In defence of Jerry Reighard

Kylie Fagan:

… Jerry was a great coach, mentor and overall great person who cared for every single one of his athletes.

I wanted to share an email I sent to President Robert Davies and Athletic Director Michael Alford on February 25, 2019. I have yet to hear back from either. So here is a quick summary of my awesome experience as a Central Michigan gymnast under head coach, Jerry Reighard. …

Jerry Reighard fired

Central Michigan University has terminated the employment of gymnastics coach Jerry Reighard, following an investigation that confirmed repeated disregard for the independent role of medical staff in addressing student-athlete injuries.

The latest incident, in February, involved Reighard attempting to influence a student to lie about or cover up concussion symptoms. A 121-page investigation report from CMU Faculty Personnel Services cites “egregious misconduct” by Reighard in attempting to undermine the university’s concussion management plan.

Gymnastics coach Reighard terminated for cause

CMU will be searching for a new Head Coach.

new documentary on the USA Gymnastics scandal

… a feature-length documentary for HBO.

At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal takes an in-depth look at the toxic environment within the ultra-competitive world of gymnastics that allowed for hundreds of young women and girls to be sexually abused by those they trusted most.


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Gymnastics Australia Child Protection

Gymnastics Australia is proud to present two Commitment Statements, one co-signed by the President of Gymnastics Australia, alongside the Presidents of all our member State and Territory Associations and the other co-signed by the Gymnastics Australia CEO and the Executive Directors of all State and Territory Associations.

These two documents and the actions surrounding them, solidify Gymnastics in Australia’s commitment to child safety within our sport.


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coach Muffet McGraw on gender equity

Notre Dame (Basketball) Coach Muffet McGraw has been on the Final Four stage nine times in her career. …

But her news conference on Thursday was different. It was passionate, and it was personal.

Muffet McGraw has had enough. …

NY Times 

She will only hire female assistant coaches in future. Female coaches in women’s sport should be the norm. Male coaches, the exception.

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Oklahoma, Georgia to Nationals

OKLAHOMA 198.475
GEORGIA 198.050

CAL 197.675
KENTUCKY 197.600

It took 198+ to get through — #ScoreInflation — but what a competition. Spencer called the judging “unprofessional and atrocious“.

cheer Destinee Davis at OSU

Each young woman competing Regionals has overcome a LOT to reach this pinnacle of the sport.

Click PLAY or watch Destinee’s on Twitter.

If you asked me what University team YOUR daughter should apply for, on the top of my list is OSU.

2024 Code to be discussed at Worlds 2019

Few major changes.

“What we want to enhance is more elegance in the movement.

Elegance is not only about the choreography or the artistry, it is also present in the way gymnasts perform. This is the plus that everybody enjoys, this is the difference that creates emotion for those who watch the performance,” said the TC President.

“We have already noticed a big improvement on the Floor Exercise. But it is not only on the Floor or on the Beam, it is also on the Uneven Bars and even on the Vault,” she added. …


I would have been happier to hear them pilot computer video analysis of Vault, not Artistry on Vault.

Sounds like evaluation will be even more subjective in the next cycle than it is today. ☹️

Umme Salim-Beasley at Rutgers

Salim-Beasley took over as head coach at Rutgers in May of last year.

Salim-Beasley and her coaching staff—Michael Rosso and Anastasia Halbig, who previously worked with her during her head coaching stint at Temple—set out to work on something that is at first intangible but makes a visible impact in the long run: the team culture.  …

“[Culture] is everything,” she said. “It creates common goals and encourages us to support each other through everything, which ends up washing away any little conflicts because everything is already in place. …

Senior captain Riahanah Ali said she and her teammates could sense the new coaching staff’s commitment from the start. …

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