are a vulnerable group so vitally important within our community – we hope and pray we are included in the conversation.

We represent the over 200,000 employees of approximately 4,000 children’s fitness facilities …

… we are now fighting for our survival. …

read more (PDF)


Utah’s message to the world

Utah was having a fantastic season — despite the loss of MyKayla Skinner to elite. I really like their safety message.

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2020 Olympics postponed to 2021

As expected.

Plan is to host in 2021, but not later than summer 2021.

The postponement of the Olympic Games will also have several repercussions on the FIG rules, especially those of the Gymnastics disciplines.

The FIG will take the time to assess all the implications resulting from this postponement and will carefully review what adjustments or modifications should be made.

Athletes’ interest and safety will lie at the centre at any decision.


Originally scheduled to be held from 24 July-9 August 2020, the Games have been moved to next year due to the developing global situation in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they will retain the Tokyo 2020 name. …

Olympic Channel

62% of American athletes support postponement


2020 Olympics will be postponed

Veteran International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound told USA TODAY Sports Monday afternoon that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are going to be postponed, likely to 2021, with the details to be worked out in the next four weeks. …

“It will come in stages,” he said.

“We will postpone … and begin to deal with all the ramifications …, which are immense.”

USA Today