AAI Competition Air Floor

At the UCIC competition in Calgary WAG competed on a new Air Floor. MAG the regular AAI Floor.

One elite coach told me it was pretty good for takeoffs, a bit unforgiving when landing short on front tumbling. Durability is the main question.

Set up of the Air Floor starts at about the 2min mark on this video.

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Men’s NCAA week 9

Logan Bradley once again posted an awesome summary of what happened last weekend.

Sooners Defeat #3 OSU En Route To NCAA-Best Score

Colin Van Wicklen was the lone AA’er for the Sooners. He scored an 84.15 highlighted by a 15.3 on FX which was an NCAA-best score for all of three minutes before teammate Yul Moldauer put up a 15.55. …

#NCAAMGym Week 9 Recap