Skyler Memmel – Beam

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if you hate Wolf turns …

… how do you feel about a REVERSE Wolf turn? 😀

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Yes it’s a comedy routine (with some big difficulty) at the Superstars of Gymnastics demonstration.

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Baku World Cup results

Olympic qualification points on the line.

🥇 Jade Carey USA 14.766
🥈 Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.450
🥉 Alexa Moreno MEX 14.249

🥇 Lyu Jiaqi CHN 14.266
🥈 Anastasia Iliankova RUS 14.133
🥉 Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 13.566

Diana Varinska had 13.566 as well, but lost out in the tie-break.

Click PLAY or watch Lyu Jiaqi on Facebook. LOVE the double twist. Surprised at the loose form. And always disappointed in routines where gymnasts switch one hand at a time.

🥇 Emma Nedov AUS 14.100
🥈 Marine Boyer FRA 14.100
🥉 Mana Oguchi JPN 13.200

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🥇 Jade Carey USA 14.600
🥈 Lara Mori ITA 13.866
🥉 Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.733

Eaker, Allaire-Bourgie light up L’INTERNATIONAL GYMNIX

If you missed the meet this past weekend, Blythe Lawrence has you covered. Read her highlights from the competition on Rocker Gymnastics:


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6.6 + 7.867 = 14.466

Russian apparatus finals – day 2

1. Angelina Simakova 13.900
2. Angelina Melnikova 13.500
3. Ksenia Klimenko 13.166

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1. Angelina Melnikova 13.600
2. Lilia Akhimova 13.233
3. Aliya Mustafina 13.133

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