Pauline Schäfer – Rio Floor

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Paris Challenge Cup results

Coline Devillard France 14.250
Boglarka Devai Hungary 14.025
Michelle Timm Germany 13.275

Nina Derwael Belgium 14.900
Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France 14.100
Diana Varinska Ukraine 14.050

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Larisa Iordache Romania 14.200
Marine Boyer France 13.600
Claudia Fragapane Great Britain 13.200

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Claudia Fragapane Great Britain 13.900
Larisa Iordache Romania 13.650
Diana Varinska Ukraine 13.250

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Szombathely World Cup finals

1-Marina Nekrasova AZE 14,049
2-Boglarka Devai HUN – 14,016
3-Brooklyn Moors CAN – 13,533

1-Jonna Adlerteg SWE – 14.200
2-Zsofia Kovacs HUN – 13,700
3-Rose Woo CAN – 13,066

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1-Catalina Ponor ROU – 13,933
2-Zsofia Kovacs HUN – 13,666
3-Valeria Iarmolenko UKR – 13,066

1-Brooklyn Moors CAN – 13566
2-Catalina Ponor ROU – 13,566
3-Amy Tinkler GBR – 13500

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1-Fuya Maeno JPN – 14.200
2-Marian Dragulescu ROU – 14.200
3-Ahmet Onder TUR – 13.933

1-Kazuma Kaya JPN – 14.433
2-Fuya Maeno JPN – 14.266
3-Filip Ude CRO – 14.133

1-Ibrahim Colak 14,866
2-Marco Lodadio ITA – 14,433
3-Yevgen Yudenkov UKR – 14,233

1-Marian Dragulescu ROU – 14,783
2-Jorge Vega GUA – 14.499
3-Heikki Saarenketo FIN – 14.199

P Bars
1-Kazuma Kaya JPN – 14,766
2-Ferhat Arican TUR – 14,633
3-Ahmet Onder TUR – 14,566

H Bar
1-Jossimar Calvo COL – 14.233
2-Fuya Maeno JPN – 14.100
3-Marios Georgiou CYP – 13.966

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FIG – Diversity in Szombathely as newcomers, veterans take gold

Johnson-Scharpf competed 2 FX routines at P&G

GBC: At Nationals this year, you decided to compete two completely different floor routines. Why?

SJS: My decision to do two different floor routines this year was because I really wanted to show versatility in my artistry. … This also had not been done in US history. Maybe in some way I could get people thinking that to find the best floor workers in the World or the Olympics this could be a possible requirement. …

Johnson-Scharpf Honors Artistry

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Maria Kharenkova – Floor

With 14.500 this is the highest FX score in the world right now. Scores are high in Russia. I wouldn’t expect the same number internationally.

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Lauren Hopkins:

… Maria Kharenkova, the girl who came into this meet with literally zero expectations and ended up competing some of the best beam and floor performances this country has seen in a long time. Kharenkova went six-for-six on these two events to earn the silver on beam and the gold on floor with masterful performances that would make her a medal contender at worlds.

Wrapping Up the Incredible Russian Cup

Lauren likes Iliankova and Kharenkova over Paseka for the Worlds team.