the GREAT Elise Ray

Today Elise Ray-Statz is Head Coach of the University of Washington.

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Oklahoma ALL 10.0 start Vaults

It happened. Oklahoma is the first team to compete 6 gymnasts with 10.0 start values.

And they hit for a 49.5 total.

related – Maggie Nichols and Sam Peszek both feel the NCAA should increase Beam requirements next. The current rules are too easy, they feel.

Natalie Wojcik – 10.3 on Vault

That’s my score based on current Carol College judging

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One of the worst scores I can recall was Brittany Rogers at Championships with a superb Yurchenko 1 1/2. … Score 9.85!

Natalie was pretty happy in Cancun in any case. She’s the only First Year near the top of the AA rankings.

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College Beam Judging

The sheep jump is also typically a disaster in NCAA. A sheep jump is technically expected to show closure of feet to head and an open angle in the hips.

No one in NCAA does this—deductions on sheep form tend to be pretty charitable …

College sticks. The college stick occurs when a gymnast hasn’t actually stuck a landing but has enough control to pretend she stuck the landing, trying to cover up the step by sliding into a salute at the same time. This tends to get .05 off, even if the step itself ends up being pretty large …

The new favorite talking point for judging in the 2019 season is the rule about pause deductions on beam, which has been revised …


Code of Points in your pocket

For US $1.39 you can carry the 2020 WAG or MAG Code of Points with you on your phone.

Apparatus are searchable. You’d most often use it to quickly look up a skill.

FIG illustrations included. It was developed by former Ohio State gymnast Seth Delbridge.

Available for both IOS and Android.

Via Peter Daggett

College Gym News – Airing of Grievances

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you likely know of a little holiday called Festivus and one of its annual traditions called the Airing of Grievances.

We’re taking the opportunity to air some grievances about college gymnastics and start 2019 with a clean slate of frustrations:

Judges Not Judging

Constant Complaining

Biased Fans

Athletic Departments Not Seeing the Value of Gymnastics

Inconvenient Meet Times

We Need to Talk About BTN (and the Big 12)

Nonexistent Scores

Lack of Transparency

Same Bar Release Discourse

Themed Meets

Words On Leotards

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The Second Annual Airing of Grievances

understanding College Bars scoring

Less science. More a magic black art.


Handstands are THE THING on bars.

When gymnasts cast to handstand in NCAA, we’re told the judges are expecting them to be within 10 degrees of vertical to receive no deduction. This “degree” stuff is super ambiguous (the human eye cannot tell the difference between 9 degrees and 11 degrees on a handstand), so the rule basically ends up as “y’all better be vertical.” …