Sam Mikulak on finishing 4th

Coaches need show this interview to their gymnasts.

Champions need to know how to win and lose with class.

I like Ellie Black in the same way — win or lose she’s the same.

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personal best for Joe Fraser

Over the moon. 

I’d say he’s a lock for the GBR Olympic team.

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passion in Men’s Gymnastics

These guys train years. Suffer much. All for the chance to try for Olympic qualification.

Here’s team Italy cheering Carlo Macchini’s H Bar routine in the qualification round.

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Gymnastics and negative social media

some FANS are FANatics.

Fans experience euphoria during moments when play is going well for their team, and stress when play is going against their team. This tension between the two emotions generates an unusual sense of pleasure or heightened sensations. …

The more fans a sport has, the greater the number of haters, people who mostly participate in negative ways.

The sport of Figure Skating, I believe, has more haters than Gymnastics. Hiking far fewer. 

We have a lot of young athletes, so it’s even more important to protect. 

Best strategy is to BLOCK trolls when you first encounter them. Don’t engage — that’s what they want. Live in a social media bubble of people you like and respect. Ask your athletes to do the same.

When I think of FANatics I recall the 1996 film where Robert De Niro (the fan) is obsessed with baseball player Wesley Snipes.

Fandom to the extreme.

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Pauline Schäfer is competing

Pauline was sad to be named travelling alternate for Worlds at home.

Due to an injury to the 2016 Olympic Bronze medalist on Bars, Sophie Scheder, Pauline will compete after all.

SUPPORT these amazing gymnasts

FANS are FANatics. In every sport.

They are passionate. I get it.

And I want more Gymnastics FANS, not fewer.

That said, lets try to keep your comments on social media as positive as possible. This sport is incredibly difficult.

#respect athletes, coaches, parents and officials. 

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the role of Worlds Alternate

Perhaps the most difficult job at Worlds is traveling alternate.

You do all the same work, … but probably won’t get to the BIG stage.

We all want an individual competition for those gymnasts immediately after Worlds. It would be a fantastic competition.

Pauline Schaefer is the alternate here at home.

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Kim Bui was once the German alternate. She knows what Pauline is going through.

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Suni Lee dedicates Gymnastics to her father

Dad recently suffered a spinal injury after a fall.

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