USAG hires chief communications officer 

Good luck Jill Gear.

… responsible for driving internal and external communications, social media, branding, marketing, digital strategy, content development and media relations at USA Gymnastics.

Inside the Games

Big Shot – TV series

Big Shot is an American sports comedy-drama streaming television series.

An OLD SCHOOL NCAA Division 1 winning men’s basketball coach gets fired for throwing a chair at a ref. The only job he can get is coaching High School girls at a private school in California.

It’s standard family friendly Disney fare, appropriate for kids age-8 and up.

I only mention it here as Big Shot is another small step in the public awareness that coaches must be ETHICAL.

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Dave Tilley – 3 things we need

1. A moral and ethical code

2. A better education system

3. A workload and wellness monitoring system, that is specific to gymnastics.

FBI apologizes to gymnasts

If you are a lawyer trying to defend USAG and USOPC … your argument just got significantly weaker. It’s indefensible.

FBI Director Wray Apologizes for Botched Larry Nassar Probe After Horrific Testimony from US Gymnasts: It Was ‘Inexcusable’

STICK like Uchimura

Dvora Meyers put together a deep dive into the history of competition Gymnastics landings. She digs into the evolution of landing mats, as well.

The most dangerous part of most routines.

If gymnasts are allowed a controlled lunge on Floor, use that technique. It’s much safer — absorbing force over more time and distance.

Personally, my strategy as a coach is to train competition landings with the goal of a 0.1 deduction small hop. If the gymnasts happens to STICK for no deduction once-in-a-while, I consider it a 0.1 bonus over the plan.

Read the article on Defector:

The Case Against Sticking The Landing

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protecting Cheer athletes

HBO Real Sports did a segment. It’s hard to watch.

U.S. All Star Federation — owned by the private company / monopoly Varsity Spirit — has been doing a lousy job protecting their athletes.

Sports attorney Sarah Klein is interviewed.

It includes the 2020 arrest of Jerry Harris.

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U.S. Olympic TV coverage

… here are the biggest takeaways from the #RespectHerGame report:

  • Women got more overall coverage: Athletes in women’s sports received a staggering 59.1% of screen time in primetime Olympic coverage.
  • But men overwhelmingly control their stories: Men make up 82% of live Olympic commentators.
  • Men’s sports is still viewed as the default: Athletes in men’s sports are referred to as “male [athlete|sport]” just two percent of the time, while athletes in women’s sports are given the “female” qualifier 13.6% of the time.
  • Women are more exposed and sexualized than their male counterparts: Athletes in women’s sports wear revealing outfits in competition more than their male counterparts (69.9% compared to 53.5%), and are 10 times more likely to be objectified by camera angles (5.7% compared with 0.6%).
  • Women are still infantilized: Athletes in women’s sports are seven times more likely to be referred to using gender diminutive language (such as “girl” or “lady” or “chick”) as their counterpart in men’s sports. …

For women at the Olympics, more coverage doesn’t equal respectful coverage

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Apparatus Finals 1-touch warm-up


Following several comments and requests made by gymnasts during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the EC unanimously agreed that athletes taking part in the Apparatus finals in Artistic Gymnastics must have the opportunity to warm up on the apparatus on the field of play, as already allowed in the All-Around and Team competitions.

The right to have a one-touch warm-up will come into force as soon as the amendment to the Technical Regulations is approved by the FIG Council. …

Official news from the Executive Committee – August 2021

FIG should improve Vault landing mats

Does anyone have statistics on this?

I feel certain we are seeing more severe injuries on Vault landings, on average, than on any other apparatus.

I’d recommend FIG require a mat more like the safer one used by Trampoline sports on double-mini.

Eurotramp Double-Minitramp landing mat

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.