Brent Klaus on USA Gymnastics

Brent and his family run International Gymnastics Camp, a sponsor of this site.

At the 2017 USA Gymnastics Congress IGC set up this display.

Now in February 2018, Brent talks about the reaction their display got last August. Particularly comments from USAG staff and Board members.

USA Gymnastics Predicament

Thanks Amanda.

Gymnastics Canada WAG Aspire program

I really like the Gymnastics Canada WAG Aspire program for talented young gymnasts.

The Aspire Camps are great too.

You can check out the 2017-2018 ASPIRE PROGRAM MANUAL online for free, if you like.

There is one error on page 15.

Of course the path of the Centre of Gravity starts tangent to the point of release. If you let go of the Bar when the C of G reaches horizontal you’d best be doing a Geinger.

If you release with hips above horizontal as required by that Aspire graphic there’s a very good chance you’ll land on the Bar.

The video linked from page 15 is correct, however.

The Centre of Mass must be below the Bar on release. Ideally with the hips below, the feet above as in this drawing.

The gymnast could apply a force to the Bar on release to either pitch-out or pull-in the Centre of Mass. Pulling-in can result in hitting the Bar.

related – G.S. George – Tangent-Release Principle 


Uchimura training in Australia

After his injury at Worlds, Kohei was feeling down.

But scenery and warm weather in Australia helped him get training effectively again.

Here’s a rare insight into how the GOAT thinks, plans and trains. Kohei feels he needs more difficulty. He’s shown training Richards on P Bars and (scary) Bretschneider.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

LSU instead of the Ranch

Good idea.

Some of the wonderful NCAA Gym are not all that busy.

“We want to thank LSU’s women’s gymnastics program for the opportunity to use their facility,” said Rhonda Faehn, senior vice president for women’s gymnastics.

“Their incredible facility allows us to hold an alternative for team verification that uses a format that is familiar to the athletes and coaches. …”

Athletes will be named for the all-around World Cup competitions in Stuttgart, Germany, Birmingham, Great Britain, and Tokyo, Japan, as well as the alternate for the 2018 American Cup. The opportunity is open to members of the women’s national team and other rising gymnasts who were invited to participate in the original February verification camp. …


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USAG cancels the Ranch

Good call.

Kerry Perry, president and CEO of USA Gymnastics:

“USA Gymnastics has terminated its agreement with the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas. It will no longer serve as the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center.

“It has been my intent to terminate this agreement since I began as president and CEO in December. Our most important priority is our athletes, and their training environment must reflect this. We are committed to a culture that empowers and supports our athletes.

“We have cancelled next week’s training camp for the U.S. Women’s National Team. We are exploring alternative sites to host training activities and camps until a permanent location is determined. We thank all those in the gymnastics community assisting in these efforts.”



Tony Retrosi is the United States Elite Coaches Association Chairman.

That’s an organization independent of USAG.


Is it time for the National Team Training Center at Karolyi’s Ranch to close?


… The information I can share is USAG is working on a plan for the new training center. In August they had 5 parties interested in working with USAG to build a new training center. …

Some have mentioned the USOTC in Colorado Springs as an alternative—good idea but it can barely handle the training schedule required for the men. …

The USA needs a world class training facility where coaches and gymnasts can learn and train with minimal distractions—a National Team Training Center where our National Teams in all disciplines can train on a regular basis and where we can develop the talent of our up and coming coaches as well.

We need USA Gymnastics University to be both a brick-and-mortar University (at the National Team Training Center) and an online source as well. We need the best and brightest to be teaching at national, regional and state congresses and conferences. I personally would like a university where gymnastics professionals can go and learn from the best and one to where the best can go and share their ideas and drills with each other.

This university and training center must be a safe place for all participants.

The funding involved in doing this would be astronomical, however, we MUST move forward at all costs and anything worthwhile starts with a dream. …

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USA Gymnastics University provides voluntary coach education courses in the USA.

Colorado Springs 2014 photo

cancel The Ranch

USAG’s agreement to buy the facility in Sam Houston National Forest located north of Houston was announced on July 25, 2017 but later cancelled.


“It breaks my heart even more to think that as I work toward my dream of competing in Tokyo 2020, I will have to continually return to the same training facility where I was abused,” she wrote on Twitter and Instagram.

Dr. Roy Lubit, a New York-based psychiatrist who focuses on emotional trauma in abused children, said Ms. Biles’s comment should be heeded.

“It’s a very, very bad idea to send these girls back to this training center,” Dr. Lubit said, explaining that returning to a place of abuse tends to be a powerful trigger for traumatic memories to come rushing back. …

The Center of U.S. Gymnastics’ Success Is Now a Haunted House