Montreal 2017 Coaching Symposium

In conjunction with World Championships 2017 an excellent acrobatic sports symposium was hosted October 5-8th.

I wish coach education was a part of Worlds every year.

Merci beaucoup Guy Lavoie, principle organizer.

CA Guy Lavoie

Three streams to choose from: Sport Science & Health, Technical workshops and Gymnastics for All. 

Over coming weeks, I’ll be posting notes from the sessions I attended.

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Uchimura withdraws from #MTL2017GYM

One of 7 major injuries in just one subdivision of qualification. Or was it only 5 major injuries? 

Floor (Australia), Vault (Kohei),  H Bar (Spain, Romania) and Vault favourite Audrys Nin Reyes DOM. 😥

I’m depressed and angry.

Injured, Kohei Uchimura relinquishes All-around competition

“I feel very sorry for the people who came to support me,” Uchimura said, according to a translator. “I apologize to my teammates.”

Here are results after 3 of 4 subdivisions.

sprint training for Vault

The easiest way to improve a vault is to increase horizontal speed on contact with the Board.

I like this 2015 article by Valentin Uzunov because it links to videos.

Sprint Training for Vault – Off-season Training Program for 7-12yr old Gymnasts

Click PLAY or watch a sample from Valentin’s TheGymPress YouTube channel.

Thanks Carla.

sport science for coaches

Wayne Goldsmith:

In the sports science world things are based on facts, research, validity and reliability measures, measurement, accuracy and evidence.

In the coaching world the key focus areas are results, performance, communication, instinct and “feel” – the art of coaching. …

Keep jargon down to a minimum

Join the PAPPP – People Against Pointless PowerPoint Presentations

Keep background, historical information to a minimum

Don’t dumb down – coaches are not dumb

Ten Golden Rules for presenting sports science information to coaches.

a new dive – 513XD

Is a dive with 1.5 somersaults and 5 twists possible?

Some sport scientists believe it is but that a different arm action would be required. The body would tilt to the point of being near horizontal at one point before untilting for entry into the water.



related – Fred Yeaden – LEARNING HOW TO TWIST FAST (PDF)

(via Lukewiwa)

3D video to determine difficulty scores

The most exciting story out of the 2016 FIG Congress was Fujitsu’s video analysis software that can (finally) determine what skills were performed by a gymnast.

… the FIG Executive Committee is very interested by this idea that would allow the reduction of the number of judges needed for competition. …

Exclusive: Departing FIG President Grandi hails 3D judging technology as “great chance” for his sport


Click PLAY or watch the presentation at FIG Congress on YouTube. Gymnastics starts around the 10min mark.

The faster this technology can be introduced, the better.