Men’s Best Scores of 2017

Uncle Tim updated his UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System).

The top scoring H Bar routine is 15.0 for Xiao Ruoteng. Here’s his most recent set.

Click PLAY or watch Xiao Ruoteng on YouTube.

6.2 + 8.333 = 14.533

4 Tkachevs? That’s too many. FIG MTC has been successful in decreasing the number of ugly Rybalko skills, but the rules should encourage a variety of different releases.

Also … is coach actually going to try to slow him down if he misses one of those Tkachevs? That’s a tough spot.

lousy judging at European Championships, Cluj

Execution judging was very poor overall, I thought.

I heard more complaints about WAG Vault than any other apparatus.

The E-panel ends up “boxing” the scores to stay in range. The difference between the best and the worst routines is too close together. As a result the D-score weighs far more heavily than intended.

The range between the 16 vaults in WAG Finals was 8.700 to 9.166. The ladies threw virtually the same E-score for every vault, regardless of quality. Computer software could easily have done a much better job of ranking.

The range in the Men’s final was 7.766 to 9.500.

In general the Men’s judges did a better job than WAG at Europeans 2017. But the E-scores on Men’s Floor, for example, were badly boxed too.

If you want to do some number crunching yourself, download a copy of the finals results.

7th Petrom European WAG MAG Individual Championships 2017 CLUJ NAPOCA – RESULTSBOOK – Media

Berki – Europeans Pommel Final

Update. Sarah sends a link to a VIDEO from another angle that shows the GO sign lit green. Krisztián does not see it. Waits on the announcer. That’s why it took him more than 30 seconds to mount.

As a judge I would not have taken the 0.3 deduction.


This routine would have been Gold. Except that Krisztián was penalized 0.3 for not starting his routine within 30 seconds of being signalled.

He certainly starts well within 30 seconds of giving salute.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Hungary protested twice. Appeal denied.

Seems bogus to me. There was no intention to delay the competition so far as I can see.


Europeans P Bars Final

1- Verniaiev UKR 15.466
2- Dauser GER 15.366
3- Nagornyy RUS 15.266

full results

A great final.

Oleg was awarded 6.4 difficulty. Yet left out his Healy from 1-Bar. Is that D score correct?

European Bars Champion Nina Derwael

6.1 D, 8.533 E

Very clean. No turning angle deduction.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

In second place was Elena Eremina. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

6.0 D, 8.300 E

I felt the judges got that E-score wrong. The Nabieva is amazing. Amazing with an execution deduction. Followed by many more small errors. And at least a medium error on a way late 1/1 turn.

It’s impossible to have those two routines less than 0.3 apart.

Bars Final results

Europeans Bars Final

1. Nina Derwael BEL 14.633
2. Elena Eremina RUS 14.300
3. Elisabeth Seitz GER 14.133
3. Ellie Downie GBR 14.133

Bars results

Why don’t I recognize the Belgian National anthem? That’s right. This is the first Europeans Gold medal ever.

Big credit to the Federation and all the gymnasts who built up to this historic result.

What should have been the best and most competitive final went poorly, as Apparatus Finals sadly so often do. 😦 Defending Champion Rebecca Downie was injured and couldn’t finish her routine.

Elena Eremina again competed a fantastic Nabieva release. But I wouldn’t have ranked her in the top 3 due to poor form and angle deductions.

Europeans Pommel Final

1. David Belyavskiy RUS 15.100
2. Krisztian Berki HUN 14.900
3. Harutyun Merdinyan ARM 14.833

Pommel results

Berki would have won. But for some reason he received a 0.3 neutral deduction.

It sounds like he did not mount the Pommels in the 30 seconds after being signalled to begin. A Hungarian appeal was denied.

David’s never looked better on Pommels.