Bermuda Gymnastics training

May / June 2018.

I was back helping out the coaches at Bermuda Gymnastics Association.

“Grampa came for Christmas … and spoiled the kids.”

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Head Coach Adrianna Forde has really improved the facility. They are launching Trampoline and Tumbling next season.

The Bermuda competition is scheduled March 15-19th, 2019. Some teams last year stayed after the meet for a holiday. Just sayin’. 😎

Bermuda is hiring if — for some reason — you’d want to coach Gymnastics in paradise.

Trampoline RULES

Bermuda Gymnastics just got a new Eurotramp Ultimate. I went looking for a set of rules for coaches / gymnasts.

• Trampolining should always be supervised by a qualified coach/teacher.

• Check that pupils wear suitable sports clothing; suitable non-slip footwear (trampoline shoes or non-slip socks) if possibility of toes going through the webbing.

• Check that jewellery (including that associated with body piercings), watches etc have been removed.

• Check that hair is tied back and nails are trimmed.

• Prevent fooling around and jumping from the trampoline

Those are a few mentioned in this PDF document from the official Eurotramp website.

Leave a comment if you know of a better set online.

Kristle Lowell’s accusations of drug & sexual abuse

Kristle Lowell has been one of the top Trampoline & Tumbling competitors for team USA. She was the 2016 U.S. double mini champion. A 2013 World Champion.

Her accusations against Dr. George Drew, the former coach of the United States Double Mini Trampoline team, are horrifying. Kristle was an adult at the time, not a minor.

Drew retired June 2017. But the investigation into his conduct with Kristle and other athletes is ongoing.

Lauren Rosenberg worked with Kristle in writing up her story.

Former Team USA Trampoline Doctor Accused of Allegedly Drugging and Sexually Abusing Athletes


When asked about Lowell’s status, USA Gymnastics released the following statement:

Personnel and member matters are confidential, as well as any actions taken unless they involve a public result, such as suspension or being placed on the list of individuals who are permanently ineligible for membership. We decline to answer your specific questions due to ongoing investigatory matters and related allegations.

Happily Kristle is still training and competing.

a future USA Training Center

I’m one of those who doesn’t see any way around USAG going bankrupt.

If even one court starts awarding money to athletes abused by the National Team Doctor / criminal, they’ll have to pay out to victims as much as possible. And shut down.

If they survive, I like this goal.

Rhonda Faehn:

… USA Gymnastics hopes within a month to have a temporary home for four training camps this year and six to eight annually in 2019 and 2020 while it looks for a permanent location that can service all of USA Gymnastics, including the men’s team and the rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling programs as well. …

… “The goal is to find the best fit and the best opportunity for all the disciplines, and that is going to be the top priority – what is the best setup, an airport with a lot of direct flights …

Houston selection camp a breath of fresh air for U.S. women’s gymnasts

Ideally they’ll find a title sponsor to build that facility. Or some billionaire.

Colorado Springs works well for the Men. Any alternative would have to be as good. Something like the AIS.

Gymnastics was one of the 8 founding sports of the Australian Institute of Sport 1981.

Click PLAY or watch some training footage on YouTube.