International Gymnastics Camp 2021

Looks like a GO.

What I like best about IGC is their coach education program.

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IGC by email:

We have three COVID-19 safety plans in place and will utilize the most appropriate plan depending on the state of the virus at that time.

We’re remaining flexible to accommodate all guidelines set forth by the CDC, local, and state government for this summer.

All three plans will require PCR testing prior to arrival at camp, limiting exposures during the two weeks prior to camp, monitoring temperatures and antigen testing upon arrival with follow-up testing during the course of the campers stay …

GBR Men in Dubai

England is in strict lockdown, the British men were allowed to travel for training camp.

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Blythe Lawrence on Aussie #AthleteAlliance

Rianna Mizzen talks about how being overworked in training contributed to her ACL tear.

“I have had some terrible experiences at major international competitions and national training camps between 2006-2012 that I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” two-time Olympian Georgia Bonora wrote on Instagram.

“There’s training hard and helping your athlete get the most out of themselves, but then there’s also a very fine line that can be crossed into abusive territory,” said Mary-Anne Monckton, a five-time Australian champion who won two silver medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

“A lot of girls, some 20 years later, still didn’t realise that that was abuse. None of us recognised it because it wasn’t just happening to us. It was happening to everybody.”

On July 30 the Australian Human Rights Commission announced it would conduct an independent review, led by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, on gymnastics in Australia to better understand why alleged abuse went unreported.

Click through to read the well researched and detailed article in the Brisbane Times:

‘You can’t step out of line’: Medals come at a price for gymnasts



Gina Paulhus has improved her site complimenting the Facebook Group, “Just Like Fine Wine … Adult Gymnastics” which has been running since 2014.

Gina also started the world’s first exclusive Adult Gymnastics Camp in 2015. links to training videos, access to forums and online groups, and ways to find an adult class or team.

Check it out …

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44% of campers test positive for COVID-19

Of 597 campers and staff at a YMCA sleep away camp in Georgia, 44% — 263 people — tested positive.

Of course games, singing and cheering together were encouraged, mostly without masks.

The camp followed disinfecting rules and required staff to wear masks, but campers did not have to wear face coverings.

Campers ranged in age from 6 to 19, and many of the staffers were teenagers. Cabins had between 16 to 26 people.

51% of positive cases were in 6-to-10-year-olds.

Staff at the camp had all tested negative in the previous 12 days.

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