monitoring Growth & Development

Dave Tilley:

… regularly tracking growth from a young age, as well as monitoring other aspects to athletes (resting heart rate / heart rate variability, perceived fatigue, sleep, movement screening, etc), is essential for coaches or healthcare providers involved in youth sports. …


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related – A quick and easy way to anticipate pubertal growth spurt is to ask kids if they’ve recently needed bigger shoes. Distal body parts grow first.

While not foolproof, it’s a useful first tool.

Hardy Fink – Be Gymnast Centered

I highly recommend this presentation.

Gymnastics is under review worldwide. We hear much about the problems.

Hardy Fink offers solutions.

Hardy has attended more World Championships & Olympics than anyone else. He’s the principle author of the FIG Age Group Programmes for all disciplines. And he’s led more FIG coach education courses worldwide than anyone else.

We should listen and learn.

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Canada’s Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide was updated and released to the general public in January 2019.

Unlike previous food guides’ emphasis on food groups and recommended servings, the 2019 revision from Health Canada recommends eating “plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grain foods and protein foods.

Choose protein foods that come from plants more often. …

The Dairy lobby lost out as milk is now included in the protein section rather than having it’s own designation.

The U.S. version still includes a Dairy section.


Tom Meadows interview

Tom Meadows is one of the top age group men’s coaches in the USA at Cypress.

This is a long listen, but well worth playing in the background, if you can. His daughter is a 14-year-old Level 10 — so he addresses the problems of the American WAG program as well.

Tom feels boys and especially girls slow down to reduce injuries and increase longevity in the sport.

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1st Jr. World Gymnastics Championships

Highly anticipated, we don’t have much information on the competition.

But we do have the nominative roster (PDF).

Coaches are wondering whether or not we want Juniors to face the pressure and intensity of a World Championships while many are in a rapid growth stage. They are more vulnerable to some injuries than are seniors.

China’s team: Guan Chenchen, Wei Xiaoyuan, Ou Yushan.

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