MAG All-Japan Senior Championships

  1. Kaya Kazuma 86.998
  2. Tanigawa Wataru 85.965
  3. Chiba Kenta 85.166.

Kohei caught Bretschneider, but made errors to finish 6th on H Bar.

Read a recap of the competition on Olympic Channel.

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Kohei training Bretschneider

Very clean.

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Gaylord 1 layout

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how Abie Grossfeld learned Flyaway

One of the unforgettable characters of Gymnastics. A great storyteller.


Abe represented the United States as a gymnastics competitor or coach in seven Olympic Games, seven World Championships, six Maccabiah Games, and five Pan American Games …

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Flip Smart Matting System

With new additions to the system, use the Carolina Gym Supply Flip Smart Matting System for any number of tumbling and somersaulting, drills, bar drills (fly aways and giants), and even vault timer drills!

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The one I need most is the Flyaway setup.