NEW Pommel Book by Miguel Costante 

Amazon for Kindle or Paperback:

The English translation has just been released. Miguel has coached in Canada for decades and is completely bilingual.

Miguel is widely recognized one of the best MAG age-group coaches.

He’s available as a consultant for any club worldwide.

Happily, Miguel also has a lot of FREE content on his site in both English & Spanish so you can check out his coaching philosophy first.

The NEW website is (no S at the end of Gymnastic)

Luke Carson – modern coaching

Luke Carson is the personal coach of Rhys McClenaghan2022 world champion on pommel horse. 2-time European champion and a Commonwealth Games champion on the same apparatus.

Luke is now the Men’s National Coach for Ireland, as well. As everyone has noticed, that nation is one of the most improved in recent years.

As part of the FREE FIG Education Seminars program, Luke explains his philosophy of coaching.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. ~ Miguel Costante

Miguel Costante is widely recognized one of the best MAG age-group coaches in Canada.

He’s available as a consultant for any club worldwide.

Happily, Miguel also has a lot of FREE content on his site in both English & Spanish so you can check out his coaching philosophy first.

The NEW website is (no S at the end of Gymnastic)

Moy progressions

Shun Tomizawa is a Japanese coach who worked in Canada. And is currently in Germany.

He has many MAG tutorials on his YouTube channel. Here are a couple of samples.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Fun fact. As a young coach, we took a team of Americans and Canadians to Netherlands for a friendly international competition. Moy won the AA representing France. He was already excellent at age-16.

2023 SHIFT Symposium in June

 The SHIFT Symposium is a 3 day online gymnastics education event.

June 23-25, 2023.

… recording every lecture, collecting every handout, and uploading them all to the course website so that people can either see the recordings or purchase the course after the weekend takes place. …

View ticket options.

SPIN Summit 2022, Vancouver

December 7-9, 2022 in Richmond, B.C.

The SPort INnovation (SPIN) Summit is Canada’s leading edge symposium for professional development and networking in the areas of applied sport science, sports medicine, and innovation.

This annual conference combines experts from around the globe to build knowledge and skills to support Olympic and Paralympic sport success through applied scientific research.

Registration deadline – November 30, 2022

GymCan Culture Report expected JAN 2023

Gymnastics Canada brought in McLaren Global Sport Solutions to review Ethics, Safety & Culture.

Richard McLaren, who led investigations into Russian doping and corruption in the International Weightlifting Federation, is well respected in the field.

I first filled out McLaren’s online survey. Better than most of those fill-in-the-blank forms.

At the end of that survey, I was asked if I would be available for an in-person online interview. Of course I was keen to do so — and that happened NOV 8th.

About 90 minutes long, I felt McLaren was very open to hearing everything I had to say regarding culture. We spent most of the time talking recommendations for the future.

For example, I was asked what 3 changes I’d make first IF I was suddenly in charge of Gymnastics Canada.

I did call McLaren out on independence and transparency. And left convinced GymCan will have no influence on their findings.

McLaren Global Sport Solutions and those within it are completely independent of Gymnastics Canada, its sponsors, and other stakeholders.

MGSS has been contracted by Gymnastics Canada to independently, and without any interference or dictates from the sport, develop a Roadmap to a Culture Review and a Safe Sport Policy Review.

Roadmap to a Culture Review & Safe Sport Policy Review terms of reference

For example, the McLaren Report of Canada Soccer published July 2022 was scathing.

I told my interviewers they should do exactly the same with Gymnastics if that’s what the investigation finds.

I’d recommend spokespeople from Gymnasts for Change Canada have interviews with McLaren. They will listen.

The documentary BROKEN – The Toxic Culture of Canadian Gymnastics was released this week.

Canadian victims can contact Gymnasts for Change:

Tanenbaum Institute for Science in Sport – Toronto

A NEW initiative.

The Tanenbaum Institute will bring together the leading sport science research of U of T’s Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, the sports medicine research expertise of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, and the renowned clinical and research leadership of the Dovigi Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Clinic and the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute at Sinai Health. …

… the Tanenbaum Institute will work in partnership with sports clinics, associations and organizations, including Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) and its teams: the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC and the Toronto Argonauts, …

Press Release

Thanks Jeff.

Canadian clinicians needed

This post is for Canadians only.

Gymnastics Canada will be training clinicians who will be teaching skills required to compete nationally.

Keith Russell will be leading this training.