Beam 1-arm Handstand

FIG WTC really should encourage these skills more.

The greatest Artistic gymnast all time was Jackie Bender.

1-arm handstand mount (Rankin) is a fantastic way to start a routine.

At 2022 Worlds we cheered Nikolett.

Worlds ’22 Apparatus Final 2


Japan is THE up-and-coming team in the world right now.

I felt Skye Blakely and and Ou Yushan had the best routines — but Beam is an apparatus where you have to hit under pressure. The medal winners did that.

Ellie Black had zero falls or major errors over 4 Beam routines in Liverpool. In fact she had no falls or major errors on any apparatus in Qualification, Team Final, AA Final or either Apparatus Final. Truly she’s been the most consistent of the top gymnasts in the world.


Crowd went wild.

In the craziest Final, Jessica Gadirova won the Floor title. As did her GBR teammate Giarnni Regini-Moran in Men’s Floor.

This will be the most discussed podium as nobody understands exactly what the judges want in terms of artistry.

USA appealed Jade’s Floor score — as many teams did for many athletes — but this time the score went DOWN 0.1.

That can happen.

As a result, Jade went into a tie with Rebeca. This made pretty much everyone in the arena happy. 😀


Fantastic vaults to get on to this podium. It was one of the best finals in years. Only 1 fall over 16 super difficult vaults.

You beat, Yulo … you are GOOD. Congratulations to 30-year old Artur Davtyan. Two fantastic vaults.

P Bars – Zou Jingyuan

The man. The legend. The greatest of all time on Parallel Bars.

Arguably the greatest routine of all time on any apparatus.

H Bar

Superb Final. No falls. No drama. Just great Gymnastics.

Brody hit the best routine I’ve ever seen him do.

Brody Malone – World Champion. I like the sound of that.

Giorgia Villa 1/1 on Beam

Trusting herself to keep this super difficult combination IN the routine for Team Finals, here’s what happened.