another 10 for Maggie Nichols

She has nine perfect 10s already this season.

Zamo interview

Elena Zamolodchikova was the 2000 Olympic Champion on Floor and Vault.

It was a difficult time as her father had died just months before.

Sydney was a very difficult competition where everything went wrong from the start. We were hurt and upset – we lost the team gold, made tons of mistakes. We came there for the team gold, the silver became such a tragedy for us that it was very hard to compete afterward. …

Today she’s an international judge, a coach at her old club and now head of the anti-doping at the Russian Artistic Gymnastics Federation.

Read the interview on gymnovosti.

Nemov’s 2010 memoir

Luba is posting a translation on gymnovosti.

… for a long time I didn’t know my father. I was already in third grade when he was released from prison. He was imprisoned when I was two years old. And after doing his time he came back to us but we didn’t stay together for a long time, perhaps, only for 1,5 years or so. Father drank and beat my mom …

This is a sad story. Then my parents got divorced. … 


Marcia Frederick accuses coach Rick Carlson


More than two years since Frederick filed a formal complaint with USA Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body, alleging sexual misconduct by Carlson the organization still hasn’t taken action against the coach. …

The USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal became public in 2011 when three women told the Orange County Register that former U.S. national team coach Don Peters had sex with three teenage gymnasts in the 1980s. Peters was banned for life by USA Gymnastics in November 2011 and removed from the sport’s Hall of Fame. Peters did not contest the ban. …

Peters was Frederick’s coach when she won her world title. Frederick said she was not sexually abused by Peters. …

Marcia Frederick, first U.S. Gymnastics world champion, shares story of abuse

If you don’t know Marcia, watch her gold medal winning Bars at 1978 Worlds.

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