Gymnastics Camp Edmonton, Alberta

Registration opened April 16th for a NEW residence Camp.

Boys and girls.

July 16 – July 20, 2018
July 30 – August 3, 2018

CAD $450 per participant + applicable taxes (great price!)

It’s the excellent facility used by Team China before Worlds 2017.

Pine Valley Gymnastics Camp

Pine Valley Resort (PVR) is located in Tawatinaw Valley, 85 km north of Edmonton, Alberta.

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Camp details. (PDF)

training in leotards optional at IGC

Update from International Gymnastics Camp:

… the current recommendation that campers wear either shorts or leggings with leotards at training sessions is in keeping with IGC’s proactive mission to provide the safest possible training environment for its campers. Contrary to some social media allegations, this recommendation is not intended to somehow victimize or victim shame. Rather this practice insures a greater measure of comfort for many gymnasts.

Thank you for a lot of positive support and vocal negative feedback. We are softening our original policy from a requirement to a recommendation as we want all campers and parents to be comfortable and to ensure the wellbeing for all the gymnasts. …

read the full statement

original post from yesterday:

International Gymnastics Camp’s concern with the current issues facing USA Gymnastics drives us to take a pro-active approach to ensure gymnastics is a safe sport when it comes to abuse.

International Gymnastics Camp is advocating that, across the entire nation, shorts or leggings be worn with leotards during both workouts and junior competitions in the women’s programs. In that regard, and to accelerate this trend for change, IGC is requiring our female campers to wear shorts or leggings during workouts at camp.

Thank you for your cooperation.

IGC Camp packing list

This is similar to those Gyms who require boys and men not to train shirtless.

Though I love freedom, and prefer it be optional, I can live with this restriction. Especially at Camp.

Another good option is training in unitards.

related – World of Gymnastics – pros and cons of bike shorts

Update – Aly Raisman feels any ban of leotards from gymnastics to prevent abuse is a form of ‘victim shaming’. There are many reasons for training dress codes in Gyms. Preventing possible abuse has never been one of them in any Gym I can recall.

full disclosure – International Gymnastics Camp is a sponsor of this site.

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USA verification at LSU

Depending on routine readiness and the individual athlete’s goal, gymnasts were allowed to do modified routines at the verification.

Good idea.

Here are some examples.

Click PLAY or watch Jade Carey’s Floor on YouTube. (Moors on a separate tumbling line.)

Click PLAY or watch Jordan Bowers’s Beam on YouTube. (Rest before dismount.)

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Brent Klaus on USA Gymnastics

Brent and his family run International Gymnastics Camp, a sponsor of this site.

At the 2017 USA Gymnastics Congress IGC set up this display.

Now in February 2018, Brent talks about the reaction their display got last August. Particularly comments from USAG staff and Board members.

USA Gymnastics Predicament

Thanks Amanda.