Gymnastics Camps in Alberta, Canada

Canada has far fewer summer Camps than the USA. Our biggest is GymRep in Montreal. With heightened border security in the USA 2017, consider friendly Canada as an alternative.

My home Province now has 3 very good residential options.

1. CALGARY – Mountain Shadows 20th Annual Residential Artistic Gymnastic Camps (Brochure)

July 17th – 22nd WAG
 July 24th – 28th WAG

2. CANMORE Illusions 2nd Annual Residential Adventure Camp (Brochure)

Aug 13-19 WAG
Aug 20 ( coaches heli-hiking)

3. EDMONTON – First annual Pine Valley Residential Summer Gymnastics Camp (Brochure)

July 2-8 MAG & WAG
July 9-15 MAG & WAG
July 15-22 MAG & WAG
July 23-29 MAG & WAG

I’ve coached at the first two Camps and can personally recommend both. And I’m planning to travel to Pine Valley to get involved with the launch. The Kriangkum family has been putting this together for years. When comparing costs consider accommodation, food and activities. All three Camps are excellent value.

Pine Valley facility

Watanabe, Alexandrov at CDN Training Camp

The President of FIG made a surprise visit. Alexandrov was there as a guest coach.



via Fans of Canadian Gymnastics

USA WAG international assignments

AT&T American Cup, Newark, N.J., March 4

Riley McCusker, Brielle, N.J./MG Elite
Ragan Smith, Lewisville, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics

World Cup, Stuttgart, Germany, March 18
Morgan Hurd, Middletown, Del./First State Gymnastics

Gymnix International, Montreal, Que. Canada, March 10-12
Sunisa Lee, Saint Paul, Minn./Midwest Gymnastics Center
Emma Malabuyo, Flower Mound, Texas/Texas Dreams
Gabby Perea, Geneva, Ill./Legacy Elite
Maile O’Keefe, Las Vegas/Salcianu Elite

The camp began with physical abilities testing, where Maile O’Keefe of Las Vegas/Salcianu Elite, Ragan Smith of Lewisville, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics, and Shilese Jones of Westerville, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics, took the top three spots.

The camp also included verifications on each apparatus with athletes vying for international assignments showing full routines on competition surfaces. The top three in senior verification were: Riley McCusker of Brielle, N.J./MG Elite, Smith and Morgan Hurd of Middletown, Del./First State Gymnastics.

The top three in junior verification were Emma Malabuyo of Flower Mound, Texas/Texas Dreams, O’Keefe and Gabby Perea of Geneva, Ill./Legacy Elite. …


2nd Annual Canmore Adventure Camp

Aug 13-19, 2017

update – registration is open for the sleepover summer Camp that’s 50% Gymnastics, 50% Rocky Mountain adventure.

Here’s the registration link. All costs included. Meals catered.

Following Camp the heli-hiking  trip for coaches / adults to Mount Assiniboine is confirmed.

Canmore, Alberta is an outdoor adventure sport mecca in the Rockies. Gymnastics and one or two action activities every day. (Rock climbing, swimming, hiking, Acro Yoga, Hula Hoop, Slacklining, river rafting, Juggling, Diabolo & Devil Stick, mountain biking on Olympic trails, paddle board, etc. all with expert instruction.)

J.O. Levels 3-10. Age 9 and older.

Click PLAY or watch it on Facebook.

Email the Camp Director with any questions.

Ashley Sportun, Camp Head Coach
ashley (a)

related – my write-up of last year’s Canmore Camp

French National Training Camps

► JUNIORS – Feb 20-24, 2017 à Saint Etienne

ADAM-CUVILLIER Aglaé (2003) – Pôle de Meaux/Meaux gymnastique
BEN RHOUMA Iness (2002) – Pôle de Marseille/Etoile gymnique Roquevaire
BEZIAUD Blanche (2003) – Pôle de Dijon/La Chatillonnaise gymnastique
GANDREY Clara (2002) – Pôle de Dijon/Alliance Dijon gym 21
FORESTIER Julia (2003) – Pôle de Meaux/Meaux gymnastique
FRIESS Aline (2003) – Pôle de Saint Etienne/Sports réuni Obernai
HEDUIT Carolann (2003) – Hors pôle/Avoine Beaumont gymnastique
LAPP Alisson (2002) – Pôle de Dijon/Société gymnastique de Brumath
OSYSSEK Morgane (2002) – Pôle de Dijon/Union Haguenau
SERBER Celia (2003) – Pôle de Dijon/Alliance Dijon gym 21

► SENIORS – Feb 20-24, 2017 à Saint Etienne

BOSSU Juliette (2000) – Pôle de Saint Etienne/Indépendante Kingersheim
BOYER Marine (2000) – INSEP/Meaux gymnastique
CHARPY Lorette (2001) – Pôle de Saint Etienne/Indépendante Stéphanoise
DE JESUS DOS SANTOS Melanie (2000) – Pôle de Saint Etienne/Asso Kreyol Gym
DEVILLARD Coline (2000) – INSEP/Amicale laïque de Digoin
KHNIFASS Assia (2001) – INSEP/Alliance Dijon gym 21
KUHM Anne (1996) – INSEP/Elan gymnique Rouennais
LECHENAULT Oréane (2000) – INSEP/Elan gymnique Rouennais
LEPIN Alison (2000) – Hors pôle/Avoine Beaumont gymnastique
MOUFFOK Janna (2001) – INSEP/Meaux gymnstique
POITREAU Melissa (2001) – INSEP/Alliance Dijon gym 21
VANHILLE Louise (1998) – Pôle Saint Etienne/Dunkerque gym

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