Uchimura training in Australia

After his injury at Worlds, Kohei was feeling down.

But scenery and warm weather in Australia helped him get training effectively again.

Here’s a rare insight into how the GOAT thinks, plans and trains. Kohei feels he needs more difficulty. He’s shown training Richards on P Bars and (scary) Bretschneider.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

1st year for FIG President Morinari Watanabe

At this point I still don’t have much understanding of where Watanabe wants to lead the International Gymnastics Federation.

His statements are often cryptic. Almost poetic.

He’s enthusiastic. Energetic. Encouraging. I’m still hopefully for great things during his tenure.

Here’s a timeline he presented in the autumn of 2017.

President Watanabe:

Nine months have passed since I assumed the position of FIG President. The matter I have been struggling with most in this period is the FIG Statutes. Although we are aiming to promote various reforms, almost no reforms can be realised before the year 2021 because of the FIG Statutes. …

Times are changing at a speed beyond our imagining. The sports community is not an exception. The IOC has decided to introduce Urban Sports as “the new pillar of the Olympics” from 2020 onward. Even in the case of the Olympics, if they rely only on the existing sports, they will become endangered.

The FIG has been engaged in implementing Parkour, one such Urban Sport as its new discipline …

FIG magazine Oct 2017

Laurent Landi on Simone Biles

… it’s not as easy as people may think. Aimee (Boorman) did such an incredible job in the past 12 years of Simone’s life. …

… “I’m not going to change Simone Biles; I would be a very bad coach if I would do that. I will help her as much as I can with my technical knowledge and my understanding of how to plan and how to produce at the right time. I’m not going to change who she is.” …

Dwight Normile 

Nick Ruddock’s advice for your Gym

It All Starts With a Vision
INVEST Time in Communicating Your Culture
Leadership Should be Demonstrated at All Levels
It’s Your Ship
Be Accountable
Develop ‘Buy In’
Be a Role Model
Encourage Diversity
Remove Toxicity
Avoid the 3 C’s
… Complaining, Comparing and Criticizing

10 Quick Tips

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U.S. Men’s Future Stars

The Future Stars National Championships showcase the USA’s top 10-, 11-, 12- and 13-year-old male gymnasts …

In addition to the competition, Future Stars athletes and their parents participate in workshop activities that feature lectures, technical presentations, and hands-on coaching sessions. …

The Future Stars program is designed is to identify talented athletes and to start them on the right developmental path to national and international success.

USAG – McCafferty, Bottarini, Petrosyan, Shamah win 2017 Future Stars all-around titles

augmented reality for Gymnastics Coaching

I can’t foresee computers taking over for coaches any time soon, but I’m certain we’ll be using augmented reality lenses.

I’d like to watch gymnasts training over-layed with A.R. ideal models.

We might also be able to keep stats on our athletes, too. Click PLAY or watch a simple example on YouTube. (4 years ago)

training hours for new gymnasts

Coach Brittany posted her recommendations:

1st Year or ages 4-5
I recommend 4-6 hours per week and move to 9 hours by the end of that season or year.

2nd–3rd Year or ages 6-7
A this age and/or level of experience I suggest training 9-12 hours at 3-4 days per week.

3rd-4th Year or ages 7-8
I generally recommend 14-16 hours at a minimum of 4 times per week.

4th-5th Year or ages 8-9.
In the 4th-5th year I would recommend 20 hours per week, training 5 days per week.

Those look a bit high for me. Especially in year one and two. We typically do 4 hours a week the year before Grade 1. Six hours a week in Grade 1.

On the other hand, I’m not worried for children of this age. They love the sport, improve rapidly and have relatively few injuries. This is the “easy and fun” stage of the sport.

How Many Hours Should Pre-Competitive Gymnasts Be Training?