judging Pommels

Difficult. But not impossible.

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Thanks Jeff.


Yurchenko full to judge’s table

OK. This makes me laugh. I love the gymnast’s reaction.


… the true highlight of the meet was this Yurchenko full directly connected to someone’s getting a new iPad.


Athen’s Olympics Men’s competition was a MESS

ILLYRIA BURKLE summarizes:

– In the all around, almost all the top contenders have a major mistake/fall (Paul Hamm, Ioan Silviu Suciu, Hiroyuki Tomita, Yang Wei, Marian Dragulescu, etc.)

– Yang Tae-Young was mistakenly credited with a 9.9 start value instead of a 10 like he was in the qualifying and team competitions, costing him the gold medal in the all around. Oscar Buitrago Reyes of Colombia, Benjamin Bango of Spain, and the head judge George Beckstead of the United States were all suspended for the mistake. …

read more – 2004 MAG

And who was the Men’s Head Judge?

Adrian Stoica - Romania
Adrian Stoica – Romania

the Rodriguez on Bars

Cintia has been working this new low to high transfer for a long time, but it now looks consistent enough to put into the routine.

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Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

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