GymCastic Olympics

If you’ve never listened to any of the previous 303 audiocast episodes, this just might the one to try.


… select our all-time, all-star Olympic teams without any stupid limitations like geographical borders or the concept of time—don’t worry, the power goes immediately to our heads and turns us crazy …

A lot of their ideas sounded GREAT to me. For example, spectators get augmented reality goggles on arrival at an Olympic venue that is used year round for research. Headsets identify athlete, history, previous scores, social media links, etc.

Camera angle choices include those from the individual judges tables.

Check it out.

304: The GymCastic Olympics 

gymnasts can’t pitch

Balance Beam Situation :

We have one hallowed tradition in American gymnastics, valued above all others.

It goes as so: When you achieve some degree of success, you are rewarded for this accomplishment by being carted off to a local baseball establishment so that you may embarrass yourself for all eternity by revealing to the world that your willowy gymnastics bird arms have never actually done a ball-throwings even once before. …

Fish one. Katelyn zero.