Oceania Rhythmic sanctions

The Oceania Gymnastics Union (OGU), Gymnastics Australia, Ms Kitty Chiller (AUS), Ms Virginia Elliott (AUS) and Ms Erin Pankoke (AUS) have been sanctioned by the Disciplinary Commission of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) for violations of FIG rules relating to judging irregularities at the 2021 Oceania Continental Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

At the time of the events, Ms Chiller (AUS) was President of the OGU and CEO of Gymnastics Australia, Ms Elliott (AUS) was the Gymnastics Australia National Technical Director and Ms Pankoke (AUS) was a judge with a FIG Category 4 Brevet. …


USA Men’s age group rules to 2024

Men’s Development Program: 2021-2024 Junior Competition Manual

You can purchase the latest document on the Google Play store.


No new videos were produced for this set of rules.

And there are more free USAG MAG documents here.

You can read the eBook online. Or download it as a PDF.

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Round-off 1/4 twist into tumbling

If you do 1/4 twist while still in contact with the ground, should you get credit for the intended skill?

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I know FIG MTC is looking at that technique.

Lauren Guerin – best FX 2022?

Anybody tumbling lower should be deducted.

Superb leap and jumps.

Entertaining and energetic choreography.

NCAA judges should be studying this routine to fine tune who’s actually deserving of a 10.0 on floor.

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Oklahoma now #1

Mara Titarsolej – Bars

BEST pirouette on low bar in the NCAA.

First 10 in LIU’s short history.

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Vitaliy Guimaraes 6 apparatus

No wonder coach Mark Williams is so proud of this guy.

All you can ask is that the gymnast HIT and STICK close to his best ability. Vitaliy did that. In a meet where USAG was asking for DIFFICULTY BONUS, Vitaliy won with E-score. #respect

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perfect landing – Sierra Brooks

If we had computers evaluating SAFEST landings on Vault, you should get deducted if not opening as completely as Sierra.

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