Dipa Barbie

You can give money to Mattel for a Dipa Barbie.

Mattel sucks a little bit less after adding new dolls inspired by real, successful women to its “Role Model” collection.

But this product has done a lot of damage over 60 years projecting unrealistic body image to young girls. Send your daughter to Gymnastics instead of buying them plastic crap.

Emma Nedov – Beam

Silver medal at the World Cup at home in Australia.

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Emma’s looking one hard athlete in this new ad for Activewear brand Running Bare.

Part of their ‘This One’s For Me’ campaign.

“the importance of physical mindfulness and self-belief”

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USAG priorities ☹️

I’ve not yet seen any response from USA Gymnastics on this.


For example, Alan Bower:

Bower had the financial support he needed to continue training for Tokyo 2020. As a non-NCAA member of the U.S. national senior men’s team, Bower received a $1,875 monthly stipend from USA Gymnastics …

“Allan really relies on that check to pay his rent and continue to train for the Olympics,” Williams said Thursday. “He was deferring medical school until after 2020, but if he doesn’t get paid soon he can’t pay his rent and he’s probably just going to go to medical school because he can’t afford to sit around and expect payments and then not get those.”

USA Gymnastics has also not paid bonuses to coaches for the men’s and women’s U.S. teams that competed at the World Championships last fall.

USA Gymnastics has not paid U.S. men’s national team members this month

unpaid College football players skip Bowl Games

You started to notice this a couple of years ago, when top prospects, wanting to protect their health before heading into the NFL draft, would announce that they were skipping their team’s bowl games. …

Over the last couple of years, players skipping their bowl games became more and more common, and it is now, save for your occasional back-in-my-day cranky former players, generally accepted by coaches, fans, and media alike that any player who doesn’t skip a bowl game to preserve his draft status is doing himself a disservice. The game doesn’t matter, and hey, he’s not getting paid anyway. …

This is the peril of having a billion-dollar sport that doesn’t pay its players …

College Football Players Are Going to Quit Bowl Games

Thema Williams compensated $200,000

… the judge ordered the TTGF (Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation) to compensate Williams for its decision to withdraw her from representing this country in the 2016 Rio Olympics, and instead replace her with Canadian-born alternate Marisa Dick. …

TT Gymnastics Federation ordered to compensate Thema Williams

I’m surprised to see this ruling.

In many sports any athlete can be replaced by Federations for many reasons. Can a judge rule on whether or not an athlete should be withdrawn?

That said, I was in Rio for the Olympic Test Meet podium training. Thema did not look injured to me at the time.

TTGF might appeal, of course. I doubt they have $200k in the bank.

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