USAG magazine photo policy

As reported on Chalk Bucket:


Examples of photos that should be edited or deleted:

  • Open straddle positions
  • Any image where the genital area is prominent
  • Images with misplaced apparel or where undergarments are showing
  • Suggestive or provocative poses





Gymnastics Canada LGBTQI2S


Gymnastics Canada (GCG) is proud to announce our involvement in the LGBTQI2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and two spirited) Sport Inclusion Task Force pilot project. …

The goal of this work is to build awareness and understanding to support inclusivity at national, provincial, and club levels.

I’m all for inclusiveness. And my NSGB is so inclusive that I had to look up “Two-spirited” to be sure I’m not unintentionally alienating anyone in the sport.

U.S. gymnasts voicing their concerns

Dvora Meyers posted a good summary of the U.S. gymnasts who have been speaking publicly and candidly about their grievances with the sport and Federation.

Let’s celebrate when athletes feel empowered to speak out. These issues should be addressed by every coach, athlete and parent.

Artistic Gymnastics is a great sport … but could be even better.

Abused Gymnasts’ Voices Are Finally Being Heard

Robert Andrews, M.A., founder and director of The Institute of Sports Performance, worked with a number of U.S. athletes — including Simone Biles — on “mental training” posted his response:

Many gymnasts in the U.S.A, and perhaps many other countries are taught:

Don’t challenge or question a coach’s authority.

Don’t have a voice or speak up to address any concerns you have as a gymnasts.

Don’t utilize personal power in your relationship with your coach.

Don’t complain about the way you are being treated.

USAG Sexual Abuse Scandal Is A Symptom Of Deeper Issues

when should gymnasts switch clubs?

We all recall club hopping gymnasts. Parents who always feel the grass is greener at the next Gym.

But there are occasions when gymnasts should move to a program that can better meet their needs.

Nick Ruddock:

If you have an athlete whose potential exceeds your competence as a coach, should you facilitate, or at least give the opportunity to the athlete (and their parents) to transfer to another environment to ensure they fulfil their performance potential?

#29 Talent Transfer

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modifying Trampoline for very young children

Putting preschool kids on a competitive Trampoline bed can be dangerous. Especially if Mom or Dad climbs on with them — risking a double bounce injury to spine / neck.

Best practice is to put some kind of mat on top of the Tramp for young children.

Click PLAY or watch Bluewater Gymnastics on YouTube.

The rise and fall of Larry Nassar

An article in The Detroit News looks back at Larry Nassar’s life and medical career. Trying to understand how he came to become “one of the most sought-after physicians in the gymnastics world“.

How were so many gymnasts, parents and coaches fooled?

The rise and fall of Larry Nassar

Aimee Boorman interview

The best I’ve read.

What was your favorite way to spend a day as a child?

I was a latchkey kid. Single mom. We lived close by the park district where I started doing gymnastics. Then when I switched to private club gymnastics, I would go home and get ready for gym. I’d eat a snack, get on the public transportation and go to gym. My mom would pick me up after and that’s pretty much what I did every day, because my life was gymnastics …

… (Simone) came in during a field trip. You walked in and you see all these 6-year olds on a field trip. She got a note sent home with her that said, “Hey, do you want to come in and try some classes?” …

As far as Simone goes, she has star quality. She did really ugly gymnastics when she was little, but she was powerful. She was this teeny little thing. People would see how high she would tumble, how dynamic she was, and that she had this smile from ear to ear because she was doing what she loved. It was just fun for her. …

What is the most important word that embodies that relationship? 

I think it is trust. We were together for 12 years. It was a long relationship …

AN INTERVIEW – Sarasota Scene Magazine