Nick Ruddock’s advice for self-isolating coaches

If one of your gymnasts were injured, you wouldn’t advise them to do nothing while unable to train. There are many things athletes can do while out of the Gym.

Coaching is the same.

Nick’s 32 minute Facebook LIVE can be listened to like a podcast. No need to watch the video.

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positivity in Men’s Gymnastics

I’ve coached both MAG and WAG all my life.

In men’s camps and competitions, everyone is much more supportive of one another than in WAG.

You feel judges are there to help you improve the athletes, not to criticize.

Sam points out that he’s never felt any malice or negativity from any of his competitors on the world stage. It’s all been good.

Ivy Lu thanks Gymnastics for all of us

I remember well the wonderful Ivy Lu when she competed for Gymnix.

And she became a fan favourite superstar competing the last 4 seasons for Minnesota.

A class act in every way, Ivy thanks the sport of Gymnastics for making her the fine young woman she is today.


weighing gymnasts – British Gymnastics position statement

Created as a guidance document for clubs, coaches, parents and gymnasts the statement gives advice and reasoning on the complexities surrounding weighing gymnasts with the gymnasts optimal long-term development at its core.

The advice highlights the need for clear reasoning, appropriate methods, correct consent and the use of qualified practitioners in order to safeguard the physical and mental health of the gymnasts. …


Sam Oldham interview

Sam Oldham won Bronze in Team at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The youngest member of the squad.

Very eloquent, in this interview Sam discusses the challenges he faced mentally and physically during his career.

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“Be true to yourself.” – UCLA Pride Meet

Student athletes shouldn’t have to hide who they are.

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The Pride Meet was Feb. 9th vs. #20 Arizona. 🏳️‍🌈