BEST Air Pits 2022?

One Gym I know is considering Air Pits as they can’t put anything in-ground in their facility.


What are the best Air Pits available? Speed of inflation? Mobility?

SAFETY for young Artistic gymnasts?

I do like the Pit Pillow top mat.

Leave a comment if you have one you can recommend.

Here are some options:

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BEST way to introduce Giants

I finally got back to a Gym where I’d coached 10 years — Taiso, Saskatoon.

Over the 3 weeks I had all beginners (and some trying to improve their backward Giants) do my favourite drill.

The beginner is focused on getting feet back on the spotting boxes as quickly as possible.

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Here’s coach Matthew Sparks using the same progression on the actual Bars rail. Her first Giant.

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Foam Pits allowed in GBR

Clubs can now reintroduce foam pits as part of sessions after research concluded that the risk of Covid-19 transmission in foam was low after one minute. …

British Gymnastics

One very tiny upside to pit closures during the pandemic was a reduction in overusing them.

Coaches had to schedule more progressions. Less throw and go.

Oregon State’s NEW Facility

I love Oregon State. But I love them even more in this fantastic new Gym.

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Defying Gravity – part 4/6

You need YouTube Premium to watch the episodes 3-6.

My favourite episode of the first four.

I love seeing Grace and Jade in the Gym. Best interviews I’ve seen, so far.

Vault is the featured apparatus. They did not hold back on the terrible truth that competition landings on this event are very, very dangerous. Ellie Black and others were interviewed on injuries.

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I don’t understand why FIG has never tried to improve vault landing mats.

tumbling at GAGE

What I like best about the Great American Gymnastics Experience facility in Kansas City, Missouri are the super safe home made mats.

As we return from COVID-19, most Gyms are training with matting on their foam cube pits. These on top and protecting the pit edge at GAGE are ideal. And easy to clean.

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Constructing Landing Pits

The American Gym offers some tips on safe pit construction:

… Training pits should be longer and wider than competition matting requirements. Since gymnasts have not yet mastered the skills they will be performing, like they would in competitions, they need a larger margin of safety …

Anatomy of a Landing Pit or Trampoline Pit

hard landing mats in the pit

We see it EVERY competition

Gymnasts competing skills on to hard mats that they’ve obviously rarely done on to competition mats.

It’s dangerous.

Coaches should do a better job of simulating the competition landing in training.

coach Warren Long at Taiso Saskatoon

The best I’ve ever seen was T&T coach Tammy Stephenson. She trained landings on to very high, very soft surfaces for most of the year. Prior to a competition she alternated layers of matting stiffened with sheets of plywood.