Valeri in Brazil

Valeri Liukin has been assisting team Brazil in preparation for Worlds.

A continuation of the American 🙂 coaching diaspora: Chow, Brestyan, Liukin.

Gymnastics Australia might leave AIS

End of an era.

In the early 1990s I made a research trip to AIS to learn what they were doing so much better than the rest of the western world.

Gymnastics Australia is considering leaving its Australian Institute of Sport base less than two years before the Olympic Games, ending a 37-year relationship and signalling another major change for the campus.

The Canberra Times can reveal gymnastics officials are searching for a new home, citing an out-of-date and decaying facility as the main reason …

Gymnastics was one of the eight foundation sports when the AIS was opened in 1981, but athletes and coaches have been using the same building since 1983 and it is in need of an urgent upgrade. …

Gymnastics Australia to leave AIS after 35 years on Canberra campus

Where will camps be held in future?

MAG Team Future Advance Training Camp

MAG Junior National Squad Camp

On the upside, eligible organisations can apply for grants up to $500,000 to upgrade and develop community sport infrastructure in 2018-19. That’s part of Sport 2030 – a new national plan.

Mike Outram – paralyzed Gymnastics coach

Tony Retrosi:

At the NO LIMITS Camp in Calgary Mike coached Beam. Immediately after that we headed down to Lethbridge Alberta to do a Boys Camp. Watching him break a skill down and explaining drills is a thing of beauty. He is a bit shaky when he walks but his confidence in the gym more than makes up for it. Give this man a cape and call him a superhero.

Mike Outram (second from the left) is a character. If you’ve met him once, you remember him.

I recall first hearing that Mike had been paralyzed from hitting concrete at the bottom of a foam pit coming off tramp. Hearing that he’d never walk again.

This tragedy was big news in Canada. Everyone checked their pits to see if any concrete could be somehow exposed.

Some months later Mike unexpectedly arrived at a Gymnastics event. He walked in through an open side door of the Gym.

… I thought you were paralyzed?

Mike: That’s what they tell me.

It’s an incredible story. The power of the mind over the body. Mike’s still improving. Click over to GymMomentum.

My Journey and What I Learned from Gymnastics. Mr. Michael Outram

Marta’s letter to the Senate subcommittee

… My second recommendation is the implementation of USA Gymnastics-assigned chaperones.

Each gymnast should have a chaperone present with them at the national training camps and competitions.

While each gymnast was required to travel with their personal coach to the national training camps, a neutral chaperone, responsible solely for the safety and wellbeing of each gymnast, would help create a safe space for gymnasts to voice concerns outside of their athletic training.

This chaperone should also be required to accompany each gymnast on any medical treatments or sessions, whether formal or informal. A gymnast should never be alone with another adult who is not her parent without her chaperone …

read more – Karolyi letter to Senate

1. This letter was obviously written by lawyers

2. Marta was the last person at Camp who would have wanted chaperones attending

Secrecy and lack of transparency were a big part of the old Romanian system. It’s something Marta continued at her remote Camp.

(via BBS)

U.S. Men’s National Team Camp

Unlike the women’s last camp, the men are working well.

Colin Van Wicklen:

Intensity is the word to describe this camp. Guys were training so hard, throwing new skills, and were extremely focused.

This was by far the best National team camp I have ever been too. It was extremely motivating to look around the gym and see everyone working hard, pushing upgrades while still focusing on execution. Even the national team basics were taken extremely seriously.

Besides training we also had time to talk about our goals and how we will reach them for World Championships and the Olympic Games in 2020. …


what is Kerry Perry thinking?

… Thursday, Perry pushed out the vice president of the women’s program, Rhonda Faehn, who was heading a national team training camp in Crossville, Tenn., at the time. Athletes complained about her forced departure on social media posts, and the remainder of the camp was canceled.

By Friday, Perry was announcing a restructuring of the organization at the USA Gymnastics headquarters in Indianapolis, with at least nine layoffs, including Faehn, the head of the organization’s nascent athlete protection program, and seven other employees. …

She told staff in a two-minute meeting that the cuts were necessary because “our organization is facing a great deal of pressure on many fronts” and “to better adapt to the current climate, restructuring was necessary.”

Faehn said in an email that athletes’ welfare had been her “absolute top priority.” She added: “I did not resign as I did not feel that suddenly abandoning the national team athletes was in the best interest of their safety or emotional well being.” …

On Monday, Perry apologized to team members and their parents for “the disruption and confusion created at last week’s” camp, adding that it was “truly unfortunate,” and said she had made USA Gymnastics’ Junior Olympic program director Annie Heffernon the interim vice president of the women’s program. …

Wall Street Journal – USA Gymnastics Is Still Struggling With Internal Upheaval

The article hints that USAG might have to declare bankruptcy if they agree to even one major settlement.