FIG Judging Courses 2023

Via email:

In addition to the Judges’ online tests and retests organised in 2022, International Judges’ Courses will be held in February 2023 in the FIG Office (Lausanne, SUI). One single course will be organised in each the following disciplines : MAG, WAG, RG (RGI and RGG), TRA (+ DMT and TUM), ACRO & AER.

We invite you to read the 2023 International Judges’ Courses XV Cycle Directives and pay specific attention to the registration’s deadlines.

Bryony Page 10.0 displacement

Computer judging works well in Trampoline.

Ever notice how trampolinists tend to fly end-to-end trying to maximize their difficulty?

Not Bryony.

In this routine she stayed in the “box” for all 10 skills. No deduction.

turns on Floor are a mess in 2022

As Spencer pointed out in Liverpool, right now gymnasts are throwing themselves into spins hoping to get credit for as many as possible.

The penalty for lack of control (or “falling” out) is not big enough to detour attempts.

BEST would be for FIG WTC to cap the value of turns. We don’t need to see the sextuple. 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Beam 1-arm Handstand

FIG WTC really should encourage these skills more.

The greatest Artistic gymnast all time was Jackie Bender.

1-arm handstand mount (Rankin) is a fantastic way to start a routine.

At 2022 Worlds we cheered Nikolett.

Was Liverpool Judging improved?

I don’t pay much attention to scores when watching routines. The current FIG system is foolish, execution scores “boxed” too narrowly between best and worst.

BUT there were fewer complaints about judging at Worlds than usual.

And my gut feeling is that fewer blatant mistakes were made. Panels more willing to award a fair score to less well known gymnasts.

No doubt number crunchers will be looking more closely over coming days.

MAG TEAM results Worlds 2022


Automatic qualification to Paris for the top 3.

A disappointing Final. Too many falls. It looks bad. Makes Pommels look like a joke apparatus.

Only China improved (a lot) from the qualification round.

Shout out for Italy and Spain, however. Good job.

Men’s Gymnastics is going the wrong direction

My main takeaway from the TEAM competition is that rules reward DIFFICULTY too much.  Quality not enough.