Oklahoma, Georgia to Nationals

OKLAHOMA 198.475
GEORGIA 198.050

CAL 197.675
KENTUCKY 197.600

It took 198+ to get through — #ScoreInflation — but what a competition. Spencer called the judging “unprofessional and atrocious“.

Utah, Minnesota, Denver, Boise State advance

I was at the Corvallis Regional.

In the first of the two sessions today Denver was certainly the best of the 4 teams. 49.475 on Beam! That’s their Regionals record and the score was deserved. Congratulations.

Boise crushed it on Bars (as usual) in the 4th rotation to live to fight another day. University of Washington and SUU were in it. An exciting competition to watch.

I found the judging on Beam and Bars to be NCAA normal. 🙄 … But Vault and Floor judging was poor in my opinion. The scores were boxed with little differentiation between excellent and average.

2024 Code to be discussed at Worlds 2019

Few major changes.

“What we want to enhance is more elegance in the movement.

Elegance is not only about the choreography or the artistry, it is also present in the way gymnasts perform. This is the plus that everybody enjoys, this is the difference that creates emotion for those who watch the performance,” said the TC President.

“We have already noticed a big improvement on the Floor Exercise. But it is not only on the Floor or on the Beam, it is also on the Uneven Bars and even on the Vault,” she added. …


I would have been happier to hear them pilot computer video analysis of Vault, not Artistry on Vault.

Sounds like evaluation will be even more subjective in the next cycle than it is today. ☹️

new skill by Gabriel Hannah

Coach Will Banthorpe posted this.

Handspring to double salto forwards with 1/2 twist ~ Morandi with 1/2 turn.

Yep. It should be impossible.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.

Gabriel competed it this weekend and was awarded E-value.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.

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The Unnoficial "Hannah" Element! 🤸🏼‍♂️ . So I have been working this skill for a long time now, and kept it under wraps as I was hoping to compete it at this year's World Univeristy Games and receive that accolade all gymnasts dream of – having a skill named after them! Unfortunatley I was unable to attend this competition and therefore wouldn't be able to debut my skill. HOWEVER I decided even if it doesn't get officially named after me, at least I can be the very first person in the world to compete it! So here it is! A handspring with front salto and 1/2 turn in competition at the British Championships (Morandi 1/2). I submitted it to the officials, of whom some are senior members of FIG and I was given an E-Value . The floor is quite literally open now for anyone who wishes to take the skill as their own! But I will always be able to say I was still the first to compete it! (Even if it wasn't perfect on the day- I am still over the moon to have competed it) . @gymnasticshighlights @gymnastics.spotlight @gymnastics_intl @supremegymnastics @men_gymnastics @pure_gymnastics @gym_storage @insidegym @usagym @nilemw #Loughborough #GabesGradLife #Graduate #GradLife #WorkingGymnast #fitness #BritishChampionships #GymnasticsHighlights

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Sam Mikulak – P Bars

Sam had a good American Cup and counting the ACTUAL scores he tied Yul Moldauer for 1st in the AA. Weird and wrong FIG truncating of scores to 3 decimal places put him in 2nd place.

I don’t feel that badly for Sam, however. Many in the MAG community pointed out he should never have been awarded 7.966 E-score on P Bars. Sam had a full fall on to the equipment. … Who were the judges?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Score: 14.066 (6.1, 7.966)

how to Giant tap OVER the low Bar

Very, very few adult gymnasts can do it without deduction.

Click PLAY or watch Cintia on Twitter.

Don’t teach that technique unless you are the world’s greatest Bar coach. It’s a near guaranteed deduction.

greater accountability for Gymnastics judges

I was an FIG judge for decades. Always willing to justify my scores to any gymnast or coach.

Over that time in MAG we sometimes published the names of judge scores on each apparatus. Sometimes we didn’t.

Personally I feel judging would be better — more accurate — more objective — if judges names were published with the scores they awarded.

Officials in other sports are far more visible than Gymnastics.

You can see them for NCAA meets on Road To Nationals. For example, if you go to the results page for the Jan-05-2019 Oklahoma – Arkansas meet, and click on the PDF link top left, you get the official score sheet signed by the judges.

Also. Perhaps they could TRY to not to score based on reputation.

Thanks Cordelia.