Tel Aviv World Cup results









P Bars 

H Bar

OSU Chainsaw Massacre?

The last time I attended a meet in Corvallis, Oregon was the Regionals when OSU eliminated Florida from Nationals.

An epic night.

The 2023 season brought another memorable night defeating #3 Utah at home.

Spencer did call some of the scoring deeply fictional, but that’s been the case at many competitions this season.

Doug Davis – 35 years of Tumbl Trak

One of the true good guys in acrobatic sports is Doug Davis.

He first saw a Quebec coach tumbling kids on a modified trampoline. From that day, Doug founded and popularized the tumbling trampoline. One of the very best pieces of equipment in your Gym.

Tumbl Trak:

Starting with the Original Tumbl Trak, our company has invented numerous products that combine technological advances with innovations in training. As a customer once said, “Tumbl Trak has changed the way the country teaches gymnastics.”

How many wrists, ankles, and knees have been saved by training on soft surfaces like the Tumbl Trak and Air Floor? How many elite athletes have gone on to international competition healthier and stronger because they’ve used our products?

On our 35th anniversary, we’re proud to celebrate Doug Davis and how he revolutionized the sport, helping countless athletes train smarter and safer.