new book by gymnast Rachel Haines

Available April 12, 2019.

In Abused: Surviving Sexual Assault and a Toxic Gymnastics Culture, Rachel details her experiences as a competitive gymnast and the painful realities of being one of Nassar’s many victims.

With honesty and candidness, Rachel shares how the sport she loved that gave her so much—friendships, accomplishments, a college education—is also tangled in a dangerously toxic culture that needs to be fixed. In a world that was setting her up for a lifetime of recovery, she tells how faith, family, and an army of survivors made healing possible.

Rachel Haines was a two-time member of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team, a two-time National Champion, and a Division I college gymnast at the University of Minnesota. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in child psychology and a Master’s of Education degree in family social science. Haines lives in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities.

USAG is boycotting the IndyStar

A BIG red flag.

Li Li Leung should be driving over to the newspaper her first day on the job. To apologize. And pledge to work together closely in future.

Ronnie Ramos – Executive Editor IndyStar:

… With your hiring, we hope it will herald a new chapter for USA Gymnastics.

Unfortunately, the way your organization handled the announcement raises concerns we hope will be rectified. As has been the case for the last three years, USA Gymnastics specifically excluded the IndyStar from the initial media call announcing your appointment.

By excluding us, the state’s largest media organization, you excluded the people of Indianapolis.

This is meaningful in that it is indicative of an unwillingness to do what the abuse survivors — and this community — have repeatedly called for: a new path forward focused on positive change. Not a continuation of the secrecy of the past. …

IndyStar editor: An open letter to USA Gymnastics new CEO

FIG Gymnastics Ethics Foundation

The Council of the new Gymnastics Ethics Foundation held its first ever meeting on 19 February in Lausanne. …

As the Foundation’s supreme body, the Council defines its strategy and ensures that it is functioning properly. The following eminent personalities have accepted to become the Council’s first members.

Ms Micheline Calmy-Rey, former President of Switzerland

HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Mr François Carrard, former Director-General of the IOC
Ms Slava Corn, Honorary Vice-President of the FIG
Ms Ivana Hong, former athlete, US gymnastics team

Director of the Foundation
Mr Alexander McLin

The Foundation is made up of three sections: a “Safeguarding” section, including a helpdesk for reporting any case of harassment or abuse; a”Disciplinary” section, which includes the two existing FIG disciplinary bodies, the Disciplinary Commission and the Appeal Tribunal; and a “Compliance” section, to monitor good governance and respect for the ethical principles of the FIG. …

For more information on the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation, please access its website:


on Gymnastics pain

A detailed discussion on a topic often brushed over by coaches.

Kids know what pain is, but they can’t always discern sore muscle pain from sharp injury pain or torn muscle pain. …

When you hear kids complain of pain, draw their attention to it. Ask them to describe it and maybe even call it a certain color or give it a pain rating. Differentiate kinds of pains early. The better you genuinely know your kids relationship to body pain, the better you’ll be at knowing when something’s not right. …

tricks & twists

3 levels pain

Dave Brubaker acquited

Brubaker, who lost his standing as a national coach since his arrest in December 2017, was found not guilty in a Sarnia, Ontario, courtroom on Wednesday by a judge who questioned the conduct of the investigating police officer, who is reportedly a cousin of the complainant and was in her wedding party. …


Via email:

OTTAWA, ON (February 13, 2019) — Gymnastics Canada acknowledges the decision by Justice Deborah Austin today regarding Mr. Dave Brubaker. In light of this verdict, an internal investigation on this matter will now proceed. This investigation will be conducted by Gymnastics Canada in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and Discipline policies.

lost move syndrome, balking and more …

CSci., BASES Sport & Exercise Scientist, Coach Education Development Manager British Gymnastics; Women’s Gymnastics Coach, Heathrow, Katie has a super strong background.

This is a difficult topic.

Each situation, each athlete is different.

The research is not much advanced yet.

Still, every coach will learn something from her advice. Nick and Katie discuss an example – a gymnast who is unable to do her backward handspring on High Beam.

Click through to listen to the interview.

coaches defending themselves from #METOO accusations

Most accusers are being truthful. Well over 90%, I’m thinking.

But there are a FEW cases of wrongful accusation.

Dina Bell-Laroche of the Canadian Sport Law & Strategy Group:

In any dispute, including sport disputes, once an individual is charged with an allegation, they are entitled to both natural justice and procedural fairness, regardless of the allegation.

We are unfortunately seeing sport organizations jump to conclusions and sometimes rush to sanction individuals before taking the necessary steps to ensure that the individuals are afforded natural justice and procedural fairness.

With this being said, there may be specific scenarios where it is socially and morally responsible to suspend an individual during the disciplinary process. …


Click through to see advice on how we should be handling accusations.

LANDING on the FEET with control

Teach beginners FIRST and BEST how to land and fall safely.

Motorcycle Landing.

Beginners should exaggerate the STICK. Land with feet shoulder width turned out to about a 90 degree angle.

Absorb impact over a longer time period than necessary. Land soft, like a cat.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks Bermuda Gymnastics Association.

lets talk about mental health

#BellLetsTalk #BellCause

Bell Let’s Talk (French: Bell Cause pour la cause) is an initiative created by the Canadian telecommunications company Bell Canada to raise awareness and combat stigma surrounding mental health in Canada. …