hurdle drills

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Note that all these demonstrators take off from the sprint for their hurdle from the opposite leg they put down first on round-off. The legs switch during the hurdle.

That’s far more common than the alternative (taking off with the same leg).

Boris Verkhovsky first told me decades ago that a switch leg hurdle should increase power, but that it wasn’t essential.

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Jake Stoeckicht – tumbling drills

I want to attend a camp with coach Jake Stoeckicht from Rockford. He’s passionate. A great communicator. And I really like his approach to backward tumbling.

He uses many drills with exaggerated hip flexion. Edouard Iarov and many of the top coaches of the world encourage that technique. Note that the final skill in competition will not be done with anywhere near this kind of hip flexion. These are only progressions.

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Tatiana Nabieva is back competing

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