2nd Annual Canmore Adventure Camp

Aug 13-19, 2017

Canmore, Alberta is an outdoor adventure sport mecca in the Rockies. Gymnastics and one or two action sports every day.

J.O. Levels 3-10.

Following Camp there’s a new heli-hiking  trip to Mount Assiniboine planned.

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I’ll post details and costs when I get them. In the meantime email the Camp Director with any questions.

Ashley Sportun, Camp Head Coach
ashley (a) canmoregymnastics.com

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1st time coach at National Team Camp

Jenn Camps Larsen, Program Director and Coach at Tigar Gymnastics in Wheat Ridge, CO … was able to attend her first National Team Camp a few weeks ago. …

GBC sat down with Jenn to talk about coaching at the Elite level and attending her first National Team Camp.

Q: What type of preparation did you need to do leading up to the National Training Camp, for yourself and/or your athletes?

A: The National team staff provides us with guidelines and expectations for camp. …

Q: Once you were there, describe the atmosphere of the first day of training and as the Camp went on?

A: It carries a level of intensity but was definitely a lighter mood than I expected. The national staff is all very friendly and really wants to help us get the best from these athletes. They don’t scold you or your athlete for mistakes, rather they use the time to truly teach both of you how to be better. The work out is fast pace and you do have to keep up. …

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Jenn coaching Jay Jay on Beam
Jenn coaching Jay Jay on Beam