Europeans MAG Floor Final

Home town fans were thrilled.

1- Dragulescu ROU 14.500
2- Lankin RUS 14.466
3- Shatilov ISR 14.400


Some impressive tumbling. But I’m not sure any of the gymnasts competed as well as they did in prelims.

I probably would have gone Dragulescu, Shatilov, Cunningham. Larkin benefited from the triple back bonus. 🙂

are Arabians forward or backward tumbling?

MAG Code:

All Arabian elements are in the group of acrobatic elements backward, Example Arabian double front 1⁄2 = same as double back 1/1 (D value). The following Arabian elements (Jump bwd. with 1⁄2 t. to double salto fwd.) have the same value and Code box as the bwd. double salto element with the same amount of twisting: Arabian dbl. str. 1⁄2 (Penev), Arabian dbl. str. (Tamayo), and Arabian dbl. str. 1/1 (Hypolito).

WAG Code:

Arabian elements are considered Forward Elements

There is an argument for both. But FIG should standardize on one or the other. If only Steve Butcher had the FIG job looking at inconsistencies like this. 🙂


The takeoff is more critical than the landing position in my opinion. Arabians are much more a backwards tumbling skill than forwards.

Hattie points out that a backward layout with 1 1/2 twist lands forward like Arabian, but no-one would argue it’s a forward tumbling element.

(via Gigi)

tall gymnasts – Alexander Shatilov

Q: There aren’t many 6 feet tall gymnasts like you. Obviously, such height can be an obstacle for many things in gymnastics. Can it be an advantage sometimes?

A: … I’ve never complained about my height. It actually helped me. I first started catching the attention of judges and fans because I stood out as so tall.

When I went to my first World Championship as a 19 years old everyone was surprised that such a tall gymnast is doing so well. I looked impressive and people remembered me. And I qualified to a final at my first Worlds, so I guess, my height has only been helping me in both gymnastics and regular life.

Q: So, when everyone got used to your height you decided to surprise people with something else and grew a beard?

Alexander Shatilov: “I’m used to breaking the stereotypes”

Click PLAY or watch him on Floor on YouTube.

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