organize a Precision Camp

Bring a Precision Camp to your gym or join a camp today:

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What: Precision Training Camp, Alaska!
When: June 22-24, 2018
Where: Excel Gymnastics, Palmer Alaska
Who: Nicole Langevin, Jason Gatson, Chellsie Memmel, Shira Lewis, Wendy Bruce, Doc Ali (via SKYPE)


What: Precision Training Camp, Pro Star!
When: July 12-15, 2018
Where: Essex, VT
Who: Nicole Langevin, Jason Gatson, Chellsie Memmel, Shira Lewis, Kristen Maloney, Doc Ali (via SKYPE)

Beam Queen Bootcamp – behind the scenes

Bridget Sloan, Sam Peszek, Cory Tomlinson
and friends BEFORE the gymnasts got there.

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USAG Developmental Camp

Chalk Warrior @chalkwarrior attended the most recent USAG Developmental Camp.

GAGE Summer Camp 2019

I visit a lot of clubs around the world.

The safest I’ve seen is GAGE in Kansas City, Missouri. Al builds a lot of his own equipment and matting to make circuits safer and more efficient.

If you want to see for yourself, consider registering for camp this summer.


related – Former GAGE gymnasts Sarah (Shire) Brown — currently Head Coach at Penn State — is very entertaining and eloquent in talking about her years at GAGE. Listen to that interview on GymCastic episode 358.

U.S. Gymnastics Camps

GymnasticsHQ put together a comparison of three of the big American Camps for summer 2019: Woodward, IGC and FlipFest.

Costs, discounts, schedules, housing, meals, Olympian appearances, etc.

Many weeks are already full.

Listed too are some of the College Camps available.


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International Gymnastics Camp

Sooner or later everyone gets to IGC. They’ve announced a partial list of celebrities for this coming summer.

Week 1, 9 – Gabby Douglas
Week 2, 3 – Nastia Liukin
Week 7, 8 & 9 – Svetlana Boguinskaia
Week 7, 8 – Oksana Chusovitina

Oksana will be training to qualify for her … 17th?? Olympics. 😀

It would be pretty cool to be there. Just sayin’