U.S. Gymnastics Club Owners Association

Update: The Region 5 Director is Don McPherson.

That’s a red flag for me. He’s well known online for defending Steve Penney, the old system. And belittling survivors. At one point he tried to apologize:

___ original post:

This is an independent organization that has been formed by US club owners to help provide guidance to USA Gymnastics in moving the sport of gymnastics in a positive direction. …

… charter members donated $1,000.00 each to cover the financial and legal obligations in forming such an organization.


Click over to the official website to learn more – usgcoa.org

General Membership will open on January 1, 2019. The cost for membership will be published after the next board meeting.

I’d hoped this new organization might do more for coach education. The only mention of the word education, however, is here:

In the future the USGCOA will be hosting an Owners Summit. The focus will be on ways to improve your business. Many topics that are pertinent & beneficial to club owners and your bottom-line. This is tentatively scheduled for October of 2019 in Las Vegas.

It’s possible USGCOA might be a candidate to take over from USAG as national Sports Governing Body.

January 2019 – British Gymnastics Symposium

12th and 13th January at Lilleshall National Sports Centre

Some of the presenters:

Donatella Sacchi – FIG Women’s Tecnical Committee Chair

Amanda Reddin – Women’s Artistic Head National Coach

David Kenwright – Women’s Artistic National Coach

Paul Hall – newly appointed Men’s Artistic Head National Coach

Gheorge Predescu – Performance Coach for Men’s and Women’s Artistic

Ionut Trandaburu – Director of Coaching at Pegusus and personal coach to James Hall and Courtney Tulloch

Andy Tombs – Chair of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee and FIG Men’s Technical Committee member


Paul Hall

In praise of Gymnastics in the USA

Once again USAG is headline news in mainstream media. Another self-inflicted shot in the foot.

Criticism is much deserved. Whomever voted for Mary Bono as President should recuse themselves from the next selection process.

That said, Tony Retrosi took the time to post some of the many excellent things that are happening in the USA:

Gymnastics IS GREAT- And we will make it EVEN BETTER

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—> worlds selection camp

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Takashi Kobayashi is dead

As feared, the great coach and coach educator Kobayashi sensei passed away on the evening of July 20 Japan time.

Stomach cancer.

His funeral will be held in Yokohama, his home town, on the 24th (the vigil on 23rd).

Takashi was one of the most widely admired and respected coaches worldwide. His philosophy and techniques shared through FIG coach education events greatly appreciated.


2018 Alberta Gymnastics Congress

Oct 12-14

Presenters announced so far:

  • Tony Smith, Gymnastics Canada National Team Director, MAG
  • Tom Koll, USGA National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman WAG, & Women’s Program Committee Chairman
  • Randy Parish, Flip Fest Summer Camp Director
  • Sarah Thomas, USGA National Junior Olympic Committee Chair, ACRO
  • Bill Perkins, T & T Coach for over 40 years producing 3 World Champions
  • Frank Sahlein, CEO 3rd Level Consulting

Details. 3 Day Pass: CAD$390

For some reason you can’t register until early August.

It sounds like B.C. Congress will no longer be scheduled. B.C. coaches are welcome to attend the Alberta event, of course.