meanwhile, back in Colorado Springs

While the teams were qualifying for Tokyo, gymnasts in those nations are back home with the goal to make it to the Olympics themselves.

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Horizontal Bar – German Giants

Just today I learned that FIG MTC has clarified evaluation of German Giants.

You can watch one variation HERE.

Some of the guys at Worlds can get 2 C-parts.

1. German Giant = C

2. Koste = C

The clarification is for gymnasts who do not make it to nominal handstand on the Koste. If not, it’s a part of no value — but without deduction.

That’s inconsistent with the rest of the Code. Illogical. But I kind of like it anyaway as I do appreciate German giants.

The alternative now is for gymnasts not to go to handstand and simply do Stalder (B-part) out. If they have enough value parts the net loss is only 0.1 from D-score.

Leave a comment if I still have this wrong.

Artur Dalaloyan – Podium H Bar

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