Vault Table replaced by Mushroom

It’s a safety thing.

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No. Flash. Photography. !!!!


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Long Horse News – FUNNY

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The NCAA Women's Gymnastics Committee decided it was sick and tired of seeing gymnasts not bend their backs far enough after completing their routines. "These are elite-level athletes," said one of the committee members, "They should be expected to bend their backs at angles of 120, 145, even 160 degrees upon completion of their routine." In effect immediately, a new rule requires athletes to reach a bare minimum of 90 degrees worth of back-bend, or they will face a large 3 tenth deduction. When asked whether deductions for more important aspects of the routine should be considered (such as actually deducting floor landing errors), the committee responded by stating that the final score should be influenced more by the "abstract idea of gymnastics as a concept" than the quality of the actual gymnastics itself. As more competitions roll around this weekend, lookout for gymnasts specifically ensuring they meet this new standard. For more NCAA gymnastics news, follow @longhorsenews

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Is MSU still part of the NCAA?

Too soon?