Oleg Verniaiev has returned

UPDATE. Oleg is now training with the National Team.

ODDS of Ukraine qualifying a full team to Paris and contending for a team medal in Paris would be increased if Oleg can get back to form.

On the other hand, Ukraine might boycott if gymnasts from RUS are allowed into the Olympics.

… Verniaiev has been able to successfully argue that he did not take meldonium intentionally and his suspension was reduced, although not annulled. He is now eligible to compete again.

Additionally, even if he does not return to competition as an athlete, the suspension also prevented him from attending international competitions as a coach or official, so he will now be able to continue working in gymnastics with no restrictions. …

hand position on Round-off

A study from 2015 — “Elbow joint variability for different hand positions of the round off in gymnastics” — concluded that what I’ve heard called the classic T position is best and safest for the elbows when doing Round-offs.

I’d agree.

Of course you can quickly find examples of top gymnasts using far different hand positions, especially in MAG. But the classic T is what I teach beginners.

Via Shift Movement Science.

2023 SHIFT Symposium in June

 The SHIFT Symposium is a 3 day online gymnastics education event.

June 23-25, 2023.

… recording every lecture, collecting every handout, and uploading them all to the course website so that people can either see the recordings or purchase the course after the weekend takes place. …

View ticket options.

SPIN Summit 2022, Vancouver

December 7-9, 2022 in Richmond, B.C.

The SPort INnovation (SPIN) Summit is Canada’s leading edge symposium for professional development and networking in the areas of applied sport science, sports medicine, and innovation.

This annual conference combines experts from around the globe to build knowledge and skills to support Olympic and Paralympic sport success through applied scientific research.

Registration deadline – November 30, 2022

more MAG Podium highlights

FIG will compile a medical report from Liverpool Worlds.

In it they will record what percentage of athletes left the competition due to injury.

Gymnasts were injured on day 1, including one of the H Bar favourites ➙ Tyson Bull. A lower back injury on H Bar.

But I felt there were fewer injuries than at past Worlds. MAG Vault landings were less horrific than in the past. Hopefully athletes are better prepared than in the past to survive a Code of Points where difficulty is so much more rewarded than quality. Hopefully.

MAG Gymnastics is really dangerous.

Bill Sands on Gymnastics “Injury”

It’s complicated.

There are few high level competitive gymnasts who wake up in the morning entirely pain free.

A helpful defini:on of a gymnastics injury is “any damaged body part that would interfere with training” …

Read Bill’s new article:

Prohibited Substances and Methods

Via email from FIG:

As every year, we would like to draw your attention to the main anti-doping regulations and documentation recently released by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). They will come into force on 1 January 2023.

Sr Europeans – Apparatus Finals

There were a number of serious injuries in the Finals. AA Champion Asia D’Amato on vault, for one.

Read Spencer’s LIVE blog.

practicing pit extraction

Rutgers works with their medical support to practice how to safely remove an injured athlete from a pit.

It’s much more difficult than you might imagine.