Shatilov – counter front half on H Bar

UPDATE – U.S. Junior Riley Loos from Technique Gymnastics in California swings Giant out of his regrasp.

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Very cool.

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Something new ? 🙈😂😎

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new NAMED Gymnastics elements

It is a way of achieving immortality in Gymnastics: the gymnast who has an original element named after them in the Code of Points assures that his or her name will live on in the sport, years after they have taken their final bows on the international stage.

At year-end, the FIG Technical Committees approved eleven new elements – six in Men’s and five in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics …


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preventing and treating rips

Rips are injuries. Smarter gymnasts and coaches suffer fewer.

Prevention is the #1 goal.

… calluses form on the palms of the hands because of the repeated rubbing of the hands against the bars. …

… You want to keep the calluses thick enough that they protect your hands, but polished and smoothed so they don’t catch on the bars. …

Use something like the RIPT Grindstone to smooth calluses.


Not mentioned in that article is my favourite treatment for healing rips.

Before going to sleep at night put your ripped hand in any kind of plastic bag. Inside you put plenty of moisturizer. Seems almost anything keeps the skin moist. Tie it on with loose string (not tight elastics). Most rips are healed enough to train after 1 or 2 nights.