Steph Currie’s Mom’s advice

Before establishing himself as one of the greatest basketball players in the world, Curry was overlooked by virtually every big Division I college basketball program, …

(Mom) said something along the lines of: “NO ONE gets to write your story but you,” …

Stephen Curry says the best advice he ever got came from his mom when he was 13 years old

Read Steph’s story from Jan 2019.


Canada’s ‘Rule of Two’

The Rule of Two states that there will always be two NCCP (certified) coaches with an athlete, especially a minor athlete, when in a potentially vulnerable situation.

This means that any one-on-one interaction between a coach and an athlete must take place within earshot and view of the second coach, with the exception of medical emergencies.

One of the coaches must also be of the same gender as the athlete. Should there be a circumstance where a second NCCP coach is not available, a volunteer, parent, or adult can be recruited. …

Vulnerable situations can include closed door meetings, travel, and training environments amongst others. …

GymCastic episode 363

If you blinked and missed USAG’s hiring and firing of Professor Edward Nyman as its full-time sports medicine and science director — a new position — Jessica has got you covered.

Another hire where vetting was bungled.

The podcast reviews two other recent issues:

  • Terin Humphrey posting and defending a dumb, wrong meme on Facebook. Terin was was a member of the selection committee that chose women’s teams for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.
  • Mary Lou Retton‘s recent TV appearance. Recall that Mary Lou lobbied against  Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act as a USAG Board Member. Happily it was signed into law February 14, 2018. Mary Lou seems still in denial that children were abused.

In addition was new CEO Li Li Leung’s wrong statement that gymnasts who saw the criminal doctor with their coach were safe. Leung did later apologize.

363: Five Is the New Four (…Is the New Five)

At the Heart of Gold – May 3rd on HBO

I had high hopes for new USAG CEO Li Li Leung.

She asked to be judged not on her words, but her deeds.

Shortly after that statement USA Gymnastics bungled the vetting of a first full-time director of sports medicine and science. That’s a position that would truly help the organization.

A bigger test will be how Li Li Leung handles the public response from Erin Lee Carr’s new documentary. Producers Dr. Steven Ungerleider and David Ulich began this project before the criminal doctor’s accusers came forward.

At the Heart of Gold argues that Nassar succeeded despite the many complaints against him because the people who could’ve done something about them never acted on them.

He belonged to a system that protected him and cared more about his importance in winning gold medals than the wellbeing of the girls he harmed.  …

‘At the Heart of Gold’ centers survivors as it condemns those who protected Larry Nassar