Ruben Padilla – New DMT DD records


Sydney Turner’s coach Barb Fraser

I’ve known Barb for decades, yet had no idea she’d been coaching Worlds level competitors since the 1980s.

I learned a lot from this interview.

As a young coach, Barb was sent with Lori Strong to compete in the U.K.

In her coaching career, she started at the top.

And Barb has had many Worlds medalists in Trampoline Sports, as well.

AND has coached Sydney Turner since age-5. Sydney is a University of Iowa commit, by the way.

Rosie MacLennan has retired

Twice Olympic Trampoline champion, one of the greatest ever.

Now age-34.

Skyriders was my second home.

Dave was my coach for 22 years and he constantly expanded what I believed to be possible, letting internal motivation lead.

I got to train with @karen_cockburn_ my role model and mentor who became my training partner and friend. 

@jasonburnett_ always cheered me on and challenged me to be better. I had many incredible teammates over the years.

I am grateful for the support over my 26 years of trampoline …

Tramp Worlds has ended

A great competition. Hopefully RUS and BLR will be back in 2023 — when dictator Putin ends his invasion.

Trampoline Worlds an All-Around triumph for Great Britain

A British team defeated the United States and Portugal in the Team All-Around competition, which drew gymnasts from every discipline of Trampoline together. …

Trampoline Gymnastics continues in the Arena Sofia with the 29th FIG World Age Group Competitions from 23 to 26 November.

The 37th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships will take place in Birmingham (GBR) from 9 to 12 November 2023.

FIG – Mori stars with double gold on final day of Trampoline Worlds

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Bryony Page 10.0 displacement

Computer judging works well in Trampoline.

Ever notice how trampolinists tend to fly end-to-end trying to maximize their difficulty?

Not Bryony.

In this routine she stayed in the “box” for all 10 skills. No deduction.