when MEN competed ‘Inbars’

IMHO – Inbars should be valued same as Stalder, Endo. 

It’s not a skill we should be encouraging. 

Growing up in western Canada we never called piked Endo or piked Stalder ‘Inbars‘.

Most often we called them stooped Stalder, stooped Endo.

Sometimes Stalder piked, Endo piked.

The WAG Code currently calls them Clear Pike Circles.  That’s better than Inbars, in my opinion.

These swings are a problem for WAG in 2020 for several reasons:

  • risk of lower back injury due to force of compression at the bottom
  • deduction for flexed feet getting into and out of the swing
  • deduction for lack of hip flexion
  • difficulty in getting back to handstand

They aren’t a problem for MAG and haven’t been since the men’s Code devalued to same as regular Stalder / Endo. We no longer see them in MAG competition.

But there was fugly era when MANY male gymnasts competed them for difficulty.  Very few men had the genetic limb length and physical ability to do them well.  It was painful to watch.

I coached only one who trained them, Davide Bardana. He’s also the best I can recall.

Kyle Shewfelt, years later at the same club, competed them as cleanly as any male gymnast of the day.

Click PLAY or watch Kyle on YouTube. Pirouette angle deductions weren’t as important in that Code as they are today.


FIG Olympics qualification decisions

Yesterday FIG announced what they plan to do in light of the 2020 Olympics being delayed to 2021.

Spencer’s posted the most thoughtful reaction I’ve seen so far:


  • 2017-2020 code of points will remain in force until the end of 2021.


  • Athletes who turn senior in 2021 WILL be eligible to qualify for and compete in the Olympics.

Spencer is OK with that decision. Kyle Shewfelt, for example, disagrees.

For example, 2019 Junior World all-around champion Viktoria Listunova is now eligible.

  • Weirdly, FIG is going to use the Baku World Cup 2020 preliminary rankings for points, since the Final was cancelled.


  • Copenhagen Worlds 2021 will be held as scheduled.