GAGE Summer Camp 2019

I visit a lot of clubs around the world.

The safest I’ve seen is GAGE in Kansas City, Missouri. Al builds a lot of his own equipment and matting to make circuits safer and more efficient.

If you want to see for yourself, consider registering for camp this summer.


related – Former GAGE gymnasts Sarah (Shire) Brown — currently Head Coach at Penn State — is very entertaining and eloquent in talking about her years at GAGE. Listen to that interview on GymCastic episode 358.

FIG Parkour Age Group Programme under development


With the adoption of the new discipline of Parkour by the FIG Congress in December 2018, it became necessary to develop coach education programmes also for this discipline. …

The Parkour specialists that were invited to be members of the working group were Charles Perrière of France, the President of the FIG Parkour Commission, FIG Athletes’ Representative Micaela Buono Pugh of Argentina and Francisco de la Riva Vasquez of Belgium. …

It was an extraordinarily interesting meeting about a sport, many of whose participants believe in the values that Parkour should be discovered and cannot be taught and that the activity should not be competition oriented. But with the expectation that this will be an Olympic sport in 2024, things will change dramatically as athletes will most certainly be specifically trained from a young age.

The challenge was to find a solution that provides structure yet has ample room for freedom, innovation, discovery and creativity. The structure is necessary to assure the safe, healthy, gradual and systematic development of athletes towards future high-performance excellence. …

Firsts for FIG coach education activities in February 2019

If FIG is going to run obstacle course competitions, obviously they need offer coach education.

Lee Woolls interview

Lee is one of the coaches in the world I admire most.

Check his YouTube channel to see what I mean.

Lee is Men’s Head Coach at City of Birmingham,  having built it into a powerhouse over the past 11 years. He didn’t copy anyone. Lee rather tries to learn from everyone and anyone.

Though well known as a superb basics coach, he’s currently coaching 6 seniors including Dominick Cunningham and Joe Fraser.

The interview is excellent. Lee very down to earth. Easy to listen to.

shout out for Springers Gymnastics Winnipeg

Thanks to the coaches and JO 8 and up athletes who attended my one day in-house clinic at Springers Winnipeg. It was fun.

Just back from holidays we focused on a few themes: Staying healthy & happy, Handstands, Landings, improving Tumbling basics, Bar releases and more.

One of their top gymnasts is Jordyn Galloway who’s considering continuing her career in the NCAA. Check out her YouTube channel.

Gymnastics Coaching Course – Winnipeg

Congratulations to the coaches who attended our intensive 4-day Competition 1 course (WAG & MAG) hosted by Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre.

Clinicians Rick McCharles and Hélène Desmarais.

All coaches are now considered “trained“. Next step in Canada is to “certify”.

That requires putting together a coaching portfolio including yearly training plan. Spotting is assessed and coaches are given feedback over a 1-hour in-gym session` with a Coach Evaluator.

new Canadian Competition 4 coaches

Just in time for Christmas.

Competition 4 is the highest level of certification. It’s required of all coaches taking gymnasts on the floor for Canada in international meets.

Group photo of those wrapping up before the holidays.

Changes for the next cycle have not yet been announced.