No Canadian Inquiry into Abuse in Sport

I’m surprised.

Minister of Sport Pascale St-Onge seemed to welcome groups representing Hockey, Gymnastics and others. Yet an investigation was not approved.

24 November: Yesterday, a motion was tabled in the Canadian House of Commons to initiate a national inquiry into abuse in sport. We, representatives of Global Athlete and Gymnasts For Change Canada, were in the gallery as this motion was presented. To witness it fail was devastating.

We are deeply disappointed to see politics impacting an issue that should be entirely non-partisan. Child and athlete abuse is not political and every day that federal leaders fail to act is a day that another athlete is at risk of abuse.

We call on our Canadian political leaders to show a unified front in eradicating abuse from sport and to initiate an independent third-party judicial inquiry to deliver the safety, justice, and accountability that every Canadian athlete, child and survivor deserves.

Global Athlete