Zhang Boheng leads Chinese Games


They REALLY should have taken him to the Olympics.

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MAG Code changes to 2022

Coach Shun Tomizawa reacts to proposed changes.

Routine composition on Floor will be MUCH more challenging. Also, no connection bonus for single saltos with twist.

Shun is very disappointed that straddle Planche on Rings will now be an A-part. What will young Juniors use for strength?

Finally. Maximum 2 Kovacs skills and 2 Tkachev skills on H Bar. Unless directly connected.

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Thanks Vaughn.

backward dive to Planche


Obviously it should be at least a C-part as Planche alone is a B-part.

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Kohei – 2014 Floor

I’d argue Kohei Uchimura singled handedly reinvented how male gymnasts land.

Easily the best in the world in his prime, many emulated Kohei’s exaggerated technique.

I love it as he turned the science of safely reducing huge impact forces to zero into an art form.

At the same time WAG was foolishly deducting low chest position. Dangerous!

Of his many stuck routines over many years, Blythe chose this as one of her decade-defining routines.

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