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Nile Wilson 15.10 H Bar

Nile simplified his P Bars in the AA Final.

But nobody can claim he didn’t earn the gold medal with his performance on the final apparatus.

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Doha Men’s Results

This was a very competitive competition for Men.

Kohei did not qualify for any of the 4 apparatus he competed.

1-Dmitri Lankin RUS – 14.733
2-Carlos Yulo PHI – 14.433
3-Ryohei Kato JPN – 14.200

Carlos Yulo

1-Zou Junyuan CHN – 15.100
2-Lee Chih-Kai TPE – 14.800
3-Alec Yoder USA – 14.700

1-Igor Radivilov UKR – 15.266
2-Ibrahim Colak TUR – 15.000
3-Zou Jingyuan CHN – 14.966

1-Igor Radivilov UKR – 14.599
2-Qu Ruiyang CHN – 14.566
3-Ferhat Arican TUR – 14.533

P Bars
1-Zou Jingyuan CHN – 16.200
2-Xiao Routeng CHN – 15.233
3-Ferhat Arican TUR – 15.166

H Bar
1-Tin Srbic CRO – 14.800
2-Marvin Kimble USA – 14.533
3-Deng Shudi CHN – 14.500

full results

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All 5 releases are Tkachev variations. He swings great … but that’s overuse of one kind of skill IMHO.

FIG Individual World Cup Series winners

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB, Vault), LUO Huan (CHN, Uneven Bars and Beam), Emily Little (AUS, Floor), Rok Klavora (SLO, Floor), Krisztian Berki (HUN, Pommel Horse), Igor Radivilov (Rings and Vault), Zou Jingyuan (CHN, Parallel Bars), Tin Srbic (CRO, Horizontal Bar).

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Extreme Athletic Supply X Bar

Good idea. I’d use this.

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Coach uses the terms “lefty” and “righty“. He’s talking about the support hand on the forward pirouette, not the direction of twist. (The first girl twists to the left, the second to the right.)