who is Brody Malone?

The breakout rookie star is 2019 NCAA AA Champion. People are already talking about him qualifying for the U.S. Worlds team for Stuttgart.

Here’s his winning H Bar routine to seal the Stanford victory over Oklahoma.

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Nagornyy – best gymnast in the world?

Nikita is the man to beat, I’d say.

European Championships AA results.

James Hall is British Champion

1. James Hall 84.850
2. Giarnni Regini-Moran 81.650
3. Jamie Lewis 80.950
4. Brinn Bevan 80.800
5. Pavel Karnejenko 80.550
6. Joe Fraser 80.450

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UCIC Men’s Sr Finals results

1. Sean Melton USA 5.5 8.700 14.200
1. Riley Loos USA 5.5 8.700 14.200
3. Genki Suzuki USA 5.2 8.367 13.566

1. Thierry Pellerin GYMNAMIC 6.2 8.300 14.500
2. Jackson Payne CAN 5.9 8.033 13.933
3. Justin Karstadt CAN 5.2 8.567 13.766

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1. Ryan Oehrlein FUTURES 6.1 8.200 14.300
2. Chris Kaji MANJAKS 5.8 8.467 14.266
3. Sean Melton USA 5.5 8.667 14.166

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1. Wolfe Gazer U CALGARY 13.750
2. Damien Cachia U CALGARY 12.566

P Bars
1. Jackson Payne CAN 5.6 9.067 14.666
2. Sean Melton USA 5.7 8.633 14.333
3. Robert Neff USA 5.5 8.800 14.300

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H Bar
1. Sean Melton USA 5.2 8.833 14.033
2. Genki Suzuki USA 5.3 8.633 13.933
3. Jackson Payne CAN 6.0 7.567 13.566

Full results.

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Athletes from Canada’s senior men’s artistic gymnastics national team dominated the apparatus finals at the University of Calgary International Competition (UCIC) on Saturday, taking gold on four out of the six apparatus. …

Gymnastics Canada

Jackson Payne

Cirque – Tramp wall + H Bar + shark infested pool

 #OneNightforOneDrop is an annual event where Cirque du Soleil and special guests donate their talent in support of One Drop – an international, non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to safe water. 💧

… TUNE IN March 16 at 8/7c to catch the full CBS TV broadcast! 

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preventing Grip Lock on Horizontal Bar

Vinnie Silber posted some good advice on how to prevent grip lock.

___ Repost of my advice from 2018:

Most male gymnasts are well aware of the terrible injury that can occur if leather touches leather around the Bar. If there’s any chance at all that the grips have stretched that much, they must be replaced.

Are your grips ready for the pearly gates?

I like the title of that article by Ten-O Gymnastics.

Mark Van Wyk had his gymnasts toss their old grips until they got hung up on the rafters of the Gym. Grip Heaven, they called it.

related – Human Kinetics – Grip Lock: A Unique Mechanism of Injury in Gymnastics


It happens on women’s Bars too, but very rarely.

double bounce Bar handstand trainer

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