how much sleep does a gymnast need?

It’s not easy for gymnasts to get enough sleep.

Here are the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatricians and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

  • Children 3 to 5 years of age should sleep 10 to 13 hours per 24 hours (including naps) on a regular basis to promote optimal health.
  • Children 6 to 12 years of age should sleep 9 to 12 hours per 24 hours on a regular basis to promote optimal health.
  • Teenagers 13 to 18 years of age should sleep 8 to 10 hours per 24 hours on a regular basis to promote optimal health.

The key here is regular sleep to promote optimal health of your gymnast. Good sleep should be every night and not just on weekends. …

Dr. Joshua Eldridge

Elena Eremina is out for 6 months

Elena Eremina announced on her Instagram that she had a spinal surgery …

On February 12th, she had a surgery to stabilize two lumbar vertebrae. The surgery was done in Munich and she’s at home in Saint Petersburg already.  …


Друзья, знакомые, фанаты и подписчики! Все подняли хайп, ЧТО ЖЕ СО МНОЙ СЛУЧИЛОСЬ?! 😱 Так вот, у меня была сделана операция по стабилизации двух поясничных позвонков.🔩🔩 12 февраля в Мюнхене. Все сделали хорошо. Через 6 месяцев, я приступлю к тренировкам в полном объеме! Сейчас , я буду проходить реабилитацию и восстановление. ♥️ Хочу сказать большое спасибо тем, кто знал, и поддерживал меня, конечно нашей команде #RussianTeam. ♥️ А на ближайших соревнованиях , я хочу пожелать удачи нашим девочкам, которые будут принимать участие в них!!! 🇷🇺🌟Мы лучшие!🌟🇷🇺 💥 💥 💥 Friends, fans and subscribers! All raised HYPE 💥, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ?! 😱 So, I had an operation to stabilize the two lumbar vertebrae.🔩🔩 February 12 in Munich. All done well. In 6 months, I will start the training in full! Now, I will have rehabilitation. ♥ ️ I want to say thank you to those who knew and supported me, of course our team # RussianTeam. ♥ ️ And at the nearest competitions, I want to wish good luck to our girls who will take part in them !!! 🇷🇺🌟We are the best! 🌟🇷🇺

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MSU will fire Dr. William Strampel

I’d think Medical colleagues are even more responsible for a criminal doctor than are the other agencies under investigation.

Michigan State University has begun the process of removing the former dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine and former boss of Larry Nassar, Dr. William Strampel, reports AP. …


why was the FBI so slow investigating Nassar?

The New York Times has identified at least 40 girls and women who say that Dr. Nassar molested them between July 2015, when he first fell under F.B.I. scrutiny, and September 2016, when he was exposed by an Indianapolis Star investigation.

Some are among the youngest of the now-convicted predator’s many accusers — 265, and counting. …

As F.B.I. Took a Year to Pursue the Nassar Case, Dozens Say They Were Molested

What were USAG and MSU doing over those months?

What was the medical profession doing?

Jessica O’Beirne – USAG Chose Medals Over Child Safety

A new way to look at the Nassar crimes and how he could conceal them for decades.

GymCastic founder Jessica O’Beirne:

No one believed the victims of Larry Nassar.

I can’t call them all survivors because not everyone survived.

No one believed the women and girls who for decades looked to adults and institutions for help ― and with the exception of three dedicated journalists at the Indianapolis Star and a few others who relentlessly beat the drum as most media ignored a sex abuse spree. …

The Nassar case isn’t only a story about a child molester. It’s a story about every person and institution that failed to stop him. …


Amanda Thomashow reported Nassar to MSU in 2014

Amanda Thomashow was the first woman to file an official Title IX complaint (2014) against Nassar accusing him of violating the school’s sexual harassment policy. …

In an investigative report prepared in response to her complaint, the school’s Title IX coordinator called Nassar’s methods a “liability” that exposed patients to unnecessary trauma. But that’s not what the school told Thomashow.

We cannot find that the conduct was of a sexual nature. Thus, it did not violate the sexual harassment policy.”

MSU ultimately sided with Nassar, concluding that his methods were medically appropriate. And, according to documents obtained by CNN, MSU gave Nassar and Thomashow different versions of that investigative report. Her version did not include the Title IX coordinator’s concerns. …

She filed a complaint against Larry Nassar in 2014. Nothing happened

MSU maintains that “no official there believed Nassar committed sexual abuse until newspapers began reporting on the allegations in the summer of 2016”.

MSU bungled Amanda’s complaint, investigation and report(s) in several ways. Ways that look like a cover-up to me.

#DamWorthIt – candid dialogue around mental health

Two student athletes at Oregon State University, gymnast Taylor Ricci and soccer player Nathan Braaten, started a campaign called #DamWorthIt. After the death of two fellow athletes to suicide, the duo wanted to do something so they began the campaign.

When grief turns to hope

#DamWorthIt encourages candid dialogue around mental health

related – Bell has a campaign on Twitter, as well.