IG magazine Hall of Fame 2019

Shawn Johnson
Maria Filatova
Ivan Ivankov
Li Xiaopeng

In addition to the Class of 2019 Inductees, the 2019 IGHOF International Order of Merit will be presented to Hardy Fink (Canada), the Director of Education & Academy Programs for the International Gymnastics Federation, for his 4 decades of leadership and service.


Chris Bogantes & Chris Brooks to Arkansas


Head Coach Jordyn Wieber is bringing in bestie Chris Brooks who’d been coaching Men in Oklahoma. And Chris Bogantes who’s been coaching at Illinois the past 2 years.

In related Jordyn Wieber news

R.I.P. Carol Johnston

One of the gymnasts that inspired me most in my life, Carol Johnston, died of complications from Early On-set Alzheimers. We trained together as kids at Altadore Gymnastics.

Julie Knight Bowse posted in Gymnastics – A Golden Era

“It is with a heavy heart that I let all of you know that Carol Johnston-Koniar [“Lefty”] passed away on Saturday, May 11, 2019 ….

Carol and I were teammates and roommates at Cal State Fullerton and remained lifelong friends. Her husband called me Saturday and asked that I inform the gymnastics community. He is grateful that she is no longer suffering.” 😥

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related – Her husband Scott D. Koniar posted her medical story in the Gianna Homes newsletter in 2017.

My wife Carol Johnston Koniar was born with one arm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. …

Her parents encouraged her to not let her one arm be a handicap. Carol grew up enjoying both ice skating and gymnastics.

Carol … received a scholarship to Cal State Fullerton.

In 1979, Disney produced a documentary short on Carol entitled The Truly Exceptional: Carol Johnston.

The documentary was turned into a feature film Lefty, which premiered across the nation as part of Disney’s Wonderful World series.

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new Elena Produnova interview


Elena Produnova is currently coaching in Nalchik, at the South of Russia and hopes to one day raise gymnasts that will make the national team.  …

Q: You said that you had fantastic coaches…

A: Yes, I was very lucky. After Elena Pechenzhiyeva who coached me from the age of five, Ruslan Lavrov and Veronika Yakubova became my coaches. They raised me and passed me on to the national team and they did absolutely everything for me …

Q: Can you answer how you did it? (Handspring Double Front)

A: This vault was invented by Ruslan Spiridonovich. I started learning it with him, and it continued for a long time, in the form of a game. No one thought, or at least I couldn’t even suppose that I would go back to this vault and would do it in competition. Such a thought didn’t even occur to me. But then Leonid Arkayev remembered about it in the right time and implemented what was once trained. …


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Svetlana Khorkina mini-documentary

Love her or hate her, triple Olympian Khorkina is one of the greatest gymnasts all time.

By the way, she says you HAVE to love her. No choice. 😀

Svetlana does not lack self-confidence.

Olympic Channel posted a 10 minute documentary. Subtitles.

It features her coach Boris Pilkin.

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Maggie Nichols wins the Honda

It’s got nothing to do with the Heisman. The Honda is better. 😀

Maggie is absolutely one of the greatest College gymnasts all time.

Oklahoma junior and 2019 NCAA team, vault and all-around champion Maggie Nichols was named the Honda Sport Award winner for Gymnastics, the Collegiate Women Sports Awards (CWSA) announced Tuesday. …

“It is such an honor and truly a blessing to receive this award,” Nichols said. “Being one of the three athletes in OU history to ever receive this award is truly incredible. I also want to congratulate Brenna Dowell, Sarah Finnegan and Kyla Ross on being nominated this year as they are all incredible athletes.

Nichols was chosen by a vote of administrators from over 1,000 NCAA member schools. …

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Marios Georgiou 3rd at Europeans

Insiders have long considered Marios Georgiou one of the cleanest gymnasts in the world.

It was great to see him put it all together to reach the podium.

Marios Georgiou became the first ever European AA medalist from Cyprus making the history for his country and himself. He had to overcome many challenges on his way to this medal including bullying due to his ethnicity (he is half-Filipino) his mother leaving him a few years ago and his father passing away.  …


celebrating Megan Marsden

Husband Greg linked to this 2009 interview with flashbacks.

She was a great gymnast as well as a terrific coach.

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Megan Marsden retired

Marsden, a member of Utah’s gymnastics coaching staff since 1985, plans to continue her involvement with Utah athletics as an ambassador for the department. …

… completed her 35th season on the Utah gymnastics coaching staff at last weekend’s NCAA Championships in Fort Worth, Texas. She has served as Utah’s co-head coach since 2010—the last four years with Tom Farden—who now assumes sole leadership of the program. …

“I made a decision several months ago that this would be my last season as a coach and I am so proud of this team and all they accomplished. …”

Utah Utes