Michigan’s Sierra Brooks

There’s much for Michigan to be proud of from its 2019 season. The team came back from missing nationals entirely in 2018 to finish 2019 in 5th place, which quietly ranks as Michigan’s best result of the decade. In fact, Michigan hasn’t done better than 5th since Elise Ray was a freshman. …

Michigan has brought in two of the nation’s top L10 recruits in Sierra Brooks and Gabby Wilson …

Balance Beam Situation 

“I felt like I had accomplished everything I wanted to do in my J.O. (Junior Olympics) career and was looking forward to coming to Michigan.

Leaving home and my club gym family were heavy factors that weighed on my decision, but the pros and cons led me here. I am glad it did.” …

How a Junior Olympic Standout Wound Up at Michigan a Year Early

The Routine Podcast interviewed Sierra.

talking to your gymnast on the car ride home

… it is in the best interest of youth athletes if their parents support their athletic experiences no matter the level of competition they play in. …

Frost believes parents who put too much pressure on their kids, especially during that ‘car ride home,’ will chase them away from sports. If a kid is afraid to get into the car ride home after a bad game, it is unlikely he will want to continue to play.

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Rachael Denhollander on USAG

Guardian: It’s been more than three years now since you came forward and this movement started. How do you feel about everything USA Gymnastics has done since?

Rachael Denhollander: Disappointed. They have completely refused any shred of transparency and accountability.

They have refused to identify even one thing that went wrong. They have refused to identify even one coach that was abusive or one abusive situation, to point to something and say, hey, we shouldn’t have allowed that.

And if you cannot even acknowledge the problem, you cannot fix the problem. …

Rachael Denhollander: ‘When you speak out against your own community, you lose everything’

why more girls than boys drop out of sport

I coach at one Gym where some of the teen gymnasts are training — but still deciding whether or not to compete this season.

That’s working well. They are less worried about getting routines ready in time. Having more fun. And are more consistently motivated day-to-day.

Teenage girls should place a lower priority on competition. A higher priority on FUN and FITNESS.

According to Gatorade’s recent “Girls In Sports” study, girls are dropping out of sports at 1.5x the rate that boys do by age 14. By age 17, more than half of girls will quit playing sports altogether.

Refinery29 partnered with Gatorade for its #SistersInSweat movement, in hopes of figuring out why this is happening. Over the course of two weeks in August 2017, we polled 1,000 teenage girls in the United States between the ages of 13 and 18 to find out their reasons for giving up on something that has been proven to make them happier, healthier, and more confident throughout the rest of their lives. …

Young Girls Are Dropping Out Of Sports — Here’s Why It’s A Problem

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a Gym Mom reflects on Compulsories

Mia Pomerenke:

… My daughter just made the jump from compulsories to level 7. …

I wish I videoed more of the struggles, the falls, the 15th places.

I wish I saw the progress in the small steps along the way.

I wish I never got caught up in comparing my child to other athletes.

I wish I enjoyed the process more.

I wish I relaxed.

I wish that I told her even more how wonderful and strong and amazing I think she is. …

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Oh WOW. Have you seen Sterling K. Brown (Randall Pearson on THIS IS US) talk about Simone’s parents.

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