Sydney McGlone – Vault

I would have headed for the ice bath. Sydney got back up and competed. #respect

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Many gyms don’t pad the pillar of the vault horse. Here’s a good example of why it’s important.

Ed Vincent Invitational, Calgary

This weekend I’m at the annual competition hosted by Altadore. It’s named for Ed Vincent who’s been with the club over 40 years.


CTV just named him Athlete of the Week. Watch an interview.

Click PLAY or watch Ed (age 78) in action on YouTube.

The competition was hosted for the first time at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino. The best venue ever, I’d say.

Ed Vincent Invitational

Tons of fun was the club’s 50th anniversary alumni reunion Friday night. There was much talk of the upcoming move to a new facility.

on troubled teens

Ages 13 to 14

Parents should brace themselves for what is often a wildly emotional passage. Young teens become sensitive to peers’ opinions and react strongly to them. Yet the social skills they need to figure out what their peers really think won’t be fully mature for years, making this a confusing and potentially miserable time.

At about this time, teens’ response to stress goes haywire, sparking more door-slamming and tears. …

Wall Street Journal – What Teens Need Most From Their Parents

peer pressure

Family support is a stress buffer. The routine of sport training can be an anchor. The Gym a refuge.

good vs bad mistakes

Dr. Patrick Cohn:

Cal Berkeley women’s gymnastics head coach Justin Howell makes a distinction between good mistakes and bad mistakes.

Howell is not bothered by his gymnasts making mistakes as long as they are aggressive. Howell has sold his team on his philosophy regarding mistakes which has helped his team produce in high-pressure meets.

The Bears entered the 2017 season opening meet, the NorCal Classic with an aggressive “go-for-it” mindset rather than worrying about mistakes.

The Bears came out of the gate extremely strong on vault, scoring 9.75 or above on every individual routine but had difficulty on the next rotation, the bars.

Despite a couple of falls on the bars, the Bears won the meet for their third NorCal Classic title in three years.

Howell was impressed with his team’s aggressiveness but that aggressiveness is a direct result of not fearing mistakes.

HOWELL: “Their mistakes were good mistakes. They were doing big, aggressive gymnastics, and that’s what I like to see.” …

Gymnastics Mental Coach – Are Mistakes Good or Bad in Gymnastics?

I love the graphic for that article. 🙂


mental blocks in Gymnastics

Girls suffer mental blocks far more than do boys. Most are backward skills. Often they appear during competitive season or during other stressful times.

Terri Laymon:

…  There is something to be said about ‘putting in the numbers’. The body needs time …

Moving through skills too quickly can cause a breakdown of acquiring the confidence and achievement of successes the mind needs in order to move forward. Sometimes slowing down is the best medicine.  …


Especially don’t rush backwards skills. Use as many progressions as possible where there is minimal risk of injury IF something goes wrong on a backward skill. (e.g. Flyaway)