3D Gym from FB-Curves – DEDUCTIONS

These come from the 3D Gym from FB-Curves app — I believe. Click through this Twitter thread to see more.

Former French gymnast Fabien BOUGAS developed this software. Male Artistic Gymnastics elements in 3D.

There is a version (only  45 skills) available free for iOS devices. You can pay to upgrade to the full version.

Click PLAY or watch a sample on YouTube.


Men’s NCAA may show scores out of a PERFECT 10

Division 1 Men’s College Gymnastics in the USA continues to decline. One day there may only be College clubs. 😕

To improve the situation the Men’s College Gymnastics Association are considering some changes:

  • do we make our scoring more understandable?
  • How do we make our competitions easier to follow?
  • How can we make our product more attractive for television?
  • How do we increase parity and competitiveness within our competitions?

Proposal: Use a 10.0 conversion system in conjunction with the open ended scoring system

Straw Vote: 21 in favor; 4 against; 11 abstentions.

Some of the top coaches are strongly against.

If a gymnast scored 14.00 FIG they would flash a 9.75.

Personally, I think it’s worth a try.

Spencer and @papaliukin point out that a BETTER change would be for Men’s teams to provide good, consistent scoring, University media coverage and online video.  

Since the Men are already posting competition videos after the fact on Road to Nationals, I’d like to see them increasingly use that site for LIVE coverage. LIVE scoring, etc.

There’s much more under consideration. Click through for Details.

FIG wants to scan gymnasts at Jr Worlds

Luba found this on the workplan for Junior Worlds on the FIG website.

Certainly that data would have to be kept confidential.

Emilie Hong 10.0 vault

At Canadian Nationals.

Emily trains at Langley in Vancouver.

It reminds me of Kelly Johnston’s vault from last Nationals in Elite where Kelly scored higher than 3 Olympic Vault finalists.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

NCAA videos on Road to Nationals

Most of the Men’s teams have taken advantage of a NEW feature on RoadToNationals.com.

It hasn’t caught on yet with many of the Women’s teams.

Fujitsu “judging support system” at Worlds 2019

The system uses 3D laser scanner sensors to capture the gymnasts’ movements in real time, providing two million shots per second on areas such as arm or leg bend angles, angles of elevation and height of particular moves.

This is then compared to a database of existing recognised moves and routines to hopefully provide a more accurate picture of an athlete’s routine for the judges. …

The technology is now planned to be deployed at the forthcoming Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, held from October 4th-13th  in Stuttgart, Germany, with further tests planned as Fujtisu aims to get it included at Tokyo 2020.

Tech Radar 

GymCastic reported that FIG plans to test the technology on 2 WAG apparatus, 3 MAG apparatus in Stuttgart.

Thanks @usgymie

FIG Beam landing mats

FIG allows the COLUSSI-PELAEZ dismount. Yet doesn’t allow Nush sufficient matting  to do that dismount safely.

FIG MTC clarifications and updates

Compression Bandages
• Gymnasts must refrain from wearing compression sleeves during competition
• Deduction 0.3

Recognition of Swallow versus Support scale (Planche)

• In order to provide clarity; if the shoulder is completely above the top of the Rings the element will be recognized as a support scale.

Horizontal Bar
• Regarding the performance expectations for the exit from the Czech giant swing; A simple stoop exit from dorsal hang is permitted without an angular deviation deduction, but also does not receive any value.