Jackson Payne’s new APP

Jackson was one of the gymnast who retired rather than training another year in hopes of getting one of the two AA spots available from PanAm Championships.

He had represented Canada over 50 times in more than 20 countries

Now the father of two young children, Jackson launched an APP in his home town of Edmonton.

It’s called Deeleeo. Delivery simplified. Use it to send a package, or earn money by making deliveries.

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Yurchenko analysis

Using 3D Gym from FB-Curves WAG app.

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Ella Douglas interview

In appreciation of LGBTQ Pride Month, June in the USA, I’m linking to an entertaining interview on the Half In, Half Out LGBTQ+ Podcast.

Listen to out Canadian gymnast Ella Douglas who was Co-Captain of the MSU team in 2020, her Senior year.

Ella was totally accepted by her team after announcing her girlfriend. Coaches, friends, everyone.

Ella will be a volunteer coach with MSU next year now that she’s graduated.

Of course there have been other Lesbian WAG gymnasts in College Gymnastics. And some have been open with that to friends and teammates while still competing.

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Dave Holcomb – New Normal when you reopen

Dave is one of the leaders I’ve followed on how to reopen safely.

Dealing with parents is his main challenge right now.

For example, parent viewing.  He’s asking parents to watch on their phones using an app called Spot TV.  It’s a partner program with their club’s Jackrabbit software.

On spotting, Dave is aware of clubs offering classes with no spotting.

His club is going to require coaches who spot to wear masks when they do.  In addition, his staff can wear masks whenever they wish.

Also, parents will fill out an additional release form confirming they allow coaches to spot their child.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (43min). There are a few sections of frozen video, including the last few minutes – the usual technical glitches.

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Gymnastics Australia COVID-19 reopening

Frank Sahlein shared a document from Gymnastics Australia:


Once gymnastics clubs are provided with the endorsement to resume gymnastics activities in any capacity, the following specific factors for a safe resumption of training and participation should be considered …

Program Scheduling

  • How can training be staggered to minimise numbers and reduce contact?
  • Modifying training times so that there are less people present at one time
  • Scheduling adequate venue and equipment cleaning time between sessions.


  • Bathrooms/change rooms, kitchens, and entrance foyer

  • What is the protocol and frequency of cleaning shared facilities?

  • Treatment of surfaces

    • –  A single deep clean will not provide any ongoing protection

    • –  Use a product with residual viricidal activity to inactivate viruses

    • –  Diluted bleach solution for non-porous surfaces (70% alcohol solution or diluted bleach solution) is effective on non-porous surfaces.

    • –  Surfaces such vinyl mat coverings, high touch areas (doorknobs, benches, etc) require regular mechanical wiping.

    • –  Some cleaning solutions may cause skin irritation, so take care to use gloves when cleaning, and wipe mats again with damp cloth (water) for surfaces that have greater contact area (e.g. children lying on mats).

That’s a short excerpt.

Read the entire document.

One recommendation new to me was this:

Gymnastics Australia recommends that all its members download the Australian Government COVID-19 contact tracing app (COVIDSafe).

France partners with FB Curves 3D Gym

Search for the free app (MAG or WAG) to see samples. From there you can decide whether to purchase the PAID version.

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3D Gym from FB-Curves – DEDUCTIONS

These come from the 3D Gym from FB-Curves app — I believe. Click through this Twitter thread to see more.

Former French gymnast Fabien BOUGAS developed this software. Male Artistic Gymnastics elements in 3D.

There is a version (only  45 skills) available free for iOS devices. You can pay to upgrade to the full version.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on YouTube.


Fujitsu “judging support system” at Worlds 2019

The system uses 3D laser scanner sensors to capture the gymnasts’ movements in real time, providing two million shots per second on areas such as arm or leg bend angles, angles of elevation and height of particular moves.

This is then compared to a database of existing recognised moves and routines to hopefully provide a more accurate picture of an athlete’s routine for the judges. …

The technology is now planned to be deployed at the forthcoming Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, held from October 4th-13th  in Stuttgart, Germany, with further tests planned as Fujtisu aims to get it included at Tokyo 2020.

Tech Radar 

GymCastic reported that FIG plans to test the technology on 2 WAG apparatus, 3 MAG apparatus in Stuttgart.

Thanks @usgymie

Code of Points in your pocket

For US $1.39 you can carry the 2020 WAG or MAG Code of Points with you on your phone.

Apparatus are searchable. You’d most often use it to quickly look up a skill.

FIG illustrations included. It was developed by former Ohio State gymnast Seth Delbridge.

Available for both IOS and Android.

Via Peter Daggett