Hey – CROOKED Vault landing mat

Men’s team competition 2019 Worlds. Hopefully the Speith guys, judges or coaches will CHECK for the MAG Final.

related – Spieth is one of the providers for Tokyo. Another is Senoh. They’ll be no change from Spieth equipment used here through to Tokyo.

a new award for DIFFICULTY ?!

Bad idea. 😕

I’m be OK with additional awards for Elegance. Or E-score. But rewarding difficulty for the sake of difficulty could be dangerous.

“The gymnast must never attempt to increase the difficulty or the “D” score at the expense of aesthetic and technical execution. …”

Fujitsu 3D computer video analysis UPDATE

Today at Worlds, Fujitsu held a press conference telling us where they are at with the technology.

Former FIG MTC Chair Steve Butcher is our liaison.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It’s being used at Worlds 2019, but only in case of appeal or ‘blocked score’. Blocked score is when the Superior Jury disagree with the D-panel start score.

MAG Vault, Rings, Pommels and WAG Vault.

WAG Beam looks near ready but is not being used here.

Steve said it had been used on Rings already and that judges had found it valuable.

IOC has not approved it for use at the Tokyo Olympics but FIG and Fujitsu plan to roll it out increasingly through to the 2024 Olympics.

I’m most excited about it being used by coaches in the Gym. Fujitsu will offer it to National Training Centres (or equivalent) worldwide.


top D & E scores from Team Final

Needless to say, E-scores are more important to me than D-scores.

Horizontal Bar – German Giants

Just today I learned that FIG MTC has clarified evaluation of German Giants.

You can watch one variation HERE.

Some of the guys at Worlds can get 2 C-parts.

1. German Giant = C

2. Koste = C

The clarification is for gymnasts who do not make it to nominal handstand on the Koste. If not, it’s a part of no value — but without deduction.

That’s inconsistent with the rest of the Code. Illogical. But I kind of like it anyaway as I do appreciate German giants.

The alternative now is for gymnasts not to go to handstand and simply do Stalder (B-part) out. If they have enough value parts the net loss is only 0.1 from D-score.

Leave a comment if I still have this wrong.

inspirational gymnast Ronny Ziesmer

The 2003 German AA national champion Ronny Ziesmer was paralyzed training Tsuk double back preparing for the Athens Olympics.

I was reminded of Ronny’s story watching the far-too-dangerous Vault landings at Worlds in Stuttgart. Obviously the rules should be changed so there is less incentive in chucking BIG difficulty vaults.

Is Ronny coming to Worlds?

* Ronny Ziesmer founded the “Alliance of Hope Foundation” which supports the worldwide research in the field of regeneration of nerve cells in the spinal cord. Patron of the Foundation, the German Federal Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel.

* Ronny Ziesmer started three times at the Berlin Marathon (2009, 2010, 2011) in the handbike. His goal is to attend the 2016 Paralympics.

* Just now in October 2011 Ronny Ziesmer has just completed a very successful study of biotechnology at the German “University Lausitz” in Senftenberg (near his hometown Cottbus) as a “Bachelor of Science”.

* Ronny Ziesmer is also working for the biggest European and German TV station “ZDF” as a co-commentator for the artistic gymnastic events like worlds, Europeans or Olympic Games.

The Agency, European Gymnastics Service “GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL” supports and cared for these exceptional athletes in all its responsibilities.


Click PLAY or watch a short documentary on YouTube.

That’s on the gymmedia2010 YouTube channel.

related – Stanford gymnast Adriana Duffy, competing for Puerto Rico, was paralyzed competing Handspring Front vault at Stuttgart Worlds 1989.

(via Vídeos de gimnasia)