Mike Outram – paralyzed Gymnastics coach

Tony Retrosi:

At the NO LIMITS Camp in Calgary Mike coached Beam. Immediately after that we headed down to Lethbridge Alberta to do a Boys Camp. Watching him break a skill down and explaining drills is a thing of beauty. He is a bit shaky when he walks but his confidence in the gym more than makes up for it. Give this man a cape and call him a superhero.

Mike Outram (second from the left) is a character. If you’ve met him once, you remember him.

I recall first hearing that Mike had been paralyzed from hitting concrete at the bottom of a foam pit coming off tramp. Hearing that he’d never walk again.

This tragedy was big news in Canada. Everyone checked their pits to see if any concrete could be somehow exposed.

Some months later Mike unexpectedly arrived at a Gymnastics event. He walked in through an open side door of the Gym.

… I thought you were paralyzed?

Mike: That’s what they tell me.

It’s an incredible story. The power of the mind over the body. Mike’s still improving. Click over to GymMomentum.

My Journey and What I Learned from Gymnastics. Mr. Michael Outram

falling safely from P Bars

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Kohei fell on H Bar

We were waiting on Uchimura’s attempt to add Bretschneider to his H Bar routine in finals of the All Japan Apparatus Championships.

Unfortunately he fell in prelims and didn’t make the final.

A very weird fall, in fact. One hand slipped during his “Tong Fei” tap accelerator Giant right before dismount.

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montage of Pommel falls

I had parents watching Pommel training this week. They were surprised to see pretty much every approach to the apparatus end in a fall.

I further explained that no two Pommel falls are identical. They are as unique as snowflakes.

Click over to Balance Beam Situation to see many examples. That guy must hate Horse. 😀

Gymnastics “saves”

I skipped the Gymnastics FAILS meme not wanting to encourage people considering falls as entertainment.

But I do love gymnasts who can SAVE a skill or routine. That takes psychological toughness.

There is some great coaching SPOTTING in this blog, as well.

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Click PLAY or watch the original SAVES montage on YouTube.