LANDING on the FEET with control

Teach beginners FIRST and BEST how to land and fall safely.

Motorcycle Landing.

Beginners should exaggerate the STICK. Land with feet shoulder width turned out to about a 90 degree angle.

Absorb impact over a longer time period than necessary. Land soft, like a cat.

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Thanks Bermuda Gymnastics Association.

ankle flexibility and landing

Dave Stewart (Power Tumbler) had most flexible ankles I ever saw. He virtually never experienced any pain no matter how short rotation he landed.

Here’s a quick and easy test.

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If your gymnast is less flexible it’s even more important they not under-rotate backwards salto landings. Experiment, too, landing more toed-out to reduce the risk of landing injury.



Click PLAY or watch Simone’s fall on the first apparatus.

how to STICK huge vaults

Be #Russia.

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how to stick Yurchenko triple twist

Like this.

TaiShan equipment at Worlds

Most of the athletes have never used TaiShan apparatus before. It’s a test of who can adjust quickly.

For the most part the apparatus and the TaiShan crew looks to be good. A pommel broke today when European Champ Rhys McClenaghan was training. That’s odd.

Some of the guys told me the vault is hard. Landing mats hard.

Most of the discussion has been about Floor.  Kenzo seemed to have trouble during podium training. Max and Dom seemed to be OK with it. Both Russians made triple back look easy.

Sam Oldham notes that the  Senoh floor in Japan is soft. It has a bigger margin for error on take-off. Timing has to be more precise on the TaiShan. 

I’m more worried for WAG — starting tomorrow — than MAG.