Trampoline Park injuries

Coaches of Trampoline and Gymnastics mostly can’t believe Trampoline Parks can stay open. Why aren’t they sued into bankruptcy?

Hospital visits are on the rise.

Those statistics are from a study in Paediatrics – Trampoline Park and Home Trampoline Injuries (2016)

related – Sun (U.K.) – FLIPPING DANGEROUS A shattered spine, fractured skull, iron rod in leg, broken ankles, dislocated foot, black eyes – why are trampoline parks jumping in popularity?

trampolinist Pam Clark retires

British Gymnastics sent Bryony Page to Rio instead of Pam Clark. Bryony won the silver medal.

It’s difficult to argue GB made the wrong decision.

Is this article sensationalizing Pam’s retirement?

Trampoline champion Pam Clark slams British Gymnastics as she quits the sport

THE 21-YEAR-OLD was snubbed for the Rio Olympics squad and now says she can no longer trust the governing body


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