Takashi Kobayashi is dead

As feared, the great coach and coach educator Kobayashi sensei passed away on the evening of July 20 Japan time.

Stomach cancer.

His funeral will be held in Yokohama, his home town, on the 24th (the vigil on 23rd).

Takashi was one of the most widely admired and respected coaches worldwide. His philosophy and techniques shared through FIG coach education events greatly appreciated.


2018 Alberta Gymnastics Congress

Oct 12-14

Presenters announced so far:

  • Tony Smith, Gymnastics Canada National Team Director, MAG
  • Tom Koll, USGA National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman WAG, & Women’s Program Committee Chairman
  • Randy Parish, Flip Fest Summer Camp Director
  • Sarah Thomas, USGA National Junior Olympic Committee Chair, ACRO
  • Bill Perkins, T & T Coach for over 40 years producing 3 World Champions
  • Frank Sahlein, CEO 3rd Level Consulting

Details. 3 Day Pass: CAD$390

For some reason you can’t register until early August.

It sounds like B.C. Congress will no longer be scheduled. B.C. coaches are welcome to attend the Alberta event, of course.

Introduction to Competitive Gymnastics – Vancouver

Congratulations to coaches who completed our 4 day C1 coaching course at Phoenix Gymnastics, Vancouver.

Competition 1 is the Canadian introduction to competitive.

click for larger version

Clinicians: Kyna Fletcher, Rick McCharles, John Carroll, Lucas Tiefenbach, Terry Mitruk, Merle Pyke.

Both MAG and WAG were offered.

Fun fact. Phoenix is the Gym used in the Simone Biles biopic. Here’s Jeanté Godlock playing Simone in the film.

coaching course Phoenix, Vancouver

Congratulations to the 19 coaches who successfully completed our 5 day Competitive 2 at Phoenix Gymnastics, Vancouver.

Personal shout out to Kyna Fletcher from Phoenix who helped teach the course as well as hosting. A big booster of coach eduction nationally.

The three other clinicians: Rick McCharles, Bobbie Worrall and John Carroll from Gymnastics B.C.

At Phoenix the ladies all coach Bars. #respect  


“Sport Education and Consulting”

This week Ken Miller and his wife Bertina Hsu-Miller stopped by Bermuda Gymnastics Association to give staff a quick introduction to their mission:

We do not teach the sport: rather we teach children how to do the sport.

The passion of Sport Education and Consulting is to teach and inspire coaches by improving their delivery skills and knowledge so they can maximize their positive impact on children’s lives.

Ken and Bertina reviewed pedagogy. Teaching and learning. We all agreed that talking at kids is not the most effective way to communicate. 😀

To learn more check their website:


The Millers were on holiday, actually. Thanks for making the time to visit.