Oklahoma’s Mark Williams

The Sooners are undefeated in 2017, which would be their third such season in a row. They’re poised for a third straight national title, a first for the program and a nod at Williams’ top-flight coaching. Under Williams, the Sooners have finished no lower than third in the national championship aside from his first season, where they finished fourth.

Oklahoma men’s gymnastics: Sooners’ coach Mark Williams in the midst of legendary career

A good article. But you know the author doesn’t understand Gymnastics by this tell:

“Williams’ road to coaching history began long before he made it to Oklahoma. It began behind another legendary men’s gymnastics coach — former Nebraska coach Francis Allen. Williams competed under Allen from 1977-80 and was a part of two national championship teams, earning All American honors on the high beam in 1978.” 🙂

the history of Jazzercise

You’ll think this is a Saturday Night Live skit.

Not so. This was a real TV show in 1982. 🙂

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Judi Sheppard Missett began what would evolve into Jazzercise as a student at Northwestern University. Sheppard Missett was teaching at a dance studio and noticed her classes had high dropout rates. Realizing students were attending for physical fitness and not to become highly technically proficient in dance, Shepard Missett began to hold “just for fun” classes that began with a jazz warmup. These classes were eventually renamed “Jazzercise.”

MyKayla Skinner’s Beam save

The great ones have a way of making balance errors look artistic. 🙂

Floor went a little better.