Max Whitlock – H Bar

A tourist in London, I bumped into Joe Tracini and friends walking alongside the Thames. I thanked him for all the entertainment he provides online, particularly during the pandemic.

He first came to notice of the gymternet standing in for Olly Hogben. πŸ˜€

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Aimee Boorman interview

Very entertaining.

Aimee is SO down to earth. She speaks common sense to power.

Unlike many elite coaches, no egomania.

I was particularly interested in how and why Netherlands called her in for Olympics and Worlds 2021.

Barbell Backflip

Watch Shai Ross, a Canadian Professional Football player, complete a backward salto with a barbell.

Ross said he did gymnastic growing up in Winnipeg.

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Shai is the same guy who did the Oreo dunk.

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