Oklahoma Gym Club – 47 COVID cases

23 gymnasts, three staff members, and 21 of their household contacts.

The median age for infected people was 14, and the outbreak affected people aged 5 to 58.

Thankfully, investigators didn’t find any secondary spread among Oklahoma gymnasts participating at the out-of-state meets. …

How the Delta Variant Tore Through an Undervaxxed Gymnastics Center

Gymnastics Clubs have had very low risk of COVID outbreak, overall.

Discipline. Compliance. A need to protect kids.

On the other hand, Oklahoma has had comparatively low rates of vaccination. 13 people from the Club who came down with the virus who were eligible.

Even now fewer than half of Oklahoma citizens have had one dose. They don’t have herd protection with those numbers.

Read the research document.

Elvira Saadi suspended by Gymnastics Canada

Prominent Canadian gymnastics coach Elvira Saadi has been suspended by Gymnastics Canada since late 2020, pending an investigation into abuse allegations, the sport’s national federation confirmed to TSN. …

Gymnastics Canada expects the results of a third-party investigation of Saadi within the next month …

Canadian gymnastics coach suspended after abuse allegations

Brooklyn Moors is being coached by Dennis Vachon at the Olympics.

NCAA gymnasts – recurrent ACL injuries

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is a serious injury that can be career-ending in collegiate athletics.

A rerupture (recurrent rupture) after primary ACL reconstruction occurs in 1% to 11% of all athletes.

The highest rates of recurrent ACL ruptures (per 10,000 AEs) were among male football players (15), female gymnasts (8.2), and female soccer players (5.2). …

Of sports played by athletes of both sexes, women’s soccer had a significantly higher rate of recurrent ACL ruptures than men’s soccer (rate ratio, 3.8 [95% CI, 1.3-15]). …

Epidemiology of Recurrent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in National Collegiate Athletic Association Sports

NCAA gymnasts – foot injuries

Foot injury rates differed between sports, with the highest rates in female gymnastics, male and female cross-country, and male and female soccer athletes.

… The 5 most common injuries were foot/toe contusions, midfoot injuries, plantar fascia injuries, turf toe, and metatarsal fractures. …

Epidemiology of Foot Injuries Using National Collegiate Athletic Association Data From the 2009-2010 Through 2014-2015 Seasons

Riley McCusker on Arizona Sunrays

Recall Riley injured her ankle at the U.S. Classic. On competition Vault landing mats, where so many major injuries happen.

… I want to thank Brian from the bottom of my heart for showing me what it was like to be treated with kindness and respect everyday.

Because of this I will never let anyone treat or abuse me the way I was for years, he has helped me become a whole person.

He is also an incredible coach and before I hurt my ankle at classics I was doing things on floor and vault that I never thought possible for me.

My main motivation for this last year and a half while training with Brian Carey was to show all of the little gymnasts and athletes out there that you can still become the best athlete that you can be in a healthy environment. …

I didn’t have a vote. But my pick for the +one U.S. Olympic team would have been Riley. She hit 5/6 Bars routines this season and would have been a favourite for the Bars final, if not the podium.

If you want a deep dive into WHY the USA didn’t pick Riley as an alternate, listen to the June 30th GymCastic episode – Olympic Trials Party and Postmortem.

equality for LGBTQI2S+ athletes

Canada has a new website dedicated to making ALL athletes feel welcome in sport.


The Canadian House of Parliament also recently passed a bill to effectively ban conversion therapy by a vote of 263 to 63.

The American Medical association denounced the practice as “harmful and ineffective”.