Lexy Ramler 10.0 Beam

About time. This is Lexy’s first 10 and she could have had MANY by now if she competed for another team.

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Lexy was excited her team had a record high Beam score, as well.


GREAT College routines from the last decade

Yes the “perfect 10” scoring system in College women’s Gymnastics is silly.

Yes it works for media and marketing. We should make the best of it.

In fact, I’m more outraged for gymnasts who should have got a perfect 10 than for those who did with errors.

Vault is the apparatus where I can most legitimately respect judges throwing a 10.

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Click over to College Gym News to see some of their favourite 10.0 routines from the last decade.

10.0 start NCAA vaults 2020

Spencer posted the list of highest value vaults:

Yurchenko 1.5
Yurchenko 2/1
Yurchenko 1.5 tucked
Round-off 1/2 on, front tuck 1/2
Round-off 1/2 on, front pike (Omelianchik)
Round-off 1/1 on, back tuck or pike
Tsukahara 1/2
Tsukahara 1/1
Handspring pike 1/2
Handspring tuck 1/1
FHS, Handspring front pike

Click through for details included scoring changes for the coming season.


I’d say Tsukahara with 1/2 twist is the easiest on the list.

MOST 10s in NCAA history

Seniors Kyla Ross and Maggie Nichols currently sit in sixth and seventh place respectively, with Ross nine 10.0s away from tying the record. She recorded fourteen 10.0s during the 2019 season. …


1 Jenny Hansen (Kentucky) 28
2 Jamie Dantzscher (UCLA) 27
3 Hope Spivey (Georgia) 24
4 Kim Arnold (Georgia) 21
5 Karin Lichey (Georgia) 20
6 Kyla Ross (UCLA) 19
7 Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma) 17

Right. judging has NOT been consistent over the decades. We are living in one of the highest scoring eras.

FIG Beam layout requirements

Dumb. Until we have computer video analysis to make this kind of call, it would be better to call all straight body layouts D-parts, and take deduction from the E-score.

Under current rules, I don’t trust human beings to make the right call every time.

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