COVID or Correct

The GymCastic podcast has a new section where they discuss which College teams are being responsible with masking and physical distancing. And which are not.

Losers from week #1 include the announcers from BYU.

Elite Canada goes virtual

Some of the top gymnasts in Canada are still locked out. Not training.

Hopefully the National team selection process will take this into account.

There will be three virtual competitions in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics held this spring, starting with Elite Canada.

VIDEO SUBMISSION: February 3-9, 2021

JUDGING: February 12-14, 2021

We are still investigating options for making routines available for viewing following the competitions …

Gymnastics Canada

Good call, in my opinion. Canada is a huge nation and travel is a pain at the best of times.

Also, compared with the USA, there are far fewer elite gymnasts to evaluate for selection on to National Teams.

Men’s NCAA virtual meets

The Sooners jump start their season on Jan. 16 in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Open against Air Force and Arizona State. OU’s 2021 schedule is highlighted by four meets in Norman, three of which are virtual. 

A virtual meet will require both teams to compete from their home facilities while the judging is also done virtually. …

OU Daily

Nastia Liukin Cup qualification

So far the Nastia Liukin Cup is on.

Congratulations to the first qualifiers.

Gymnastics Canada – Changing our Culture

150+ registrants, so far, for this FREE Safe Sport webinar.

JAN 14, 2021 at 7PM EST..

Gretchen Kerr, PhD from the University of Toronto and Dave Tilley DPT, SCS CSCS, the CEO & Founder of SHIFT Movement Science & Gymnastics Education.

It will be recorded for future reference.

Register here.

Thanks Kim.

Q&A with Kathy Johnson Clarke

Kathy will be doing TV commentary from a new home studio.

Dvora Meyers posted an interview:

• should NCAA sport continue while the COVID-19 pandemic rages?

• will College Gymnastics be as popular as in the past?

• Gymnast Alliance

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College Gymnastics … looms

Fingers crossed.

Spencer tried to piece together what’s happening starting this week:


With almost no direction from NCAA, every team is doing their own thing.

Good luck with that.

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