Nile videobombs his Dad’s interview

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Cuba is now on the Pacific Ocean

Folks are wondering how Cuba got invited to the Pacific Rim Championships. 🙂

Pacific Rim Championships Women’s Master Team List

Pacific Rim Championships Men’s Master Team List

McGuffie challenges gymnasts to back salto

Sam McGuffie, American bobsledder for the United States men’s national team, a former American football running back and wide receiver and a former rugby union player, calls out Olympic gymnasts by name.

💥GAME ON – #BackFlipBoxJumpChallenge

How Long Can You Stand It

Marz answers Gymnastics trivia questions while upside down.

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John Belushi was a gymnast

If you are too young to remember the comedian John Belushi, search for him on YouTube.

John was a good athlete, captain of both football and wrestling teams.

Turns out he did some Gymnastics. Barry Keeley taught him tumbling in High School. John did his own backward handsprings in the Blues Brothers performances.

Here’s one of his funny skits on Saturday Night Live. Well past his prime.

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John Belushi died age 33 of drug overdose.