physical prep for flexion / extension

Coaches spend too much time shouting at kids about ‘shape‘ on tap swing, not enough time doing physical prep.

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related – In Canada we use the term ‘curvilineal flexion / extension‘ to simplify those actions which move the entire body in and out of these shapes.

2017 Worlds – Vault, P Bars, H Bar

Recall the Horizontal Bar Final was very weak.

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0:00:50 Men’s Vault Final 0:00:57 Kenzo SHIRAI (JPN), 2013 World Champion 0:01:01 Start list 0:01:12 Kenzo SHIRAI (JPN) 14.900 1st 15.200 1st vault 14.600 2nd vault 0:03:53 Igor RADIVILOV (UKR) 14.899 2nd 15.033 1st vault 14.766 2nd vault 0:06:47 KIM Hansol (KOR) 14.766 2nd 14.966 1st vault 14.566 2nd vault 0:09:50 Final standings 0:10:01 Podium 0:10:09 Parallel Bars Final 0:10:15 Oleg VERNIAIEV (UKR), 2016 Olympic Champion 0:10:22 Start list 0:10:34 ZOU Jingyuan (CHN) 15.900 1st 0:12:39 David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) 15.266 3rd 0:15:04 Oleg VERNIAIEV (UKR) 15.833 2nd 0:17:34 Final standings 0:17:45 Podium 0:17:56 Horizontal Bar Final 0:18:03 Epke ZONDERLAND (NED), 2012 Olympic Champion 0:18:09 Start list 0:18:23 Bart DEURLOO (NED) 14.200 3rd 0:21:02 Epke ZONDERLAND (NED) 14.233 2nd 0:23:19 Tin SRBIC (CRO) 14.433 1st 0:25:38 Final standings 0:25:53 Podium

ways to grasp the Bar

Here’s an introduction to a confusing subject for the non-gymnast.

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Not mentioned is the (rarely seen in WAG) mixed el-grasp + undergrasp combo.

In Canadian coach education we try to distinguish between “grasps” of the Bar and “grips” (leather handguards).

Fly Away Boomerang trick

One take. This is talent.

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Sam Mikulak wins 5th Nationals

“It’s a wonderful stepping stone,” Mikulak said.

“It definitely feels good. I think this is the favorite one that I’ve won so far …”

Sam Mikulak wins U.S. gymnastics title 18 months after Achilles injury

Click PLAY or watch his H Bar on Twitter. BIG routine. BIG celebration.