USOPTC MAG Resident Program dissolved

It was launched January 1990.

Current Head Coach Syque Caesar was informed Nov. 14th that his program was being discontinued. As was his job.

MAG Camps are still scheduled in Colorado Springs. The next on Dec 17-21, 2022.

Many of the guys from USOPTC and Syque himself are moving to EVO Gymnastics in Sarasota, Florida. A new privately funded training centre offering U.S. MAG senior team members salaries, with performance-based bonuses.

USOPTC lasted 32 years. How long will EVO continue?

HOPEFULLY, this will be a change for the better for U.S. National Team members.

Details via this Twitter thread.

Woodward drops Gymnastics & Cheer


I loved my weeks coaching at Woodward West.

Recall a company called the Powdr Corporation purchased Woodward in 2011.

I suspect this has everything to do with sexual misconduct lawsuits against coaches, including Nathaniel Singer in 2022.


We have made the difficult decision to discontinue gymnastics and cheer programming at all Woodward locations, including Woodward Pennsylvania and Woodward West Camps.  …

For those of you looking for other camp options, we would encourage you to reach out International Gymnastics Camp (IGC) or Flip Fest …

Woodward West