Justin Spring reflects on Olympic Bronze 2008

… it all magically came together when it mattered most at the Olympics Trials and at the Olympic Games.

Our team walked away with a bronze medal.

Our 2008 Olympic men’s gymnastics team ended up using two of its alternate athletes before we even competed at the Games; one of which, Sasha, moved in to the Olympic Village the night before our first day, which was the team preliminaries. …

JUSTIN SPRING An Olympic Journal

WHO will have the next 3-up, 3-count disaster?

UPDATE – Piibunina points out my error in the post below:

Olympic qualification of teams at the 2019 World Championships takes place during the qualification (CI), not during the team final (CIV). CI is still 5-4-3, so there is no danger of 3 up 3 count disaster.

Original post:

Like Italy did within seconds of the start of the Team Final at Europeans. Their first vaulter slipped. This score counted towards team.

Something similar could happen to any team in this format. Or — even worse — they could have an injury during the competition.

This is one reason teams want to rank in the top 3 at Worlds 2018. That’s automatic team qualification to Olympics 2020. They don’t have to risk 3-up, 3-count disaster at Worlds 2019.

the Justin Karstadt story

Minnesota Golden Gophers | Men’s Gymnastics | 2016-2019

One of the big reasons for Minnesota’s success over the past season, Justin Karstadt tells the story of how he came to Minnesota, and details the ups and downs. It’s a great read.

Dealing with the Pressure of Success

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Nastia’s Grander app

I downloaded the free Grander app for IOS. Works great.

Ashton Locklear, Morgan Hurd, Jordan Chiles & others give advice for gymnasts, parents, coaches and fans. #BeGrander

This is real female empowerment. Not the lawyer speak version.

Watch the founder, Nastia, explain what it’s all about. (VIDEO)

Coming up soon is the Grander Summit in Boston August 18th.

preorder Miss Val’s new book

Co-written with Mr. GymCastic. 😀

Life Is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance

Available in hard cover October 2, 2018.

the Katelyn Ohashi story

… What’s different between now and then?

“I’ve discovered things from being severely injured, to having gymnastics being taken away from me, and I realized this isn’t forever,” she says.

“When I was in elite, [I was] living in black and white, whereas now I feel like I live more in full color.” …

How Katelyn Ohashi Rediscovered Gymnastics on Her Own Terms

The athlete on the satisfying differences between collegiate and elite gymnastics.

mental blocks in Gymnastics

If it happens to Simone, it can happen to anyone.

One day, I came in and decided I forgot how to do gymnastics. You know, that’s great. And I could not twist on floor or on beam. For my beam dismount, I just like wouldn’t do it, and we couldn’t figure out why. …

read more on Olympic Channel – Simone Biles: ‘I Feel Like I Am In Better Shape Than In Rio’

That was posted a few days before the U.S. Classic.

wearing shorts over the leotard in competition

One Gym Mom wonders WHY our sport has not evolved to the point where more gymnasts aren’t wearing Lycra shorts in competition.

It reminds me of the 1990s when I petitioned to allow the University of Saskatchewan women’s team to wear shorts and leo. That request was instantly approved. … The young ladies, however, decided to — last minute — compete in leotards after all.

I LOVE Gymnastics, but…