coach in northern Alberta

Here are two very interesting positions. Norfort Gymnastics Association.

Head Coach WAG:

The candidate must have a minimum Level 3 NCCP woman’s artistic certification or willing to obtain. Norfort is looking for minimum of 3-5 years’ national level experience. Norfort offers competitive wages; dependent upon experience is $80,000-$95,000. We offer a housing incentive to assist with the transition into our community as well as a performance bonus.

Senior Coach WAG:

The candidate must have a minimum Level 2 NCCP woman’s artistic certification or higher. Looking for minimum of 3-5 years of experience in competitive gymnastics. Our club is offering a salary range of $55,000 – $68,000 per year based on qualifications and years’ experience. Performance bonus.

Email the club for details.

norfortboard (a)

coach in Qatar

BH Gymnastics is looking for an experienced female recreational artistic, rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, or ballet teacher/coach to join our team, full-time.

We are also looking for a full time Head Coach.

Qatar is located in the Middle East, a very beautiful, modern and a high tech country. People live and work in Qatar from all over the world.

We will provide medical health insurance, a return flight ticket, transportation and accommodation allowances.

Salary will be based on your qualifications and experiences. 

Contact becktramp (a)

coach in Bermuda

The Bermuda Gymnastics Association (“BGA”) is inviting applications for the position of three Senior Coaches in the following disciplines: Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

The successful candidates will report to and work closely with the Head Coach.

The following qualifications are required for a Senior Coach:

  • 7 years of gymnastics coaching experience at a senior level (club or college), including the ability to hand spot for safety and skill progression; together with at least 3 years of supervisory and administrative experience.
  • Fluency in English (the official language of Bermuda).


If you are interested in any of the above positions, please email your resumé to hr (a)

Bermuda Gymnastics Association / PO Box 293, Flatts FLBX Bermuda / 1­441­295­0589



Men’s head coach needed in Oregon

Oregon Gymnastics Academy:

• 5 years of competitive coaching experience
• A positive coaching style that aligns with OGA’s Competitive Team Philosophy
• Focus on teaching safe, progressive gymnastics on all apparatuses
• Extensive knowledge of skill breakdown
• Proven ability to successfully grow quality competitive programming
• Strong communication skills
• Experience creating lesson plans and long-term athlete training strategies


WAG Coach needed in Auckland, New Zealand

Tri Star Gymnastics is one of New Zealand’s largest and most progressive gymnastics clubs.

Womens Artistic Gymnastics Assistant Coach. Full time.

Deadline for applicants is April 1, 2017. Contact david.phillips (a) for details.

There just might be a MAG job available, as well. Up to 40 hours / week.

Anastasiya Grishina’s money problems

Anastasiya was a super talented gymnast who had many problems during her career.

You may have heard a rumour that she’s currently homeless. Not quite.

While it seems crazy to many Western people that Grishina at 21 is married and has a 8-month baby, it’s actually also a pretty normal age in Russia to get married and have kids.

Another comment: when the article talks about Grishina being “on the streets” or “thrown off to the street” it doesn’t mean she’s literally homeless. It’s an expression in Russian that means someone lost the place they used to live in or they were thrown away from home, but it doesn’t mean that they now don’t have any place to live. It’s sort of a poetic exaggeration. She actually rents an apartment. It’s not an ideal situation and rents are sky high in Moscow, but she’s not living on the streets, so don’t worry about that. …

Click through for details – Luba (Israeli Gym Nerd) – Grishina’s story

(via Gymternet)