British Columbia Gymnastics history

One anecdote from the great Willy Weiler who was with the Canadian Military:

In the spring of 1963, after arriving as champion of the Pan Am Games in Sao Paulo, I was transferred to Chilliwack, BC.

The base had no equipment for me to train on for the upcoming 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. I traveled 3 times a week to UBC to train …

So that I could do more practicing at the base, I purchased a horizontal bar and built the uprights for it. My previous experience in Rastatt, Germany of digging a 4 foot trench outside the gym and padding it with sawdust came in handy. …

That comes from a document celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Gymnastics B.C.

History buffs can download a copy for themselves:

British Columbia Gymnastics history (pdf)

Kohei’s Bretschneider (2018)

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individual Bars mats at GAGE

Al Fong’s club has expanded on how they train Bars safely on return from COVID-19.

Gymnasts have their own bath mat to hold everything they need for Bars:

  •  freezer bag for chalk
  • tape
  • water bottle
  • etc.

Do not share. Disinfect after the rotation.

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Tom Meadows – H Bar Dismounts

Tom notes that some, including Orozco, use quite a minimal tap and still do world class dismounts.

In fact, most of the Chinese gymnasts are using less tap now.

MOST around the world are still using the Tong Fei (Chinese) tap.

This video starts at the beginning, includes dozens of tips.

I like Tom’s inclusions of common errors.

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