Becky Downie for Nike

LIKE this.

Sister Ellie had surgery. Looks to be out for some weeks. Will miss Commonwealth Games, I believe.

Update. Neither sister was named to the British Commonwealth Games team:

Amy Tinkler
Georgia-Mae Fenton
Claudia Fragapane
Kelly Simm
Alice Kinsella

Oklahoma at UCLA – turning Pauley teal

… the color teal is a reminder of the strength of conviction.

UCLA will be distributing teal pom-poms and wristbands that say “Together We Rise” and “UCLA Gymnastics” prior to Sunday’s meet. The team will also have a special presentation following the competition. …

UCLA gymnastics to stand united with abuse victims after Nassar ruling

Georgia and Arkansas wore teal last weekend. But Georgia gymnasts are not allowed to speak to the media on the topic of sexual abuse.

related – Buckeye Gymnastics is wearing teal in support of Gabby Douglas and the other victims

Utah’s Ute leotard

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The Ute people are Native Americans of the Ute tribe and culture. They are now living primarily in Utah and Colorado. …

The state of Utah was named after the tribe. The University of Utah‘s athletic teams are known as the Utes and have received explicit permission from the Ute tribe to continue using the name.

Thanks Mary.

how gymnasts get dressed …

MUST be a new record. Double tuck!

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should male gymnasts train shirtless?

There’s a good thread on this topic on  Gymnastics Coaches Skills & Drills. (Closed Facebook Group. You’d need to apply to join.)

Plenty of pros and cons. Some Gyms discourage training shirtless. Some do not allow it. Most do.

At the end of the day, however, it’s not going to be easy to change the culture. I expect most older male gymnasts will be training shirtless for decades to come.