interview with Russia’s Valeri Alfosov

This is the best insight I’ve seen so far into the fast improving Russian Men’s team.

Alfosov is very smart. Takes nothing for granted. Knows that Russia has less depth than their main rivals.

Valeri Alfosov, the head coach of the Russian national team, gave an interview to R-Sport. He talked about the challenges of selecting a four-person team for the Olympics, about the team strategy and about coaching the gymnasts in all aspects of their life, not just in the gym. …


It’s interesting that the Russians are so dismissive of GBR lately. They are definitely top 5 contenders for the foreseeable future. And their Juniors are as strong as the Russians.

U.S. Gymnastics Club Owners Association

Update: The Region 5 Director is Don McPherson.

That’s a red flag for me. He’s well known online for defending Steve Penney, the old system. And belittling survivors. At one point he tried to apologize:

___ original post:

This is an independent organization that has been formed by US club owners to help provide guidance to USA Gymnastics in moving the sport of gymnastics in a positive direction. …

… charter members donated $1,000.00 each to cover the financial and legal obligations in forming such an organization.


Click over to the official website to learn more –

General Membership will open on January 1, 2019. The cost for membership will be published after the next board meeting.

I’d hoped this new organization might do more for coach education. The only mention of the word education, however, is here:

In the future the USGCOA will be hosting an Owners Summit. The focus will be on ways to improve your business. Many topics that are pertinent & beneficial to club owners and your bottom-line. This is tentatively scheduled for October of 2019 in Las Vegas.

It’s possible USGCOA might be a candidate to take over from USAG as national Sports Governing Body.

USAG status review will go to panel

U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland:

… the next step in the Section 8 process is for me to select an independent, three-person hearing panel with representatives from the USOC board of directors, the NGB Council and the Athletes’ Advisory Council.

The panel will next review my complaint and USAG’s response, hold a hearing, create a report and recommendation for the full USOC board and then the board will take an action.

A formal timeframe is not described in our bylaws, so I don’t know exactly how long this process may take. At minimum, we expect it will take several weeks, perhaps a few months.

It is important to note that during this process – and per our bylaws – USAG will continue to operate as a fully recognized member NGB of the USOC.

We are not shutting down USAG. Nor is the USOC taking over USAG. In the immediate term there are no changes for USAG members or clubs. …

USOC Statement Regarding Latest Developments To Section 8 Complaint Against USA Gymnastics

USAG still searching for new CEO

While it might be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, no doubt some future organization replacing USAG can use some of the existing policies and procedures.

USA Gymnastics Karen Golz, Board chair:

Top Priorities for the next CEO:

  • Work to ensure the safety of athletes.
  • Lead an organizational transformation to rebuild trust and move the organization forward in a positive and inclusive manner.
  • Ensure transparency in USA Gymnastics operations to build organizational and public trust.

Key Experience

  • Experience leading cultural change, organizational transformation or turnaround in a complex setting.
  • Experience in gymnastics, either as an athlete, coach, parent or administrator.
  • Proven stakeholder management skills; history of working effectively with a board and a diverse constituent base or membership organization.

Personal Characteristics

  • Unquestioned integrity, credibility and character.
  • Strong, transparent communicator and motivator.
  • Knowledgeable about gymnastics and USA Gymnastics as an organization.
  • Team-oriented and collaborative.

Read the full statement.

Tony Retrosi on “tribalism” in U.S. Gymnastics

It seems inevitable that the current USAG will be disbanded.

Some organization will (eventually) replace it.

No former USAG Board members will be returning. But personally I’d like to see Tom Forster — for example — stay on in his current role. Perhaps some others.

Many in the burn it all down camp assume that everyone currently involved is responsible. That things will be better if everyone is new.

Why? There’s no logic to that. A brand new group of volunteers and staff will stumble and bungle until they get experience.

Tony Retrosi:

We must look for ways to FIX the problem. Not the blame. Fixing the problem is good for all of us. Not one side or the other.

I truthfully believe the best days of gymnastics lay ahead of us. We have great things to accomplish in all disciplines and aspects of the program.

We can work to protect ALL participants while remaining dominant at international competitions. Look at the genuine smiles from the gymnasts at World Championships in Doha and Russia. …

End the Tribalism In Our Sport BEFORE It Ends Us.