Iowa Hawkeyes defeat Minnesota

An upset.

Happily, they were filming the social justice campaign documentary at the time.

I like the session in a room rehearsing competition QUES as a team.

Clair Kaji is one of their leaders.


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Simone’s mainly doing this for FUN

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Riley McCusker interview

Scott Bregman interview Riley about Winter Cup 26-28 February.

“I’m really excited for this meet,” she continued. “I’m really not putting any pressure on myself to do anything amazing, but I just can’t wait to go and get out on the floor again.”

Though her exact plans for competition remain in flux, McCusker said she will definitely participate on the uneven bars and balance beam. …

… Jade reached out to me. She’s been my friend forever,” recalled McCusker. “She’s like, ‘Why don’t you come to my gym?’ And I was like, ‘Arizona? Ok.’ …

Riley McCusker: “I love gymnastics again.”

The 2018 World team gold medallist on her move to Arizona, finding joy in the sport during Olympic postponement and her plans to return to competition

like an SEC Championship

Florida #1 edges LSU #2.

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LSU hype video

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Fans loved how LSU posted their line-ups this weekend.

Eating disorders in Climbing

Climbing is now an Olympic sport.

LIGHT – the documentary film just released.

Directed, written, edited and produced by women.

We hope it will spark fresh dialogue, remove some stigma and offer solace to those who need it.

Male climbers suffer, as well. But are less willing to talk about it.

… reveals the hidden world of eating disorders in professional rock climbing as the filmmaker follows two best friends on their harrowing journey in a courageous narrative that breaks the silence about the sport’s darkest secret. …

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Thanks Jeff.

Arkansas: Stay Fierce

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We’ve got to start counting the Razorbacks on of the top tier teams.