can UCLA win 2017 Championships?

Leading up to the 2016-2017 school year, the Bruins had one of the most impressive incoming classes in NCAA history, with commitments from Kocian, Ross and Simone Biles.

While Biles ultimately gave up her NCAA eligibility by turning professional shortly before her five-medal performance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Kocian, who helped lead Rio’s Final Five to team gold and won an individual silver medal on the uneven bars, and Ross, who earned a gold medal as part of the Fierce Five in London in 2012, remained committed to the program. …

UCLA is one of just three schools (along with Oklahoma and LSU) to have achieved a team score of 198 or better (out of 200) this season. The Bruins are an underdog to win, with Oklahoma and LSU as the favorites, but the team title is a possibility. …

UCLA’s Olympic gymnasts wagered fortune and fame against college eligibility

That’s a great article.

In the process, (Jordyn Wieber) learned just how much she loves coaching. After graduating in May, she is tentatively planning on remaining with the team while she works on her master’s degree. She hopes to one day be the UCLA head coach — a move Kondos Field is firmly in agreement with. “I’ll be sitting in Pauley Pavilion watching her coach in 20 years,” she said.

#girlchampion gymnasts

Here’s a cute video promoting positive self-image.

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Vinnie Silber:

LIC Kids Gymnastics in the New York City area …

Leading the development of these athletes are Morgan Lemon (Director) and Natalie Fuertes (Assistant Director). …

Our gym’s philosophy is based on positive coaching, wherein we value being a good teammate, supporting one another, and working hard to achieve your goals, more than we value banners and medals. …

The videos were a conscious effort to present girls with positive images to counteract the more traditional media images they are bombarded with daily. We wanted to remind girls that they are strong and powerful and beautiful …

Gym Blog Central – LIC Kids Gymnastics Develops the Individual Along with the Athlete

mental blocks in Gymnastics

A big frustration for coaches. Even bigger for the gymnast afflicted.

Mental blocks are far more common for female athletes than male. They are most often on backwards skills. And somewhat more frequent during stressful times of the competitive season.

Every coach tries to prevent mental blocks from developing. Be particularly cautious when training backwards skills. (More matting, more progressions, more repetition.)

Some coaches have fewer mental blocks than others.

We’re learning. I believe there are fewer mental blocks in 2017 than in the past.

Rebecca Smith posted some tips.

HELP! My gymnast is afraid of going backward

Why Gymnasts Get Mental Blocks

beware the “cult” of Gymnastics

Over and over again people keep asking how Larry Nassar got away with what he did for so long.

Many elite gymnasts are irrationally dedicated.  They are literally brainwashed.

Recall Goldman’s dilemma? Athletes were asked if they were willing to die in 5 years for sporting success NOW. Many said yes.

1992 Olympian Wendy Bruce Martin (who never worked with Nassar) reflects back on what she was willing to do for Olympic qualification:

I was willing to give anything to gymnastics and I was willing to give everything. …

As long as I could perform my skills, I was willing to ignore the advice from my Doctor. When my Doctors told me to take time off of gymnastics to heal, I didn’t. …

There wasn’t much I wouldn’t do to make the Olympics. When I needed to lose a little weight, I took the cheap and easy way out. Bulimia was my little secret. I was Bulimic for about a year and a half before the Olympics. …

The Cult Culture of Gymnastics

Parents and coaches need be aware that dedication can be psychosis. Mental health is as important as physical health.