safest Gymnastics LANDINGS

Dave Tilley presented to both WAG NCAA College coaches and judges before the 2022 season.

The goal is for judges to evaluate landings consistently — and promote the safest possible landings.

The biggest reason is due to the massive number of serious knee and ankle injuries that gymnasts deal with, particularly in the NCAA. When you look at research studies, leg injuries account for up to 54.1% – 70.2% of all injuries.

Based on a study looking at injuries in NCAA Women’s gymnastics from 2009-2014, leg injuries accounted for 50% of all injuries with the knee and ankle being the most common (19). In some studies, up to 52% of all gymnastics injuries occur during landings, with some researchers calling it the ‘riskiest exercise phase in gymnastics.” …


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Watch William Emard STICKING.

Good aerial awareness. Stong legs. Good technique. Fewer injuries on landings.

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Li Li Leung apologizes

Now that many of the lawyers are no longer getting paid, the USAG President and CEO can make a more sincere apology to victims of the criminal doctor.

“The Plan of Reorganization that we jointly filed reflects our own accountability to the past and our commitment to the future. …

USAG will formally exit bankruptcy in the coming weeks, after necessary administrative work and the entry of an order by the Court closing the case. In connection with the confirmation of the plan, the USOPC has resolved its Section 8 complaint against USA Gymnastics, which will continue USOPC’s recognition of USA Gymnastics as the national governing body of the sport. …

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Nassar victims reach USAG settlement

… 476 of the 505 ballots submitted by survivors were in favour of the plan, USA Today reported. …

The settlement still needs to be confirmed at a hearing in Indianapolis on December 13 and 14.

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Gymnastics injuries questionnaire

Fairly quick and easy to fill out, this survey from Oporto University is looking at injury patterns in our sport.

They would like gymnasts and former gymnasts to respond. If you are a former gymnast, answer the questions with data from when you were training competitively.

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Gymnastic injuries study

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about Foam Rolling

Dave Tilley:

… Foam rolling, lacrosse ball work, stick massages, and other tools are being seen all across practice and competition floors during warm-ups.

… People go crazy with polar opposites on this topic saying foam rolling is either a miracle or completely useless. Spoiler alert, it’s probably somewhere in the middle. I’m clearly more on the pro side …


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Kohei – 2014 Floor

I’d argue Kohei Uchimura singled handedly reinvented how male gymnasts land.

Easily the best in the world in his prime, many emulated Kohei’s exaggerated technique.

I love it as he turned the science of safely reducing huge impact forces to zero into an art form.

At the same time WAG was foolishly deducting low chest position. Dangerous!

Of his many stuck routines over many years, Blythe chose this as one of her decade-defining routines.

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