Boris Verkhovsky on the origin of Trampoline Wall Acts

It started in Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil Mystère.

YES many Gyms had trampolines beside walls.  Taiso Saskatoon, for example.

But it was Cirque who first popularized and professionalized trampoline wall acts.  Each of their shows evolved variations of the act.

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unique Trampoline stunts

Kazuki Nakao aspires to be a circus acrobat one day.

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Ludi Furnon – Floor – 2000 Europeans

20 years ago Ludivine Furnon won Floor 9.875  at Europeans.  Finishing ahead of Produnova, Amânar and reigning world FX champion Andreea Răducan.

Ludi was 19th AA at the 1996 Olympics. And first French female gymnast to win a medal at the World Gymnastics Championships.

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Ludi went on to Cirque du Soleil and I personally can’t recall any female acrobat with more impressive physical ability.

Currently she’s performing with husband Nicolas Besnard, in act named Duo MainTenanT.

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