Men’s Best Scores of 2017

Uncle Tim updated his UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System).

The top scoring H Bar routine is 15.0 for Xiao Ruoteng. Here’s his most recent set.

Click PLAY or watch Xiao Ruoteng on YouTube.

6.2 + 8.333 = 14.533

4 Tkachevs? That’s too many. FIG MTC has been successful in decreasing the number of ugly Rybalko skills, but the rules should encourage a variety of different releases.

Also … is coach actually going to try to slow him down if he misses one of those Tkachevs? That’s a tough spot.

gymnasts need back-up handgrips

At University of Saskatchewan — back in the day — we’d buy an extra set of both Rings & H Bar grips for the Seniors. Have them break those in. Then put them away for safe keeping.

Quite often they were needed during competitive season.

Devy had a back-up set ready.


FIG still allows “single point of failure” equipment

In an era with redundancy in all things related to safety, why does FIG certify equipment where failure of one link in a chain can result in the apparatus falling? 😦

Jalon Stephens walked away. This time.

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USA Men to World University Games

The five men chosen by the World University Games Selection Committee are: Levi Anderson of Houston/University of Oklahoma; Alex Diab of Glen Ellyn, Ill./University of Illinois; Tristan Duran of Franklin Lakes, N.J./University of Minnesota; Vitali Kan of West Allis, Wis./University of Minnesota; and Robert Neff of Brookfield, Wis./Stanford University, who is also a member of the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team.

An alternate will be named in the near future. Stanford’s Karl Ziehn will coach the team. …


Robert is the NCAA H Bar National Champion. Watch one of his routines.