Utah 198.075 at UCLA 198.025

Though the judging was absurd, both teams had great performances.

Right now I’d predict UCLA, Utah, Florida and Oklahoma to be fighting it out at Nationals.

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Michigan’s Olivia Karas was impressed.

In addition, we’ve been waiting for this.

Donte McKinney DID NOT have a 9.7 E-score

UPDATE – Looking at the tweet below I wrongly thought Donte was awarded a super high 9.7 E-score. 

In fact, he was awarded 9.7 in the experimental 10.0 conversion system used at this competition. His E-score was 9.2

Thank Dave for correcting my error.

… I’m wondering how many others will be confused on this.

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(via College Gym News)

NCAA Men – Minnesota hosts a 10.0 Meet

As an experiment, the audience will be shown a score out of 10.0 in addition to their normal FIG score.

“A gymnast must score a 15.0 or higher to earn a 10 in the converted system, along with sticking their dismount. Conversion tables will be accessible to those in attendance to keep track of both the open-ended and 10.0 scores. …

Combining FIG scoring with the 10.0 system in-arena is a move that will hopefully provide a more understandable and entertaining product for both longtime and casual fans.  …”

Men’s Gymnastics To Host “Flashback Friday” 10.0 Meet

Should NCAA Men switch to the 10.0 system.

Oklahoma Head Coach Mark Williams doesn’t think so.

Personally I don’t think it would work to improve chances the American Collegiate program survives.

Right now some of the Men’s teams are doing a poor job of social media, LIVE competition video and LIVE scoring. At almost zero budget, that would be the best first step.

It might be worth keeping FIG scoring while doing more to publicize high E-score routines. Post the E-score alongside final score, for example.

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Lexy Ramler 10.0 Beam

About time. This is Lexy’s first 10 and she could have had MANY by now if she competed for another team.

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Lexy was excited her team had a record high Beam score, as well.