Maile O’Keefe’s amazing Vault

Of hundreds of Yurchenko 1/1s I’ve seen this season, Maile’s is best.

OPEN before landing. WAY before vertical. This is like the top trampolinists.

FIG MAG landing deductions

From FIG MTC Newsletter December 2022.

The Code of Points, Article 9.2.17 states the following:

Landing with feet slightly apart and gymnast lifts heels and joins both heels together without lifting and moving the front of his feet – No deduction

There have always been discussion surrounding what is meant by “slightly”. …

If the feet are more than 10cm apart there will be a 0.1 or 0.3 deduction taken, even if the heels are brought together after the initial landing. (Article 9.4)

FIG MAG ‘low landing’ deduction

From FIG MTC Newsletter December 2022.

Low Landings

The MTC has also become concerned for the safety of the gymnasts with exceptionally low landing positions on all apparatus. A low landing is defined as the hips below the knees, which should be deducted 0.5 for technical error. (Article 9.4, Other Technical Errors)

In the example below the gymnasts’ hips are below the knees, 0.5 deduction.

Shoko Miyata can STICK

Shoko (born 24 September 2004) is … the 2022 World bronze medalist on the balance beam.

She is the 2022 Asian Championships silver medalist on the vault and floor exercise. …