disinfecting Beams


Happily it’s looking increasingly that COVID-19 is not caught easily from surfaces.

But with an abundance of caution where children spend a lot of time, one of the Buckeye parents invented a device that cleans with ultra violet light.

Note – Canada cautions that some Ultraviolet (UV) lights and wands are falsely claiming to disinfect against COVID-19.

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floor Laser Beam contest online

Laser Beam Virtual Competition

Deadline for video submission Jan 25, 2021 via My Gym Judge.

Registration Fee: $29.95

Prizes will be awarded during a live Zoom call with Olympian & World Champ, Chellsie Memmel.

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The best part with a virtual competition ~ no threat of cancellation!

To enter, submit a video of your best beam routine, performed on a Tumbl Trak Laser Beam.

All entries will be judged by some of the nation’s top judges, including Olympian and World Champion, Chellsie Memmel!

Laser Beam Virtual Competition

Onodi / Mostepanova on Beam

Everyone loves the skill named after Henrietta Ónodi.  A fantastic gymnast who competed 1992 and 1996 Olympics, winning medals.

Henrietta Onodi called the Onodi on Beam the “Mostepanova” because she’d seen Olga compete it first.

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Click PLAY or watch a Beam DISPLAY on YouTube. (1986)

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