Georgia fires Danna Durante

Georgia gymnastics has won more national titles than any other team in the nation, but it has not won one since 2009, which was Suzanne Yoculan’s last year leading the program.

The week after Georgia returned home from this year’s national championship, three gymnasts — Natalie Vaculik, Caroline Bradford and Jasmine Arnold — were dismissed from the team. That’s just about all we know and probably all we’ll ever know. …

Column: Dismissal of gymnasts not the right solution, handled poorly by Georgia

Her daughter Samantha had planned to join the Gym Dogs next season.

lousy judging at European Championships, Cluj

Execution judging was very poor overall, I thought.

I heard more complaints about WAG Vault than any other apparatus.

The E-panel ends up “boxing” the scores to stay in range. The difference between the best and the worst routines is too close together. As a result the D-score weighs far more heavily than intended.

The range between the 16 vaults in WAG Finals was 8.700 to 9.166. The ladies threw virtually the same E-score for every vault, regardless of quality. Computer software could easily have done a much better job of ranking.

The range in the Men’s final was 7.766 to 9.500.

In general the Men’s judges did a better job than WAG at Europeans 2017. But the E-scores on Men’s Floor, for example, were badly boxed too.

If you want to do some number crunching yourself, download a copy of the finals results.

7th Petrom European WAG MAG Individual Championships 2017 CLUJ NAPOCA – RESULTSBOOK – Media

Star of Europeans 2017 – Ellie Downie

“I’m definitely very, very happy. My championship really couldn’t have gone much better, to hit 12 out of 12 routines is pretty unbelievable.

I’m definitely tired now but the crowd and my training got me through today. I worked really hard after Rio to push myself in training and its paid of this week, I’m looking forward to a rest now!”

British Gymnastics

In total, Great Britain won six medals at these championships. Ellie Downie won all-around gold, vault and floor silver and bars bronze, James Hall took all-around bronze and Courtney Tulloch, rings silver.

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