YOG International Gymnastics “teams”

Grace Chui found the document which details which Youth Olympic Games athletes have been placed into what combined teams.

A bit of fun. A LOT of confusion, in my opinion.

Hopefully it will help bring a little more attention to the non-Olympic disciplines.

Here’s team Oksana CHUSOVITINA for example:


Artistic – Men

Artistic – Women


Trampoline – Men

Trampoline – Women

See all the “teams”.

T.V. exposé on dangerous Trampoline Parks

CBC Marketplace is an award-winning Canadian television series, broadcast on CBC Television since 1972. The series is a consumer advocacy newsmagazine …

Marketplace visited 12 trampoline parks across the country to see what was being done to mitigate risks to minors in this unregulated industry. Many children were witnessed breaking the parks’ “rules” without employee intervention.

Staff at Energyplex Family Recreation Centre, for example, watched as multiple children belly-flopped into the same foam pit where Chelsea broke her back doing the same stunt. No one intervened.

At other parks, Marketplace documented flips, stunts and double-bouncing — all considered risky behaviour by health authorities. Children were observed jumping head first into foam pits, and at times, areas of the parks had no supervising staff to enforce safety rules.

At one park, a baby crawling across a tumble track collapsed after being bounced by an older child. At another, a mother held her crying toddler after he did a somersault and landed on his neck. …

Hidden camera reveals trampoline parks ignoring dangerous behaviour

Trampoline Parks are TOO dangerous

Whistler Bounce Tramp facility closing

Pay for Play trampoline parks are far too dangerous, in my opinion.

People should do trampoline under supervision of qualified coaches.

Changes in insurance policies in Canada are driving some out of business.

Unfortunately, Whistler Bounce is one of them. This is the best and safest of any I’ve visited. It was custom built so snow sport athletes could learn flipping and twisting more safely than out on the slopes.

Popular trampoline facility Whistler Bounce was forced to close last month because of a dramatic rise in insurance rates, explains owner John Dunbar.

Whistler Bounce is closing down after almost seven years in business. …

Dunbar said that up until this year, insurance costs stayed relatively stable through the years of operation, at around $16,000 a year. But this year, that figure grew astronomically—to around $100,000 a year.

The decision to close was a “no brainer,” he said. “The decision was made for me. There was no way I could survive.”

According to a recent article in Canadian Underwriter, insurance companies are “jumping out of the trampoline business.” …

Despite their popularity, trampoline parks are not regulated in any jurisdiction in Canada …

Over at the Whistler Gymnastics Centre, however, they are not seeing the same dramatic uptick in insurance, though there have been gradual increases over the last 25 years.

“What’s different is that we have policies and procedures that we must follow, which our insurance covers,” said club director Tami Mitchell. …

Whistler Bounce closes its doors

Thanks James.

back drop Trampoline sequence

Jason Burnett.

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Trampolinist Izzy Weall – TEDx talk

Very well spoken.

Isabelle Weall is a 14-year-old (now 15) quadruple amputee from Derby, England.

She got Meningitis in September 2010 aged 7 which left her with part of all four of her limbs having to be amputated. However, she doesn’t let this stop her. Isabelle attends mainstream school, competes in trampolining, and has her own YouTube channel where she shares videos about life as a quadruple amputee. …

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Tramp / H Bar combo


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See more on dalocke’s Instagram.

(via Greg Roe)

Alberta trampoline park insurance increases

News from Alberta, Canada.

Insurance costs may drive the pay for play warehouses out of business.

Red Deer’s indoor trampoline park has closed its doors.

… owners of Jump 360 say insurance rates “quadruple what we were paying” and higher employee wages have made it too costly for them to continue operating. …

Jump 360 had been open since May 2016 …

Indoor trampoline park closes citing higher insurance costs, wages

related – Insurers jumping out of the trampoline business

I’d love to see those dangerous parks close.

The downside for Alberta clubs with qualified, certified Trampoline coaches is a new limitation which states that only competitive gymnasts and trampolinists are insured to use tramps, tumbling trampolines, mini-trampolines, etc.

Recreational kids, birthday party kids, Parkour and drop-in participants are not covered for negligence. … I feel this goes too far. Alberta clubs should look for a new insurance agency.

Father of three dies at Richmond’s Extreme Air Park trampoline facility

Jay Greenwood


USA Tramp and Tumbling Championships

Hosted this year in Greensboro NC.

Trampoline Women
1. Thompson
2. Ahsinger
3. Oh

Trampoline Men
1. Gluckstein
2. Shostak
3. Rowley

DMT Women
1. Howard
2. Lockett
3. Lowell

1. Hawkins
2. Padilla
3. Renkert

Power Tumbling Men
1. Floisand
2. Bravo
3. Schultz

Power Tumbling Women
1. Krzynefski
2. Renkert
3. Lehmer

Full results.

12 U.S. titles awarded at 2018 USA Gymnastics Championships