Pitt’s Pride leo

This is awesome. A work of art.

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USAG WAG approves competition shorts

Good decision.

I predict leo and shorts will become increasingly popular as that’s what many wear in training.

more options for gymnastics apparel

UPDATE – Canada already allows tight fitting shorts in competition for Trampoline sports.

Geman gymnasts good good press for wearing full-body uniforms at Europeans 2021.

For some that was a statement against sexualization of female athletes.

The better athletes feel about themselves in competition, the greater the chances for a safe and successful routine.

Sarah Voss

Canadian company DNA Performance Wear feels this was a step forward. But calls for FIG โ€” in addition โ€” to allow โ€œpartial leg coveringsโ€ and โ€œshortsโ€.

Good idea.

Many gymnasts train in leotard and bike shorts. And many would feel comfortable doing the same in competition.

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GBR Tokyo Uniform

Max looks serious.

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Simone – Nike to Athleta

She explains why on TODAY.

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