Movember Gymnastics fundraiser

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The Movember Foundation is a multinational charity that aims to raise awareness of and money for men’s health …

Its titular and most well known campaign is Movember, which encourages men to grow moustaches during the month of November.

As of 2014, the Movember Foundation has raised over $580m in charitable donations. It has funded more than 800 programs, focusing on prostate cancertesticular cancer, poor mental health, men’s health awareness and healthy lifestyles.

CEO of British Gymnastics responds

The Guardian posted an article stating British Gymnastics was in crisis.

BBC – Dan Keatings: ‘The climate of fear is real in British Gymnastics’

CEO of British Gymnastics Jane Allen:

NGBs are under increased public scrutiny and we welcome this. We are held accountable by our membership, the public and the government, and our actions must always demonstrate we are worthy of their support and investment. We must operate in a transparent way …

Athlete agreements

We are currently in consultation with elite athletes regarding their athlete agreements …

To date, over fifty-percent of the athletes have already signed the agreement. No athlete has refused to sign and the consultation process is still on-going. We do not believe that there is any serious conflict with our athletes, who are valued members of British Gymnastics.


Our safeguarding processes are robust and I can assure people that complaints and appeals, regardless of their nature, are dealt with fairly and effectively where we have the authority to act.  …

British Gymnastics 

Let’s see if media attention helps the gymnasts and coaches. I do appreciate the personal and forthright response, especially compared with the tepid statements of USA Gymnastics.

That statement is on the homepage of right now not buried as was the USAG response to the Aly Raisman 60 Minutes interview.

are American gymnasts any safer in 2017?

In the fall-out of the Dr. Larry Nassar scandal, I’m not sure they are.

Robert Andrews posted some recommendations:

• We must educate our athletes

• We must educate the (silent) parents

• We must educate coaches

• We must demand a leadership body that is accountable to creating safe, positive, and empowering environments for our gymnasts. …

USAG Sexual Abuse Scandal Is A Symptom Of Deeper Issues (Sept 2017)

At great expense USAG replaced Steve Penny with Kerry J. Perry.

Are gymnasts safer with a new CEO? If so, how?

Is leadership any more accountable than in the past? If so, how?

Are competitive athletes, parents and coaches actually getting more education? Or are they simply offered more education?

The high priced Daniel’s report recommended  ‘cultural change‘ top-to-bottom. Has that actually happened?

What does the new director of SafeSport do day-to-day?

It seems to me USAG is still doing the minimum. Their press releases written by liability lawyers. The goal to protect themselves legally.

Here’s the official response to Aly’s accusations of last week:

USA Gymnastics supports Raisman’s focus on athlete safety, empowerment (Nov 10, 2017)

That statement wasn’t on the home page Nov 11th. You needed to click over to NEWS first to find it. Not exactly up front and transparent.

Many will be checking the USAG home page to see the official response to Aly Raisman’s accusations against Nassar … and not immediately finding any response. 🙁

I didn’t see it on the USA Gymnastics Facebook feed either.

related – Robert Andrews is a sport psychologist who worked with the U.S. men as well as Laurie Hernandez and Simone Biles.

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BIG problems for British Gymnastics

British Gymnastics is facing a crisis with its biggest stars, including the double Olympic champion Max Whitlock, refusing to sign World Class Performance Programme contracts and being threatened with having their funding withdrawn.

An internal power struggle between the performance, commercial and management teams about the content of the contract has led to a rebellion among the athletes. The Guardian understands almost all of the team which won a record seven medals at the Rio Olympics last summer have refused to sign the contract. …


There are many more concerns listed in that article. Click through for sure.

via Gymternet Clan

Ryan McKee is a sexual offender

A FORMER Commonwealth Games gymnast who represented Scotland has been spared jail for sex charges against schoolgirls.

Ryan McKee, 25, knew the girls were 14 when he became involved with them through the gymnastics club where he coached. …

McKee was given a community payback order with 250 hours unpaid to be carried out within nine months.

He has not to be in contact with girls under 16 and for the next eight months has to remain within his home between 8pm and 8am.

He will also be on the sex offenders register for three years. …

Evening Times 

USAG cancels a club membership

USA Gymnastics terminated the membership for American Institute of Gymnastics in Aurora effective Oct. 11 because the gym owners violated policy and membership requirements, said Toby Stark, director of safe sport for the national organization.

The gym is specifically accused of violating a requirement that member gyms don’t associate in any way with a person who is permanently ineligible for membership in USA Gymnastics, Stark said. …

Chicago Tribune

Update – It sounds like the banned member is Michael Cardamone who was convicted in 2005 of sex abuse.

Rape and the Justice System in a College Town

Gymnovosti posted on how rape is viewed in former Soviet Union nations. Things are even worse there for girls and women than in the west.

The protection afforded rapists there, however, reminded me of the protection afforded American Football stars.  🙁

_____ originally posted June 2016

I’m worried when gymnasts – male and female – go off to University.

College athletes have, at least, a support system on arrival. A team. Coaches and staff looking out for them.

You would never have seen Brock Turner’s face if he had been sentenced 3-5 years. Or more. He could’ve gotten 14 years.


When he was sentenced only 6 months people asked:

• Is it because he’s a Stanford student?
• Is it because he’s a scholarship athlete?
• Is it because he’s white?

This case led me to read Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town by Jon Krakauer.

The acclaimed author researched 230 rapes in town, most of which either weren’t prosecuted or the prosecutions were bungled. Most rapists walked away without punishment.

This guy did go to trial.  If I were on the jury I would have found star quarterback Jordan Johnson guilty of rape.

Jordan Johnson

Instead the state of Montana paid Johnson $245,000 under a settlement where he agreed to drop claims that the school and its officials mishandled the investigation against him.

This guy – Brandon Vandenberg – former Vanderbilt football player,  was found guilty for his role in the gang rape of an unconscious female student in 2013.

Brandon Vandenburg

Only one of his rapes. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

The Department of Education has an investigation ongoing into 192 universities alleged to be mishandling sexual-assault complaints.

A good gift for a student going away to University for the first time would be this book – Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town

Most young people don’t know the law. Are clueless when it comes to date rape. Acquaintance rape. 😦

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