Shane Wiskus (gak) Cassina to 1-arm

Tim tells me this wasn’t intentional.

It certainly looks intentional. 😮

Click PLAY or watch Shane on Twitter.

One reason Shane looks so calm is that he’s done this before in competition.

Click PLAY or watch him in 2016 on YouTube.

(via GymCastic)

the IVANOV on P Bars?

This should be in the Code of Points.

Check the mount performed at the Sydney Olympics by International Gymnast magazine’s Christian IVANOV.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or see his shoulder flexibility on YouTube. This was a Code where stooped Stalders and Endos were worth +0.1 over straddled.

Donnell – Walstrom on H Bar

Click PLAY or watch the Wally Whirl on Instagram.