Denelle Pedrick – DTY

CMU‘s off to a great start in 2018. Denelle already competing her big vault.

GymCastic thinks 9.875 is a little low.

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Yamilet Peña interview

From November 2017.

The interview was given right before the Bolivarian Games where Peña ended up becoming 5th in AA, making all four event finals and taking gold on vault and silver on bars and floor. …

“I’ve been training with a Cuban coach since Central American championships qualifications. And I feel that we are doing such a good job we always try to peak at the right time for the competitions, and this is like I feel, just great. Besides, I am not suffering from any injuries now”. …


Of the women who’ve competed Handspring Double Front since Produnova, I’d rank Oksana best, Yamilet second best. Both have the physical ability to do the vault successfully. But the landing is supremely difficult, dangerous and technical.

I doubt Peña will compete it again at the new start value.

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the Orozco on Pommels

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new NAMED Gymnastics elements

It is a way of achieving immortality in Gymnastics: the gymnast who has an original element named after them in the Code of Points assures that his or her name will live on in the sport, years after they have taken their final bows on the international stage.

At year-end, the FIG Technical Committees approved eleven new elements – six in Men’s and five in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics …


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how high is Kenzo’s triple twisting Yurchenko?

This high.

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