Worlds 2019 – Fujitsu’s judging support system

I’m looking forward to seeing if this helps.

… The judging support system will now be tested at a forthcoming World Cup event and targeted for deployment at the 2019 World Championships …

… assist judges in coming to accurate determination of elements by capturing the gymnasts’ movements with 3D laser sensors and analysing as numerical data. …

Provide training solutions …

Improvement of entertainment applications and expansion of fan-base

– Offer TV and online broadcasting contents, while providing display boards and smartphone systems for visitors at competitions, to make Gymnastics more entertaining …

FIG’s Athletes’ input to FIG in Doha

It appears the world’s best Artistic gymnasts made great choices when electing former world champion Aljaz Pegan (SLO) and two-time Olympic medallist Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) to the FIG’s Athletes’ Commission to respectively be their men’s and women’s representatives. The pair exuded passion and commitment as they revealed the key issues at the forefront of their gymnasts’ minds during the Doha 2018 World Championships. …

… biggest issue they had was about the equipment …

… second issue was the colour of the equipment …

One area the male gymnasts were immediately vocal on was judging. The desire for as much consistency as possible …

“I explained about the Fujitsu project,” the 44 year old (Pegan) said, referencing an on-going FIG-led concept, looking into building a high-end data support system for judges. “Then we took them into a Fujitsu meeting.”

The project received universally positive feedback from the gymnasts …

Gymnasts plotting way forward for the sport

Men’s AA ranked by Difficulty and Execution


  1. Artur Dalaloyan- 52.298
  2. Xiao Ruoteng- 51.898
  3. Artur Davtyan- 51.640
  4. Sun Wei- 50.998
  5. Sam Mikulak- 50.673
  6. Marios Georgiou- 50.232


(Note this is just the difficulty they were credited with in the final, so many of them will have lower difficulty counted here than planned due to errors.)

  1. Nikita Nagornyy- 36.1
  2. Xiao Ruoteng- 35.7
  3. Kenzo Shirai- 35.5
  4. Artur Dalaloyan- 35.3
  5. Oleg Verniaiev- 35.2
  6. Sun Wei/Kazuma Kaya- 35.0

See the full list on MAGnastics.

Nush’s Beam dismount

FIG won’t allow her to slide mats further to the dismount side.

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Recall Alan Nolet and Davide Bardana competing Flyaway double back off the side of P Bars. We were allowed to move the mats.

Biles on Vault

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