“single point of failure” FIG equipment

Why does the International Gymnastics Federation approve apparatus with a single point of failure?

If one part fails, the entire apparatus falls.

For SAFETY and reliability redundancy should be required. For example, two chains instead of one.

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Kevin Lytwin – H Bar

Kevin won both prelims and finals at Canadian Championships 2018 with his easy routine.

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Kevin had been training at his age group club Burlington B.G.s with coach Renato Araujo. Unfortunately that parent run club recently dropped Men’s competitive Gymnastics. Kevin moved to nearby Oakville Gymnastics.

teaching the H Bar dismount tap

The classic technique since Tong Fei popularized it in 1985 is well explained in this Lee Woolls tutorial.

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On the other hand, some Chinese coaches are now greatly reducing the severity of the action.

A huge tap is not really necessary. It’s usually a form deduction at the bottom of the swing. And there have even been injuries to the lower back from excessive tap.

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Uchimura v Shirai v Tanigawa

Kohei was still in 3rd place AA arriving at the 12th and last apparatus. Fortunately it was Horizontal Bar. Kohei is one of the very best in the world.

He nailed it.

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GYMNALYSIS linked to a great recap of the top 3 at the 2018 NHK Cup. English subtitles by Gymnastics Soul.

Kohei was MORE motivated after his AA loss at All Japans.

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After withdrawing from Worlds 2017 injured, this year Uchimura’s goal is the team competition in Doha. He wants to see how Japan compares with China in the lead-ups to Tokyo 2020.