Florida’s EQUALITY Meet

The first NCAA gymnastics regular-season dual meet to be broadcast LIVE on NATIONAL television was last weekend in Gainesville:

Florida 197.000 – Alabama 196.925

The theme was EQUALITY.

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Reality check – U.S. News and World Events ranks the USA among the worst of developed nation for racial equality — below China.

keeping girls in sport LONGER

A new study suggests that girls who begin participating in sports from the ages of 6 to 9 have higher retention rates than those who begin participating later in life.

These findings emphasize the importance of targeted retention strategies and supportive sport environments for adolescent girls and women.

Canadian Sport Information Resource Centre

Start young. But keep the main emphasis on FUN and FITNESS, not performance.

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sport ethics – Brittany Bowe

It was an incredible gesture of friendship – when speed skater Erin Jackson unexpectedly failed to qualify for next month’s Winter Olympics, team-mate Brittany Bowe stepped in to rescue her long-time friend’s Beijing dreams.

Jackson, the world’s number-one ranked 500m speed skater, unexpectedly failed to make the US team after she slipped and finished third in Friday’s event at the Olympic trials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

So Bowe, who specialises in longer-distance races but had finished first in 500m qualifying, graciously decided to give up her spot. …


promoting older female gymnasts

Nick Blanton:

… of 259 female competitors in the 2019 WC’s, the average age was 19.93. Since the inception of the open-ended code in 2006, the average age of female competitors has risen from 18.2 years of age in the 2005 WC’s, to 19.93 in 2019. From this comparison, federations could strategize what age to peak their athletes in contemporary high-performance gymnastics.

To put it simply, programs should be strategizing on how to support older female athletes. …

That’s just one conclusion from Nick’s new paper.

Watanabe: computers may eventually replace judges

I feel progress has been slow.

I can’t foresee it happening any time soon.

Watanabe, who retained his position as FIG President at last month’s Congress, stresses that the technology is currently assisting judges but did not rule out the idea of it eventually becoming sole arbiter.

“At this stage, it is a judging support system,” Watanabe told insidethegames.

“It may be a substitute for humans in the future. …

Exclusive: FIG President Watanabe says computers may eventually replace judges

Let Kids Choose Who They Hug 

A Mighty Girl has an important message for coaches.

By letting kids decide whether to greet someone with a hug or a kiss, parents can teach the basics of consent and bodily autonomy as early as the toddler years. …

… “The notion of consent may seem very grown-up and like something that doesn’t pertain to children, but the lessons girls learn when they’re young about setting physical boundaries and expecting them to be respected last a lifetime.” …

This Holiday Season, Let Kids Choose Who They Hug


Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent, and Respect

My Body! What I Say Goes!

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USAG red flag – Katy, TX

You’d think USA Gymnastics would be too cautious before awarding events to an employee’s Gym.

Bad optics.

Gymnasts were afraid to complain about Karolyi Ranch for fear of displeasure from the owners.

Save Queensland High Performance Centre 

Gymnasts and coaches in Queensland, Australia were shocked to hear that their very successful Gym would be closed early 2022 due to budget cuts.

You can sign a petition to Save Gymnastics in QLD.

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