UPDATE – Andrei Rodionenko NEGATIVE for COVID-19


Valentina Rodionenko told the media today that her husband had another test and this time it came back negative:

… We’re prepared to do a third test as well. …

“We will stay home, the quarantine is until April 15th. …

… Rodionenko said she hopes they’ll be able to go back to Round Lake after the team’s quarantine is over:

“Returning to Novogorsk is out of the question now. We hope to go back to our native Round Lake after the quarantine, if they’ll allow us, if they’ll open the training center. It will depend on our management. Swimmers and fencers are in the same boat.”



Andrei Rodionenko, the head coach of the Russian national artistic gymnastics team, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Valentina Rodionenko said that after the national team gymnasts and staff were tested, two tests came back positive – for Andrei Rodionenko and one of the gymnasts.

Later, it became known that the gymnast who tested positive is Sergey Naidin, a 2016 junior European champion on pommel horse. …

Round Lake is closing


While many gymnasts around the world had their training disrupted or stopped completely due to COVID-19, for some time, it looked like Russian gymnasts would be able to keep training as usual.

However, yesterday, it was announced that Round Lake, the center where the national team trains and lives, will be closing alongside many other training centers around the country.

According to Valentina Rodionenko, the national team is still not giving up their training plans and the monthly camp will go as planned. Since the athletes will not be able to live at Round Lake, they will stay at Novogorsk, at the training center that houses the rhythmic gymnastics national team.

…since Novogorsk does not have an artistic gymnastics gym, the gymnasts will still have to commute to Round Lake every day to train there. Round Lake is about 30 minutes away from Novorgorsk by car. …


meanwhile … at Round Lake

Valentina Rodionenko:

“Round Lake is our home, we’re not going out. What does it matter where we stay – in self-isolation [at home] or at the training center?  …”

Artur Dalaloyan:

“There weren’t any major changes.

The only thing was the increased number of prophylactic measures – to rub hands with alcohol more often. Everywhere – at the entrance to the dorms, at the canteen entrance, at the gym entrance – they put special devices that you can use to disinfect your hands and anything you want, even feet.

At the entrance to Round Lake, they put medics who are checking the body temperature of anyone who enters with contactless thermometers that are now used everywhere …”

Q: Is the training center locked down. Or you can leave it and come back?

A: “You can leave. You just need to put your name down in a journal and when you come back – check your body temperature and tell about how you are feeling. …”


USA Jesolo team not going to Italy

A Jesolo team was named. But will not be going in case of expanded virus infection.

Instead, a competition will be organized for these teams at the National Team Training Center in Indianapolis April 3-5, 2020.

Sophia Butler of Houston, Texas/Discover Gymnastics Inc.
Kara Eaker of Grain Valley, Mo./GAGE
Shilese Jones of Westerville, Ohio/Future Gymnastics Academy*
Leanne Wong of Overland Park, Kan./GAGE

Love Birt of Camden, Del./First State Gymnastics*
Katelyn Jong of Allen, Texas/Metroplex
Kaliya Lincoln of Mountain House, Calif./Airborne Gymnastics
Katelyn Rosen of Boerne, Texas/Mavericks Gymnastics*

*Athletes have been added to the U.S. Women’s National Team.

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Hamline’s Doug Byrnes

Hamline is an NCAA Division III team that doesn’t get much Press.

But their coach, Doug Byrnes, is one of my favourite clinicians. Great guy. Excellent people skills.

A local paper posted a feature on his 20 year career.

In 1989 Hamline Gymnastics founder Mary Jane Olson asked Coach Byrnes if he wanted to work at Hamline. Byrnes declined. After Olson asked him four more times, Byrnes agreed to work Saturdays as a spotter for the team.

He’s never left. …

The Oracle

Raj Bhavsar now U.S. MAG JO Assistant

… Raj Bhavsar has been named the Men’s Junior Olympic Program Assistant, effective this month. Bhavsar will report to Jason Woodnick, Vice President of USA Gymnastics Men’s Program and will work closely with Dusty Ritter, the Men’s Junior Olympic Program Coordinator. …

… responsibilities include assisting with the tracking of USA Junior National Team and top junior athletes around the world. He will also help the Junior Olympic Program Coordinator with the creation of clinics and presentations for Junior National Team development. Additionally, Raj will assist with the coordination and management of the Junior National Team coaching staff as well as contribute to the production of the Junior Olympic program manual.