AAI Competition Air Floor

At the UCIC competition in Calgary WAG competed on a new Air Floor. MAG the regular AAI Floor.

One elite coach told me it was pretty good for takeoffs, a bit unforgiving when landing short on front tumbling. Durability is the main question.

Set up of the Air Floor starts at about the 2min mark on this video.

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‘College Girl’ choreography

The goal is to entertain the crowd. Get your teammates going.

Lauren Rice – Sac State. Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

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Elena Naimushina has died


Amanda Turner:

Russian Yelena Naimushina, a member of the gold medal-winning Soviet team at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, died Tuesday in Moscow. She was 52. …

Her death was unexpected, Shevchuk told TASS News. He had recently spoken to Naimushina about the possibility of her working at his club, he said. He had expected to see her Wednesday after she returned from Moscow. …

Olympic Champion Naimushina Dies at 52

Click PLAY or watch her Kalinka routine on YouTube. (1980)

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