Brandon Briones leads MAG FX prelims

9.200 E-score!

1 BRIONES Brandon USA 4.700 9.200 13.900
2 NAIDIN Sergei RUS 5.000 8.800 13.800
3 TOBIN Adam GBR 4.900 8.733 13.633
4 GIANNINI Lay ITA 4.500 9.066 13.566
5 CHEPURNYI Nazar UKR 5.000 8.666 -0.1 13.566
6 BALAZS Krisztian HUN 5.000 8.533 13.533
7 KITAZONO Takeru JPN 4.900 8.600 13.500
8 SCHWED Daniel GER 4.600 8.883 13.483

Full ranking.

Yulo 14.75 Floor

The superstar from Philippines shows the Japanese how to do Japanese Floor. In Japan.

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introducing sprint and hurdle

I love teaching sprint to very young kids. It’s one of my favourite “skills” to coach, especially age 3-4.

Parents are shocked at the rapid progress their children make.

Al Fong posted an excellent drill for very young kids:

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… with the use of warm and fuzzy objects to fit their comfort level, in addition to creating an environment where the young kids can safely learn to overcome fears of running into something hard.

Mr. Wally does a great job of keeping his preschool boys active and busy by getting them to run and jump over mats. They have to figure out how fast to run and how far to jump—from one foam block to another. It’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s challenging. Sometimes they crash and burn, but it’s soft enough they don’t get hurt. Which means they’re more likely to try it again and again. To me, this is where vaulting starts for beginners.The depth and distance perception exercise trained in this fun manner is invaluable later as the gymnasts learn to gauge their run toward the vaulting table.

Ask Al Fong – Dragon Gymnastics – Vaulting starts with the run. Learning to run starts early.

Kids love that activity. They love elephant vaulting even better.

Sr Men USA Nationals – day 1

NOT the Mikulak v Moldaur battle we were hoping for.