introducing backwards Giants

Though I use a number of important progressions for this skill, this is my favourite.

The gymnast can jump as high as they like. The goal is the front support position, not handstand. There is every incentive to shorten the body on the upswing.

A spotter is needed as they do sometimes swing too high to reach front support on their own.

This video is from Bermuda Gymnastics Association a couple of years ago. The gymnast is now Level 7 competing Giants very comfortably.

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Bart Conner swinging Giants

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introducing sole circle to handstand

Once your gymnast can do sole circles alone on the safety strap bar, practice stepping up on to a spotting box and showing needle position.

This is a great progression in working towards sole circle to handstand. No spotting needed.

Gymnastics Adventure in Regina, Canada.

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Melbourne World Cup FINALS day 2

G Urara Ashikawa JPN 13.3
S Ondine Achampong GBR 13.166
B Anastasia Bachynska UKR 12.933

Coach Denis Vachon said Ashikawa did 7-8 perfect routines in warm-up.

G Jade Carey USA 14.366
S Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.7
B Lara Mori ITA 12.9

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Click PLAY or watch Vanessa on Twitter. Now age-29, she looks in fantastic shape.

G Shin Jeahwan KOR 14.866
S Jorge Vega Lopez GUA 14.783
B Andrey Medvedev ISR 14.55

P Bars
G Vladislav Poliashov RUS 15.2
S Yusuke Tanaka JPN 15.166
B Dinh Phuong Thanh 14.933

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H Bar
G Epke Zonderland NED 14.9
S Milad Karimi KAZ 14.5
B Mitchell Morgans AUS 14.233

Miyachi, Epke’s main competitor for the Olympic spot, fell.

Reports are that Miyachi congratulated Epke on winning the spot. And will not contend in Baku or Doha.

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Sam Mikulak – H Bar

14.350 (6.0, 8.350)

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Donte McKinney DID NOT have a 9.7 E-score

UPDATE – Looking at the tweet below I wrongly thought Donte was awarded a super high 9.7 E-score. 

In fact, he was awarded 9.7 in the experimental 10.0 conversion system used at this competition. His E-score was 9.2

Thank Dave for correcting my error.

… I’m wondering how many others will be confused on this.

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(via College Gym News)