SUPPORT these amazing gymnasts

FANS are FANatics. In every sport.

They are passionate. I get it.

And I want more Gymnastics FANS, not fewer.

That said, lets try to keep your comments on social media as positive as possible. This sport is incredibly difficult.

#respect athletes, coaches, parents and officials. 

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Suni Lee dedicates Gymnastics to her father

Dad recently suffered a spinal injury after a fall.

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Abigail Pesta’s The Girls

I haven’t read The Girls yet.

But here’s one review:

The survivors and those who advocate for them are the only voices telling the story. This is partially due to the fact that numerous others in the larger investigation—people who have been subsequently fired, charged or outed as having aided Nassar—refused to comment or never responded to Pesta’s requests.

Pesta also makes no effort to explain Nassar’s motivations or to locate the “man” behind the “monster.” It’s a choice that makes the book stronger, and as a true crime story, it makes a case for how these narratives can be told in a victim-centering way. …

Abigail Pesta’s The Girls Succeeds by Solely Giving a Voice to Sexual Assault Survivors—Not Their Abuser

parents who drive to Gymnastics

Where I live parent / chauffeurs are back trying to organize the logistics of school / work and transport to and from Gymnastics.

P. V. Sindhu won the 2019 World Badminton Championships and  a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Her Dad Ramana was supportive, to say the least. A volleyball player in his youth, he knows what it takes.

From Waking Up At 3-AM To Massaging Her Tired Feet, PV Sindhu’s Father Shows Us What It Takes To Raise A Winner

Rhythmic gymnast Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard was a 3-time National Champion from Florida.

At the Ranch in 1999 she was abused by the criminal doctor.

The ranch turned out to be a nightmare. Jessica was there solely to see Nassar for a week, not to train, and she felt isolated, especially since no parents were allowed there. “It was like a prison on an island where you couldn’t escape.”

She was the perfect target for a predator …

What Gymnastics Did To Jessica Howard

a Gym Mom tells it like it IS


Gymnastics is one crazy sport. Some days mom Misty Brown wonders whether or not it’s all worth it.

This popular post is from 2017:

words across the water


Here’s an update from 2018:

just to be here

Personally I’ll be cheering for Beach Ries who in 2019 is a Level 10 at GTC Utah. She simply won’t give up. Loves her team.