Yuri Korolev dead at 60

Heart attack.

What a loss.

Montreal 1985 was my first World Championships. For 10 days I videotaped MAG for FIG. Mostly Floor Exercise.

For us Li Ning and Tong Fei were the sensations. But the Soviet team was deep, deep:

Vladimir Artemov
Yuri Korolev
Valentin Mogilny
Yury Balabanov
Aleksei Tikhonkikh
Aleksandr Tumilovich

Korolev won the AA in Montreal as well as at Worlds 1981 Moscow.

A class champion. What a loss.

With a total of 34 individual medals at World Championships, World Cups, and European Championships competitions, Korolyov has more such medals than any other non-Olympian with Valentin Mogilny (17) being the next highest in this sort of medal count. 

EU Championships Apparatus Finals 1







DOI, Ryosuke JPN 6,2 8,400 0,1 14,500
MOLDAUER, Yul USA 5,7 8,533 14,233
JIMENEZ I FERNANDEZ, Pau ESP 5,6 8,100 13,700

DE ROSA, Edoardo ITA 6,5 8,200 14,700
TANIGAWA, Kakeru JPN 5,9 8,566 14,466
HONG, Asher USA 5,6 8,533 14,133

ASIL, Adem TUR 6,3 8,300 14,600
LODADIO, Marco ITA 6,3 8,200 14,500
DOLCI, Felix CAN 5,4 8,500 13,900

HEPWORTH, Harry GBR 14,866
GUIMARÃES, Yuri BRA 14,416
ASIL, Adem TUR 13,866

P Bars
MACCHIATI, Mario ITA 5,5 9,033 14,533
SERHANI, Taha SUI 5,6 8,700 14,300
ARICAN, Ferhat TUR 6,5 7,766 14,266

H Bar
HASHIMOTO, Daiki JPN 6,0 8,500 14,500
SERHANI, Taha SUI 5,9 8,166 14,066
DOLCI, Felix CAN 5,7 8,000 13,700

Baku World Cup MAG Finals 1

hand position on Round-off

A study from 2015 — “Elbow joint variability for different hand positions of the round off in gymnastics” — concluded that what I’ve heard called the classic T position is best and safest for the elbows when doing Round-offs.

I’d agree.

Of course you can quickly find examples of top gymnasts using far different hand positions, especially in MAG. But the classic T is what I teach beginners.

Via Shift Movement Science.