FIG Trampoline Gymnastics Age Group Programme

The second and third introduction camps for the FIG Trampoline Age Group Development and Competition Programme were held simultaneously on two continents on April 3 – 5, 2017. One was hosted by South Africa for the countries in that region and another in Argentina for the countries of South America. …

Over the past year, the FIG developed an Age Group Development and Competition Programme for Trampoline Gymnastics and is beginning to introduce it in training sessions around the world.

The purpose of the programme is to bring a progressive and systematic programme to the many member federations that have not much experience with this discipline to assure that they teach their gymnasts correctly and safely from the beginning …

FIG introduces Trampoline Age Group Programme on two continents

World Games 2017 in Poland


The World Games 2017, officially known as the X World Games, is a multi-sport event scheduled for Wroclaw, Poland from July 20 – July 30, 2017 with 27 official sports and 4 invitational sports.

The Olympic Channel is available worldwide via mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and at …


Trampoline Park injuries

Coaches of Trampoline and Gymnastics mostly can’t believe Trampoline Parks can stay open. Why aren’t they sued into bankruptcy?

Hospital visits are on the rise.

Those statistics are from a study in Paediatrics – Trampoline Park and Home Trampoline Injuries (2016)

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