World Games 2017 in Poland


The World Games 2017, officially known as the X World Games, is a multi-sport event scheduled for Wroclaw, Poland from July 20 – July 30, 2017 with 27 official sports and 4 invitational sports.

The Olympic Channel is available worldwide via mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and at …

OLYMPIC CHANNEL TO BROADCAST TWG 2017 is edited by FIG Judge Doug Hills. Content includes the 2020 Codes of Points for a number of disciplines.


• evaluate hundreds of videos from Worlds and Olympics
• test your knowledge of the Codes of Points
• prepare your competitive routines

Access is free for FIG Brevet Judges, a $4 USD / month subscription for everyone else.

On New Year’s Eve Doug gave me a personal tour of the site. Massive content behind quite a simple interface.

Choose a discipline. Choose an apparatus. Then click around to see all the features.

There’s no preview.  To check it out you’ll need to join via

Elizabet Vasileva is flexible

That’s for sure.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.

Queen of Beam! ~ 👑 Elizabet Vasileva 👑 ——————–☆☆☆——————– 👉 Some new elements on beam and a little more on bars ☺ from the amazing Bulgarian gymnast ~ Elizabet Vasileva ~ 👆 ——————–☆☆☆——————– אלמנטים גמישים במיוחד על הקורה מאחת המתעמלות המובילות של בולגריה בהתעמלות מכשירים – אליזבת' ואסילבה. אליזבת' הייתה בעברה מתעמלת אומנותית ואפשר בהחלט לראות את זה באלמנטים שהיא מבצעת כיום כמתעמלת מכשירים 👆 #gymnastics #artisticgymnastics #gymskills #beam #beamskills #bulgariangymnast #bulgariangymnastics #gymnastique #gymnastiqueartistique #ginnasticaartistica #ginnastica #poutre #turnen #gymtraining #gymnastika #gimnastica #gimnasia #gimnasiaartistica #gymnastikk #cymnastic #skills #newskills #topvideo #mustwatch #mustsee #dontmissit #amazing #topposts #nevergiveup

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Click PLAY or watch a Beam routine on YouTube.

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Sofie Dossi – contortionist

Sofie Dossi is a self-taught contortionist and hand balancer. She became captivated at age 12 after watching an online video. Having been a competitive gymnast and dancer, she had a great foundation of strength and flexibility …

She finished in the top 10 on America’s Got Talent (season 11).

Click PLAY or watch her finale on YouTube.