Australia – Gymnastics Victoria podcast

This is a good podcast for Club administrators. This episode, for example, talks about Club finances.

It’s hosted by Olympian Ashleigh Brennan.

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Financial Data and Systems The Rotation

Jeremy Gleeson from Sports Accounting Australia jumps into all things finance and systems for your sporting organisation, talking data, systems and how to use your numbers to make operational decisions. Sports Accounting Australia is like the CFO for your club and Jeremy shares tips to help you move forward from the impact of COVID and prepare for the year ahead. References Gymnastics Victoria website: Sports Accounting Australia: See for privacy information.
  1. Financial Data and Systems
  2. Human Resources in Sport
  3. Marketing to Success
  4. Sport and Life Training
  5. Avenue for growth

Aimee Boorman interview

For the 100th episode of his podcast, Dave Tilley interviewed Simones coach.

I recommend it.

Jeff Thomson – Gymnastics Canada Chair

  • *Jeff Thomson (Chair) – North Vancouver, BC
  • Barb Bergeron (Vice-Chair) – Kanata, ON
  • *Bonnie DeGroot (Secretary) – Calgary, AB
  • Rosie MacLennan (Athlete Rep) – Toronto, ON
  • Nathalie Bastien (Director) – Montreal, QC
  • Nick Lenehan (Director) – Halifax, NS
  • *Bernard Petiot (Director) – Montreal, QC
  • Kim Shore (Director) – Calgary, AB

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gymnastics Canada membership, and the GymCan Board, for the honour of being elected and then selected as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors,” said Thomson who has 40 years of experience in the sport of gymnastics and is currently a member of the FIG Technical Committee for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. …

Jeff Thomson

Bernard Petiot has been one of the top people at Cirque du Soleil for many years.

Ellie Black’s strength coach

I can’t keep up with all Dave Tilley’s output.

But don’t miss one of his best podcasts yet — an interview with Scott Willgress, who’s worked with Ellie since 2011.

Ellie Black has a great plan with goals of longevity and consistency. #smart

Every coach can learn something from Scott who’s actually just one of a team of specialists working with the double Olympian.

Journal To Inspire Young Gymnasts

Bulgarian Olympians Dima Raynova and Silvia Topalova have teamed up again, this time to create and publish The POWER in the Hour, a journal and tracker designed to motivate, guide and inspire female and male gymnasts ages 8 to18. …

The journal has quotes, inspirations and stories from all over the world. … There’s also room for writing down reflections, goals and dreams. …

There are several sections that the kids can fill out: healthy habits such as sleeping patterns, food, and other things, goals they want to achieve and how they’ll achieve them, academic activities, books they’re reading, outdoor activities, family and friends time, how they help at home, reflection of their week and improvements. …

Bulgarian Olympians Team Up On Journal To Inspire Young Gymnasts


10,000 hour rule STILL debunked

Anders Ericsson studied musicians, finding most of the best had spent 10 years and at least 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to reach their peak.

Subsequently, authors found support for this theory by collecting data about highly professional mathematicians and from chess and tennis.

The rule was eventually debunked.

If I had practiced basketball for 10,000 hours, for example, I wouldn’t have made the NBA.  😀

Correlation is not causation.

Vladimir B. Issurin in 2017 published a summary finding that athletes from endurance, power, and combat sports attained world-class status following 4–7 years of specialized preparation with 3000–7000 cumulative hours of purposeful training.

Those athletes had genetic potential, of course.

Read the full article:

Evidence-Based Prerequisites and Precursors of Athletic Talent: A Review

Ellie Black – general conditioning

Ellie has a super detailed training plan. It’s worth watching everything she does.


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