Australia – gender equality among elite coaches

For the first time the Commonwealth Games will achieve gender equality in the number of medals awarded at the Gold Coast, so sports officials have now turned their attention to a glaring imbalance between men and women in the coaching ranks …

At the previous Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, just 10 per cent of the Australian coaches were female …

The AIS and Commonwealth Games Australia are collaborating on a program designed to accelerate the development of eight female high-performance coaches, by bringing them to the Games for mentoring and education. …

The Australian

We all need to encourage girls and women to coach all apparatus.

400th FIG Age Group course

As of now, 6900 different coaches from 137 countries have attended these courses. …

The courses were organized in 83 countries over the past 15 years. Over that time, the various parts of the curriculum were presented by 248 different experts from 44 countries. …

Hardy Fink 

coach education – digital or print?

Canada, over the past 5 years, moved all but their introductory coaching course from paper to digital: PDF, photos and video.

Digital is the future, whether we like it or not.

There are pros and cons of course.

There may be economic and environmental reasons to go paperless.

Researchers are studying differences between reading print and digital media:

… Students said they preferred and performed better when reading on screens. But their actual performance tended to suffer.

For example, from our review of research done since 1992, we found that students were able to better comprehend information in print for texts that were more than a page in length. This appears to be related to the disruptive effect that scrolling has on comprehension. …

A new study shows that students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens

In Canada the coach education content was much improved in the shift to digital. VIDEO improves comprehension over our former black & white photos.

Unfortunately the VIDEOS are locked behind a Gymnastics Canada paywall. The friction of remembering password and logging in results in far fewer views than we’d have if they were freely available online.

In 2018 most people value paper content over PDFs. They tend to put books on a shelf somewhere. Often misplace the PDF because of a poor digital filing system.


Coaches were more ACTIVE during a course when hands-on materials. It’s not nearly the same with a laptop or iPad.

I do think people will improve their digital learning skills over time. 

Coach Kyle – making Gymnastics corrections

Kyle Thalman:

1. Keep it short
2. Use a positive frame of vocabulary
3. Use very descriptive language
4. Use neutral tone / body language
5. Critique technique, not the gymnast
6. Be encouraging about making the fix
7. If there’s no change, try a different correction

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (13min)

related – Kyle’s Safe Spotting tutorial video

Christian Gallardo has a new coaching videos site


This page is dedicated to the reinvention of Gymnastics CCC (Gymnastics Coaching, Clinics, and Consulting). When I first started Gymnastics CCC my goal was to help the gymnastics community through shared knowledge. However, after getting more requests then I could commit to I realized that I’d have to find a more efficient way to share what I have learned.

This is where Patreon comes in. …

On this page I will post bi-weekly videos sharing my insight with videos, drills, and speeches taught and recorded by me on all sorts of gymnastics subjects. From coaching philosophies, to techniques and specifics like, which grips I suggest. There will be forums for coaches to bounce ideas off of each other, get to know each other and grow together. There will be guest speakers and contributors, giveaways and unique one-on-one consulting opportunities.

$15 or more / month is the start-up membership fee.


USAG cancels the Ranch

Good call.

Kerry Perry, president and CEO of USA Gymnastics:

“USA Gymnastics has terminated its agreement with the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas. It will no longer serve as the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center.

“It has been my intent to terminate this agreement since I began as president and CEO in December. Our most important priority is our athletes, and their training environment must reflect this. We are committed to a culture that empowers and supports our athletes.

“We have cancelled next week’s training camp for the U.S. Women’s National Team. We are exploring alternative sites to host training activities and camps until a permanent location is determined. We thank all those in the gymnastics community assisting in these efforts.”



Tony Retrosi is the United States Elite Coaches Association Chairman.

That’s an organization independent of USAG.


Is it time for the National Team Training Center at Karolyi’s Ranch to close?


… The information I can share is USAG is working on a plan for the new training center. In August they had 5 parties interested in working with USAG to build a new training center. …

Some have mentioned the USOTC in Colorado Springs as an alternative—good idea but it can barely handle the training schedule required for the men. …

The USA needs a world class training facility where coaches and gymnasts can learn and train with minimal distractions—a National Team Training Center where our National Teams in all disciplines can train on a regular basis and where we can develop the talent of our up and coming coaches as well.

We need USA Gymnastics University to be both a brick-and-mortar University (at the National Team Training Center) and an online source as well. We need the best and brightest to be teaching at national, regional and state congresses and conferences. I personally would like a university where gymnastics professionals can go and learn from the best and one to where the best can go and share their ideas and drills with each other.

This university and training center must be a safe place for all participants.

The funding involved in doing this would be astronomical, however, we MUST move forward at all costs and anything worthwhile starts with a dream. …

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USA Gymnastics University provides voluntary coach education courses in the USA.

Colorado Springs 2014 photo