Gymnastics: A Change Is Gonna Come

Coach Andrew Vetter reflects on his personal evolution and the state of Gymnastics in 2022 making these recommendations:

  • Focus on the process  …
  • Utilize proven training methods for general athletics and fitness …
  • More education or certification required to teach high level gymnastics. …
  • Increase the age for national and international representation. … There is no rush.
  • Stay in your lane. Work with a team of professionals …

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Gymnastics: A Change Is Gonna Come

Andrew is the coach who posted the viral Uptown Abs video a few years ago.

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Caitlin Rooskrantz interview


After reading this interview I feel I know Caitlin personally. AND I’m an even bigger fan.

Being in gymnastics has normalised crying,” Caitlin Rooskrantz says. And then she laughs. “My coach [Ilse Roets] has los trane (loose tears). I’m always crying, we all are. It’s contagious. We all have deep feelings and we cry for anything. We even cry when we’re really happy.”

A year ago Rooskrantz became the first South African female gymnast to compete in an Olympics since 2004. …

“Attending an Olympics was a lifelong dream for me. And the unspoken rule among athletes is that you have to get a tattoo. So, while I have the rings, I have another tattoo [on her right arm] which I got after I qualified for Tokyo in 2020.

“It says: ‘And Still I Rise’. It carries significant meaning for me. It’s a reinforcement that I’m resilient, that I will always bounce back. I will always be going forward in my career and I will always rise above everything thrown at me. In my own eyes, I’ll always be a winner.” …

SA gymnast Caitlin Rooskrantz rises above the falls while striving to be the best

It was written before Caitlin won Bronze on Bars at Commonwealth Games.

Australia’s “Body Care” program

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what motivates Ellie Black

Working towards her 4th Olympics, Ellie is still working new skills. ]

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Ragan Smith – nerves of steel


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Oklahoma’s Ragan Smith clinches Sooners’ fifth national championship on near-perfect beam routine