full-in triple back

Alex Siefert on tumbling trampoline.

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Canadian National Circus School tryouts

There will be stops in 13 cities from October 22 to November 18, 2017.

St-John’s, Halifax, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Disraeli, Montreal, Gatineau, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.

The National Circus School of Montreal was founded in 1981. Demand is high; more than 95% of students find jobs.


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Kyle Cradle – Circus Artist

Kyle‘s a recent graduate of Montréal’s National Circus School, specializing in handstands and contortion.

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#tb boomerang | été 2016 avec @flipfabrique🎪

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Cirque du Soleil – Volta

A review.

I’m a big fan of Cirque and have seen many of their shows.

As always, the story line is silly and confusing. Something about a bullied child later quitting his reality TV show.

As always the clowns are not funny enough. The comedy bits twice as long as I’d like.

The Volta finale is excellent, however. High flying BMX with 5 cyclists simultaneous on transparent ramps. It reminds me of the Aggressive Roller Skating act in LOVE, Vegas.

Even better is Danila Bim’s solosuspended only by her hair.

Swinging Rings. Loved it. Especially the 1-arm skills.

Most of the rest were retro acts with a twist: Rope Skipping, Acrobatic Ladder, Juggling, Unicycle, Baton Twirling. I like retro, but the twists were not entertaining enough for this fan.

The only trampolines were mini-tramp. Our gymnasts do more difficulty.

Pawel Walczewski’s aerial act on a hanging lamp was classy.

Music OK. Dance weaker than I can recall on any other Cirque show.

I’m still happy I saw Volta. But I’d have to rank it my least favourite amongst current productions.

It’s a work in progress. My guess is that it will improve over the coming months. It’s only previewed in Montreal, Gatineau and Toronto, so far.

It moves to Florida in December.

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