32nd Trampoline World Championships, Bulgaria

November 9-12, 2017

Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling

Olympic Champion Rosie MacLennan is not competing, but most of the the BIG NAMES in Trampoline will be there.

New for this Olympic cycle, in Trampoline, horizontal displacement will be evaluated by judges using video. If the gymnast’s body touches a zone outside the designed red square center box of the bed, a deduction will be applied. This should make routines safer, scoring more objective.


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UPDATE from Anna:

At Worlds HD deductions will actually be taken by centre of mass in the bed, which does mean there is a chance to be slightly outside a zone and get the lesser deduction. Therefore scores should be slightly higher than when it is judged manually by eyes (and judged by hips).

So far we have found it is not a great separator for total score (i.e. expect the top 20 to score 9.7+ for each routines, and quite a few 10s), but it an exceptional encouragement for safety and control.

Igor Radivilov on the Worlds Vault Final

Igor Radivilov … second in the vault final, losing to Kenzo Shirai just by 0.001. …

… Yes, I could’ve done the second vault a bit better. But you’d need to look at the deductions, the vault composition, the difficulty (mine was higher), you’d have to take all that into account. I’m not blaming anyone. Whatever happened happened. It means that I needed to execute my vaults better. …

… Vault is the kind of an apparatus that no matter how hard you work, it’s always a 50/50 hit chance. …


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deductions for piked Stalders

For no deduction, piked Stalder should be done with feet stretched throughout and significant hip flexion.

Ragan Smith’s, for example, should be deducted for both flexed feet and lack of hip flexion.

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The simplest solution for this glaring problem is what was done by FIG MTC some years ago. Devalue piked Stalders. Or consider them the same skill as a regular Stalder.

no deduction on Radilov’s landing

How a vault should be landed. Bringing forces to zero in the safest ways possible.

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Tremendous vault by @iradivilov of the Ukraine!! Can't believe he missed the gold medal by .002!!!!! It should have been a tie!! Great job Igor! 💪

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These landings are super dangerous.Some of his competitors injured on Vault landing at Worlds 2018: Uchimura, Audrys Nin Reyes, Yang Hak-seon.