realistic goals

Set realistic goals and celebrate any success you achieve.


ups & downs in Gymnastics

Ups and downs, wins and setbacks, are all part of any learning process.


sport / life balance

A good mix of studies/work, sports and free time helps us grow and succeed as people.


Simone vs Herself – Sept 28th

Soon after her previous video, another episode was posted on Facebook.

This starts with Simone arriving Tokyo. She was feeling ready at that moment in time.

But qualifications did not go nearly as well as she expected.

The problems with confidence began before the Team Final.

Simone does not do Yurchenko 3/2. Yet was unable to Amanar in the vault warm-up. She did Yurchenko 3/2. Cecile didn’t see it coming.

Coaches — and Simone’s parents — supported her decision to withdraw. It was the right decision.

I feel awful for Simone, however. To train 5 years and have to withdraw. Damn. That’s hard.

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 Simone vs Herself – Sept 27th

The latest episode is posted.

Simone talks about her problems getting lost while twisting. But this edit takes us up to the flight to Tokyo.

Olympic trials day 1 went very well. She was happy.

Small problems day 2. Get them over with before the Olympics.

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Big Shot – TV series

Big Shot is an American sports comedy-drama streaming television series.

An OLD SCHOOL NCAA Division 1 winning men’s basketball coach gets fired for throwing a chair at a ref. The only job he can get is coaching High School girls at a private school in California.

It’s standard family friendly Disney fare, appropriate for kids age-8 and up.

I only mention it here as Big Shot is another small step in the public awareness that coaches must be ETHICAL.

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Simone: teach girls to set boundaries

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Olympic Channel – All Around finale

It was a gamble to chose 3 gymnasts to follow through to the Tokyo Olympics.

First, an unexpected pandemic delayed the competition for a year.

Next, only one of the three gymnasts followed ended up qualifying for Tokyo.

Happily, Angelina had a great meet. Tied Bronze in the All Around and Bronze on Floor at the Olympics. Gold in team.

Watch the final episode (and all previous episodes) here. It’s fun to watch Russian and American gymnasts cheering each other.

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100 MOST INFLUENTIAL – Simone Biles

Click through to see the 2021 video and tribute from Serena Williams.

Though she just won the Olympics weeks ago, Suni made the list too. 🙂