Hardy Fink – Be Gymnast Centered

I highly recommend this presentation.

Gymnastics is under review worldwide. We hear much about the problems.

Hardy Fink offers solutions.

Hardy has attended more World Championships & Olympics than anyone else. He’s the principle author of the FIG Age Group Programmes for all disciplines. And he’s led more FIG coach education courses worldwide than anyone else.

We should listen and learn.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (49min)

Canada’s 1st WAG Comp 3 Course

Fingers crossed. Launch of this course was delayed due to COVID shutdowns.

Jeremy Mosier hosting at Pegasus in Calgary Jun 28 – Jul 1, 2021 (Canada Day).

I’ll be one of the clinicians.

National Coaching Certification Program: Competition 3 WAG

Coaches Competition 2 WAG certified are eligible to register.

Comp 3 targets the essentials for gymnasts competing at the National level.

Competition 4 is highest — for international coaches.

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