Terin Humphrey has a NEW book

“In the Middle” is a broad story of Olympic medalist Terin Humphrey’s journey through life.

It is a unique perspective of being “In the Middle” of gymnastics, careers, decisions, life, etc.

Unlike most Olympians’ books; it is not a story about her Olympic journey, but life after the Olympics.Most athletes live their lives being only an athlete. Once they are finished, their lives change. They struggle with their life after the sport.

Terin chronicles her experiences after the Olympics in hopes of helping others that are going through similar situations.

In The Middle: Thoughts and Lessons Learned from an Olympic Medalist

After a great career, recall that the USAG Athlete’s Council voted to remove Terin from her position as women’s gymnastics athlete representative.

Diana Bulimar – children’s book

Diana Bulimar was a Romanian artistic gymnast and a 2-time European Champion with Romania. She was part of the Romanian team at the 2012 Summer Olympics that won the bronze medal. …

She has a D-leap on Beam.

And now a children’s book in Romania.


Abigail Pesta’s The Girls

I haven’t read The Girls yet.

But here’s one review:

The survivors and those who advocate for them are the only voices telling the story. This is partially due to the fact that numerous others in the larger investigation—people who have been subsequently fired, charged or outed as having aided Nassar—refused to comment or never responded to Pesta’s requests.

Pesta also makes no effort to explain Nassar’s motivations or to locate the “man” behind the “monster.” It’s a choice that makes the book stronger, and as a true crime story, it makes a case for how these narratives can be told in a victim-centering way. …

Abigail Pesta’s The Girls Succeeds by Solely Giving a Voice to Sexual Assault Survivors—Not Their Abuser

‘Positive Psychology, Communication & Athlete Safety’

A new online course is available based on Lisa Mitzel’s book FOCUSED AND INSPIRED: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World.

It focuses on the nuances of words and emotions in the coach-athlete dynamic.

Coaches learn from various areas including human behavior studies, child development, philosophy, education, and meditation.

Check it out here – Positive Psychology, Communication and Athlete Safety

G.S. George has a companion course – Biomechanical Techniques