Gym Momentum Training Camp 2017

Tony Retrosi‘s annual Camp went July 6-9, 2017 in Boston.

Great staff: Ivan Ivanov, Chris Gallardo, Vasko Vetzev, Wendy Bruce-Martin, Nicole Langevin, Jamie DonkinCarley Meyer, Daire Oceanlag, Jame Parent, Brian Korman, Jeremy MosierJody Nichols.Cara GonzelesBrian PickardChris Lakeman, Hildur OlafsdottirEmbla Jóhannesdóttir and Vladimir Zmudia.

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Beam Queen Bootcamp

Sam Peszek:

This is the debut of the Beam Queen Bootcamp!

It’s only fitting that I start this event where I trained growing up, DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics.

This is a 2-day clinic on August 6th and 7th (Sunday & Monday) at DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics …. We will be working on beam and only beam from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM both days.

I’m bringing Olympians and NCAA beam champions, Kyla Ross and Bridget Sloan to join me in coaching your gymnasts. …


interview with Komova’s coach Gennady Elfimov

Elena Vaytsekhovskaya interviewed Gennady Elfimov, the personal coach of Viktoria Komova, for Sport Express. Elfimov talked about Komova’s comeback, how their training changed and his vision of gymnastics. …

Q: How close to the truth is the information that your gymnast [Komova] is seriously considering to participate in the August trials for the World Championships?

A: At the moment, we’re not thinking about it. The only goal for her is to recover. Systematically, calmly, without any kind of commotion. …

… My work, at this stage, is not even coaching. Mostly, it is necessary to be a psychologist, to convince her. In terms of gymnastics training, Vika is able to figure everything out herself – she can even determine the training load herself. …


Vika is training at Round Lake. But with the Junior squad.

Italian Men training in Russia

According to Rodionenko, Italians asked to train at the Round Lake for a week and such occurrences happen often: “In a week, Israelis are coming here, also Croatians want to come, and we hosted Japanese and Sout Koreans before. We don’t invite them, they ask to come. …


Russian “Recovery Camps”

Russian gymnasts returned from their training camps in Cyprus (MAG) and Spain (WAG). …

Elena Eremina:

“Recovery camps are different from the regular training camps because there’s a lesser training load. Of course, we tried to rest more – we played beach volleyball, rode bikes a lot, swam, sunbathed. But, at the same time, we still had one full training session each day. …