U.S. Men’s National Team named

USAG named those who will contend for the 2020 Olympic team.

I was wrong on that. As Dave points out:

The US National Team will be reformed at the National Championships this summer, and that will be the group that moves on to Olympic Trials.

Winter Cup AA champions were based on night 1 results only this year.

1. Sam Mikulak
2. Shane Wiskus
3. Brody Malone

Senior Apparatus winners:
FX: Gage Dyer
PH: Alec Yoder
SR: Alex Diab
VT: Yul Moldauer
PB: Sam Mikulak
HB: Colin Van Wicklen

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Melbourne World Cup FINALS day 2

G Urara Ashikawa JPN 13.3
S Ondine Achampong GBR 13.166
B Anastasia Bachynska UKR 12.933

Coach Denis Vachon said Ashikawa did 7-8 perfect routines in warm-up.

G Jade Carey USA 14.366
S Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.7
B Lara Mori ITA 12.9

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Click PLAY or watch Vanessa on Twitter. Now age-29, she looks in fantastic shape.

G Shin Jeahwan KOR 14.866
S Jorge Vega Lopez GUA 14.783
B Andrey Medvedev ISR 14.55

P Bars
G Vladislav Poliashov RUS 15.2
S Yusuke Tanaka JPN 15.166
B Dinh Phuong Thanh 14.933

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H Bar
G Epke Zonderland NED 14.9
S Milad Karimi KAZ 14.5
B Mitchell Morgans AUS 14.233

Miyachi, Epke’s main competitor for the Olympic spot, fell.

Reports are that Miyachi congratulated Epke on winning the spot. And will not contend in Baku or Doha.

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Maggie Nichols is injured

Bad news.

Tyler Palmateer is an OU sports writer.

In her place, look who won the AA.

Melbourne World Cup FINALS day 1

G Jade Carey USA 14.866
S Coline Devillard FRA 14.249
B Shoko Miyata 14.149

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G Diana Varinska UKR 13.733
S Georgia Godwin AUS 13.633
B Daria Spiridonova RUS 13.533

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G Ryu Sunghyun KOR 14.933
S Kirill Prokopev RUS 14.6
B Milad Karimi KAZ 14.2

G Stephen Nedoroscik USA 15.4
S Saeedreza Keikha IRI 15.033
B Kohei Kameyama JPN 14.833

Stephen scores internationally the kind of number he’s been getting domestically. A breakthrough.

He’ll petition to National Team.

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G Eleftherios Petrounias GRE 15.066
S Mahdi Ahmad Kohani IRI 14.5
B Ali Zahran EGY 14.266

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6 named (so far) to U.S. Men’s Team

Winter Cup day 1 results confirmed this group to National Team.

Sam Mikulak
Shane Wiskus
Brody Malone
Grant Breckenridge
Yul Moldauer and Allan Bower

Mikulak Leads the Pack on Day 1 at Winter Cup; Region 3 Wins Elite Team Cup

More to come after day 2.

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Sam Mikulak – H Bar

14.350 (6.0, 8.350)

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