Alice Kinsella wins Beam

1. Alice Kinsella ENG 13.700
2. Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 13.066
3. Kelly Simm ENG 13.033

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GRB hit best, I thought. Who knows what Beam judges are doing in 2018?

Lauren Bridgens – Bars

10 from this judge. Handstands like Vanessa Zamarripa.

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Greg Marsden on NCAA judging

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Yes NCAA scoring is silly. Yes those high scores help with the popularity of the sport.

Long, long ago I was advised to drop the first digit when looking at College scores.

9.975 = 9.75
9.900 = 9.00
9.850 = 8.50

That gives you some range between routines.

Most important is that judges get the ranking right. They most often do.

That said, I think judges should be far more accountable. Their names should be included on results. Fans should be able to call them out they way they do baseball umpires and soccer referees.

UCLA & Oklahoma 10-fest


UCLA, Oklahoma Gymnasts Give Super Showcase

Teams combine for six 10.0s.

Judging was too high, but it was a great competition none the less.

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Oklahoma still leads NCCA

Week 5.

Spencer posted the best wrap-up of week 5.

On GymCastic #175 he said this past weekend had CRACK judging all over the place. Impossible scores.