Men’s Floor to music

Including a Moon Walk.

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That’s from Rocker Gymnastics report on the All Japan Gymnastics Championships currently underway.

Sandeep Kumar Pal is paralyzed

“C4-5 fracture-dislocation with quadriplegia,” is how the doctors first described his injury.  …

… A month after he had won his medal at the Khelo India games, he had joined the national camp in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Stadium. …

“I must have done it over a thousand times in my life. Even on the day I got injured, I performed it (Double Back on FX)  three times cleanly,” he recalls. The fourth time though, he lost control. “My mind went blank at the top of the jump. …

How one fall turned gymnast Sandeep Kumar Pal’s life upside down

After months of rehab, he’s still regaining movement.

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Kazuki Minami – tumbling passes

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In fact, MAGnastics has been trying to keep up with his many new skills and combinations in training:

Kazuki Minami is Ridiculous

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