Gymnastics coaches moving to Canada

All coaches in Canada must be certified through the National Coaching Certification Program.

If you move to Canada from another nation you can ‘challenge’ some levels. Approval is on a on a case by case basis.

If successful, a trained evaluator will meet with you at your Gym to observe your coaching and make a recommendation to Gymnastics Canada.


500th FIG Coach Education Course

Hardy Fink:

Age Group Development and Academy Programs …

As of now, 8473 different coaches from 139 countries have attended …

… in 90 countries over the past 16 years. …

… presented by 277 different experts from 44 countries.

… all seven FIG gymnastics sports that this year also include Parkour …

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Canadian Competition 2 Coaching course

Congratulations to the 9 coaches now trained at the NCCP Comp 2 level. They completed 4 intensive days of instruction at Dreams Gymnastics Academy in Edmonton.

Dreams owner Ashley Sportun hosted and was one of our clinicians, along with myself and Deanna Critchley.

The event was organized by Gina at Alberta Gymnastics.

Click PLAY or get a glimpse on YouTube.


Simone Biles MasterClass

Who wants to be coached by Simone?

17 lessons online, so far.


• Fundamental and advanced techniques for Bars
• Fundamental and advanced techniques for Floor
• Fundamental and advanced techniques for the Beam
• Fundamental and advanced techniques for Vault
• Overcoming fear
• Working through nervous energy
• Insight into high-level gymnastics competition
• Setting goals
• Working with coaches
• Performing under pressure


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‘Positive Psychology, Communication & Athlete Safety’

A new online course is available based on Lisa Mitzel’s book FOCUSED AND INSPIRED: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World.

It focuses on the nuances of words and emotions in the coach-athlete dynamic.

Coaches learn from various areas including human behavior studies, child development, philosophy, education, and meditation.

Check it out here – Positive Psychology, Communication and Athlete Safety

G.S. George has a companion course – Biomechanical Techniques