Yul wins Beach Blast

UPDATE – Many online have criticized the lack of basic COVID safety protocols at this competition.

Yul Moldauer – 85.900 ($1000)
Allan Bower – 83.200 ($500)
Akash Modi – 81.750 ($500)


Hopefully cash prize meets will evolve into a series of competitions — something like the German Bundesliga. Top gymnasts there can earn as much as $30,000 for the season plus expenses.

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Oprah loves Taylor Lindsay-Noel

Oprah published her list of Favorite Things 2020.

This year it includes a box of high-end luxury organic tea produced by former gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel.

Taylor was a teammate of Peng Peng Lee, both training to try to qualify for the London Olympics.

Tragically Taylor was injured doing a super difficult new Bars dismount. Without a pit. I still get emotional thinking about it.

If you know of any tea aficionados, check out Taylor’s products at cupofte.ca.

One dollar from each starter tea kit will go to mental health advocacy, including CAMH, because, Lindsay-Noel said, mental health stigma is still way too stubbornly held in the Black community.

‘There’s so much to life after a tragedy’: At 14, Taylor Lindsay-Noel was paralyzed in a gymnastics accident. Now she’s one of Oprah’s favourite things

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Canada needs a National Team Head Coach

It’s been some time since I could say for sure who was responsible for the Canadian Women’s National Team.

Eddie van Hoof is Men’s Coach.

Time to make it official.

Reporting to the GymCan CEO and working in conjunction with the Program Manager – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), the National Team Head Coach – WAG shall be responsible for leading and executing the vision for GymCan’s WAG National Team program …

Qualified candidates will have NCCP Level 4 certification/Advanced Coaching Diploma or similar advanced coaching education qualifications specialized in gymnastics …

Job Posting

Deadline Friday November 20th, 2020.