Tabea Alt – Stuttgart Beam

Love the mount

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Turning 17 is already pretty special but winning an all-around world cup in front of your home crowd on your birthday and having a few thousand people sing to you is a present not many people get to enjoy.

… Not only did she post the highest beam score of the day with a 14.066, she also showed the most difficult routine out of all the competitors with a very impressive D-score of 6.1. …

Alt’s Birthday Win in Stuttgart

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Baku World Cup preliminaries 2

Qualification to FINALS is complete.

1. Ponor ROM 14.233
2. Nedov AUS 13.266
3. Wang CHN 13.200

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1. Ponor ROM 13.233
2. Nekrasova AZE 13.100
3. Little AUS 12.700

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1. Berki HUN 15.233
2. Weng CHN 14.800
3. Tommasone FRA 14.733

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1. Hrimieche FRA 14.383
1. Remkes AUS 14.383
3. Tuuha FIN 14.233

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H Bar
1. Boulet FRA 14.266
2. Hayasaka JPN 14.233
3. Kovacevic CRO 13.866

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Sonya Meraz – Beam tumbling

There’s not much science in this short science video. No mention of centre of mass over base of support. No discussion on how forces are generated.

But they are big on suede. 🙂 (A suede-like fabric, actually)

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