USAG team selection transparency

Good job.

As with their Men’s team, USAG circulated minutes of the 2019 World Championships Athlete Selection Committee Meeting from September 23, 2019.

I wish, Canada, by comparison, did the same thing. Every nation should do so.

That said, many — including Spencer — are questioning the logic of leaving behind one of their highest Bars scores — Morgan Hurd.

With Riley out, USA is least deep on Bars.




depth of USA Gymnastics

The USA will select their 2019 Worlds Team this weekend. That’s the toughest qualifying process anywhere.

MAKING Team USA is harder than competing at Worlds.

Caitlyn Hynes:

The United States is filled with over a thousand level ten gymnasts, along with anywhere from 30-80 gymnasts training at the elite level at any given moment, according to statistics from USA Gymnastics.  …

… gymnasts in the United States know that elite is not the be-all, end-all of their career … even if it’s not a coveted spot on the Olympic team.

The majority see the college scholarship as an end goal that is more tangible and realistic than the Olympics, a way to pay back their years of support and effort. … 

kids deciding between sport and Fortnite

…  Coaching — coaches — need to modify. Adapt.

Wayne Goldsmith:

“The experience we’re giving kids is generally out of touch with what they want. The default setting of the majority of coaches around the world still is to be predominantly physically-based and repetition-based, telling kids to do laps and yell times. That’s not coaching, connecting, inspiring.

“My strong belief is that the solution to turning around the falling numbers playing competitive sport is to change coaching. To make it more relationship-based and experience-based.”

Fortnite is not sport’s enemy — outdated coaching is

Thanks Brett.

what to eat before training

Let’s say your gymnast heads to the Gym directly from school.

They needs some sort of snack en route. The carbohydrates eaten will help fuel training.


 Josh Eldridge recommends peanut butter and banana sandwich.

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Is your gymnast getting enough sleep?

Christie Aschwanden recommends young adults spend 10 hours / night in bed, whether or not they are sleeping the whole time. No electronics.

Amazon – Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery

… Is poor spelling one of the signs? 😀

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no Mai

Japanese Women’s Team to Worlds:

・Asuka Teramoto
・Nagi Kajita
・Aiko Sugihara
・Hitomi Hatakeda
・Akari Matsumura

Japan has not yet qualified a full team to the Tokyo Olympics. Now they must do so without Mai Murakami, the Worlds #2 from 2018.

Worrisome. 😕

Meanwhile, it’s Olympic Day.