1978 Gymnastics competition in China

The first competition in China where western nations were invited: Romania, Japan and Canada included.

A Friendly Gathering of Gymnasts: 1978 Shanghai International Gymnastics Friendship Invitation Tournament

Friendship first. Competition second.

Nadia was there. Elfie Schlegel.

Philip Delesalle showing Flair on Pommels.

It’s a typical Communist film of the era.  Well edited. Airport arrivals. Banquet. Dancing. And a few competition highlights.

Google translates the video below as Melody of Beauty (Xinying 1978 Documentary).

Watch it on Youku, a Chinese video site.

Nadia in China 1978

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coach Terry Gray charged

A former gymnastics coach was arrested in Las Vegas and faces 14 counts …

Terry Gray, 52, was a coach at a gym in the city from 2009 to 2015, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said in a statement. …
Gray also coached at gyms in Cincinnati and Southern California, according to multiple reports. None of these current charges are related to those gyms.
In October 2019, he was suspended by USA Gymnastics for two years, according to the USA Gymnastics’ website. …

teaching walkovers

Best practice is starting from forward walkover to a soft elevated surface.

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Progressively lower the surface.

The same process should be used for the forward limber to kick backward walkover.

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Start young. Do not rush. The gymnast must be strong enough at the end range of the shoulder flexion / upper back extension – with straight legs – before lowering the target surface. Psychological confidence is as important as physical preparation before moving to low Beam.

Happily, almost every girl on every team can achieve this drill. If they work it enough. This range of motion is trainable 🙂

Stanford cuts 11 sports – but not Gymnastics

Stanford was already facing some difficult financial choices as it tried to support one of the nation’s largest athletics departments.  …

11 of its 36 varsity sports will be shuttered next year. …

At least 171 sports programs from four-year schools have been cut since the pandemic began in the United States, according to research by The Associated Press. …

“If it can happen at Stanford, it can happen any place,” Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. “They’re the broadest, most successful program in the history of college athletics …

‘Heartbreaking day’ — Stanford drops 11 sports to cut costs


be more like Ellie Black


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Pirouette Trainer mat

Mancino developed this product with Chris Zimmerman of Ricochets Gymnastics in Hatboro, PA.

Quarter twist drills require the gymnast to commit to the weight transfer on the pivot hand. I’d use this mat every day.  If I didn’t have one, I’d improvise with something else.

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