“Sport Education and Consulting”

This week Ken Miller and his wife Bertina Hsu-Miller stopped by Bermuda Gymnastics Association to give staff a quick introduction to their mission:

We do not teach the sport: rather we teach children how to do the sport.

The passion of Sport Education and Consulting is to teach and inspire coaches by improving their delivery skills and knowledge so they can maximize their positive impact on children’s lives.

Ken and Bertina reviewed pedagogy. Teaching and learning. We all agreed that talking at kids is not the most effective way to communicate. 😀

To learn more check their website:


The Millers were on holiday, actually. Thanks for making the time to visit. 

cover girl Laurie Hernandez

An Anatomy Physiology text.

Professor Keith Russell many times brought in male gymnasts to “demonstrate” in Anatomy class.

(via theGymter.net)

Australia – gender equality among elite coaches

For the first time the Commonwealth Games will achieve gender equality in the number of medals awarded at the Gold Coast, so sports officials have now turned their attention to a glaring imbalance between men and women in the coaching ranks …

At the previous Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, just 10 per cent of the Australian coaches were female …

The AIS and Commonwealth Games Australia are collaborating on a program designed to accelerate the development of eight female high-performance coaches, by bringing them to the Games for mentoring and education. …

The Australian

We all need to encourage girls and women to coach all apparatus.