Focused and Inspired by Lisa Mitzel

If you liked her first book — “Focused and On Fire” — as I did, you’ll want to check out #2 “Focused and Inspired“.

Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World

The book identifies verbal and emotional abuse and shares methods to prevent it in sport.

It’s still a “positive coaching” approach helping coaches optimize the experience for their athletes.

You can order it from her publisher. $16.95 or less.

A Sport Psychologist, Lisa will be working TOPS Camps for USAG.



Miss Val is another UCLA coaching legend

I’m listening to the audio book now.

It’s always best when the author reads. It makes the content come alive.

Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance

Advice and Inspiration from the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame Coach of 7 NCAA Championship Teams

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Laurie Hernandez – picture book published

Just in time for Christmas.


Lisa Mitzel to TOPS Camp

Lisa Mitzel won 4 consecutive NCAA Championships with University of Utah.  And went on to coach at Stanford.

Today she’s a psychologist and author of:

“Focused and On Fire: The Athlete’s Guide to Mental Training & Kicking Butt”

“Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs Word”

preorder Miss Val’s new book

Co-written with Mr. GymCastic. 😀

Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance

Available in hard cover October 2, 2018.

Changing Gymnastics Culture

Dave Tilley is a coach and sports medicine professional. His goals:

1. Provide gymnasts with healthier, more successful, and more extended careers.

2. Provide coaches, medical professionals, parents, and support staff with more education on how to help gymnasts achieve goal 1.

In Dave’s experience the high rates of injury and drop out in WAG are due in part to …

• questionable methods for motivating gymnasts

• inappropriate flexibility techniques

• suboptimal strength and cardio programs

• insanely high skill repetition requirements, or lack of attention to athlete recovery

• training methods that are applied without a sound basis of coaching rationale or scientific evidence

• a lack of collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to gymnastics training


Dave’s made his book free. Click through to download. If you can’t read the entire book, work through Dave’s “Take Away Points” at the end of each chapter.

The book is 3 PDFs.

Changing Gymnastics Culture – a review

I just finished my first skim of Dave Tilley’s new book, more than 450 pages.

Something for every coach: sports medicine, injury prevention, conditioning, ethics, …

I’ll be going back through and excerpting some of my favourite sections.

Dave was partly inspired to put his ideas together by the Nassar crimes. He sensed “outdated training methods and a toxic culture can foster abusive practices” in Gym … making it possible for a pedophile to go undetected for decades.

Coaches spent inordinate amounts of time with young children and parents place complete trust in them. Young athletes are taught that their dreams may depend on the approval of a famous trainer or coach. They are also programmed to believe that obeying orders given, without question, is the only path to achieve their dreams.

Together, these truths about certain areas of our sport, while not necessarily inherently malicious in nature, certainly open to the door to abuse and mistreatment of young athletes. …

I certainly recommend you download and check it out for yourself.

Dave’s made his book free. Click through to download.

The book is 3 PDFs.

In addition are two resources: Myofascial Release Checklist and a Splits Complex.

cover girl Laurie Hernandez

An Anatomy Physiology text.

Professor Keith Russell many times brought in male gymnasts to “demonstrate” in Anatomy class.