Ellie Black does NOT have retirement scheduled

Despite this misleading headline, Ellie is not planning to quit after Tokyo.


Already a two-time Olympian and one of Canada’s best female gymnasts ever, it’s easy to wonder when she might be done.

And Black at just 23-years-old is used to facing questions about when she’ll hang up her grips.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow, basically,” Black said with a laugh Saturday. …

“I always say age is just a number,” said Black.

That’s something the Nova Scotia-native proved as she’s continued to get better, year-after-year. …

“As long as I’m enjoying gymnastics and I’m loving what I’m doing, why not keep doing it?”

related – Ellie Black becomes Canada’s most decorated Pan Am gymnast (ahead of Willie Weiler of The Weiler fame)

Simone Biles – 60 points AA

1. Simone Biles – 60.000
2. Riley McCusker – 57.900
3. Grace McCallum – 57.700
4. Kara Eaker – 56.800
5. Leanne Wong – 56.650
6. Morgan Hurd – 56.500
7. Aleah Finnegan – 55.500
8. Faith Torrez – 55.250

Full results.

IG magazine Hall of Fame 2019

Shawn Johnson
Maria Filatova
Ivan Ivankov
Li Xiaopeng

In addition to the Class of 2019 Inductees, the 2019 IGHOF International Order of Merit will be presented to Hardy Fink (Canada), the Director of Education & Academy Programs for the International Gymnastics Federation, for his 4 decades of leadership and service.


Chris Bogantes & Chris Brooks to Arkansas


Head Coach Jordyn Wieber is bringing in bestie Chris Brooks who’d been coaching Men in Oklahoma. And Chris Bogantes who’s been coaching at Illinois the past 2 years.

In related Jordyn Wieber news

R.I.P. Carol Johnston

One of the gymnasts that inspired me most in my life, Carol Johnston, died of complications from Early On-set Alzheimers. We trained together as kids at Altadore Gymnastics.

Julie Knight Bowse posted in Gymnastics – A Golden Era

“It is with a heavy heart that I let all of you know that Carol Johnston-Koniar [“Lefty”] passed away on Saturday, May 11, 2019 ….

Carol and I were teammates and roommates at Cal State Fullerton and remained lifelong friends. Her husband called me Saturday and asked that I inform the gymnastics community. He is grateful that she is no longer suffering.” 😥

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related – Her husband Scott D. Koniar posted her medical story in the Gianna Homes newsletter in 2017.

My wife Carol Johnston Koniar was born with one arm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. …

Her parents encouraged her to not let her one arm be a handicap. Carol grew up enjoying both ice skating and gymnastics.

Carol … received a scholarship to Cal State Fullerton.

In 1979, Disney produced a documentary short on Carol entitled The Truly Exceptional: Carol Johnston.

The documentary was turned into a feature film Lefty, which premiered across the nation as part of Disney’s Wonderful World series.

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Click PLAY or watch a Cal State Fullerton tribute on YouTube.

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