Europeans Women’s Floor Final

1. Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.100
2. Ellie Downie GBR 14.066
3. Eythora Thorsdottir NED 13.700

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Finally. The super talented Angelina Melnikova is rewarded. Russia truly needs powerful tumblers like her.

are Arabians forward or backward tumbling?

MAG Code:

All Arabian elements are in the group of acrobatic elements backward, Example Arabian double front 1⁄2 = same as double back 1/1 (D value). The following Arabian elements (Jump bwd. with 1⁄2 t. to double salto fwd.) have the same value and Code box as the bwd. double salto element with the same amount of twisting: Arabian dbl. str. 1⁄2 (Penev), Arabian dbl. str. (Tamayo), and Arabian dbl. str. 1/1 (Hypolito).

WAG Code:

Arabian elements are considered Forward Elements

There is an argument for both. But FIG should standardize on one or the other. If only Steve Butcher had the FIG job looking at inconsistencies like this. 🙂


The takeoff is more critical than the landing position in my opinion. Arabians are much more a backwards tumbling skill than forwards.

Hattie points out that a backward layout with 1 1/2 twist lands forward like Arabian, but no-one would argue it’s a forward tumbling element.

(via Gigi)

Catlina Ponor – Floor

Cata was (after the competition) deducted for missing the forward tumbling requirement.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

She intended to compete a front layout after the 2 1/2 twist, but didn’t have enough rotation.

Watch her podium training routine (VIDEO) and her old Baku routine (VIDEO) with the same tumbling.

It is embarrassing that the judges didn’t catch it immediately. Romanian Press and fans will be disappointed. But I’ll sleep better knowing that the system worked. They got the score right in the end. Schaefer will compete the Final instead of being wrongly knocked out.