wearing shorts over the leotard in competition

One Gym Mom wonders WHY our sport has not evolved to the point where more gymnasts aren’t wearing Lycra shorts in competition.

It reminds me of the 1990s when I petitioned to allow the University of Saskatchewan women’s team to wear shorts and leo. That request was instantly approved. … The young ladies, however, decided to — last minute — compete in leotards after all.

I LOVE Gymnastics, but…

‘I define my own success’


(via GymCastic)

“skirts are stupid”

There’s a bit of a storm over on The Twitter.

In the latest GymCastic audiocast Spencer and Jessica were discussing whether or not it’s a good idea to coach in a skirt.

Potential #WardrobeMalfunction.

Consensus is that it’s better not to wear a skirt while coaching. Just in case. Jury is out on whether or not skirts are stupid, in general. 😀

Coach Sue Sylvester

Don’t get them started on high heels while coaching.

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