Oksana Omelianchik – Hall of Fame

Oksana welcomed into the International Gymnast magazine Hall of Fame 2023. Congratulations.

Many consider her bird routine the most memorable in Gymnastics history.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Aussie Champion Georgia Godwin

🥇 Georgia Godwin 108.932
🥈 Ruby Pass 108.564
🥉 Macy Pegoli 101.465

This is Georgia’s record breaking 7th Australian National Champion All – Around Title.

R.I.P Boris Bajin

When I was young, Boris Bajin was the Canadian WAG National Coach. Our leader for 5 consecutive Olympic Games and many World Championships.

We spent weeks preparing for his visits to the Gym where he would evaluate skills and physical ability. I still vividly recall his “Elite Testing” events.

They were highest priority on our annual calendar.

I was sad to hear that Boris passed away at the age of 90 at his home in Toronto.

IGHOF Hall of Fame inductees 2023

Mitch Gaylord 🇺🇸

Koji Gushiken 🇯🇵

Oksana Omelianchik 🇺🇦

International Gymnast magazine annually names gymnasts to their Hall of Fame. Some legends here.

Illia Kovtun is only age-19

The 2021 World and 2021 and 2023 European all-around bronze medalist.

Coach Irina Nadyuk has done a fantastic job with this astonishingly successful athlete. HOW is Illia so consistent while Putin has invaded their country?

Yuri Korolev dead at 60

Heart attack.

What a loss.

Montreal 1985 was my first World Championships. For 10 days I videotaped MAG for FIG. Mostly Floor Exercise.

For us Li Ning and Tong Fei were the sensations. But the Soviet team was deep, deep:

Vladimir Artemov
Yuri Korolev
Valentin Mogilny
Yury Balabanov
Aleksei Tikhonkikh
Aleksandr Tumilovich

Korolev won the AA in Montreal as well as at Worlds 1981 Moscow.

A class champion. What a loss.

With a total of 34 individual medals at World Championships, World Cups, and European Championships competitions, Korolyov has more such medals than any other non-Olympian with Valentin Mogilny (17) being the next highest in this sort of medal count. 

Trinity 2x Honda Winner

I can’t argue awarding Trinity Thomas this trophy two years in a row. Ahead of two Olympic champions in 2023.

Looks at the numbers. Trinity’s without question on the All-star All-time team.