on ‘Barani confusion’

An experienced coach must first FIRST decide whether a young gymnast should do aerial twists to the right or to the left.

A large number of tests will eventually reveal a preference.

Young gymnasts are rarely confused on backward salto twisting. But many suffer Barani confusion when learning forward salto twists. Especially those who related the Barani to a roundoff in the air.

David Morris explains why at the beginning of this tutorial.

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Thanks Andrew.

introducing forward twisting

I always start beginners from forward piked salto. As does trampoline coaching legend George Hery.

This way they get a foundation of “late twisting”. And it helps avoid the dread Barani Confusion.

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standing 1/1 on Beam

One of those IMPOSSIBLE skills.

Torque twisting from the Beam means lateral travel. Therefore gymnasts who torque need to jump enough sideways to offset that lateral travel.

Judges are often too severe in evaluating this skill. Landing with the trunk angle at 45 degrees would be optimal in my opinion. While piloting in the landing, the gymnast could adjust from 45 as needed to STICK a solid landing.

YET judges are quick to jump to “chest low” deduction.

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