Australia’s “Body Care” program

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what motivates Ellie Black

Working towards her 4th Olympics, Ellie is still working new skills. ]

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Ragan Smith – nerves of steel


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Oklahoma’s Ragan Smith clinches Sooners’ fifth national championship on near-perfect beam routine

Komova finally proud of London Silver

At the London Olympics you could argue that either Gabby Douglas or Viktoria Komova deserved the gold. LIVE at the time, I thought Gabby was slightly better in the AA competition.

17-year-old Komova did not take the loss well.

I was disappointed in her attitude at the time. Poor sportsmanship.

Now I can say this: ⠀ I’m proud of myself! I’m proud of my performance! And I’m glad I went to the Olympics! 🎉 ⠀ This is my sports pride for life ♥️” 

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Suni’s letter to herself

SAVING handstand on Bars

I admire gymnasts who have the physical preparation and mental quickness to SAVE a handstand that ends up in reverse planche position.

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