WAG Competition 1 coaching course

Myself and Melissa Coombs will be facilitating a Competition 1 coaching course December 27-30 in Vancouver.



International PanAm Trampoline clinic

The Federacion Panamena de Gimnasia and Pan American Gymnastics Union recently hosted athletes and coaches from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Republica Dominicana, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama at a 2017 international Pan American Trampoline Gymnastics Training Camp exchange program, a four-day event that included clinics for gymnasts and coaches.

The camp included instruction from the Canadian and Mexican national coaching staff, Dave Ross from Canada and Margarita Zermeño from Mexico. …

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World Championships selling out

Via the organizing committee’s official twitter account.

You might still be able to get good finals seats by registering for the sports symposium + tickets package.

Steve Bonham – Science of the Handstand

Steve did a handstand clinic at EVO Athletics (Sarasota, FL), Aimee Boorman’s new Gym.

A handstand clinic like you’ve NEVER seen before.

He posted a PDF summary online. Every coach needs take a look at this. 🙂

via Gymnastics Coaches Skills & Drills

Gymnastics BC Recreational Parkour

Now that FIG has adopted a form of Parkour / Free Running, some nations will start to formalize the activity. That’s a good thing. Many kids doing Parkour training at Gymnastics clubs are not as safe as they should be.

Gymnastics British Columbia wants to begin training instructors.