Anna Li’s 1,950 Beam series in a row

The great Anna Li is a new mom. Busy, busy.

Miss Val in her new book notes that Anna hit 1,950 Beam series without a fall near the end of her career. That’s consistency. Mental toughness. It was something she learned in College.

Ted St Martin hit 5,221 basketball free throws in a row. I reckon Anna’s feat is more impressive.

When UCLA won the 2010 NCAA National Championships, I gave greatest credit to Anna starting Beam every meet. Her teammates so confident she’d get the line-up rolling.

Focused and Inspired by Lisa Mitzel

If you liked her first book — “Focused and On Fire” — as I did, you’ll want to check out #2 “Focused and Inspired“.

Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs World

The book identifies verbal and emotional abuse and shares methods to prevent it in sport.

It’s still a “positive coaching” approach helping coaches optimize the experience for their athletes.

You can order it from her publisher. $16.95 or less.

A Sport Psychologist, Lisa will be working TOPS Camps for USAG.



Miss Val is another UCLA coaching legend

I’m listening to the audio book now.

It’s always best when the author reads. It makes the content come alive.

Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance

Advice and Inspiration from the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame Coach of 7 NCAA Championship Teams

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Giulia Steingruber interview

Giulia will not be back to competition before 2019. But she is making good recovery from the ACL tear and meniscus damage.

Giulia Steingruber injured her knee in July and is missing the rest of the season because of it. She gave an interview to Aargauezeitung about dealing with the injury and her goals and dreams.

The translation from German was done by Emma Bateman. …


Congratulations Giulia Steingruber

Shawn Johnson – Freakonomics interview

Shawn has been featured on a number of recent Freakonomics podcasts on the ‘Hidden Side of Sports‘. But best is to listen to her full interview. There’s some good content on her relationship with Chow.

Sae Miyakawa defends her abusive coach

I feel he should be banned AND arrested. This kind of physical punishment was quite common in Japan in the past. But I thought it was no longer tolerated.

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On August 15, 2018, gymnastics coach, Yuto Hayami, was banned indefinitely by the Japan Gymnastics Association (JGA) from coaching gymnasts. …

On August 29, 18-year-old gymnast, Sae Miyakawa, held a press conference emotionally protesting the banning of her coach …

Miyakawa also said that while her coach, Hayami, did sometimes hit her, she wanted him restored as her coach. …

The Olympians – The Complex Case of Sae Miyakawa and Power Harassment in Japanese Women’s Gymnastics

The story is tied to the suspension of Chieko and Mitsuo Tsukahara.


Camp lineup in a semi-circle

Many noticed a small but perhaps symbolic difference in the line-up formation at Camp with Tom Forster in charge.

in praise of older gymnasts

Oksana Chusovitina 43
Daniele Hypolito 34
Mette Hulgaard 29
Marcela Torres 30
Martina Castro 32
Carmen Horvai 31
Marta Pihan-Kulesza 31
Vasiliki Millousi 34

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