Nassar abused his friend’s 6-yr-old

The criminal doctor’s victimized the daughter of a close family friend. It started when Kyle Stephens was age-6.

She was not a gymnast. This was not fake medical treatments.

Kyle’s father refused to believe her. As a result, she hated her father for years. They finally reconciled before his death.

Very ill, Kyle’s Dad took his own life in 2016.

Kyle Stephens was first to testify.

Listen to episode 8 online. But know that it’s disturbing.

the parents of Nassar victims

… How could the parents of these girls have been in the room while Larry abused their child – and not know it was happening?

… change into loose shorts, lay down on the exam table, on her stomach. Larry would drape her with a towel.

“I would be looking at that as, ‘Oh, he’s respecting her modesty by covering her.’ ”

… Kaylee had tried to tell her mom about Larry five years ago, when she was just 13.

Right after her third appointment with Larry. …

Believed – The Parents

when girls lose confidence

In their tween and teenage years, girls become dramatically less self-assured—a feeling that often lasts through adulthood.

On the upside, girls who play sports are more successful in later life. …

The habit of what psychologists call rumination—essentially, dwelling extensively on negative feelings—is more prevalent in women than in men, and often starts at puberty. …

Our poll shows that from ages 8 to 14 boys are more likely than girls to describe themselves as confident, strong, adventurous, and fearless. …

Social media doesn’t help either, and its ill effects might hit girls harder than boys. …

There’s evidence that tweaking the status quo, and acclimating girls at this critical age to more risk taking and failure, makes a difference. Some of the most compelling data links participation in sports to professional success. …

It’s not only through athletics that young girls can gain confidence; sport is simply an organized and easily available opportunity to experience loss, failure, and resilience. But the same skills can be acquired by participating on a debate team, learning to cook, or speaking up on behalf of a cause like animal welfare

How Puberty Kills Girls’ Confidence

how the criminal doctor was finally caught

… the beginning of the end comes in the summer of 2016, thanks to three things: a tough police detective, a dedicated team of journalists in Indiana, and a homeschooling mom from Kentucky.

That mom is Rachael Denhollander. She’s also a lawyer and a devout Christian. …

Believed – How He Got Caught

I’m still astonished that American medical associations took so little of the blame. ☹️

Amanda Thomashow accused Nassar 2014

He was interviewed by police for two and a half hours. And talked his way out of it.

Amanda’s complaint also triggered a Title IX investigation.

After less than three months on leave from his job at Michigan State University, Larry was allowed back to work. With conditions. He’d have to follow basic medical guidelines: wear gloves, get consent, have a chaperone in the room. In other words, really basic things that any doctor working with minors in their private areas should do.

But nobody at MSU ever actually checked to see if Larry’s doing any of those things.

That means young girls and women kept streaming into Larry’s treatment rooms…not just at MSU, but at USA Gymnastics and local gyms, and a nearby high school. Even at his home, where Larry “treated” patients on a massage table in his basement.

Some 70 survivors say they were abused by Larry after MSU cleared him to go back to work.

NPR BELIEVED – Gaslighting Season 1, Episode 4

The criminal doctor did not contradict what Amanda said. Rather he stuck to the story that it was valid medical treatment.

related – Everyone Believed Larry Nassar The predatory trainer may have just taken down USA Gymnastics. How did he deceive so many for so long?

via GymCastic

MOMs competing at Worlds


Chusovitina inspires new era of ‘gym mums’ to shine in Doha

Of course there are many DADs competing Worlds as well.

Mattie Larson gets settlement from her Gym Club

All Olympia Gymnastics Center … recently finalized a $1 million settlement with World Championships silver medalist Mattie Larson, her attorney confirmed to the Southern County News Group.

The settlement stems from Larson’s lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against AOGC and its directors Artur Akopya and Galina Marinova that alleged their treatment of Larson led to her being sexually abused by former U.S. Olympic and USA Gymnastics national team physician Larry Nassar. …

AOGC is shutting down its Hawthorne location according to a Nov. 3 letter from Akopya and Marinova to AOGC gymnasts, parents and coaches. …

OC Register

will USOC end USAG?

I thought USAG would be forced to declare bankruptcy after the first lawsuit found them guilty of being complicit in the crimes of their team Doctor.

That could still happen. But they may lose status as the National Governing Body for gymnastics in the United States first.

US Olympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland:

“Today the United States Olympic Committee has filed a complaint initiating a Section 8 proceeding against USA Gymnastics, seeking to revoke USAG’s recognition as a member National Governing Body of the USOC. This is a situation in which there are no perfect solutions. Seeking to revoke recognition is not a conclusion that we have come to easily. …

USOC Statement Regarding Action To Revoke USA Gymnastics’ Recognition As Member National Governing Body

USAG responded:

USA Gymnastics Board of Directors message to the USA Gymnastics membership

I need Spencer to tell me what to think. Jessica to tell me what to feel.

This is the burn it all down scenario.

On the up side, it would be a completely fresh start.

On the down side, gymnasts and coaches may be hurt due to unintended consequences in the transition to an ALL NEW organization.

The USOC’s action Monday triggers a process that includes a hearing before a three-person panel. …

The USOC is known to have revoked the recognition or cut off the funding of an NGB only three times — with taekwondo, team handball and modern pentathlon.

USA Today

It will be difficult to defend the actions of the current Board of Directors. Their decision to hire a former politician as CEO was the last straw for me. I can hardly imagine a worse hire.