disinfecting Beams


Happily it’s looking increasingly that COVID-19 is not caught easily from surfaces.

But with an abundance of caution where children spend a lot of time, one of the Buckeye parents invented a device that cleans with ultra violet light.

Note – Canada cautions that some Ultraviolet (UV) lights and wands are falsely claiming to disinfect against COVID-19.

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Gymnasts locked out again

Life is pretty much back to normal for clubs in New Zealand and Korea.

But in places where COVID-19 numbers are rapidly increasing, some governments are again restricting Gymnastics classes.

That’s a shame as coaches know that our facilities can be as safe as anywhere.

Hang in there. Stay safe.

clubs shutting down again

It seems to me that Gymnastics clubs have proven very successful in NOT spreading COVID-19.

In November 2020 the greatest risk is from young people and social events, not individual sports halls.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world restrictions are being imposed again and successful clubs are suffering. COVID sucks — but targeted lockdowns are the best of bad options if hospitals get swamped.

In Canada, however, we had one dance studio come down with at least 36 students and teachers infected.

Hang in there. Stay safe. We are all counting on a successful vaccine in the near future.

Ivy League cancels winter sports

No Gymnastics for Brown, Cornell, Penn and Yale.

Other sports affected include basketball, wrestling, indoor track & field, swimming and fencing.

… decisions were made unanimously by the Ivy League Council of Presidents.

“While these decisions come with great disappointment and frustration, our commitment to the safety and lasting health of our student-athletes and wider communities must remain our highest priority.” …


Nastia v Alica for mental health

Who’s the fitter gymnast in 2020?

Alicia has 3 kids — but I wouldn’t bet against her legendary fitness.

The Olympians have scheduled a Fun, Friendly Fitness Competition for Dec. 12, 2020.

A LIVE stream ticket costs $19. It’s a fundraiser for mental health.

Details – BigFight.us

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England clubs lock down

Over the weekend the UK Government announced a lockdown in England from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December. …

This news is incredibly disappointing. We know the gymnastics community has done everything to make the sport safe. And while we know the health benefits that our sport brings, the number of cases of Covid-19 continue to rise across the country.  …

We are acutely aware of the immense financial pressure many clubs will be under …

As with the first lockdown, we’ll support clubs in accessing financial support, grants and the furlough scheme. …

British Gymnastics

Club close as of Nov. 5th. Elite training can continue.

Hopefully clubs can reopen Dec. 2nd.

There are many other clubs around the world shut down. Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, for example, is shut down again for a month.

That’s a shame as Gymnastics clubs seem to be one of the safest spaces for kids during this pandemic.

Hardy Fink – Be Gymnast Centered

The second series of FIG online coaching seminars has begun.

I highly recommend this presentation.

Gymnastics is under review worldwide. We hear much about the problems.

Hardy Fink offers solutions.

Hardy has attended more World Championships & Olympics than anyone else. He’s the principle author of the FIG Age Group Programmes for all disciplines. And he’s led more FIG coach education courses worldwide than anyone else.

We should listen and learn.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (49min)