GAGE Summer Camp 2019

I visit a lot of clubs around the world.

The safest I’ve seen is GAGE in Kansas City, Missouri. Al builds a lot of his own equipment and matting to make circuits safer and more efficient.

If you want to see for yourself, consider registering for camp this summer.


related – Former GAGE gymnasts Sarah (Shire) Brown — currently Head Coach at Penn State — is very entertaining and eloquent in talking about her years at GAGE. Listen to that interview on GymCastic episode 358.

U.S. Gymnastics Camps

GymnasticsHQ put together a comparison of three of the big American Camps for summer 2019: Woodward, IGC and FlipFest.

Costs, discounts, schedules, housing, meals, Olympian appearances, etc.

Many weeks are already full.

Listed too are some of the College Camps available.


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International Gymnastics Camp

Sooner or later everyone gets to IGC. They’ve announced a partial list of celebrities for this coming summer.

Week 1, 9 – Gabby Douglas
Week 2, 3 – Nastia Liukin
Week 7, 8 & 9 – Svetlana Boguinskaia
Week 7, 8 – Oksana Chusovitina

Oksana will be training to qualify for her … 17th?? Olympics. 😀

It would be pretty cool to be there. Just sayin’


Japan – China Men’s training camps

After the Japanese men’s national gymnastics team came to the Chinese National Gymnastics Training Center in Beijing for a joint training camp with the Chinese National Team last month, the Chinese men flew to Japan last week for another joint training session in Japan. The camp began on February 11th and lasted six days. …

Xiao Ruoteng, current two-time World Champion, stated the environment was very friendly since all the athletes were familiar with each other:

“I can tell the Japanese are very advanced on apparatus like floor, they also have some great training drills.

However, in terms of the gymnastics venues and accommodations, the Chinese team is better.

We aren’t talking too much with each other, mostly because we want to observe each other. The Japanese are all in good shape, which is about what we expected. Uchimura still looks like he’s affected by his injury, but he’s mostly recovered.”


Xiao Ruoteng