Nick Ruddock on on Athlete Alliance

Nick is eloquent in his summing up of the #AthleteAlliance revelations — gymnasts emboldened to come forward with some of their worst experiences in the sport.

How revealing past abuse can make things better for future generations.

Of course he looks at it from the coach perspective.


Elijah Thompson thanks his coaches

For National Coaches Week Canada, Elijah in 2019 took the time to thank his coaches, past and present.

New Zealand gymnasts can compete in shorts

Good decision.

Many young women are more comfortable training in shorts. Now they can be more comfortable while competing.

International guidelines state female athletes are to wear leotards that “must not delineate more than 2cm below the buttocks” or a full unitard that extends from hip to ankle.

GNZ allows gymnasts to wear “leg coverings” and is now allowing female athletes to wear “bike shorts” or “shorts”. …

Gymnastics New Zealand loosen leotard rules, female athletes can compete in shorts

impact of sport on LGBTQ youth

Unsurprisingly, LGBTQ youth who participate in sports are better in school.  Do better in life.

Coaches should be encouraging kids who might feel like outsiders.

Sports participation has been linked to higher self-esteem, better grades and lower depressive symptoms among LGBTQ youth, according to The Trevor Project’s inaugural mental health survey — the largest of its kind ever conducted. …

The impact of sports on LGBTQ youth

Aleksandra Soldatova on eating disorders

Aleksandra Soldatova is the 2018 World All-around Rhythmic bronze medalist representing Russia.  She plans to try out for the Tokyo Olympics.

I’d once starved myself for several days before realizing I was on the brink… that I’d reached my limit. Then I found the courage to tell my coach about my problems,” Soldatova said.

The 22-year-old has currently put her sporting career on hold to allow her the space to deal with her health problems.

She said she has managed to stop her bulimic behaviors with the help of her coach, her friends, and a psychologist, but admitted she still has nightmares in which she gains weight, which remains a fear. …

‘I could have starved for days’: Russian gymnastics queen Alexandra Soldatova on battle with bulimia

HAPPY to be back at Gymnastics

Compared with many team sports, it’s easier to maintain physical distancing in an individual sport like Gymnastics.

Darcie Fellows posted an excellent video showing the benefits of kids getting back to Gymnastics after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Click PLAY or watch Santa Rosa Gymnastics on YouTube.

Thanks Mary.

Dave Tilley on Athlete A


Dave is pissed at bad coaches. 

Quit coaching if you can’t do it safely. 

He points out there are many excellent, ethical, safe coaches too.  We don’t hear about them.

He calls for mandatory sport science coach education in the USA.  The States is the only major western nation where coach education is not required.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.