Kasamatsu progressions

Note — this vault is easiest for gymnasts who do all salto twists in the direction of the hand placed 1st on the floor on Round-off.

For example, if the gymnast twists saltos to the right, easiest is that they also put the right hand down first on Cartwheel and Round-off. A left twist.

Kasamatsu is 1/4 twist in one direction, 3/4 twist in the opposite direction. More difficult is Tsukahara with 1/1 twist which is 1/2 twist in one direction, 1/1 twist in the same direction.

Head coaches should be checking on twist direction when it’s being taught to beginners at their Club.

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keeping form on 3/1 twist

Nearly impossible.

I compare every attempt vs Courtney McCool. She had the best twisting form I can recall.

Leanne and Courtney both trained at GAGE. In fact, I would say that’s the Gym with the best twisting form in the USA.

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