Tracee Talavera interview

Tracee Talavera is one of my favourite gymnasts. Along with her teammate Julianne McNamara.

Tracee was famous for introducing the Flair on Beam. She worked on it with the Men’s club coach at the time Hideo Mizoguchi.

Dvora Meyers posted a new interview:

Tracee Talavera Has Flair

Click PLAY or watch her 1981 Worlds Beam Bronze medal on Beam on YouTube.




FIG Beam layout requirements

Dumb. Until we have computer video analysis to make this kind of call, it would be better to call all straight body layouts D-parts, and take deduction from the E-score.

Under current rules, I don’t trust human beings to make the right call every time.

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Beam – Flair Handstand to Flair

Click PLAY or watch Michael Reid on Twitter.