Ellie Black and Tokyo

Ellie is one of the Olympians featured in a new series by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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MyKayla’s recovery from COVID

‘My body is super weak:’ COVID-19 slows Ute gymnast MyKayla Skinner’s quest for Olympics

Coronavirus bout turned into pneumonia, which put her in the hospital

Salt Lake Tribune

In this video she tells the sucky story of her getting pneumonia after COVID.

She’s going back to training soon.

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Kohei – 2014 Floor

I’d argue Kohei Uchimura singled handedly reinvented how male gymnasts land.

Easily the best in the world in his prime, many emulated Kohei’s exaggerated technique.

I love it as he turned the science of safely reducing huge impact forces to zero into an art form.

At the same time WAG was foolishly deducting low chest position. Dangerous!

Of his many stuck routines over many years, Blythe chose this as one of her decade-defining routines.

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NCAA WAG highest surgery incidence rate

Women’s gymnastics, men’s football, and men’s and women’s basketball are NCAA sports with an elevated risk of injury requiring of surgery.

The results from this study can guide the NCAA and providers regarding which sports should be the focus of future research, new injury prevention strategies, and healthcare personnel allocation during events.

The Physician and Sportsmedicine

Surgery rates among 25 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sports from 2005-14.

ACL tears most likely to stop return to sport.

We’ve got to do more to protect knees.

Aleksandra Soldatova retires

Now age-22, Aleksandra was the 2016 Russian National All-around champion and one of the best in the Rhythmic world for many years.

She’s had problems for some time.

Now officially confirmed her retirement from professional sport, saying that she wants to fully concentrate on her health which was undermined by an eating disorder.

Larisa Iordache’s story

My biggest problem have been injuries. I’ve had six surgeries so far. …

The most beautiful competition was the 2014 World Championships in Nanning, where I won the all-around silver and again silver on floor. I felt so well-prepared physically and mentally. I was injury-free, I was able to train continuously, to make progress. I felt confident in every event. …

But I felt ready for Montreal. At the National Championships I had won four gold medals and I was confident. Too bad about what happened in Montreal – all over before it started. …

This is the last chance I’m giving myself

I’m assuming this was published in Romanian before her fantastic comeback at Europeans 2020.

Recall Larisa snapped her Achilles at Worlds 2017 Montreal.