Shoko Miyata can STICK

Shoko (born 24 September 2004) is … the 2022 World bronze medalist on the balance beam.

She is the 2022 Asian Championships silver medalist on the vault and floor exercise. …

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FIG will compile a medical report from Liverpool Worlds.

In it they will record what percentage of athletes left the competition due to injury.

Gymnasts were injured on day 1, including one of the H Bar favourites ➙ Tyson Bull. A lower back injury on H Bar.

But I felt there were fewer injuries than at past Worlds. MAG Vault landings were less horrific than in the past. Hopefully athletes are better prepared than in the past to survive a Code of Points where difficulty is so much more rewarded than quality. Hopefully.

MAG Gymnastics is really dangerous.

watch Jake Jarman

One of the big stories at Worlds Liverpool is Jake Jarman, from Huntingdon Gym Club.

Now age-20, he’s the 2022 Commonwealth Games AA Champion — and is still improving.

With a British dad and a Filipino mom, he’s very popular in the Philippines as well as the U.K.

Looks like Jake will compete triple twisting double layout on Floor. It’s so fast and clean I had to watch slowmo to confirm it’s 3 twists. 😀

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.

On Vault he made the most difficult twisting skill look … EASY.

I spoke with Jake after training. He was once injured on Kas + 2 twists landing in competition. At that point he and his coach decided to move to Kas + 2.5 twists as the landing is so much safer.