Zach Blakely’s enthusiastic interview

Many athletes are guarded and predictable when interviewed.

Then there’s Zach Blakely after winning a medal at Canada Winter Games.

The competition was hosted in Alberta so Zach’s friends, family and grade school teacher were able to attend in person.

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most common injury for Olympic gymnasts?


The National Olympic Committee’s head physicians and the medical teams of the Local Organising Committee of the Olympic Games reported daily the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of newly sustained injuries in artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics on a standardised report form during the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympic Games.


During the three Olympic Games, 81 injuries were reported in a total of 963 registered gymnasts …

Thirty-eight per cent of injuries led to time-loss from sport. The most frequent injury location and injury type were the ankle (22%) and sprain (35%), respectively. …

Gymnastics injury incidence during the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games: Analysis of prospectively collected surveillance data from 963 registered gymnasts during Olympic Games

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Tamara O’Brien’s story

In fall 2017, after returning from a competition in Spain, O’Brien was diagnosed with cancer. Her surgeon subsequently removed 23 lymph nodes, four of them showing signs of melanoma. She has since undergone a variety of treatments but, last spring, a new CT scan showed signs of cancer in her groin, liver, ribs and spine. Her new diagnosis: Stage 4. …

Prognosis looks very, very bad. ☹️

But the Forward Foundation sent Tamara and a friend to Trampoline & Tumbling Worlds in Russia. She wanted to say goodbye to the sport. And her many friends.

There, O’Brien was called to the front of the gathering by two-time Olympic gold medalist Rosie McLennan, who thanked her for coming to support the team and assured her the trampoline community would always be with her. Then, McLennan handed O’Brien a small wooden box. In it was a bronze medal McLennan and the rest of Team Canada had won in the team competition, the first time such an event had been contested at the world championships. The team had decided O’Brien, had she been healthy, would have helped the team earn that medal, and McLennan had volunteered to give up hers. …

Coquitlam gymnast says goodbye to her sport, but not so long